Call of Duty eSports has seen incredible growth since Black Ops 2. Treyarch’s push and support with that game provided tons of features for eSports players and viewers alike. And, Activision has started hosting their Call of Duty Championship annual event, with the 2014 one concluding over two weeks ago.

Redbull has reported new data from a research company that states Call of Duty is now #1 for eSports in terms of audience and viewers, beating League of Legends in US and Western Europe only. This data does not include any other locations.

“There is a very high correlation between big spenders and people that watch or participate in eSports,” said Peter Warman, CEO of Newzoo. “Only 5 percent of all eSports enthusiasts never spend money on games, compared to 32 percent for all gamers. One in five of gamers in the U.S. that can be considered ‘big spenders’ on games – spending more than $20 per month – watches eSports regularly, or participates. If you also take gamers into account that only watch eSports occasionally, this goes up to 41 percent of any American gamer. It illustrates the effective marketing potential of eSports.”

According to Warman, the most popular eSports franchise in the US and Western Europe together is Call of Duty with 44 percent, followed by League of Legends (42 percent), World of Tanks (17 percent), StarCraft 2 (13 percent) and Dota 2 (7 percent).

SOURCE: Redbull

  • Biscuits

    There is no way in HELL that CoD is bigger than LoL. It will NEVER reach those levels.

    • That Guy

      Eeehm, read the title? ^^

      • Pongul

        The article is false, you’re all gullible kids who don’t know what they are talking about.

        LCS World Championship last year had over 20 million different viewers, Cod champs got no more than 1 million.

        • That Guy

          In the US and Western-Europa its bigger. That DOESNT include Asia, I guess you should read the title again 😉

        • TSicKK

          You clearly can’t read. It specifically is talking about US & Western EU. LoL is huge in Asia, and growing in the US.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            It’s still massive in US and especially EU.

          • TSicKK

            Didn’t say it wasn’t. I am saying it’s totally a valid argument, to say Cod is a bigger eSport title in the US and EU by 2%..

        • L2Read

          No wonder you’re a fool.

    • Mitch

      *takes sunglasses off in an epic way* it just did

      • Pongul

        Yeah but nah I actually didn’t.

        also don’t do that sunglasses thing again, this isn’t CSI, you sound like a fuckwit

        • jordanxbrookes

          Fuckwit? Someone plays too much LoL and never payed attention in their English class. CoD > LoL. Don’t like it, go back to LoL forums.

      • What should i take off

    • Fletch

      “US and Western Europe together” , Asia countries don’t count, did you see them play at Champs. ‘awful’

      • Pongul

        Even in EU and US, more people watch LoL/Dota than cod. The article is false, and it making figures up.

        • Paul Thomas

          Any proof of your acusation? Or are you just trying to discredit the source?

          • Raredepro

            I don’t want to discredit Redbull’s report but they quoted Warman and the report that Warman wrote on Newzoo of the topic did not state those statistics. The statistics are probably true but it’d be nice if there was confirmation from Warman publicly on social media.

          • FraMe R1SEN

            The statistics are not true, CoD is not a popular eSports. CoD’s highest peak is nowhere near SC, CSGO, LoL, or Dota 2 not even close.

          • Raredepro

            Also this particular report uses the term “most viewed” in the title yet the quote from Warman says that it’s the “most popular” would is very broad.

          • Stats expert

            Yes. Twtich steam COD vs LOL

            LoL has 50x more viewers

          • Paul Thomas

            Yes but how many more streams are there for COD then LOL.

        • TSicKK

          Do you have proof, or just stating beliefs?

    • CoD is the Largest Video game franchise of the 21st century. Thats fact

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        LoL is bigger. COD is big for consoles and it’s always top selling, but LoL is free and has a massive community on PC.

        • Paul Thomas

          True but i’m willing to bet that there are more people across all the systems and PC that outnumber the LoL players.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            That is true, COD players do outnumber LoL players. But in the MLG setting, LoL has been massive. Go check Twitch and I 99% gauruntee that it’s #1 (I think it wasn’t #1 during Twitch Plays Pokemon, but that was fun as hell).

          • TSicKK

            The big Cod competitive streams are on That argument isn’t valid, doesn’t show how many people are viewing.

          • FraMe R1SEN

            Call of Duty is NOT bigger. Not even close. All the sales made of all CoD games only 20% still play online! Most of them buy the game for campaign. So alone there the community of LoL is bigger.

        • Reasons why CoD is the largest

          -Been around since 2001

          -Has broken entertainment records (Been in Guinness world records)

          Microsoft Windows
          OS X
          Nintendo DS
          Nintendo GameCube
          Nokia N-Gage
          PlayStation 2
          PlayStation 3
          Playstation 4
          PlayStation Portable
          PlayStation Vita
          Wii U
          Xbox 360
          Xbox One

          -It is the most famous game via word of mouth and general knowledge (Next to Mario, and the other large franchises)

          -It had it’s own Expo, with Scrapyard Paintball, Burger town, and It’s own custom Jeep

          -Activision is the largest and most powerful game company in history. Check the networth.

          -It just took over MLG

          Do I need to say more?

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            All of those don’t matter. I’m not saying COD isn’t bigger in all of those things. But in MLG, it’s WAAAAAY bigger. Go on Twitch, 99% of the time it’s number one. There’s a reason for that. COD is number one only on the days a zombie DLC is released, and with that, LoL is still usually close up. I don’t play LoL, hell, I don’t even watch it, but anyone with any internet knowledge knows just how big LoL is in the PC community, which is where, unfortunately, COD lacks.

          • Well if were only talking PC, yes LoL is the largest streamed game. But Minecraft still owns the trophy for most popular game.

          • FraMe R1SEN

            More people play LoL than CoD only around of 30% of people who bought CoD try multiplayer, and only around 10% actually still playing, which leaves 70% buying it play singleplayer, CoD Bo2 sold around 24.2 million copies, leaving only 7,260,000 people playing it, now LoL have 30 million downloads if not more, and you can only play online there.

          • I’ve seen the LoL servers and they have less people then CoD on daily. Also CoD is a series so adding all the people on each game together. Your looking at 1 million people on at a single second.

        • TSicKK

          eSports not Casual bud.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I know. Do you understand how big LoL eSports are? There’s no way eSports COD are that big.

          • TSicKK

            I watch LCS all the time, I understand how big it is. But in the US it’s not as big as Competitive Cod.. Now in Asia, it probably triples the amount of fans.

    • jordanxbrookes

      CoD is better than LoL. Deal with it.

      • TSicKK

        Thanks for your opinion.

        • jordanxbrookes


      • Siftblade of Rivia

        That’s ignorant, and an opinion.

        • jordanxbrookes

          It’s just my opinion.

        • TSicKK

          You just stated an opinion that could be ignorant to other people… A little hypocritical you think?

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I never said LoL was better. He said his opinion like it was a fact, then said deal with it, which implies that CoD is better than LoL for everyone, which is ignorant.

          • TSicKK

            Thinking something is ignorant is an opinion…

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            “Ignorant: lacking knowledge or awareness in general.” He posts that CoD is better than LoL then says “Deal with it.” implying it’s a fact. Therefore, he is lacking awareness that other people like LoL more than CoD.

          • TSicKK

            You are too slow to understand what I mean, lol just stop. You said his opinion was ignorant, and by you giving your opinion on his opinion, you are being a hypocrite. Some people believe his comment is intelligent, which is also an opinion. You follow?

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Yes, I am posting my opinion that his comment is ignorant. It doesn’t change the fact that it actually IS ignorant though. Posting a comment like that with no evidence, just “Deal with it” is ignorant.

          • TSicKK

            LOL this isn’t going anywhere.

      • Ben

        Dunno if you noticed, but you’re comparing apples with potatoes… both games are very different in terms of gameplay, there’s no point of comparing them.

        • jordanxbrookes

          I’m not comparing, I’m stating my opinion.

    • CoDforever

      Actually, I find this believable for a couple of reasons.

      1. CoD is the most well known and best selling game in history (Probably next to Mario) and since a lot of ppl play, its very easy for people to get into watching it and understanding what’s going on. Unlike LoL

      2. I believe CoD is the only console esport

      • “I believe CoD is the only console esport” That sounds ignorant.

  • lol

    yea, during those events lol

  • clercq1983

    It doesn’t mather if it is or isn’t the most watched e-sports game. There is a growth to it, and that’s what counts. I just hope the next COD has e-sports or league play from the beginning. They now know there spectators for it. So lets all hope for the love of the game…

    • That Guy

      You are so right

    • jordanxbrookes

      I hope they allow CODCaster mode in public matches. Give it an option before you head in-game, if you want to CODCast or play. It’ll give it a great use other than for MLG events, qualifiers etc.

  • adf

    yea i dont buy it. what were the viewership numbers? Sources?

    • Pongul

      there are no sources, the writer is pulling figures out of the air for cheap views.

      • That Guy

        Charlie Intel and Redbull are pretty good sources

        • TSicKK

          I agree.

  • Get Rekt Skrub

    Suck it, Cod haters.

    #1 top selling game for 4 months, and now its higher than LoL.

    • smayo

      #1selling game, jet the least played cod to date, and cod stills sells so good compared to other games they can hide the fact it’s sells are 2+ million down compared to bo2, which in turn was millions+ down to mw3,

      • TSicKK

        Your spelling is wonderful.

      • kid

        Didn’t Blops 2 outsell MW3 by leaps though? Lol

    • IHateCoDGhosts

      League of Legends doesn’t sell, it has downloads. Please check your facts, good sir. Might I say how many people play on Ghosts now?

    • Dennis Shen

      Only in the US.

      League is several orders of magnitude bigger when you go global.
      It’s not even funny.

  • Ryumoau

    congrats to Activision. i personally never understood the appeal of that league of legends game though. it just looks really boring watching others play it whenever i tried watching. Black Ops 2 was really fun to watch last year though.

    • TheShadowReaper

      well its like COD when you watch it. if you play COD even a small bit competitively in S&D matches or with teams when you see the good plays you’re amazed. same with LoL but since LoL is a game that has way more casuals than competitive players even the small bit of a play is notified as something good. also, in COD you dont need to farm in order to get your gun and equipment, whereas in LoL you need to do so for items. i guess thats the boring part of the game you’re talking about.

    • TSicKK

      That’s because Cod is very easy to follow/understand. LoL you have to put some sort of effort into understanding the game to enjoy watching it.

  • How does World of Tanks get views? When the best F2P of all time is Warframe.
    If you own a PS4 and don’t play Warframe. You need too.

    WoT couldn’t even get past round 1… Such a bad game

    • Juicy juice

      The reason why WoT is so popular is because Russia, during the championships is the only time they get ahead of LoL on twitch(including cod)

      • I tried it once, such a poor excuse of a game

  • aeles


  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    Y’know I’m actually kind of glad, I mean I’ve watched around 5 minutes of LoL and just couldn’t see signs of anything interesting. Atleast with CoD it has its moments

  • Sup3r Solider

    One does not simply just…play call of duty

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      One does not simply just… upvote their own comment.

      • Sup3r Solider

        Hmm…you seem to have one this round…

        • LevelKap

          One does not simply just… spell won like one.

          • TSicKK



    I just cannot believe this article. No way it’s true

  • Guy

    In these comments: Butthurt LoL fans

    • TSicKK

      Why would LoL fans be butthurt?

      • Because they’re beloved game is no longer the #1

        • TSicKK

          Worldwide it is, and that’s what matters. Btw it’s their not they’re.

          • Ok then, Adolf Grammar -.-

          • TSicKK

            Sorry, I didn’t know being uneducated was the thing nowadays…

  • Tep Kok

    I refuse to believe that anyone is actually dumb enough to quote Redbull as a source for anything ever

  • Diissss

    The league of legends faggets are getting pretty angry right now

    • IHateCoDGhosts

      I have nothing to be angry about, lol.

  • Bob Mit

    I rather watch COD than a PC nerd game.

    • mpj

      ehhhhhmmmmm cod is a pc game to

      • Bob Mit

        Most players play COD on console.

        • mpj

          yes but you said that lol is a nerd pc game it is exactly as nerdy to play on console lol

        • I know my shit

          hahaha consoles, what a joke.

    • TSicKK

      LoL is a nerdy game because you haven’t played it. I gave it a chance after saying the same thing you just did and found out I really enjoyed it. Btw who’s to say Cod isn’t a nerdy game.?

  • Maeldun

    its the internet of course its true!!!! Lolol

  • Duke of hazard

    Despite being the best selling game for months and beating LOL in becoming the most popular esport in the west, Cod ghosts is dead.

    -Cod Community

  • Dacadas

    Jesus for christ sake you u.s peoples are damn weird (retarded) Thats most known fact

  • Dacadas

    And bam someone deleted my last comment.Ghosts is crappy nerfed game with lag comp, true gamers are always dedicated to kb plus mouse or die.I cant imagine to play cod with controller, so thats why is popular on consoles.So lets give MLG players a chance to play on pc, they would suck so hard.I love to plug my xim3 and playin with kb and mouse on xbox, pretty hard ownage

  • Juicyjuice

    Congrats for COD!!! But seriously, what’s the difference between Dota and LoL, because they look exactly the same to me…is it a gaming aspect I’m unaware about???

    • asdsd

      That’s like saying what’s the difference between COD and Battlefeild

  • and the haters say COD is dying! ROFL! League of Legends, not my thing..

  • Misogynist

    thats amazing considering this game fucking sucks, especially compared to vo2

  • Bongster7

    First of all, all these statistics are bullshit, and let me tell you why.

    1. League of Legends Season 3 World Championships peaked at 8.5 million concurrent viewers, 6 million of those viewers were watching on the English stream (So majority in NA and EU). While Call of Duty: Ghosts Championships barely peaked at 1.5 million viewers… Worldwide. Needless to say, LoL has COD beat on the eSports “viewer” scene. Not only that, LoL s3 World Championships sold out the Staples Center. Yet another amazing feat in the eSports scene.

    2. COD is NOT a bigger video game franchise than LoL. As of today, Call of Duty across ALL PLATFORMS and ALL PREVIOUS GAMES has a monthly player base of 40 Million. While League of Legends on the other hand has over 70 million monthly players (27 million daily). Again, a massive difference. Realize that Call of Duty has been out for nearly 12 years, with League of Legends only 5.

    3. Live streaming. On average, League of Legends is usually #1 for viewers on twitch, with COD not even on the top 5. And yes, I know that Call Of Duty pros have moved away from twitch and have started to stream at the MLG website, but this is not necessarily good. Christ Puckett, Call of Duty eSports Expert has stated that a noticeable percentage of viewers on streams has dropped on the COD eSports scene.

  • IHateCoDGhosts

    This is way too false…he doesn’t even compare the viewers of MLG to the plays on the servers…if you count Asia into the mix, LoL is the most played video game in the world, and it takes much more skill that pressing LT and RT.

  • Kurry Cordosi

    Not a single thread of truth in this post