Return to boot camp with the Drill Instructor Voice Pack, voiced by the one and only R. Lee Ermey (aka “The Gunny”). Swap out your in-game Multiplayer alerts with ones that will keep you in top combat shape.

Get the Drill Instructor Voice Pack along with a variety of other customization items on April 22, first on Xbox Live. A release date for other platforms to follow.

  • Infinity Ward is making me go broke next paycheck. send halp

    • It’s only $3…
      I think you are below the minimum wage…

    • Guzzo

      You’re actually going to buy this shit? Or are you just trolling?

      • CharlieIntel

        This is actually a quality Voice pack, if you’re too young to know who he is and what he does, then don’t buy it.

  • Batman

    A would only like a simon ghost riley VO

    • BSOG

      I’d like you to do the voice over, Batman.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Haha yes I can’t wait for this VO.

  • Honestly – been a COD fan since 2002 but this shit is getting out of hand!

    • jordanxbrookes

      Some of it is some of it isn’t. But if you complain about it you get the whole “It’s optional” lecture from people so for me at least, I’m having to go along with it.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        True that.

    • Crusf

      From realistic WWII Scenarios that captured the hardships and dangers of WWII… to Snoop Dog giving you orders like a bitch and Weed Camos.

      • killerss

        Yeah, CoD has turned into something that I’m starting to hate, they need to go back to the old ways.

        • MichiganerE

          Agreed. I still remember when CoD 1 was released back in 2003. My first time playing it on my PC (When I was mostly a PC gamer). That was when the community was mature and it had all those amazing set pieces, those were the glory days of the franchise. Now it’s all about micro-transactions, quickscoping, E-sports, etc. I hope we get a Next-Gen remake of any of the CoD games ranging from CoD 1-BO1 or BO2 as well.

          • Mr Doge

            Unfortunately for us, we can’t because too many kids play the game and it can’t be considered realistic because it’s always being compared to Battlefield which isn’t that realistic either. Sucks doesn’t it? But it’s just a video game that you play for fun and to take a break from realism, not to take you back into realism.

          • MichiganerE

            I never said anything about realism. I’m just saying that the set pieces from the older games were amazing. Remember the nuke from CoD 4? D-Day from CoD 2? Those were great. The games also had actual stealth missions and sequences and were non-linear, something that Ghosts lacks. I just don’t understand how the game can be called Ghosts when the campaign is basically just explosions at every turn.

          • Mr Doge

            Your right but wrong as well. First of the Nuke was in MW2. Second Ghosts had more than 3 Stealth missions. One of my favourite missions of all time was the one when you infiltrate the factory and find out about the Satellite and it was in Ghosts. The story isn’t that bad either and if IW was right about something it would be that they made characters you would get attached to. I’ve never felt so sad seeing Riley get shot and whimpering since Ghost and Roach were killed in MW2.

          • MichiganerE

            The nuke was in CoD 4. Come on, any who’s a CoD fan should know this. Ghosts’ campaign may have started with some stealth, but basically every single missions ended with explosions. The story wasn’t that bad? It was cliche, mediocre and unoriginal. I didn’t give a shit about any of the characters at all.

          • Mr Doge

            Oh haha I thought you were talking about the Nuke as the Killstreak my bad. I know what nuke your talking about now the one when Jackson and his squad gets blown up by it trying to find Al-Asad and he survives and you get to simulate him crawling. But I have to disagree with you again. The story isn’t THAT bad in Ghosts. There were some pretty fun missions. At least they didn’t make the enemies Militia or Russians like every other past CoD(CoD 4, MW2, BO1,MW3,BO2).The story with the ODIN and other space weapons was actually really cool because it was based off real life space weaponry.

          • MichiganerE

            Yeah, I’m pretty sick of Spetsnaz. But the main enemy in Black Ops 2 were the Mercs, Spetznaz were only featured in one BO2 mission. There also seems to be a trend with Treyarch’s games. For example, the Nazis were the main enemy in World at War, they were only featured in one level in Black Ops 1. In Black Ops 1, the Spetznaz were the main enemy, they were only featured in one level in Black Ops 2. It’ll probably be the same situation with the Mercs in Treyarch’s next game. Also, the Militia was only featured in 3 games and they were all different from each other. Actually, Black Ops 2’s campaign had a lot of enemy factions.

          • PandaMan

            I’ve played CoD from the beginning,
            And you just go with the flow, with this community you can’t fight it. No matter what parents will buy the game for their 8 year olds, and the developers will keep trying to innovate and that’s what this is. They’re trying something new that SledgeHammer, Treyarch, and even themselves may do in the future to try to “enhance” the game. Innovation is what this industry is about, and they’re trying their best, even though many may beg to disagree.

          • Mr Doge

            Here’s the thing. The gaming community doesn’t want ‘innovation”. Remember before Bo2 when everyone was tired how CoD was the same thing over and over again and they wanted something different? Ghosts was a lot more different and people just complained. 1 of 2 things will happen in November this year:
            1.Sledgehammer will pull it off and make a very, very good game or…
            2.They will make a good game but everyone will be pissed like always and go back to Ghosts.
            I’m going to guess it will be option 2 because this community is too predictable.

          • PandaMan

            I agree, you can’t make this community happy because it’s a bunch of kids trying to act cool, or it’s douchebags that jus need something to complain about. In a way, I really do feel for the devs.

        • fires

          As much as i agree, People who are just begging for another WWII cod will be disappointed, since that train is long gone, and modern warfare is now leaving, since future warfare is back again. You can also blame some of the stuff to popculture; As the massive popularity of ,”SWAG420BLAZIT”, and meme-esque animals like “SPAIC CATS” are probably contributing big time, its just the fucked up society america is turning into, not that i mind Spacecats.

      • Bob Mit


  • noah

    would be great if he said (STOP CAMPING YOU F***** P****) and (Oracle? WHAT IS THIS CHEAP S*** )

  • Scotty Le

    I bet most people don’t even know who Drill Sgt. is and what he does.
    Neat idea, but it doesn’t mean you miss out something big time by not buying it. Games now are moving toward Microtransactions, and there isn’t a damn thing we can do to prevent it.

    • Grenada!

      Yeah, yeah there is and you know what it is? DON’T BUY IT!

      • Mr Doge


  • Dinner Plate 28

    Why are they making this poor old man do this? Just let him be, he’s done all his shit and now you’re making him do a voice over for a shitty game? I wonder what he would do when he found out that CoD nowadays have nothing to do with military.

    • Mitch

      Lol, he probably gets paid an absolute shit-ton for this

    • Crusf

      “Why are they making this poor old man do this?”
      Seriously though in this economy you would do anything!

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      You guys are too young to recognize him.

    • Guest

      Full Metal Jacket big guy, why wouldn’t they want him, he’s amazing. Go
      watch the movie then come back and tell us that this was a bad decision.
      Best decision Activision/Infinity Ward ever made!

  • D Rock Shock

    Ohh fucking stop it with the hating. This is just dlc their offering to people who want them, If infinity ward can fix the micro stuttering and ads lag on pc this have the ability to one of the best cod games ever made (bring the hate) they literally gave us everything we have been asking for bigger maps, more game modes, fun prestiging (keeping cameos) and new ways to play. Name one major developer studios that have put in more work to try and keep a game fresh, hell the game only been out for five months. And yeah the dedicated servers they lied about and fish AI is fucking BS. If you want a real life experience of war join the army (I support the troops) this a fucking game.

    • Celest1ne

      Thank you. Ghosts is a fundamentally great game. Hit reg is sweet runs smooth (on consoles at least) and they’ve thrown everything and the kitchen sink at this game. Some stuff could have been left out but I respect their efforts for trying.

      • jack

        The biggest problem are the maps, the majority are terrible

        • Darvald

          In my opinion they are way better than BO2’s maps. Those were all the same 3 lane BS. Pretty much every map played the same, and every game was similar. On Ghosts you have much more choice of which way to go.

        • Zombielectrify

          I dont think its the fact that they are terrible, just the fact that they are fucking huge and made for ground war. Which I think is terrible on Ghosts with the spawn system.

          • The MOSEPH!!

            Not sure what game YOU’RE playing, but most of the Ghosts maps are SMALL. The only really big one is the one in Scotland with the castle.

            The game is substandard crap. Fun with friends, but overall if I’d have known it was this…average (graphically, menu designs, etc) I’d have NEVER gotten it to begin with.

            The menu set up has got to be the most confusing mess I’ve ever seen in a game. Normally, I’m the one my friends come to when they don’t know how to do something in a game or they don’t understand something, but with Ghosts I’m still not 100% certain about how the entire menu system works…three months after getting it.

            Care packages getting stuck on top of a freaking PALM TREE?!? Ridiculous NONSENSE!!

            Anyone watched the soldier’s left hand/arm when switching weapons in the class menu? I don’t know about anyone at Infinity Ward, Neversoft or Sledgehammer Games, but MY hand & arm don’t bend like that.

            Fudgy, blurry texture maps on vehicles outside the map area I can understand, but ones that are ON the map that you can actually take cover behind?! Inexcusable.

            The A.I. is questionable as well. They somehow, without the use of any assistance from any devices, etc, know EXACTLY where I am when I’ve acquired some special weapon or device & ALL of them run hellbent toward me, ignoring the rest of my team? I do NOT think so.

            Graphically, I’d put Ghosts in the same category with 1st gen PS3 games. That too is inexcusable given where we are in the PS3’s lifecycle & the other games out there today, not to mention previous Call of Duty games, especially ones created by Infinity Ward….but then again, IW isn’t what they once were, are they? Too bad they lost their most creative people after MW2. It’s shown in both subsequent games, but most clearly in Ghosts. No more IW CoD games for this virtual soldier. Looking forward to Treyarch’s next one.

    • 85% of the PC player base would not agree with your statements. Player counts do not lie.

    • Leoz

      I agree with what you say and also I’ve noticed that with these micro DLC’s people bitch about them because they see them as meaningless items. Where as some people like to use them to keep their game fresh and constantly entertaining. But once the next call of duty comes out in November the haters will talk shit about the new game and praise Ghosts

    • Redux

      Right it’s so annoying if ou don’t like the game for play it I think it’s fun

  • idc219

    Now I hated the snoop dog one. As a former Marine I like this one.

  • The Lost Rogue

    Please tell me more about how COD isnt the same as it used to be. Tell me more about how mad you are getting as a result. Then tell me why the fuck you are still here. The same bitches whining about how it changes are the same people Who, Just yesterday, were whining about how it never changes. Just shut the hell up. People are just looking for shit to bitch about. Buy it or dont, just stop the bitching.

    • Mr Doge

      I agree. The community is too hypocritical.

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      If people didn’t complain about the shit that sucks than there is no hope for future games to get better. It is all a matter of opinion anyway. So stop taking it so personal(like you created the fucking game) and let people have their opinions. How boring would this world be if everyone had nothing to say negatively about anything. If you like the game that is your OPINION!!! Unless you are part of the design of this game chill the hell out. This is why there are comment sections on websites. Deal with it!!!

      • The Lost Rogue

        I have. And I have heard the constant bitching over the same shit for years now. But bitching over these micro sales will fix nothing. For the most part anyway, all the whining about how COD isnt the same are just the ones who want attention for playing it in the past. They will put out the sales regardless. And, smart one, I am only asking for retards to make up their minds on what they want to bitch about. This hypocritical shit is getting old fast. If they didnt like the game, they wouldnt be whining about it. They just want attention half the time.

        • Baldmanz_RAGE

          I’m not going to speak for most people out there but when I have a complaint about a game I spent my hard earned money for and I have an avenue which to voice that opinion I’m going to do it time and time again. If opinions are not expressed then how will designers and developers know that what they did works or doesn’t work. It should be regarded as feedback and nothing more. If you are the one that is getting upset at the “bitching” or the “whining” then you need to ask yourself why. Why does this make you angry. I’m not talking about this article in particular but as a general overview of all conversations. Besides people like you who complain about people complaining is kind of hypocritical in its own right. Instead of complaining about the complainers why don’t you talk about what makes the game great according to you. This topic goes both ways. Free speech forever!

  • please!! i want swearing!!!

  • Where`s the profanity from FMJ?! I wanna hear “The enemy captured B, you pathetic piece of dog shit!”

  • thebulky1cometh

    Is Bf4 working on ps4 yet? I just sold Ghosts back to GameStop and I am looking to pick up BF4 and/or Killzone. I know this article is about COD, but I figured the only way to get a few replies would be to comment on the newest article. I appreciate any hhonest feedback about BF4 on PS4. Thank you.

    • BF4Sucks

      BF4 is fucking garbage

      • thebulky1cometh

        Ah, a very eloquent explanation. Thanks.

        • Wake up call

          If your on the 360 and/or PS3 don’t get BF4, its a huge step back from Xbox one, PC, and PS4. Crashes a lot and graphic texture errors, on the next gen though, go for it. And Killzone, from what heard, looks pretty, but is not too great.

          • thebulky1cometh

            But BF4 is OK on ps4?

          • tha_online_gamertz

            I have it on PS4 and it still has a lot of bugs up to this point. It is really hard to enjoy for me, but maybe you can live with it. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s your choice.

          • Wake up call

            Its beautiful, but slightly buggy. Still way less buggy than the last gen.

          • thebulky1cometh

            OK. Well, I played 1 round of multiplayer on Killzone and hated it- seemed like an afterthought. So, I guess it’s on to BF4 later tonight.

  • PandaMan

    I’ve always loved R Lee Ermy, especially Lock N’ Load. His voice is perfect for this and his background helps out with that.


    Haters gonna hate , probably because they don’t know how to fucking play the game!!!

  • nick

    just got the D.I voice over and works fine when i go online bust as soon as i go over into local play dosent work everything else i got for this game works the character packs work the wolf pack works but the voice over wont work

  • Slim Jim

    I’d actually pay money for a Morgan Freeman VO Pack