Tencent and Activision China today announced that Raven Software has now taken over development and become the lead for the free to play China-exclusive Call of Duty Online title.


Raven worked on Black Ops series DLC, MW3 DLC, and Ghosts development.

Also, the closed beta for Call of Duty Online will be updated in June with new features and content.


But this summer’s beta will feature “surprising” new content and a better-optimized version of the game. That includes a “new” story mission (pictured above), but Tencent’s description of it makes it clear that this is pretty much exactly the same as the ship infiltration mission that kicks off Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The updated game also features a revamped zombie mode, now apparently with robot zombies, and a “backpack” system that allows players to bring their favorite weapons into every game mode.

SOURCE: GamesInAsia

  • Open Beta for all or still only for China?

    • Mitch

      China only 🙁

  • Zarky

    Hoping this releases for all soon…. Seems really good!

  • Mitch

    So it’s getting an American developer? Hopefully that means they might start working on Europe and America releases, including consoles.

    • Ryumoau

      agreed. i think this would be a better model than a $60 game every year. Though i will miss the campaigns.

      • Michel

        Will fix the pirate issue for PC.
        I expect them to go to Brazil after China.
        I really hope that Call Of Duty Online will get a worldwide release but I think that it will only release for China,Brazil,Russia & Africa.
        Except if COD dies then I think to milk the cow fully they will release it worldwide.
        Outside of PC I can’t see activision doing this in any case.

      • BSOG

        I believe there was a campaign. However, the voice acting wasn’t as good as the originals.

        • Shardlotte

          Well, yes and no. COD Online does have a campaign, but the missions all take place on multiplayer maps. Like, the first mission involves you running around Favela trying to capture a guy. The one after is a bomb planting mission on Crash from MW1. There’s no difficulties either and they can be done in no time at all.

      • pulseimpact

        Free to play is going to turn off many people including myself. This game is basically a remix of Cod 4, MW2, and Black Ops 1. If they gave it a next gen graphic overhaul and release retail it would be huge.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Congrats to Raven! I’m happy for them.

    • balls in jxb

      fuck you

      • why? because he’s happy for them? fuck you then

        • jordanxbrookes

          I’m just not gonna reply to him. 1] He’s an attention seeker 2] His maturity is the only evidence needed for me not reply.

    • PsychOutGaming

      i luv u

    • javynavarro137

      FUCK YOU

    • TheShadowReaper

      people are so immature once again. wtf is up with people just replying “fuck you”…*sign*…what happened to constructive criticism, is everyone just an animal in this community…jeez people.

      btw congrats to Raven…i guess. i dont really care thought, the only thing i care about is them being as far away as they can be from the next COD PC ports. they fucked Ghosts enough. we dont want more of that.

  • Grenada!

    This game looks better than the recent COD games we’ve been getting, why can’t the bring this out for consoles and Europe?

  • Crusf

    Damn! Look at Price’s beard he hasnt shaved in a long time!

    • MolecularBag

      Mother in Medal of Honor Warfighter,not Price

    • Rorke File

      Its not Price it looks like him ..

      • pulseimpact

        Pretty sure it is him. Left to right: Price, Soap, and Ghost. The “campaign” of this game takes place early in the MW universe.

  • Bob Mit

    No Free to play for me. I would move to Battlefield then.

  • COD Fan

    Does chinas cod online have a mw2 and cod 4 mix with weapons and maps? Just to refresh my memory, I dont remember. And if so, this is what cod needs. Stuff like this to spice the game up a bit. I wish they would release this in America ??.

  • Drillz

    I’d rather play this than Ghosts TBH. Ghosts is fun but it limits the way I love playing which is rushing. I was all about playing passive before but in Ghosts it seems I have to play that way all the time. If I dont, I die a shitload of times. I would prefer where its me going 25/25 rather than 10/25. I really hope this does mean for an america and europe release.

  • dam u

    Yay now they will fuck. The game

  • GinsuVictim

    Raven Soft, the rest of the world is waving their arms, trying to get your attention. “Bring it here!”

  • PrimeEchoes

    It’s very possible to play this game outside of China. I’ve gotten as far as downloading and installing the client, but since the beta is a closed beta, it’s very hard to actually play it. Although, they occasionally let a bunch of people in, so it’s possible to get access even though the beta is closed.