We’ve thought about the idea of a CharlieINTEL Podcast for sometime, but we’ve finally booted up our first episode of many to come.

In our very first episode we discuss the run up to the imminent reveal of Call of Duty 2014, eSports, micro-DLC, potential DLC ideas and many other subjects.

Be sure to give us your thoughts on the first episode in the comments section below. The CharlieINTEL Podcast will be available on iTunes very soon.

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  • boldcyclonus


  • jordanxbrookes

    Didn’t LongSensation have a theory about the Terminator being in Invasion?

    • LongSensation

      Yeah lol, what marker was this mentioned? Can’t find it

      • jordanxbrookes

        1 hr 30 minute is when they go over the field order killstreaks.

        • LongSensation

          It seems we have a new ALI-A of the community πŸ˜›

  • jordanxbrookes

    Awesome, better than some of the IGN podcasts.

  • Bob Mit

    Great podcast. ThatPetey can you get Drift0r or Thunder on for your next podcast?

  • Coincidentely, on April 7th, I twitted these GIF and message below: @CallofDuty Passing Sunday dreaming about next Easter Egg killstreak of #CoDGhosts, coming with the Invasion DLC:

    • LongSensation

      And I also made this video on the 29th of March πŸ˜› https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1syWtOO7gU&hd=1

      • Bloody Veteran

        You have been dominate… making some kill with deadeye and not playing the objectif to get your specialist bonus smh …. You’re whats wrong with call of duty. I bet you lost that game. Level should be like Halo: Loose a game, loose a level. People would start playing the objectif

        • Abraham

          The video ended as he was caping C and the score turned 60 to 66. I think he knew what he was doing, cooking up a KEM strike before dominating them.

          • Bloody veteran

            A kem strike do as much kill as a ims or a dog. A Kem dosent make you win at all this is not Mw2. It gonna make all the spawn flip at random endig up with a few teammates death. The guy in the video push the spawn, get kill at the end as soon as he try to capture a flag and obviously just by looking at that gameplay that he was only mindind is kem for the gameplay and didint give a F$#@ about his teammate or the win itself

        • jordanxbrookes

          How dare you compare CoD to Halo! Both are fantastic franchises that doesn’t deserve a comparison to each other.

          • Bloddy veteran

            Tell me then why Halo is more competitive with separation ofpublic match, and ranked (with balance team out of 50level) level witch loose if you dont worth it. While Cod only public match (noob everywhere). league play would be comparable if it woudnt reset every 2month or so. And doing clan war dimond division in public match is just retarded. Its just sad that Halo2 matchmaking was better build for ranking and blancing players and team…

          • jordanxbrookes

            Look I know the problem here. You clearly hate CoD so I suggest go check out what 343 are doing. Both franchises are great but if your just going to keep comparing them, do us all a favour and fuck off.

        • LongSensation

          From a YouTube point of view people want to watch KEM strikes, not someone running around capturing objectives. My objective in a game is to kill and PREVENT the enemy from getting out of the spawn. Look at it as strategy. Nothing is more annoying than running around the whole game capturing every flag, you capture 2 and you hold them, that’s the point of domination. You want to know what’s really wrong with the community? People like yourself that jump to outlandish conclusions and pop off pathetic insults. I have over a 200 win streak and I know when/when not to play the objective… I agree, CoD should have a ranking system like Halo because I’d be a much higher level.

          Here’s the full gameplay, we won by nearly 100 points. Feel free to look at any of my KEM strikes and I’ll be happy to show you the full gameplay to prove that the game was won. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGEhdlfpYMY&hd=1

    • KillzoneVII

      Man, part of me hopes it’s true because I’m a huge Terminator fan, part of me doesn’t because I hate Ghosts so much that I sold it, meaning I’d have to buy it back for the Terminator DLC. -_______-

  • jordanxbrookes

    Same here Petey, Black Ops was just great. Aah the nostalgia…

  • javynavarro137

    get thunder for the podcast!

  • Great podcast guys give me more to talk about in a commentary thanks!!And dont worry guys i give credit

  • Ryumoau

    nice! i love podcasts. I will subscribe to this as soon as it hits itunes. πŸ™‚

  • WoW its Next Gen Only I’m Done

    • Mitch

      The next CoD next-gen only? Of course not…

      • jordanxbrookes

        No no. He said WoW not CoD πŸ˜‰

        • Mitch


      • ……

        The next WON’T be next gen only but their realeasing it first on Ps4 and Xbone and PC then Ps3 and 360 their focusing on next gen first

        • Mitch

          That meant they are focussing on making it’s quality next-gen, releasing in on next-gen first and weeks later on PS3 and Xbox 360 has no advantage.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Hopefully BO3 will be next gen only.

          • MichiganerE

            It’ll come out in 2015 so it probably will be.

  • Jesper MΓΈlby

    Next time Chucky field order

  • i think the terminator will be the t-800 endoskeleton and wield a phased plasma rifle. (sorry, no arnold and no minigun) just like the predator, he could have the HUD from the movies! and the map would be an odin striked L.a. reminiscent from the 2029 flashback scenes from T1, T2 and T3 that would be AWESOME!!! that’s my predicitions

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    I called this when predator was announced, lol.

  • alia+penis


    • Delta

      He doesn’t. End of discussion.


      • Ali-A

        I actually do.
        Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and like all my videos and to leave a comment!


    I used to watch Petes, videos back from black ops 1, he told us about charlieintel in one his videos. I still come here each week..

  • Show N Prove

    This was a great podcast

  • Great podcast! Super pumped for future shows! Finally a good podcast from a great CoD Source!

    ~ MaxXxy
    (Twitter: @myHvK)

  • ccrows

    That’s funny, after the Predator I predicted that the next 2 “Celeb Characters” would be the Terminator and Freddy…

  • Rorke File

    SGH games has to listen to this tips to get the ultimate game , competitive ruined b02 a little bit for me …..

  • Mr codman1976

    can you put this on Itunes please, great podcast.

  • Mr codman1976

    I have been looking for a greatcod podcast for years.great job. Jayex23 was great.

  • Guest

    So if you have the voice packs, will Snoop Dogg be telling the Terminator what to do? Oh, that’s not gonna end well for Snoop.

  • Chris Cooper

    Well impressed with this, im currently on holiday in a spanish island surrounded by germans and this podcast kept my sanity for 2 hours will defo listen again. THEF4LLOFM4N

  • Dagger_X333

    Where can I watch this podcast episode 1? I was hoping it would be on Youtube.

    • Can’t watch podcasts, you listen!

      • GinsuVictim

        To be fair, there ARE plenty of video podcasts out there.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Do you know what a podcast is? ‘I was hoping it would be on Youtube’ lol.

  • Guest

    So my comment gets deleted by mod…and for what reason?

    • Mitch

      What was your comment?

      • Josh

        Just a supposed third dlc image. It wasn’t like I was insulting someone or anything.

        • Mitch

          Oh that one? Confirmed fake, so no use. Just preventing a fake leak from spreading.

  • BronxBull

    I really enjoyed the podcast. You guys should keep it up!

  • Viktor

    Hey Guys
    Would you mind check my channel out? It’s based on Black Ops 2 and Ghosts, with daily videos. Thanks:)

  • kyr95
  • BAMozzy69 .

    would be cool to have the Terminator! Maybe starts off like Arnie and as he takes damage becomes more like the metal skeleton. Just before he dies he is ALL a robot!! That would be cool and obviously a themed map with Terminator references too.

    Then maybe Robocop as the last one with his Pistol and an ED-209 πŸ˜€

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