UPDATE: These packs are now available for purchase on Xbox 360.

There’s more Personalization Packs on the way for Black Ops 2 players. 4 new personalization packs are coming April 29th for Xbox 360 players, each for $1.99.

Here’s the four new personalization packs that’ll be available April 29th on Xbox 360:

  • Paladin Pack – $1.99

Inspired by the regal insignias of the Middle Ages, the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Paladin Personalization Pack comes loaded with a Medieval-themed weapon skin, three uniquely-shaped reticles, and an all-new Calling Card.

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  • UK Punk Pack – $1.99

Inspired by the tattooed and metal-studded 1970’s UK punk rock scene, the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II UK Punk Personalization Pack comes loaded with a Union Jack-themed weapon skin, three uniquely-shaped reticles, and an all-new themed Calling Card by which your enemies can remember you.

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  • Afterlife Pack – $1.99

Inspired by the glowing out-of-body experience from Mob of the Dead, the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Afterlife Personalization Pack comes with an ethereal blue glowing weapon skin, three other-worldly reticles, and an all-new Mob of the Dead themed Calling Card.

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  • Comics Pack – $1.99

Inspired by classic comic book designs, the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Comics Personalization Pack comes loaded with a comic-themed weapon skin, three uniquely-shaped reticles, and an all-new Calling Card.

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The Paladin and Comics were two packs that were actually up for voting in May 2013 for Black Ops 2, but didn’t get selected by fans; so, Treyarch is now releasing these two for all to purchase. These items will be coming to PS3 and PC players at a later date.

  • Daniel Sims

    Really hoping that all of this is pointing to an expansion pack or at the least a new Map Pack. It would also help out all of the people complaining about not getting a Treyarch game for another year.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Nah, I don’t think there’s going to be another map pack. If it is, it’ll probably just be the old zombies maps. I seriously doubt it though.

      • Josh

        You can already get old zombie maps on BO1 so I don’t think they would bother again.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Yeah, but I would like them on BO2 with all the BO2 weapons and gameplay mechanics, etc. Like I said, it’s highly unlikely.

          • Jarryd

            Very true, this’d be neat.

    • The_Vortex

      I KNOW! And don’t give up hope. Nobody really knows what Treyarch has been up to lately. Personally IMO there is a 50/50 chance since how bad sales have been for ghosts lately. BLOPS 2 FOREVER!!

    • exeterman2

      I really doubt it as people are moving on to next gen and it would piss off season pass holders. I’d rather they worked on perfecting their next game.

      • Q.Q

        How many people do you see moving to next-gen? I have possibly 2-3 out of 100 people on my FL that moved to Next gen, but also kept their X360, so they can talk with current-gen console users.

        • exeterman2

          Of course you keep the previous gen console as there is no backwards compatibility. But with 9million PS4s shifted, I doubt very much that they would release a DLC.

        • exeterman2

          Obviously you keep the old console because the new ones aren’t backwards compatible. But I’ve been on my ps3 about 3 times since the ps4 came out. They wouldn’t release a full DLC for an old game, activision wouldn’t allow it and it wouldn’t make them that much money.

    • Jarryd

      Maybe once they have a new camo for each zombies map? 😮

  • Hoss

    The blue mob of the dead camooooooooo yesssssssss

    • Q.Q

      Now let’s say, they bring out a red glowing camo, say, “Inferno”, like the 115. Or “Plasma” a purple one… Or just let us make our own you know..

  • Bob Mit

    These camos rock, thank you Treyarch.

  • StraightEdgeAtheist


  • Drillz

    Afterlife, I have a boner.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Poor Sledgehammer.

    • Dr. Salim

      IMO, BO2 is the best CoD

      • jordanxbrookes

        IMO Black Ops is the best CoD, but we all have opinions so good for you 🙂

        • Dr. Salim

          The first one was also good to. Thats my number 2 because the weapon balancing was better in BO2.

          • exeterman2

            I’m not trying to shout down your opinion, you can love bo2, but the gun balancing, specifically after summer, was terrible.

          • Wish Chaos

            CoD 4 will always be the best…

          • NamesAtK

            Yes, the remington, ksg, an-94, msmc, THE DAMN LMG’S, were all impecabl welly balanced. Hell, why not mention c4 and EMP nades whilst im here.

          • Jarryd

            Yep, the remington truly is overpowered. I don’t know why this happens, but when I shoot at point blank with it, i get a hitmarker, whilst an enemy shoots me at 5m and kills me, no hitmarkers.

          • bcp

            i dont see problems with the ksg, an94 or the msmc. ksg you need to be very accurate, an94 was nerfed (its just an overall good gun which is why it is used alot which is why people think its overpowered) and msmc was nerfed (its the most powerful smg but it has the slowest fire rate so it kills just about as fast as the mp7). however the remington and the LMGs are op i cant argue, and c4 and EMP are the most overpowered nades in any cod i think. the pistols are overpowered in my opinion though, and so is the FAL, but in good hands, so no need to nerf it.

        • Mike

          IMO, Treyarch makes the best CoDs now.

          • jooker-jr

            so the studio who made the worst cod ( cod3 ) made one of the best if not the cod ( black ops 2 )

          • Mike

            My comment reads “now” meaning they do now. Back then no, they didnt make a good game.

      • Cynthia Miller

        I agree. I paid over $100 for Ghosts and not only does it suck (spawns totally screwy, running all the way across the map to get to a drop-zone, not able to pick up some care packages (no option to retrieve what’s in them), patches suck, player cards are mediocre, etc), but the cheating is unbelievable (but hey, the graphics are great, eh?). I have been playing FPS games long enuf to understand the difference between a good player and a cheater.

        I was playing Drop Zone yesterday when someone called in 3 care packages within 10 seconds of the game starting. Another time, some friends and I were playing and this guy (who was a recruit) was in a gilley suit running round and no one could kill him. Several of us would unload clips into him at the same time and he would just walk away.

        I found this on YouTube the other day from Minnesota Burns where he posted a video of a hacker who sells cheats and is getting away with it. He’s def. rolling in the money in order to afford to pay at least $25 (more described if you watch the video) a day to play on XBox Live. This is probably why Microshaft isn’t doing anything about these hackers, they can make money off of them while we, the paying customers, have to deal with cheating b*tches in the games.
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uutb6ihBzAg .

        I will NEVER buy another COD game developed by Infinity Ward, as they totally screwed it up.

    • kyr95

      Unfortunately most of this community, can never be pleased :/

      • jordanxbrookes

        True. Btw all of these comments came from this site lol

        • kyr95

          I know, right? lol

      • Nick L. Tialavea

        Majority of CoD Community is Bipolar.

      • Venom lol

        Im pleased
        Ive wanted fucking paladin since may

        • DJEmmerson


        • Keaton Cherwaty

          if had it since the start #pcftw

    • Batman

      Fatality!!!!! on haters

    • Jake

      Every damn year

    • Haitian Jack

      2 things wrong with your picture. 1: you have different people saying it looks/ is great then switching to it sucks. If you got the same people for both, then yeah, but one could easily argue that the people who hated it were hating one it from the start or vice versa. 2: All of you know that the multiplayer reveal makes the game look way better than the actual gameplay, even if it is using actual gameplay footage. To expect a game to be as good as it is in the ad’s is the same as complaining that your Big Mac doesnt look as good as the pictures.

    • Mr Doge

      HAHAHAHA. This was sooo funny but so true at the same time. I’m probably gonna end up liking CoD 2014 but everyone will just bash on it and call it the worst CoD ever then go back to CoD Ghosts saying how it is SOOOOO much better. They will also find every little thing about that CoD and use it to hate on it(Micro-DLC). Oh yeah they will probably also make a list like this:
      CoD 4>MW2>Bo1>WAW>Ghosts>Bo2>Every other CoD>CoD 2014
      (I know the list is wrong I just put it together randomly so don’t bash on me)

      • Not everyone.Don’t generalize. There are people who like Ghosts since the beginning and others who hate it. I think those who are waiting for the new CoD are not those who hate it after the release date.

    • HotHam

      im glad im not one of those people. Ive played and loved every COD game since COD 4. With the exception of Black Ops 1, I hated that game, but loved the rest.


        loved bo1, but HATE ghosts, and MW3. I.W needs to fix thier shit, because they made one or two of the best cods ever.

      • Daniel M

        DW i loved all cods since cod4 also except MW3 :p too much of a copy n paste

    • TheShadowReaper

      i instead call that the IW cycle, that happens every year with the IW games for me personally and not the Treyarch games.

      • Guest

        No, you’re such a Trayarch fan boy and you forget that their games have problems too. YOU just want to pretend there are no faults when we all know that’s not true.

        • TheShadowReaper

          ofc they have problems, its just the problems on an IW game always outweigh the good stuff whereas in Treyarch titles that doesnt happen. ofc the BO series has the infamous “through wall shooting when you are behind the wall yet your hitbox doesnt follow” but with a strong internet connection i hardly felt it was ever there, its not my fault the kiddies play with a dial up instead of a dsl connection you know. and as far as i’m concerned “lagg” was always a problem in the COD fanchise due to the community feedback and the only REAL problem the BO series ever had. see the pattern there? just go and see all the problems the IW titles had then the BO ones. only the lag in the BO series all the rest in the IW series. which do u prefer? after that point its a matter of preference and not actual “facts”.

          • Q.Q

            Pretty sure.. That no-one still runs on dial-up. That was the 90’s man, not 21st century stuff. ADSL2+, with slow speeds of 4mbps (according to speedtest) which evidentually is wrong, it’s only .7mbps. NBN promised to AU was cheap ripped, and only few city areas got it.


      Its easy to make a meme or edit a post to “prove” a point but ultimately fans cannot be blamed believing for the bullsh!t marketing hype spread by ATVI, Every year we are made “solid” and “100% accurate” promises by the Devs only to be let down and lied too. There will always be the haters/fanbois but this cycle of BestCod/WorstCod is all down to community mismanagement and lying Devs.

    • Alex

      Except !!!!! people been calling GHOSTS shits in the first 2 weeks

    • StraightEdgeAtheist

      Hey I see my comment. Only problem is, is that I still stuck with my opinion.

    • …………

      Well I still think Bo2 was epic even April-June 2013 I was saying the game was awesome but not Ghosts the game was terrible no lie there

  • SoulTaker

    To bad my damn Xbox ruined my Black ops 2 disc with the perfect circle.

    • Dr. Salim

      Bitch please, you can buy another one for $40. I had to SELL my PS3, so I cant even play it.

      • exeterman2

        $40 is a significant amount of money to a lot of people

      • SoulTaker

        Because 40$ is so easy to throw around and waste. I’d rather waste it on gas than a game atm.

    • Jarryd

      You can get the discs cleaned and usually working like brand new for about $10 at video rentals places.

  • wtflolsmh


  • I don’t get it.
    When IW is releasing micro transactions everybody say “lolol dey ned monei cuz dey sux”.
    But, when Treyarch do it everybody say “omfgz treyarch so gutten not desperate lik iw.”

    • MichiganerE

      It’s because during the Black Ops 2 life cycle, Treyarch was releasing micro-transactions every once in a while. IW on the other hand has been releasing micro-transactions non-stop.

      • Keshav Bhat

        That’s because of the new 3 year dev cycle. Now they have time to release more DLC. Before they didn’t.

        • Jarryd

          I wonder if that hints out anything in particular, map packs after all of them have been released? or just map dlc downloads? like 1 map?

          • Q.Q

            People on youtube tend to consider that it’s confirmed DLC Map Pack 5 will release, due to “tweets” by David Vonderhaar. But some people stated last year there would be DLC Map Pack 5, but 12 months later, and still no DLC5.

        • Q.Q

          Your comment didn’t make sense. He stated that during the BO2 life cycle, Treyarch released micro-transactions. They still do, only due to the fact of the 3 year development cycle. But IW, released their game just last year, and have been releasing micro-transactions non-stop, which isn’t required, they should be bringing out their so called map packs, and playlists, and fix all the stuff.

    • The Flash

      activision arent making enough money from ghosts, they get more from BO2

      • jooker-jr

        i know one thing in finance : the colour GREEN is good , the RED is bad


      • Q.Q

        You mean IW.. Activision are just the publishers of the game.

    • Mr Doge

      Haha true.

  • Dr. Salim

    What if you’re on PC and you have the paladin camo.

    • Birchy

      Then don’t buy it…………..

    • jesse

      Probaly pc gets the other one

    • Jacol

      I guess PC will get the Dragon camo, they’re just releasing camos which have lost in the past votings

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Pretty sure they’ll give you the one you don’t have.

  • rocksarerocksandrocksrock

    Afterlife rocks!

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Afterlife looks extremely sexy. BTW tomorrow for Xbox? Lol thanks for no heads-up, Treyarch.

    • Jarryd

      Treyarch sure like to do that, however, they take a couple weeks before they put the details up on their site. Or maybe a month.

  • Josh

    If only IW made such great camos like Treyarch….. What are their creative guys doing?

    • Justin MD

      Instead of doing repeat copy & paste pattern camos, IW could hire airbrush artist Mike Lavallee to do 5 micro camos; blue Dragon, mean Tiger, grey Skull, white Bald Eagle, & Fire. Fire would be a hot seller.

      • Justin MD

        Here’s some of Mike’s work (Killer Paint in Snohomish, Washington). He could do Riley or a soldier too.

  • Ali-A

    I’M BACK!!!!!

    • Timmy

      Ahh another account pretending to be ali a

      I don’t like the guy too but I’m not that obsessed

      Grow up please ?

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        It was funny at first. Now the attention whores realized you can get a bunch of likes for posting something stupid, so here we are.

  • Pickles

    Is it just be or are BO2 camos 5x better than Ghosts camos? Ghost camos have absolutely no texture at all, except gold…

    • HotHam

      If theres no texture, you wouldnt see the camo 😛 But i actually like Ghosts camos better. Nothing really too crazy and bright. Most of them can actually be used to blend in.

    • Jarryd

      The dope one looked pretty good, and the 1987’s or something, the molten looked like a half a line cracked on the default camo.

      • Q.Q

        However, The camos on ghost don’t suit most guns. Just like on bo2, they can be deceitful in a way, However, bo2 camos suited many more guns then in ghosts, which make them better.

  • Sal

    Hey, we PC players got Paladin, not Dragon!

  • Kenneh

    Thank God PS3 finally got Paladin!!! That camo looked literally like wet wood in the trailers, you couldn’t see it’s design, so no one voted for it. But It’s actually an awesome camo!

  • Ali-A

    Hey guys! I’m really excited to share with you this new information I found out from the call of duty guys! I’m not going to bother to cite CharlieINTEL, not am I going to even mention them, I am just going to post this video and not give them credit! Enjoy!

    • Cuntswab

      this isnt funny anymore

      • TmarTn


      • Ali-A

        Did anybody ask for your opinion?

    • Jarryd

      I like how you’re a fanboy..and all. Because Ali-A doesn’t post at charlieintel.

  • tom coon

    I thought the Afterlife camo was from Origins. Didn’t Mob Of The Dead’s camo look like lava and Origins camo have a bluish look.


    does anyone still have the link to the bo2 petition for a 5th map pack

  • iiFayde

    I hate microsofts special 30 day thing cause it screws every ps3 player

  • Connor Williams

    Can’t wait! Love the BO2 personalization packs

  • mmmh… 2 zombie camos, 115 now afterlife.. what does it mean Treyarch?

    • Jarryd

      All 4 zombie camos, and then all the OG bo1 maps on bo2? 😉 *hoping*

    • Nick L. Tialavea

      *3 Zombie Camos you forgot the Pack-a-Punch camo from WAW

  • IchiraKorasaki

    I’ve wanted Paladin since before it lost. I voted for it. I am quite excited 😀 Also the Afterlife Camo. I have wanted the MotD PaP Camo as a MP Camo since Mob was released. It looks much better in blue.

  • ccrows

    IW drops camos and they are desperate money whores for a dying game

    Treyarch drops camos and SWAG!

    FTR – I am a fan of BOTH Ghosts and BO2, but I just get tired of the double standard BS…

  • Michael

    In my own opinion, I like the afterlife camo the best. Now I would like for treyarch to make some tweaks to weapons next or something. Dont get me wrong i like the personalization packs, but lets get at least a weapon balancing update. Might as well if there releasing personalization packs, have at least an update catered to weapon balancing.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Found some gameplay, they all look pretty sexy.

  • ConfusedPCGamer

    Why is paladin getting a re-release?

    • Josh

      They might as well as it was only released on PC so now everyone else can get it.

  • DespicableDan

    Why is it showing paladin, that camos been out for ages, at least on pc!

  • hoboking101

    Paladin hasn’t been out on XBox. When people voted on the camos a while back, PC voted paladin as one but the XBox community didn’t.

  • Go On Atomic

    It’s about time Palladian came it should’ve came before dragon dragon sucked cock

  • gouken

    Lawl not surprising, treyarch be like “ppl still playing are game? Lets milk these niggers of more of their money”
    Frankly these nigger made the worst fucking dlc mp maps ever, even ghost mp maps are better. MW2 forever the best mp experience ever, keep hating because u know u wrecked by pros

  • Rev

    What about PS3?

  • Andrei

    when are they coming out for PS3

  • zRyen

    When do they come out for ps3