Sony has announced that a Call of Duty: Ghosts demo is coming to PS4 and PS3 this weekend.

From May 2nd (10:00 AM Pacific) until Monday, May 5th (10:00 AM Pacific), gamers on both PS3 and PS4 will be able to download the demo and try out Call of Duty: Ghosts
multiplayer for free.
Three popular multiplayer maps are included:
Strikezone: Set in a baseball stadium in war-torn San Diego, this small map is ideal for close-quarters combat. Complete a field order for an opportunity to call in a KEM strike, which will transform the landscape of the entire map.
Warhawk: Taking place in a small American town, this three-lane map caters to many different play styles. The main street can be a convenient rush route, but beware of enemy snipers in the buildings on both ends.
Prison Break: Fight in the jungles on this map located outside of a prison. A large hill dominates the central portion of Prison Break, a crucial area for your team to hold in the fight for victory.
As part of this demo, you can try three fan-favorite multiplayer modes: Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search & Rescue. From objective map control to racking up the highest kill counts, the varied mix of gameplay goals will test all facets of your skills.
The final part of the demo is the original Extinction co-op game mode, where you and up to three friends can team together against increasingly challenging waves of aliens. Your objective is to rid a Colorado town of its alien invaders, detonate the nuke, and get back to the chopper.

SOURCE: PlayStation

  • Justin MD

    They should flip the double xp switch for everyone.

    • Dr. Salim


  • jordanxbrookes

    I hope Sledgehammer does this, but has an open beta rather than 6 months after the game is released.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      An open beta even with just one map would be nice.

      • Grenada!

        Agreed. CoD4 was so good because it had a beta before the release and the same with WaW so they could let people find most of the problems before the release. The real reason they no longer do a open beta is because they’re afraid it may hurt their sales, but if they did do a beta then they could make a better game each year and that would improve sales but you know what Activi$ion is like.

  • Grigori


  • Josh

    It’s a bit late :/

  • Guest

    Possibly the third DLC for Ghosts – bringing back some fan favourite guns.

    • Jasco

      Palace? k…

      • Josh

        This image looks like it may be “Confined”

    • Young and Dope

      If this is true and they bring back the intervention, I will shit myself

      • Fra Me Art

        I would use the intervention and scar h in every match, I really hope it is real

        • Sledgehammergames should put the Intervention in the mp

    • jrnotaloka

      just shit it myself ump45 and intervention

    • I call BS, they would use remastered Icons for the weapons, as since it doesn’t match the art style. All weapon icons are angled so the weapons foreground is barrel first for the loadout selection on Ghosts, and all the MW2 weapons are butt/stock first. Not to mention Palace and Torn look like They’re right out of Invasion in MW2.

      • Kenneh

        Yea, they do use the exact MW2 models which is strange. But other than the fact that the alien has a green mouth which may be (if this is fabricated) to blend in with the color scheme, this could be legit

    • 111AlaN111

      I think this is the most realistic poster I have seen. But I am a little suspicious about the weapons, they look like MW3 graphics.

    • Obama

      Technically, the UMP is already in game, it is just hidden very well in the game files. If you remember back last May when the Ghosts behind the scenes trailer came out, there was a UMP with a holo sight on it.

  • Josh

    This may be the third DLC for Ghosts

    • Justin MD

      Or this might be it.

      • Josh

        Its not the right colours from the season pass trailer for Invasion and their dlc guns seem all to be hybrids

        • Justin MD

          Had no idea, thanks.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Jesus, how many times does this picture need to be proven fake before you guys stop posting it.

      • SoulTaker

        -_- please just stop with these the DLC is not even out for PS,and PC yet.

        • Justin MD

          Sorry about that.

      • This looks the most Legitimate, seeing how the Jackhammer Project is a real thing.

        • fires

          Because a good followup to the bulldog, striker, and other semis, is to include another semi T.T Also, the alien looks liek something out of an old alien movie.

        • Keshav Bhat

          it’s fake, cause the newest season pass trailer on CoD channel shows that Invasion is gonna have a green logo.

      • Dr. Salim

        Why Would they use a real weapon for the DLC.

      • 111AlaN111

        That is the most realistic thing, but I think that the extinction alien is going to be the boss (the alien at the ending of Mayday)

    • Siftblade of Rivia
      • Josh

        Thanks for that 🙂

    • 111AlaN111

      That doesn’t look real, I can tell that by the extinction image. It’s too bright and normally it just shows an alien screaming but in a very clear image and darker tone.

    • Jippy

      bwhahaha SMG/SG that would be hilarious

  • Michael

    Yeah wow I.W. release a demo for a weekend. You couldn’t have done this for “pre launch” months back? Expect to see a pre launch demo for ghost 2 or whatever you guys will be calling it in 2015.

    • Killer!

      Lol they people who play the demo will think, “this game ain’t too bad and these maps are alright” So they buy the game and then they realise that the rest of the maps are shit, the gameplay is shit and it’s full of campers with IEDs.

      • Jack Meoff

        why is it shit because you do not want to WORK AT GETTING BETTER? your the type of player who keeps running where the campers are after they kill you

    • Baz

      Uh, I.W. is making the CoD of 2016, Treyarch is making the CoD of 2015.

      • Michael

        Oh yeah whoops ?????

      • aidan

        actually treyarch is making cod of 2014 since cod ghosts was made in 2013

  • cod fan

    Yay to late.

  • Harry Potter Breaking news Tmartn actually gave Charlie Intel Credit.

    • Harry Potter

      He’s Super Excited

    • jordanxbrookes

      Too late I already reported this on the previous article 😛