UPDATE: Yahoo Games is also reporting that their sources have confirmed to them that Kevin Spacey will be staring in this year’s Call of Duty title.

Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey will voice the lead character in the next Call of Duty game, sources close to the matter have confirmed to Yahoo Games. But you wouldn’t know it unless you did some pretty serious internet sleuthing.

Variety is reporting that Kevin Spacey will have a villain role in the next Call of Duty. Not much is known at this point except that an audio file was leaked yesterday to Complex Magazine who originally thought it was connected to his “House of Cards” series on Netflix, turns out it isn’t. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more.

“And you think you can just march into these countries based on some fundamentalist religious principles, drop a few bombs, topple a dictator and start a democracy? Give me a break.”

There was also an image hidden in the audio file:

But when running the audio file through a sonic visualizer (yes, we’re that nerdy), something very interesting pops up: the image of a man, looking like Spacey, holding a military weapon (see below).


SOURCE: Complex Magazine via Variety

  • gods lil finger

    Who’s pumped for COD 2014??!!?

    • Rorke File

      Not really after Ghosts …

      • Hunter Spano

        Alright, “Rorke File” smh -_-

      • Jesper Mølby

        But still you have Rorke as avatar? 😀

    • TheMostManlyMan

      Not me after the disasters of MW3, BO2 and Ghosties!

      • Dylan

        Black Ops 2 was amazing!

        • TheMostManlyMan

          Amazingly small compared the the masterpiece of the first Black Ops. I still hold a little bit of hope that everything was small because Blizzard was being Blizzard and demanded good graphics at 60 FPS.

        • Kenneh

          A fellow BO2 lover! We’re probably the only ones on the planet. Jk, but IMO that game gets unecessary hate. But im pumped for CoD 2014!

  • Adam


  • kyr95

    That image looks like the one on the COD site!!!!! :O

  • Maverick

    I would bet that image is what is scrambled on the COD website. Looks like you can make out part of the exo-skeleton as well.

  • jordanxbrookes

    If it wasn’t for nerds we won’t have games, so be as nerdy as you want. But this looks promising. Never thought I’d say this but, Sledgehammer looks to be reviving this franchise for greater good, and I like it.

    • Prince Of The City.

      Not to be a negative nancy but how can you say sledgehammer is reviving the franchise when you haven’t even seen one solid piece of information besides a picture of a guy with an exo-skeleton suit on? Lol give it a couple of months.. Let’s see what the game is actually about before we go jumping to conclusions.. It could be the worst CoD yet.. Or the best.. We really don’t know! And it really comes down to playing it which we are a long way away from right now lol

      • jordanxbrookes

        And say revive the franchise because people hate to play Ghosts and they’re bored of it. And I’m more than certain this game will good because I liked MW3’s campaign and we know that Sledgehammer had a big part in that.

  • Fadhlur

    This is very interesting, because the image on the teaser site of CallofDuty looks like the image from the audio file… (sort of)

  • LiT

    House of Cards is on Netflix, NOT HBO. Come on guys. Plus is can’t be from House of Cards because that isn’t the voice/accent he uses in HoC.

  • Daniel Sims

    Okay, I was trying not to be one of those people who get excited before we see any gameplay or any info worth getting excited for but, KEVIN SPACEY???? I’M IN!

    • remember Stephen Lang was in Ghosts and remember how that turned out? I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much

      • Daniel Sims

        I was impressed with Stephen Lang’s part but I’m a huge Kevin Spacey fan.

  • Mitch

    So, apparently the picture is a playercard in BO2 (via @CharlieINTEL on twitter)

  • birchy

    totally not freaking out about frank underwood being our villain *hyperventilates*

  • Daniel M

    I LOVE Kevin Spacey!! OMG

  • George

    SO MANY people radiating SO MUCH negativity for a game that has just a couple of screenshots and rumors out. Holy crap guys, have an open mind :/