Turns out someone tried to leak details back in March. A Steam Forum user by the name of “Darramouss” happened to leak details about the next Call of Duty back on March 7th that NO ONE happened to catch. It wasn’t until today that we were made aware that Kevin Spacey is connected to the next Call of Duty which lends A LOT more credibility to the forum post back in March. A simple Google search of “Kevin Spacey Call of Duty” lead us right to that forum post. According to the post, the only thing he mentioned was that the next Call of Duty might have a “crysis style exo-skeleton” along with Kevin Spacey.


SOURCE: Steam Forum

  • Mitch

    Please no cloak in MP!

    • PLEASE YES CLOAK IN MP. It will be sooo useful for stealth players. There’s no stealth in CoD anymore, maps are too linear and players always call you out, the Cloak will be able to help people who wanna play stealth, but It won’t be broken. If they do this, I have some balance ideas.

      -12 Kill Streak
      -If you get hit, the cloak will go down for a 10 second cool off period.
      -You’ll be able to be seen by thermals, regardless of whether or not you’re wearing Cold Blooded, so people can’t Camp too hard.
      -Your cloak will go down for half a second, whenever you fire an unsuppressed weapon.
      -Your cloak will go static for half a second if you fire a suppressed weapon.
      -EMP Grenades will fry it for 20 seconds
      -Can still be seen by Radar if you fire unsuppressed, or you don’t have a Ghost like perk.

      • It can be pretty usefull if you try to flank 24/7 campers

        • Exactly. It opens up so many more strategies, and will keep the game fresh longer.

      • Crusf

        You can still camp in the corner and KNIFE people who pass by,switch to a different corner and repeat until the whole lobby leaves.

        • That’s not a problem. The Predator Works fine in the new DLC, this should be no more different.

          • Crusf

            I have a PS4 so I cant really see that for my self. Cloaks might be cool. I just don’t want people bitching about it later.

      • jordanxbrookes

        That’s so true. Black Ops was the best game for stealth IMO and it was cut because Black Ops 2 and it’s Run’N’Gun strategy being on constant.

      • Xecho

        I love your idea!

      • TheShadowReaper

        also your cloak is going on a cooldown if you’re camping like a little bitch. until you move a lot again, no cloak for you.

        • Jake

          Yeah, Make it charge by moving. Or maybe deplete while standing still?

          • TheShadowReaper

            woah, that sounds like a really good idea! ^^

          • PunketSly

            Ummm have anyone of you played team fortress 2 before ? why not make the cloak like the spy, you can cloak for about 10 seconds and then u need to wait for it to cooldown. Its just to get between the enemies.

        • 111AlaN111

          Active while moving, and not active while not moving.

        • Bring war game back!

          Cloak can be like Ghost in Black Ops 2 so you have to keep moving for it to work.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah but it needs to be different than this perk. so u get invincible but u can still be seen in radar and stuff else its OP as fuck.

      • CGkillZ

        No if will create bs camping. Cod should be a rushing game so fuck that.

      • TheMostManlyMan

        Dude, you are exactly right, they need a cloak….JUST LIKE TITANFALL! Yes, accept it, accept the fact that they’d be trying to copy and be like the true Call of Duty devs, Respawn entertainment

      • AKA Saiga

        Maybe it should be like halo’s “active camo” equipment like when you move it blurs slightly and when you shoot you’re almost totally revealed and it only lasts for 10 seconds

      • fires

        sounds like spy cloak, you are like asking people to just run around spray n praying to down cloaks man. like Pyro counter to spy in Teamfortress2

      • Penguin-Kun

        This may be late, but another downside should be : Being hit by an EMP will disable your cloaking system for a period of time. It’s just like the one in BO2, where throwing an EMP will fry its system.

      • tarfeef101

        Stealth is unnecessary. Grow some balls and rush. The most you need it maybe (movement only) ghost if you are careful while flanking. If someone can seey you, you should be able to see them and shoot them.

        • I like a mix of both, Exclusive Rushing/Stealth/Sniping ruins the gamer a lot faster. I like to constantly mix it up, and it helps my in the long run, because using a mix of roles, I can sneak up or take take campers by surprise.

    • Louis

      Seriously, I can see it now players exploiting the cloak feature camping it up cloaked

      • solo

        Your cloak is only active when sprinting. That would be great.

        • Mitch

          Imagine if all 12 players are running around…

      • Mitch

        Yeah. If people know I’m about to run around a corner, they’ll just lay on the ground cloaked. When I’m capping a flag, they’ll just run in cloaked.

  • Call of Duty Black Crysis

    • Crusf

      Can’t wait to hear the internet compare this to Crysis in every way possible.

  • Crusf
  • All Caps

    Who’s PUMPED???? FUCK YES!

  • Lightning1432

    Yes! I am so god damn pumped can’t wait till Sunday! I firmly believe this is will be amazing, and hopefully Sledgehammer can live up to the hype we are all getting.

    • Choppabro2psn

      Im with ya. I remember saying this last year. Even though I dislike ghosts, they did have the best trailer s and soundtrack. No denying that.

  • some2example2

    now ghosts makes sense. it was just a cross gen filler to have more time to make a real call of duty, next gen game.

  • blackice

    probably ment to be like the TALOS suit


    • jordanxbrookes

      Could be.

  • Will

    Got a damn good feeling about Sledgehammer Games. I think they are going to return CoD to its glory days.

  • gumbie7

    I might just be done with CoD if this is really what will be in the MP. I hated Crysis for that very reason. Game breaker!!

    • Xecho

      Hovv did it brake crysis? The vvhole game all about the suit. You must not knovv crysis alot.

      • gumbie7

        I meant it would be a game breaker for CoD. I just did not like Crysis at all, and the suit just made it worse for MP.

        • Xecho

          Ho did the suit make it vvorse for crysis’s mp? It fit perfectly. The vvhole point of the game is about the suit.

  • jordanxbrookes


  • SoulTaker

    What I’m wondering is what annoying feature will they add in this game. Shock charges was in Black Ops 2 IEDs in Ghosts now what annoying thing will be brought into this game.

  • Bob Mit

    I hope this shit will stay in the campaign, just make a balance multiplayer Sledgehammer. I can smell enthusiasm about COD in the air. The time is getting close.


    lets fucking dream and hope they dont put target finders and fix the quickscoping bullshit, PLEEASEE SLEDGEHAMMER DONT FUCK UP

  • broncosnfl15

    I am sensing a Call of Duty teaser trailer within 7 days!!

    • Choppabro2psn

      Worry not about a teaser trailer, for a world wide reveal is coming soon.

  • jordanxbrookes

    So can’t wait for this game.

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    This exoskeleton better not give players increased health/protection. They should make it like Ghosts so that when an enemy runs past my corner, he doesn’t have time to turn around and fire back.

    • CGkillZ

      What so you get easy kills? Ghosts is bullshit that’s why nobody plays it. Make it more health like bo2 makes it so people that have skill get the kills

      • Run N Gunning Camper

        Ghosts got it right. I’m sorry but BO2 is full of BS. People should not be able to turn around, eat my bullets, and kill me. In Ghosts, people die fast and they don’t have a chance once they make the mistake of running past my camping corner. Ghosts allowed me to showcase my camping skills while BO2 tried hard to suppress my play style.

        • Jack Lame

          Your opinion is invalid because you are a camper.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            My opinion is valid. You’re just not open to other play styles other than your own.

        • CGkillZ

          Ghosts it takes no skill to get kills its bullshit. In cod bo2 or bo1 they got it right. I’m sorry but they didnt get it right when ghosts player count can barely reach 100k on ps3. Trust me I got a ps4 and no body plays that either so no dipshit your wrong.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            You are so wrong. It’s people like you who don’t know the difference between crisp hit detection and a bad one. The past few CODs, BO1, MW3, and BO2 have bad hit detection.

            Ghosts got it right and low skilled players like you thought the game was bad.

          • CGkillZ

            No that’s something they actually did right. And the game is shit you must have just started playing and you got to be 13 to think its good. The weapons are alright. Maps suck ass. Bs low health. OP lmgs and thermal on snipers are pissen me off. Nobody plays it like they used to so that does show cod has been getting worse. BO1 took some skill to play and rewarded you with it, Cod ghost does the opposite. So the only thing they did right was the hit detection? I’d rather have fast gameplay than spot on hit detection.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            You’re displaying your ignorance. Ghosts have the same 100 health. It’s just that the hit detection is so good, it makes you think you have low health. All the past few CODs have bad hit detection and that gave you the wrong impression that they have higher health.

            Fast gameplay gets boring really fast. Ghosts is more tactical and requires more brainpower to be successful. You can’t just run around like a headless chicken and expect to do good.

        • CGkillZ

          You’re probably one of those queers thatcamps in the back of the map with a m27 with a themal sight with ieds. Your a pussy.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            I use everything and anything in this game. I’m not a one dimensional players like you are.

          • CGkillZ

            Well if you camp you usually stick to the corners so u dont use smgs and shotguns. So your still a pussy.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            You don’t know shit. If you’re going to camp corners then it’s best to have a Rapid Fire SMG since you’ll be engaging them in CQC. You have to make sure they go down as fast as possible. Make them feel uncomfortable and paranoid and you’ll win the psychological warfare.

  • Guest

    Looks liek a TALOS elmet

  • Xecho

    Guys it looks like a TALOS helmet

  • Choppabro2psn

    Look at some of these wretched souls…plotting on the next cod. If there is any luck, the next cod will be nothing like any of you “predicters” say. I was probably the hypest person for ghosts before it came out, and all I can say is huge mistake. Im still deciding whether I should hype this up or simply wait.
    And just so you know, waiting and patience are very trying.

  • Rage O’Holic

    Exo-Squeleton armor now? This is so f*cking ridiculous.
    Remember when Call of Duty was a War game?
    Now it became a shitty game full of microtransactions and overpriced re-remakes of maps we already have,with f*cking aliens,Michael Myers,Predator VS Alien and Snoop Dogg. I’d REALLY like to know how the f*ck is this sh*t related to WAR!
    Aliens,Snoop Dogg,fkin DUCK and KITTY CAT CAMOS,and next CoD it already starts out with a fkin futuristic machine armor (Copying Crysis btw),which they justify putting into the game because “IT EXISTS”. Call of Duty was a great game back in the day. Now…just a pile of sh*t to almost make you pay to fkin acess the options menu. Bye bye CoD,hello BF4,at least DICE just takes weapons out of the game,and doesn’t put fkin gay ass overpriced camos and remakes of maps. Fck you Activision,I just hope you don’t make Destiny into a piece of sh*t too. You guys always fall for the same trick: they always “leak” gameplay to make it look awesome,then you buy into the game and it turns out to suck even harder than the last one,every.god damn.year.

    • Jack Lame

      Why are you ranting on COD: Ghosts? This is Call Of Duty 2014. And the fact you think that “It Exists “, doesn’t justify it, is just mad. Also, I don’t think you realise, they don’t just leak gameplay, THERE ARE FULL GAMEPLAYS out and you can even play the game before it comes out.

      • Anger O’Holic

        So,you mean that 2 years after doing the same thing to us,do you seriously believe that this time it won’t suck? Dude,since MW3 people have been on the “Hype Train” for nothing,gameplay simply sucked. BO2? Good Story,Terrible MP although I liked the League Mode concept. Ghosts? Sucked all the way,mainly from the microtransactions,which are bullshit,but the story….just plain terrible. I played the campaign on the PS3 system…I know that this was the year that they released the next-gen,but I still payed 70€ to see a fkin polygon head,the main character’s father,the blonde guy? Yea,check out his head on the beggining of the campaign,imagine the rest. I don’t know about you,but 70€ is 70$ same thing,and I know what value 70€ has,to pay something like this to get ripped off right front and center…I loved this franchise,played every single CoD,since the first one and I still have CoD Classic on my system.If I care about the “World Release”? not really. If I expect to go back to the way it was,when fkin K/D didn’t matter and players weren’t such tryharders? I won’t. I will NOT buy this game when it releases,only when I see for my own eyes if the game is really worth the price, For this year,a fkin Crysis clone? nope.

        • Jack Lame

          All I understood was, “bla bla I hate cod for no reason other than I suck at MP”.

          • LOL

            If you knew how to read,which you probably don’t,you’d notice that I said I Loved Call of Duty. Now? I still like it,but I am going to be very hesitant to buy it. And the argument about sucking at MP? Really…problem with Call of Duty = 7 yo kids.

          • Jack Lame

            You write like a 7 year old.

          • TROL

            ahah even if I was,I wouldn’t be an ignorant fanboy that can’t see what’s right in front of him. Good job sir,you have earned —> a cookie.

          • Jack Lame

            Me Ignorant? So I am telling you not to judge a game, based on another game, and that makes me a fan boy? No.

    • Biff

      Exo-Skeletons are real though……They will be in major use in the future….sooo…What’s the problem with that?

    • Mr Doge

      How is this “War”? From that question I gathered 2 things:
      1. Your a 10-12 year old child
      2. Your an ignorant 18 year old no life.
      How is this related to “War”? Were you NOT listening to what the guy was talking about? Let me explain because you seem to ignorant to even give a shit. The guy was explaining how he hates Democracy and how it’s useless and has never worked and is mad because people are turning against him and it sparks a war with PMCs. Are you that stupid? Also how is this a copy of Crysis? Last time I checked Exo-Skeletons weren’t bought into this world because of Crysis. Go be negative nancy somewhere else.

  • CGkillZ

    While this looks cool we havent got any gameplay. We thought cod ghosts looked badass and see you that went? Hopefully it turns out good but you never know. It’s annoying how people are like this game will be badass. For years it has gotten worse. With a 3 year cycle it might get better but with new games coming out cod will feel more boring compared to the other options like destiny, titanfall, evolve and whatever other badass title that will come out.

  • Guest


    • Jack Lame

      They, is the illuminati.

      • Reality

        God damn I am so sick of you conspiracy theorists and your obsession with the illuminati. Do you know anything about history? Or do you just blindly believe everyone that says the illuminati is a secret organization that plans on taking over the world?

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    Maybe this exoskeleton will give the player Marathon, Agility, and no fall damage built-in.

  • Batman

    The suit should have thermal vision built in

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      I would rather have Target Finder built-in with no FOV limitation.