The official Call of Duty channel has just uploaded this new video on their channel which discusses Private Military Corporation and the their rise. This should give you a BIG hint as far the plot and direction that the next Call of Duty will go. “What happens when the people you pay, get a better offer?

In the last 20 years, global combat has seen a steady shift towards the use of private military corporations, or PMCs. What happens when the highest bidder becomes the world’s next superpower?

UPDATE: We have been sent a infographic which sheds more light on PMCs:


  • Ryumoau

    i just saw them post this video on youtube and really enjoyed it. I didn’t even know these type of things were real. The first time i ever heard of a PMC was in metal gear solid 4, but that series has so much science fiction stuff in it that i didn’t really take it serious.
    It does sound like it will be fun to play as these type of people who aren’t as restricted as a regular army would be. I’m also curious how that will impact the gameplay.

    • kyr95

      “Highly trained soldiers”. Is it me or is that implying to smarter enemy A.I.?

      • Sal

        It’s you.

      • Ryumoau

        i’ve sadly given up on expecting A.I. in games to get any better than they are now. 🙁

    • Sal

      A lot of science fiction , yes, but Hideo usually does a lot of thinking for the foundation of his stories. Based off real life/potentials.

  • Mitch

    The opening of the videos reminds me so much of the documentaries they did for Black Ops 2, they also featured P.W. Singer.

    • kyr95

      Exactly what i though, i must admit this video captured my interest even more, the storyline looks amazingly interesting.

  • Jacol

    Gazprom confirmed as next call of duty villain

  • Crusf
    • Mitch
    • Lets hope it doesnt end up as a failure

      • Josh

        I think SHG will do a great job with this game. The images look great and what it may be based around sounds interesting.

        • George Claude

          until i c gameplay im not sold

    • Jesper Mølby

      Like awesome

  • devilhead

    So COD 2014 maybe based on pmc?

    • Mitch

      probably, nah definitely!

  • Haitian Jack

    I dont know who it was but someone did say in the comments yesterday the new title would be called Patriots. Whoever did it, good job.

    • Mitch

      That was a WW1 rumor…

      • Darvald

        Well the name might still be ‘Patriots’, it is a title that would make sense in some way. But we’ll see on Sunday.

        Personally I don’t really care for the name, I’m more interested in the storyline. 🙂

        • Mitch

          It would make sense, but it would also be a huge coincidence.

          • Josh

            I just don’t see it being called ‘Patriots’ with Ubisoft releasing ‘Rainbow 6 Patriots’. They wouldn’t have their game called the same as a potential rival and within the same time frame.

          • JVM223

            I think Patriots would be a good name. What if the PMCs are the enemy and the only people that will face them are from the military, true patriots.

    • grenaider

      Rumors spread fast, don’t they?

    • Josh

      That was me, but I don’t think I will be called that and we have no reason to trust the source.

  • GamerSam99

    My attention has now officially been grabbed. The premise of this game sounds amazing.

  • Franco

    Im exited for this one, but, BOII, the only CoD that i havent been exited for, its my favorite CoD now

  • Jesper Mølby


  • CyberBocha

    At 0:33 it says “Warfares“, just saying…

    • Mitch

      It says Warfare’s, so ‘Warfare is’.

  • Noxiosus

    What if we get to play as the enemy!!

    • Ryumoau

      not sure how i would feel about that. But it would be different at least.

    • kyr95

      What if we play both sides and make decisions thus affecting the storyline, kinda like BO2?

    • call of duty: an old era

      there is no enemy if you think about it. if you were on the other side they would be the enemy. otherwise, same effect.

  • Ben

    It looks interesting, I hope it won’t be as bad as MW3 was.

  • Scott Lunn

    Anyone notice the weapons at 2:30? Every one of them were in a Modern Warfare game at one point or another. There’s the RPG, AK47, MAC 10, some sort of pistol, MK14, and the one that did it for me, The Intervention. Coincidence? Probably. But still pretty awesome.

  • jordanxbrookes


  • Mitch

    So we’re probably either fighting as PMC vs. PMC or Military vs. PMC. What if in MP you get money for every action, and buy gear with that?
    EDIT: What if you have to buy gear for each game? So if you do good, you’ll be able to buy some nice gear, but if you do bad and don’t have cash in the bank you’re stuck with shit gear for that game. Obviously you’d need some things like 1 free primary, 1 free secondary and all that stuff.

    • kyr95

      That would be actually pretty great 🙂 I have another opinion, what if in the campaign you play as both sides,PMCs and military and you make decisions that affect the storyline, like in Bo2 ? That could be really sweet 🙂

      • Mitch

        I’d nuke America or Europe if possible. Sorry, but it has to happen some time.

        • kyr95

          Hahaha best reply ever, Mitch!

          • Mitch

            I’d use a Snuke (South Park reference)

          • kyr95


    • Daniel Sims

      Sounds like Homefront’s system which I loved.

    • Jack Lame


  • Jacky Liang

    This could get very interesting to be honest.

  • gippers

    This looks pretty interesting. This PMC stuff would make a great campaign and intergrate really well with clans.

  • Batman

    Like the federation from ghosts? Or the company from prision break?

  • KevJumbaify .

    Shit happens. there i said it

  • KevJumbaify .

    This new COD better have a more deep and complex customization system

  • Mitch
    • KevJumbaify .

      NO i dont want another MW game

      • Mitch

        The ‘leak’ doesn’t confirm MW4, but another leak did. That leak specified the guy saw something of the Golden Gate bridge, which is basically confirmed now. It also mentioned ‘Blacksmith’, which is also basically confirmed.

        • KevJumbaify .

          k good. i want something fresh and new

  • Guest

    Fighting PMCs?

    I like where this is going.

  • Guest

    So it begins…

  • jrnotaloka


  • This would be a great concept. Since I’m assuming you’re playing as PMC, this could go greatly for new features. My ideas are:

    1) Morale mechanic
    Where you can make choices based on your moral spectrum. Example: Your field commander has ordered you to kill a civi, because she attacked him, for hurting her child, and you have the choice to execute her, or say no, and possibly start fighting your own. And you have choices to either kill your own squad mates, or keep them as friends based on their choices.

    Also my 2nd idea:

    User generated Proxy Wars.
    You can create your own Campaign-esque missions, using a prop, Actor, and Elemental Editor using maps from the story, or MP. Like if you want to make a stealth mission out of a warzone, like Enemy of My Enemy from MW2. Just a thought, since Spec Ops is quite dated compared to other games. Or maybe pay more attention to Community game modes.

  • Kenneh

    This makes for an AWESOME storyline. Already excited for CoD 2014

  • Billy

    So they’re ripping off Syndicate (the game)

  • ben wills

    Hopefully not like BO2 and Ghosts where I get really excited for the campaign then it ends and didn’t flesh out at all and only went in horrible, cheezy directions.

  • Michael

    Now I understand that PMC’s in this case were highly trained soldiers. But could somebody please explain what the fuck i just watched?!? I couldn’t tell if this was like “a release trailer for the next cod” but I gives sort of a background of the PMC’S. My main question is: Are you going to be playing as PMC soldiers with “advanced” technology when the game is released, or they were just showing you a background of what PMC’s are capable of in this sense?

    • Crusf

      I guess we will find out on the 4th.

  • Tep Kok

    Gee it’s almost as if Metal Gear Solid 4 did this exact same premise 6 years ago