It’s been a crazy couple of days with the reveal of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In this weeks podcast we discuss some of the findings within the trailer, Call of Duty as a franchise and what we hope to see different in Advanced Warfare.

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thatPetey (CharlieINTEL Admin)


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Ali-A – YouTuber

  • jordanxbrookes

    Ali-A. Eww.

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    i just hope i don t get a fail like i did with ghosts …

    • whyhelloyoungboy

      it would be extremely hard to make a game worst than ghosts…. that game is bar far the worst cod.

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        you got that right

  • Tyrant Era

    Ali-A and Tmartn are TERRIBLE on youtube. but im sure they are cool guys.

  • The_Vortex

    Ill give them credit for trying but I think that if it was a game that took place in the past not the future again but oh well cool game but it doesnt look like call of duties I used to play 🙁

  • Bob Mit

    Holy shit Ali-A . what a shame…..

  • Batman

    Alia shouldnt be there

  • Jasco

    This cod lost me at cloaking and being invisible like in titanfall. I honestly hope that is a campaign only option because if that isn’t the case. This cod will be a bust for me when the MP is filled with people who are invisible.

    • Bring war game back!


    • ccrows

      100% and I don’t even want it as a KS either.

      Just keep the cloaking BS to campaign, and I’ll be happy. Otherwise it’s probably another year for me with BO2 instead…

    • Louis

      I hate the cloaking feature in Titan Fall. Keep the cloak in campaign because you know scrub campers will be exploiting it sitting in corners.

    • jooker-jr

      Seriously ?? Cod 11 was devoloped a year before Titanfall

      Just because Titanfall came first doesn’t mean that SH copied them

      • Rorke File

        SO SGH came with the idea

        • jooker-jr

          They came with it first but that’s doesn’t mean that Titanfall copied them

          Let’s say it’s a coincidence

        • leo hernadez

          u dumbass sgh have been working on the game since mw3 just because titanfall came out first doesn’t mean they copied them

    • ThatOneBlazian

      Haven’t you ever played killzone? Cloaking is in that game’s multiplayer and it is balanced just fine.

  • Josh

    Ali-A be like…..give me the $$$ and I’ll do it.

  • Bring war game back!

    Ali-A uses this fucking site for information but leaves it the description of the video without a mention of it and they still included this faggot in the podcast dafuq?

    • Josh

      ikr. He just hides the link to the site in the description without a mention, getting all the credit. Unbelievable!

    • aaa

      He never used to even do that.

      The guy has no shame, just ego.

      • You guys are over reacting.

        Please tell me a person who mentions Charlieintel in there video or in the description every video. your just hating on him cause he’s bigger. I can go to google and search call of duty and find this information. CharlieIntel isn’t the direct source of leaks. And he has mention CharlieIntel a few times.

        • bsktballmsu1

          Driftor mentions it when he sources his information

    • Mynameisjack

      FaZe/Gamma Kross does the same thing too apparently…

  • MysticLink93
  • Joeldagod

    they didn’t copy titan-fall if the game was being made for 3 years before titan fall came to earth

    • Darvald

      True, Titanfall was only revealed last summer, so it is impossible that SH ripped it off. It’s more like coincidence I think.

      • kyr95

        I dont get why everyone is saying that it looks like titanfall. Because of the capability of high jumping? They had parkour on Titanfall and no exoskeletons, and the cloaking thing, was also in BO2 SP. :/

        • Joeldagod

          everything in titanfall has been in different games yes the game is creative and fun but they are not the the first fps to have wall running and as for the jumping it is about time cod got something new, we can’t add anything new without someone saying we copied

          • kyr95

            For the first time cod seems to going into a new and good direction, but the complains havent stopped. Heres a list:
            1)Crysis copy ( apart from the exoskeleton, i dont see how it looks like Crysis, theres not even aliens)
            2)Halo copy ( so every game set in the future is copying Halo? people are mostly saying it copied it, cause of the hoverbikes, but thats only for a mission in the game, i dont see how it affects the whole game)
            3)Titanfall copy ( what i said in my previous comment)
            4)Same graphics (Are they blind? Graphics have drastically improved over ghosts and they look pretty amazing, maybe not as good as other games but still they look truly next-gen)
            5)Why is cod released every year? ( are they forgetting that there are 3 studios developing these games which takes more than 2-3 years and not 1? )
            As for the people, that say they dont like this cod , cause of the future setting, i respect their opinion, but those who keep saying “same shit, different name” seem to notice that on cod alone( e.g. i dont see how bf4 is different to bf3, despite graphical improvement and i speak as a both cod and bf fan)
            Anyways, i hope this Cod does well, which i have a strong feeling it will, i have faith in SGH. Lets wait for the MP also and see 😉

  • ….

    Haters: “He jumped high they ripped off Titanfall game is shit even though I haven’t played and have no room to judge”

  • :D

    Please don’t have Ali-money whore of YouTube-A on here again

  • Alex

    this bullshit better not be in multiplayer or ill be pissed as hell. If it is its titanfall without the titans aspect

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      AW is shaping up to be TF with killstreaks. I personally want to see COD adapt some aspects from TF. I just wish it’s not going to give you increased health but give you movement boosts.

      I like what I’m seeing so far. Wall climbing/hanging will give players a whole new way to camp.

  • SoulTaker

    You know the game is most likely gonna be great but the douchebags in the community will probably ruin it lets be honest. MW2 would have been the greatest COD but the douchebags in the community (don’t forget IW for not patching) ruined it with the one man army exploits. The exploits used in the community is the cancer of every COD. A

  • Kenneh

    thatPetey: “Oh BTW Ali A come take a look at what the nice people have to say about you in the comments!”
    *troll level maximized”

  • Idea for MP. Iinvisibility Cloak in MP, like the optical camo in BO2. It will be sooo useful for stealth players. There’s no stealth in CoD anymore, maps are too linear and players always call you out, the Cloak will be able to help people who wanna play stealth, but It won’t be broken, if they do this, I have some balancing ideas.

    -12 Kill Streak
    -If you get hit, the cloak will go down for a 10 second cool off period.
    -You’ll be able to be seen by thermals, regardless of whether or not you’re wearing Cold Blooded, so people can’t Camp too hard.
    -Your cloak will go down for half a second, whenever you fire an unsuppressed weapon.
    -Your cloak will go static for half a second if you fire a suppressed weapon.
    -EMP Grenades will fry it for 20 seconds
    -Can still be seen by Radar if you fire unsuppressed, or you don’t have a Ghost like perk.

    Touching a big puddle of water/Walking into a waterfall will make your cloak go down and face a cool-down period of 10 seconds.

    • ThatOneBlazian

      Or balance it like they do in killzone and let it not be a killstreak

      • That won’t work in a game like CoD, the player base is so influential, they made Camping in Ghosts acceptable and sometimes encouraged. If everyone had optical camo right off the bat, the game would be nothing but a corner infested ghost town.

        • ThatOneBlazian

          Well 3 months later it looks totally balanced.

  • EA_CEO

    Ali A = Activision puppet. I only trust the opinions of people that aren’t tied to the franchise financially. They are honest and reliable. Many said Ghosts was crap and it was. Ali-A blew his beans and still does with this game even though he himself probably hates it but he’s Activision’s bitch so he has no choice.

  • TheShadowReaper

    wtf, is Ali-A your fuck buddy or something? off with his head! he pisses on you guys and yet you include him in the podcast? i’m fucking disappointed…

  • Zajje

    One thing that would be interesting is that instead of the typical create a soldier type of thing that they allow you to put perks on your exo suit and change camo on it etc, instead of perks on your soldier and such things and that would be a little more “realistic” due to it’s an exo suit and it makes you stronger and faster. So me personally think that it will be like that and hopefully they make it that way because it would be a cool little feature!

  • Cody

    This WAS LEAKED YESTERDAY BY ME! HAHA COD Advanced Warfare Multiplayer: Exoskeleton suits will be fully implemented into the MP. However, the abilities have been “nerfed” and separated to avoid giving players “super soldier” advantages. The perks chosen in your loadout (which have not been leaked as of yet, just have general info) determine the abilities of your suit and how well it functions. For example, all players can “super jump”, but select perks will increase the jump height, speed, agility, and increase its capabilities, such as being able to drag against walls and be able to slowly descend. Due to these new additions though, some perks may not be returning, but will be reincarnated as weapon attachments (kind of like how fast mags replaced sleight of hand). This is why small – medium maps are the norm, because the new depth given by these suits are best experienced in CQB (Close quarter combat). Lastly, it is said that Sledgehammer will be introducing a new killstreaks format, but I do not have any solid and confirmed info of the subject matter at the time.

  • Daniel M

    Sorry but could you not include Ali-A next time? spoilt the podcast for me 🙁

  • Aaron

    I think the jumping boost will feel a lot like the old school mode form COD 4. We all know how fun that was!

  • Ryumoau

    I’m listening to the episode now on itunes. 😀

  • Dub x Infinity

    COD Will Fall Soon in the future if they keep make the game Futureistic

  • CJHammy