Kevin Spacey has been revealed as a villain in this year’s Call of Duty title, and an image posted from OXM, it appears his character is named ‘Jonathan Irons’, and he’s the head of Atlas Corporation, main villain company in the title.

The official reveal trailer shows off what the corporation is capable of and some of the advanced tech the game has. Watch it here.


  • Choppabro2psn

    I hope multiplayer for advanced warfare will be appealing for at least 6 months. With ghosts, the only thing keeping it afloat is dlc and sales. Oh, and camos along with price and makarov. Let us not forget soap, snoop dogg and the hazmat suit. (Hate ghosts but, I love the hazmat suit.)

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    No matter how good or bad this game will be (especially with having leaks of the trailer even) I know Sledgehammer have put in more work than there has been for the last 2 CoDs, so the game won’t be slacked and therefore “shouldn’t” be a disappointment.

    • kyr95

      For a first time i look in this game, and unlike many others, i just think these guys have been working so hard, that whether good or bad this is at the end (which i highly think will be great), they deserve recognition and applaude from all the fans

      • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

        Just with esports you’d continuosly hear a ton of Sledgehammer workers taking notes and overall just enjoying the events.
        Hell, look at some of the tweets comming from the workers and you’ll see they look into problems which the latest CoDs more than IW and Trey do

    • Aaron V

      You mean the last 2 Infinity Ward games. Black Ops 2 wasn’t a disappointment and if anything, Treyarch has set the bar for Call of Duty games unlike IW with it’s copy n paste games.

      • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

        No, I meant what I said, the last 2 CoDs have both been enjoyable for me even after people hate them, but they didn’t take too many notes about previous CoD problems.
        A better example would be Black Ops 1 really; possibly my favourite CoD infact. If you played it on PS3 however you would’ve seen the game wasn’t finished. The glitches on the main menu itself are quite the nuisance, and actually still exist showing that they never fixed something so obvious.

  • Bob Mit

    Kevin Spacey is going to do a great job for the role.

  • Prince Of The City.

    Lmaoo Jonathan Irons is on XBOX Live!