The official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare site has gone live:, and within the source code, we have found some new images and key art for the game:

We’re still looking into what else there is, and will post if we find anything new.

  • jooker-jr


  • jordanxbrookes

    I bet multiplayer has been revamped.

    • blbsnipe

      Go to the pre-order section of the site and read the description near the bottom. It made me chuckle at least.

  • JJ


  • The leaks aint gonna stop

    • Ryumoau

      lol i wasn’t expecting so much info this soon.

    • Rorke File

      The leaks can be fake too

  • Jacky Liang

    Those graphics…..

  • Cody

    THIS IS WHAT THE EKOSLETEON’S ARE. I HAVE IT EXACTLY BREAKEN DOWN IN MY VIDEO. 100% CONFIRMED Multiplayer: Exoskeleton suits will be fully implemented into the MP. However, the abilities have been “nerfed” and separated to avoid giving players “super soldier” advantages. The perks chosen in your loadout (which have not been leaked as of yet, just have general info) determine the abilities of your suit and how well it functions. For example, all players can “super jump”, but select perks will increase the jump height, speed, agility, and increase its capabilities, such as being able to drag against walls and be able to slowly descend. Due to these new additions though, some perks may not be returning, but will be reincarnated as weapon attachments (kind of like how fast mags replaced sleight of hand). This is why small – medium maps are the norm, because the new depth given by these suits are best experienced in CQB (Close quarter combat). Lastly, it is said that Sledgehammer will be introducing a new killstreaks format, but I do not have any solid and confirmed info of the subject matter at the time.

    • Michael

      Now what I wanna know is how you know this. I’d love to here your story ?????

      • Cody

        I have inside info. I got all of this info before anyone. I got the trailer leak even before on that website. I literally have everything you are looking for. Honestly, make sure you stay tuned. I have connections. I’ll give you a hint. My connections go all the way back to the blops 2 days. I’ll have all the modes and maps LEAKED before anyone and the name of the GAME ENDING KILLSTREAK.. LEAKED 1st LMFAO

        • DMZ

          How not, lol

        • Michael

          Whats the YouTube channel name? Didnt catch it.

    • that is 100% Elysium ripoff

  • PrimeEchoes

    Remember when things were leaked slowly over time, and not all in one day?

    • Rade

      That’s your complaint?

      • PrimeEchoes

        Yeah. Your point?

  • Rorke File

    They need a good balanced MP with good maps ad everyone is happy .

  • cesc-2007

    Does xbox one have 1080p or is it just PS4

    • OscarTheTitan

      If ghosts wasn’t i doubt this will

    • Ben

      The trailer was posted in 1080p, and the game runned on XBOne… so I think it will be 1080p on both consoles.