Here’s some breakdown videos from around the community for the just released reveal trailer of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

JayEX 23


Xbox Upload Team

iiJeriichoii’s Parody Breakdown

IGN’s Rewind Theater




  • KevinWoof

    First, please dont judge me

  • Daniel M

    F Ali-A

  • Guest

    How hard is it to watch a trailer now-a-days?

  • HenryDF


    “Yep, we’ve got two sights there, and clearly if you look through it it’s going to give you a very clear sight”

    “We’ve got some very interesting lights coming out of the vehicles here; I think the reason the light is coming out is because it’s so dark, so that’ll help the guys on the ground see everything”

    “Here we have a gun, it looks like most of the other guns, but it has a silencer on it. I’m pretty sure this will be in multiplayer”

    “This is a very long breakdown video, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on anything at all for you guys”

    Dammit Ali-A, you missed out the dust on Kevin Spacey’s jacket. Fuck you.

    • david

      yhh his “analysis” is just a ad grab

    • some2example2

      if you’re over 12 or a parent trying to see where the constant harassing from your kid for an x bone is originating from, you have no reason to even click on that tools videos.

  • OMG YOU SAW THE GLOVES? Now look a bit to the left! Yes, it’s what you think it is! DIRT!

  • NotoriousGamers

    30 minutes for a 2 minute trailer, don’t want to miss the dirt on the ground, it could be a game changer ladies and gentlemen!

  • Literate Lallana

    Developing story: I’m almost certain that this game will contain guns. I can only of came to this conclusion thanks to the genius of the breakdowns. Any one who watches these annoy me more than the time my dad pissed on my cornflakes.

    • david

      least we know who pissed in them

  • 🙁 You only showed the biggest channels and not the ones that worked even harder too bring the overview.

    • no to mention that these guys steal everything from Charlie Intel

      • smayo

        And no matter what, are always super excited

  • Chris Mason

    I nominate Ali-A for CoD 2014’s Douchebag Breakdown Award. Presented only to those YT$ channels who waste your time with the most frivolous and contrived misrepresentations of what a breakdown video is meant to be, leaving you feeling nothing but seething hatred for them for how they talk to their viewers like they are complete idiots.

    ‘Grats, bro.

  • PeLLi

    Uh just thought I’d mention that the video embedded under “Jericho” is wrong, this is the link to it:

    • OscarTheTitan

      Freaking Jericho 😀 Love him

  • JuggerNaut

    “Vanishing invisibility” You go Ali-A