Searching through the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare site’s source code, we found an interesting image…this image shows a Wii U logo alongside the logo of all other platforms. As of right now, there’s no announcements about a Wii U version and the preorder page doesn’t have a Wii U box art.

Here’s the image we found:

We’ll update if we hear more about this.

  • Jack Lame

    Title: Weapons & Vehicle Artist, Temporary

    The Sledgehammer character team is looking for a top notch hard
    surfaces modeler to join our AAA family working on a next-gen Call of
    Duty game. In this position candidates would live, eat and breathe
    everything vehicles and weapons related. They will work with the Lead
    Character Artist, Art Director and Design team to generate hyper
    realistic assets for in-game use.

    This is on their site, seeing as they have already finished the Campaign, this could be for Multiplayer? Vehicle artist?

    • Mitch

      How do you know they already finished Campaign?

      • Jack Lame

        They are showcasing it, they wouldn’t do that unless it was already completed, also it looks like they have finished the vehicles and guns iin campaign, dude, pay attention lol.

        • That doesnt mean its complete

          • Jack Lame

            If that isn’t complete, it the greatest game of all time, I think it is too late to hire for campaign now, it will be playable next month.

          • There’s still half a year ’till release. There still some polishing to do and such.

          • Jack Lame

            Yes polishing, but the vehicles and weapon are definately done, look at the reveal trailer, so why are they still hiring? They either fired the original guy, or they are hiring for Multiplayer.

          • Mitch

            Don’t be surprised if like 6 maps for missions aren’t done.

          • slangorang

            Dude games are made half way all the time only to show case what you a buyer will have once it’s done is when it’s in a store or in your hands lol. Fuck paying attention think thru and stop reading everything the moment you decide to say something then it’s only part right. Cod is not even close to done even if they say yes it is. If that be the case we’d get it by July November is there best market cause of Christmas time. Use your head bud.

          • CGkillZ

            Use your head and learn how to spell, Bud. They’ve finished the campaign but need to polish it.

          • exeterman2

            They show like 2 guns and only a tiny proportion of the actual campaign. You have no evidence it is completed. They usually only finish the parts needed for the trailer.

          • Keshav Bhat

            It is not playable next month. Call of Duty titles are never playable at E3 except for the judges to review it.

          • Jack Lame

            Yes, it is playable by the judges, lol.

          • There are atleast 2 teams bro,one works on campaign the other one works on the multiplayer

          • fires

            they only show finished parts man, they did the same with smash bros, only showcasing what was finished and fully rendered.

          • CGkillZ

            Common sense. They have been working on this game for 3 years, by now they would have already finished it if they’re already showing the game.

          • Lol youre talking like its super easy to make a game like cod

          • CGkillZ

            Well they’ve been working on it for 3 years i’m not saying it’s 100% done but the main storyline is done and now they’re polishing it up now

        • HenryDF

          It’s not complete, the game is never complete until around August/September, then it’ll go into a closed beta until around October.

  • HenryDF

    The thing I don’t get when Wii-U players complain about not being treated the same as the other consoles, is the fact that they own a Wii-U.

    If they are a CoD fan, and if they want the best experience possible, you won’t buy a Wii-U. You’ll buy a Wii-U for Mario and all the other Nintendo games, never for CoD.

    There’s no point complaining, when you have a console that was not made to have games like CoD played on it, and you could have got one that is.

    • Icy cut

      If you’re a fan of anything than you wouldn’t waste your money on a Wii U.

      • Nintendojitsu

        Your hate gives me intense pleasure.

      • Crusf

        “If you’re a fan of anything than you wouldn’t waste your money on a Wii U.” Something tells me you lost sleep after finding out how good Mario kart 8 looks.

      • SoulTaker

        So much Wii-U hate. I don’t own a Wii-U but the new Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 is making me kinda want one.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          More games for you then :>

          Get one.

          • SoulTaker

            Unfortunately it’s not as easy as just getting one. 😛 I still need to get a PS4 the some games for the PS4 then I’ll see about the Wii-U. I mean the Wii-U doesn’t sound as bad as people make it out to be. The games they have are fun as hell to play with friends. Just hope they make a new mario party soon. 😀

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Wii U’s getting games before the PS4 though. Makes more sense to pick up a WiI U now and a PS4 later

        • Jack Meoff

          Thats what he just said their is nothing wrong with Wii when your playing Mario and stuff like that but if you know your going to buy COD and your really into it why would you buy the Wii U

          • George

            Because it’s HD and at 60 fps just like every other system, and on a console that isn’t incredibly overpriced.

          • Jack Meoff

            Its not the same as every other system

          • Wildman

            You’re right. It’s better than every other system.
            It’s Nintendo.

          • Jack Meoff

            Thats pretty funny you can sit there and say its better then PS4 because i want what your smoking. I can take a huge shit on the floor and it would be better then Wii U

          • ILuvMyGrandma<3

            Because it’s better than the rest. Reasons 1. It’ll be HD enough 2. Exclusive Dual Screen Gameplay 3. Off-Tv screen play 4. miiverse integrated 5. And the best of all FREE ONLINE. Anyone who disagrees would be considered a trolltard and no sense of thinking who doesn’t have a mind

        • Tsuna

          There’s so much on the way and already out there that Wii U shouldn’t disappoint you.

      • George

        Okay, so what other systems appreciate my fanhood of Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Star Fox, The Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter, and a bunch of other Nintendo exclusives that are probably consistently better than yours?

        Also, you wanted “then”, not “than”. Your ignorance and feeble grasp on the English language work perfectly together.

      • René Park Triolo

        Let me guess… you’re 13 years old, have pimples all over and spend 24/7 playing FPS on your Xboner. You are soooo jealous of the WiiU and you regret wasting your money on an oversized “VHS recorder” from the 80’s… the Xbox One. 🙂

    • Dat Guy

      Maybe because people want features like off tv playing or they had a Wii in the past and they wanted a Wii U, Wii U has the same (if not just a bit more) power than a X360, and like me, i didn’t not wanted that console, but for holydays my big brother got one, i don’t have any console just my PC, and i don’t like playing CoD In PC, it feels crappy because “the one with the best PC wins”, my pc can handle 60 fps with most things on high, but i simply can’t play with the same comfort in PC, that i do on Wii U, and using a Wii remote is pretty fun, there are more reasons to complain since we pay the fucking same price as the PS4, XBONE version and we get the most inferior result, whereas it can be just a bit better than 360 or PS3.

      I bought these fucking cod games for 60$… but you say that i can’t complain ?
      for getting a worse product ?

      • HenryDF

        I never said you couldn’t complain, I said there’s no point complaining. There’s no point in buying CoD for Wii U, since not only will you get the inferior product, but you’ll get an inferior experience.

        CoD was not made for Wii U, nor was the Wii U made by Nintendo so that CoD could be played on it. It was made for a completely different type of gaming.

        If you expect or want the same experience you would receive if you owned a PS4 or Xbox One, buy a PS4 or Xbox One. Don’t put your hopes in a Wii U.

        • Dat Guy

          I’ll Buy CoDs on PC for sure, but my point is that Activision should not sell a way worse product for the same price of the XBONE version… (that is why im selling Ghosts, not Bo2, its enjoyable at least).

          • Jack Meoff

            Your selling ghosts and keeping bo2 because bo2 is EASY and ghosts takes STRATEGY to play

          • CGkillZ

            I hope your joking.. You left wingnut gafilta fish.

          • dat guy

            If it’s so easy then why i have a KDR of 1.6 in Bo2 and 2.3 in Ghosts ?… im very good at ghost, not mlg but average and im not saying i’ll sell it for that, its just i dont enjoy Ghosts as it is…

        • Avery Horton Is Dumb For That

          Yeah because xbox was MADE for cod. No console is made for any game. If a game is released for multiple consoles/any platform, it should be treated the same. You’re probaby one of the same people who complain about ps3 getting dlc late. I hate it when ps players complain about that cause wii u doesn’t get dlc at all. Your arguement about buying a console for one game isn’t valid because the publisher should support all games equally.

          • HenryDF

            Are you stupid?

            By “made for” I mean, the way the console is designed and the way the console is marketed. The Wii U was not designed by Nintendo nor marketed to have CoD played on it.

            Each console has its own market in exclusives, and you should be able to see that. Xbox One? Big, blockbuster games. PS4? Indie-ish games. Wii U? Nintendo games.

            Now, I’m not saying each console should stick specifically to that agenda, and they don’t. But the Wii-U, and the Wii, for that matter, were not consoles designed or marketed to have FPS games such as CoD played on them.

            You should have know that already, without me having to explain it for you.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Activision put cod on the Wii because it made money and played well. Other folks cared more about graphics but whatever. Same thing with the WIiU.

          • theexxs

            The lack of real logic in your argument is really impressive. Why would Nintendo design a console for only “X” kind of games or genres?

            Both the Wii U and Wii are very capable in handling FPS games, just look at the Metroid Prime trilogy on the Wii and of course, the Call of Duty games. Of course I won’t say those games were experience better on the Wii than on the PS3/360, because for some that’s not true (IT’S NOT HD!). But for others it gave a different way to experience the genre (Pointer controls).

            As for the Wii U, it’s been said time and time again, that it’s a console that’s very much capable of handling any game that the 360 and PS3 can run, and even in better form. The “problem” it’s that it needs optimization, because the way the Wii U was built.

            As for your other comment, about the Wii U not being advertized for “core” gamers, yes, that’s true, but it doesn’t mean Nintendo is not interest in “M” games, or that it’s home console should not have any “M” or FPS game.

            I love Nintendo games, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like 3rd Party games, I actually liked COD: Ghost, and I’m looking forward to the new edition to be available on Wii U.

          • CGkillZ

            Damn you people are Idiots what henry is saying it the wii U doesn’t have that much power and isnt made for the bigger games like cod and battlefield. Its for those Nintendo games. Not cod. The ps4 and xbone is made for those kind of games.

          • Poplur33

            The wii u is more powerful than 360 actually. It can handle it. However it will be a shitty port. No studio will put the effort needed for the 500 wii u ppl buying cod

          • CGkillZ

            Okay but you when you think Nintendo you think of mario not cod.

          • ILuvmyMom<3

            Ok so I’m a freaking Nintendo fanboy but I want this gamw COD on my Nintendo Wii U console cause this will be the only fps game on Wii U and I’ll buy it. So ya’ll who keeps screaming “But Wii U is not made for COD” “Wii U is made for Mario and their exclusives” STFU you got a problem If we want third-partu games with our First-party games? Reason we want this is because 1. Excusive dual-screen gameplay 2.Off-Tv screen play 3. Miiverss Integrates 4. And of course FREE ONLINE!! And for the last time, Wii U is more powerfulthan X360 and PS3 ya’ll dumb asses

          • CGkillZ

            When you buy the wii U you get Nintendo games not cod. That’s why you should buy a 360 or ps3. You sound very butthurt that’s why you bought a wii U for a your little kid kind of games.

          • chad

            The Wii U has more power than the 360 and ps3, why would I want a weaker console, more powerful console is better, right? I have 2 Wii U’s and bought them to play call of duty games because the ps or 360 doesn’t have motion controls. I also played cod games on the Wii too, no little kid games here. I played a few games on my ps3, but my 360 collected dust due to the $$$ cost of playing online.

            Are you still butthurt that the Wii out sold the ps3 and the 360, get over it already.

          • CGkillZ

            You are a dipshit if you bought them for Cod. I could give a ratsass about the Original Wii outselling the ps3 or 360 cuz that doesnt mean its better. I got a ps3 and ps4 and you should have bought one instead of 2 wii U’s .

          • FALLEN

            u just commented on the amount of sales now ur contradicting urself?

          • CGkillZ

            Not that many people have a Wii u so in a business standpoint there is no reason to port it when they wouldn’t be getting much of a profit.

          • josh

            By that reasoning they shouldn’t put it on the Xbox one then.

          • josh

            No, real Nintendo fans associate Nintendo with dependability and quality games (graphics don’t equal quality). Also, many of the gaming review sites have said that the Wii u versions of cod are the more enjoyable versions overall. And there is only so much Nintendo can do with marketing when activision doesn’t do anything, and when everyone knows that it has less in it than other versions because activision was just lazy.
            If anything it’s their fault it didn’t sell well.

          • Robert Lewis

            *roll eyes*

            Wii U is far more powerful than 360/Ps3.

            IF this CoD was coming out only on PS4/Xbox1 i could kind of understand.

            But seeing as it’s hitting last gen as well, it’s a crappy move to exclude Wii U

          • CGkillZ

            But the wii U isn’t selling very well. It’s not a smart move to go on the wii u.

          • George

            And what everyone else is saying is that he’s wrong in those claims.

          • René Park Triolo

            Idiots??? So WiiU doesn’t have that much power… what a load of BS. It has more than enough power, free online, backwards compatibility, off TV play, better quality games and on top of that it’s even cheaper than the dudebro consoles… enough with the Nintendo bashing. Could we be allowed to enjoy our WiiU now?!

          • CGkillZ

            Alright you bought the wii u. It’s for FUCKING Nintendo games not cod buy a ps4, one, ps3 or 360 if you want cod. Play your stupid Mario games and stop whining.

          • René Park Triolo

            Hahaha… who’s whining here? It seems the truth hurts. The WiiU is a cool machine and it has a lot of great games with great graphics and gameplay… a lot more than what can be said about the Xbone and PS4.

            But actually I like the PS4 a lot, but until now I can’t see one game that warrants an upgrade from PS3, and if you start fanboying about graphics and horsepower, let me be absolutely clear here. Until now there’s nothing released on the Xbone or PS4 that is better or more “beautiful” than PS360.

            By the way… why do you have to be rude to me. I just stated my opinion, and then you attack me with verbal abuse. Well, I guess that’s what one can expect from someone who’s jealous that he didn’t buy a machine with great games… I’m very sorry for you.

            Now I guess you will write another hateful reply, but you know what… I don’t
            care… I enjoy my WiiU and Mario Kart 8… and I’m also happy about the people who bought the other consoles, because if they are happy with their purchase that’s good. What is NOT good is all this hate being thrown around. Let people enjoy whatever cosole they like.

          • CGkillZ

            Okay so why would I want a system that makes the same games every year. The Wii U hasn’t sold shit. It’s a failing consule. I was being a dick to you because all the Nintendo fans are bitching because they don’t get cod or will get a shitty version of it. If you bought it then don’t bitch. Nintendo isnt my cup of tea I guess. I have my ps4 and never really play it. I just play my ps3 most of the time. The Wii U can handle The cod but theres not as big of a market to where they would make the money they want off of it.
            This was very hateful but I will say something you seem like a puss to be honest to say i’m verbally abusing you haha. Shit don’t jump off a bridge. I’m not saying you can’t be happy I was saying AW shouldn’t be made on the Wii U.

          • Jade Cervantes

            Well first of all you should know some people got the wii u as a gift like me and my parents cant afford to buy a xbox1 or ps4 plus the xbox1 sucks second of all im pretty sure the wii u can handle cod cause i have cod ghosts and its pretty good no lag at all!

          • CGkillZ

            I know it can handle it but the wii u isnt marketed for that

          • FALLEN

            once again do ur homework, BO2 and the release of the Wii U were heavily marketed together.

          • FALLEN

            i will agree with u except the lag, everyone on every platform lags.

          • George

            What so many people fail to realize is that the Wii U is actually an attempt by Nintendo to get back the “hardcore” gamer base that they lost last gen. You’d think converting to HD and having a lot of dark third-party titles on it already would be enough to show that.

          • josh

            So great games like the conduit, pain and punishment(third person), dead space, call of duty(world at war, reflex, black ops, mw3, black ops 2, ghosts), 007, the metroid primes, red steel(1 and 2), and zombiu. Just a basic list, but yeah, you’re right. It wasn’t designed for shooters. (Hope you can sense the sarcasm)
            Plus, PlayStation is more blockbuster’s if anything, but ps and Xbox have the same games. And Nintendo is more of the Indie scene now.

          • Mister Atlas

            You’re calling someone else stupid? If you said “made for” and you’re still trying to explain why COD games are not suitable for the Wii U, then the only idiot is you. Should it matter to you if you aren’t going to buy it on the Wii U? You seriously have to pull your head out of your a–, you sound like a stupid dudebro trying to restrict gamers.

          • FALLEN

            considering that on the Wii U release, BO2 was heavily marketed along side the Wii U. so ur point is completely invalid.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          The controls are better on the WiiU than the xbox frankly

        • Michel

          Well, Nintendo tried to appeal to the Hardcore audience.
          But without third party support it is difficult.
          Its kinda funny, because it is a circle.
          Most third party developers don’t develop for Nintendo because they can’t earn more money then the put into porting it.
          because there is not a lot of audience.
          But the audience won’t buy a WiiU because there is no third party support.

          The only way WiiU could have been successful was amazing third party support & DLC.
          Should have kept connection with EA and paid Rockstar a lot of money for a exclusive game.
          That would have pushed a lot of people to the WiiU and developers.

          Now it will slowly die.

        • George

          The PS4 and XBOX ONE weren’t made for CoD, just as the PS3 and 360 weren’t. They’re made for their own exclusive titles, and everything else is just icing on the cake.

        • Wildman

          The way I see it is: Game systems are made to play games. That’s what their primary job is in the technological realm.
          Xbox and PlayStation weren’t made for one singular game. That would make no sense. I have a Wii U. It wasn’t created for COD alone, or even Mario for that matter. It was created to play all types of games from all genres.
          Smell what I’m cookin’?

          • Jade Cervantes

            Thank you finally someone gets my point and to add on to that the wii u handles lots of games cause I have assasins creed and cod ghosts!

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        WiiU’s 4 times stronger than the 360 XD

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      …. Probably because last gen machines are still getting games that should by all means be on the Wii U.

      A third party franchise is a third party franchise.

      And The controls are better on the WiiU because it has a better controller. That’s why

    • k5berry

      Exactly. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know much about the Wii-U, but I do know that, being made by Nintendo, it focuses on Nintendo games. When i think of Wii-U, i think of Nintendo games like Mario, and family-friendly/game night games. When i think of PS and XB, i think of, well, non-Nintendo games. Not that Wii-U is necessarily a bad console, just know that it has a limited number of games that are really in their best form on it

    • ataqueninja

      Well, you if you a CoD fan, I think you would to play with the best controls possible. So you won’t buy a PS4, PS3, 360 or XONE versions because, c’mon, playing a FPS with analog stick is a freakin’ joke. If you are a real CoD, WTF are you doing playing it on a console with shitty graphics and shitty controls?

      Yeah, if you can say things about “fans” wanting to play on the Wii U, I can also say things about “fans” wanting to play on other consoles. How about that?

      By the way, on console, the Wii U is by far the best version in term of gameplay, since the wiimote offers much better controls. Not as good as mouse + keyboard, but still, 500% better than those shitty analog sticks.

    • George

      I wish the Disqus update could be undone and you could see that people dislike your comment.
      It was more correct regarding the ORIGINAL Wii, but the Wii U is an HD system and is now in the same ballpark as everything else.
      Buying a game like CoD, which is optimized for every system it’s put on (excluding PC), it really does not matter what system people choose to play it on. We’re all getting the best experience possible. We’re all getting the game at 60fps and in HD now, so what does it matter whether it’s on a PlayStation, Wii U, or XBOX? Plus the Wii U is in fact more powerful than the PS3 and 360, and if those systems were meant to have CoD played on them then the Wii U is just as deserving if not more.
      Plus, I played the multiplayer demo of Ghosts on PS4 today and it didn’t look very much better than the Wii U version. The only differences I saw were improvements in just a couple of small textures and a drastic and unappealing increase in lighting that makes the bad textures look just a little better. On top of that, the PS4 version actually dropped frames a lot MORE than my Wii U version of Ghosts, and the drops were more drastic too. So who REALLY has the best experience?

    • I’ll give you the best reason:

      Controls. Next to the PC, the Wii U has the most accurate and best possible control options for the game, making the game play better and generally, regardless of graphical fidelity, a superior experience. The Wii-mote is 10x as accurate as a standard dual stick controller, and the Wii U gamepad has allowed you to adjust various sensitivities on the fly for more precise dual stick controls.

      So, why do folks want to play it on the Wii U? Because in some instances it provides better gameplay. It is really as simple as that. Any true CoD fan would want the best possible experience, not the prettiest graphics and the largest player base. A game that is, fundamentally, superior.

      • Jack Meoff

        Wii U is garbage PS4 takes big shits all over it

    • Mister Atlas

      Wtf are you talking about? Everyone doesn’t have the same taste in games, and if they want to play COD and its on a Nintendo system like it has been on the Wii and even the Gamecube, then that’s their damn business. When what you say goes, is when all gamers will follow your lead, minus myself. You aren’t the person who decides what consoles someone should buy. Shove your bias up your a–, if its available, Wii U gamers can buy it if they want.

  • Miguel

    what’s a “Wii U” ??

    • Penguin-Kun

      An Ambulance.

      • miguel

        saw this coming from a mile away

    • Rorke File

      The new wii

    • Crusf

      A console you wish you had but act like its “a silly minuscule console” compared to the others because you want to justify your lack of owning one. Sorry to ruing you upvote bonanza:p

  • Zelos Wilder

    ill be busy playing mario kart 8 and smash 4 to play this shit

  • Call of Doody

    £99 for what the wii u does you just cant be hating

  • Jet045

    Im fairly certain it will come. Ive played CoD on Nintendo consoles since [email protected] This is the cycle: Great support, patches, communication, patches become less frequent, silence…. then BAM. New CoD announced and xoming to Nintendo consoles. This time we got more support before the patches stopped. We got Freefall DLC, which is a first. Also, they stop patching so the 3arc WiiU team can start porting the next game.

  • Iswearthisishowthepolicyworks

    I had a wii U… I encourage everyone to follow in my gamestop scamming footsteps.

    Since you can return pre owned products for literally any reason within 7 days of purchase, just buy anything pre owned and get your money back after 7 days… You can rent any pre owned item for gamestop and get all your cash back, yet no one I’ve met takes advantage of this loophole.

    Not sure why I even typed this ,but if you wanna pay nothing for a week with a wii U I suggest you do dis, ja-feel

  • Michel

    Treyarch is going to make Advanced Warfare for PS3,Xbox 360 & WiiU(for some reason Treyarch loves Nintendo all COD’s for Nintendo are ported by treyarch)
    It just makes sence.
    Sledge Hammer makes it for Next Gen & PC
    Treyarch for WiiU,PS3 & X360.
    And I won’t even exclude Zombies from it yet.(if zombies included I would buy it 1 day no matter what, without it I’m probably not :p)

    • chad

      Treyarch will take the game that is already made and port it over to the Wii U, because they are more experienced with the motion controls than the other two developers IW and SledgeHammer.

  • CGkillZ

    Sorry for being random but i’m watching Obama’s dinner bs and omg this is the stupidest thing i’ve watched. I’m literally yellin at my tv right now. Instead of fixing all the bullshit that’s going on in the Ukraine and what’s going on the american soil he’s making stupid jokes about rand paul and just stupid ass shit. Sorry for being random. But wtf Dictator Obama you have done nothing for this country but give welfare babies money which they don’t deserve. Then takes trips all over the world and his homeland Kenya. Which when you think about it costs millions of dollars to do. So if your over 18 your taxpayer money is going towards his wife flyin around. So fuck this nigger. Not being racist just callin him what I think of him. Comment what you think, have a good day.

  • George

    We KNOW it’s going to be on there no matter what, but CAN WE PLEASE GET DLC ALREADY????? >:(

  • bergoo

    Hate DA for FPS. Love wiimote aiming for FPS. Thats the only reason i buy COD.

  • guuuuuys its happening!!1

  • GreggIsRad

    Motion controls. If they existed on other platforms I’d go there. If there are no FPS with motion controls on WiiU, I’ll stop playing FPS. I’d rather not play them than learn to play with DA. Simple as that.

  • Jack Meoff

    Hey i just got a Wii U its in my toilet i shit it out after i ate 5 tacos from taco bell


    Coming or not i don’t give a shit. it has been years and I’m playing the same game over and over