New details from the GameInformer digital magazine are starting to arise. Readers have sent us emails and posted in our comment sections about new details they are finding, and we have found some interesting details.

The first thing is that the campaign mode will not feature the  ‘disembodied voices talking over maps’ before every mission. This has been in every CoD game before, where a voice talks about the next mission, and then you go into the mission. The game will feature a immersive story with fully rendered CG cutscenes. 

We’ll post as we get more info…

SOURCE: GameInformer Magazine (via user Ryumoau)

  • jooker-jr

    Gj ( good job )

  • Crusf

    Sort of like Black Ops 2 cutscenes

    • And MW3 and MW2 and MW1 y’know.

      • MyKogInYourAshe

        No…….. BO2 had CJs, MW3 MW2 and MW1 haven’t

  • Rob Schneider

    Sounds interesting
    Those pre-mission things did feature some cool animations though

    • HenryDF

      The Ghosts cutscenes before each mission were pretty damn good to be honest, if not a little repetitive and long – would it have hurt to add a skip button?!

      Hopefully this means the game will play out more like a film, than someone just telling you something over some animations.

      • Michael

        Ghost cutscenes weren’t really that long. During the cutscenes, it would load up the mission and after it loads you would get an extra minute into the cutscene.

      • KillzoneVII

        After the trailer that’s what I’m getting, this one will be a much more immersive and cinematic experience than we’re used to. Which isn’t a bad thing, looking forward to see how well Sledgehammer executes it.

      • Rob

        Well I think the fact that you seem to have been missing is that they doubled as loading scenes. Effectively giving you plot exposition as the next mission loaded. So in short, yes….it would have hurt to include a skip button. Because then you wouldn’t have a level to play.

    • MR_WATSiT2YA

      Yeah especially in MW2

  • Sam

    Was Black Ops 2 not the same as that?

    • jooker-jr


      I hope they don’t bring back strike missions. They are hard

      • Michael

        Strike force missions were stupid in my opinion, but it gave the player something to do. But it’s a treyarch thing I guess.

      • Fading Lee

        I liked the strike missions but the main reason they are hard is because the friendly ai was basically set to recruit regardless of difficulty

  • Michael

    Thank god. Don’t get me wrong i love listening to those “disembodied voices” after each mission, but I always wanted call of duty to make it much shorter and were finally getting that. Cut scenes are better in my opinion.

  • Lord Travi$

    Hope they come with a skip button loool

    • jooker-jr

      In MW2 : 2 mins clip , the skip button appears after 1:50 mins

  • Josh

    I guess that this means the campaign is based solely around the story rather than the missions with set objectives to achieve in each. I hope this means decisions we make in game effect the story line like in BO2.

  • jordanxbrookes

    As much as I like the pre-mission cutscenes, I’m sure this will still be fine.

  • Rorke File

    First play than believe

  • VVFZ

    Oh my god this game sounds so good! If Ghosts was any good I bet I could still have some fun while waiting for Advanced Warfare 🙁

  • JJ

    BO2 should be what all future CoD devs use as their basis for campaign. Custom loadouts, a speaking protagonist, proper between-mission cutscenes. The player choices and different endings arent a MUST but i would love to see it again.

    • John Blue

      I think having the ability to choose what you are carrying inside the mission itself would be better and a lot more immersive than “editing your soldier” before a mission.

  • Ryumoau

    Glad everyone is liking the new info. I’m glad they are including full cutscenes. The usual story telling was confusing.

  • Batman

    Bo2 had that

  • lMattW

    I enjoyed the mission briefings in the three modern warfare games. The Black Ops and Ghosts ones were fine but not as good. The name ‘Call of Duty’ to me brings to mind a kind of gritty military setting, and mission briefings helped to give the game that feeling. If you watched any military movie like Black Hawk Down and Generation Kill they did those exact types of briefings.

  • Fartyman

    Black Ops 2 did this you fucking quadrupeds.

  • TealSuave21

    This COD is getting better and better! They said we needed a fresh cod, so Sledgehammer may give us what we ask for!

  • Confirminator
  • Fighter


  • Jack Bauer

    *an immersive

  • Solid Snake

    its about fuking time, the amount of money the games make and they couldn’t make proper cut scenes before?

    Sledgehammer Games is becoming my fav cod developer!

  • Michael Moak

    I really want to see what they’re going to do for multiplayer and how much competitive support there will be.

  • Dal

    The game is crappy. Control setup is clunky and not very intuitive. The cut scenes voices (at least on PC) are all off by about 2 seconds. Makes for an irritating rather than immersive experience. Multiplayer is incredibly laggy and virtually impossible to join on friends as most the time you get an error saying that they are unjoinable even though they are telling you in vent or TS that there are still 4 open spots. There are already hackers ruining gameplay and if history repeats itself, neither the developer or Activision will do anything about it. I wasted $100. Don’t waste yours.