The GameInformer magazine has revealed more details: Advanced Warfare will feature some sort of co-op mode, but they aren’t ready to go into detail about what that mode may be.

Treyarch’s co-op mode is the very popular Zombies mode, and Infinity Ward introduced Extinction with Call of Duty: Ghosts. It’ll be interesting to see what Sledgehammer Games will bring to the table.

SOURCE: GameInformer Magazine (Thanks Maki for the tip!) 

  • jordanxbrookes

    Please either be a co-op campaign or a new and improved Spec Ops mode.

    • HenryDF

      Spec Ops in MW3 was dire, but I kinda enjoyed it in MW2. They could mix it up a bit with the exo-skeletons and hover bikes and shit, so hopefully it’ll be good.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I liked Spec Ops from both MW3 and MW2, I just wish it would return.

        • Guest

          Yup, definitely miss Spec Ops, I could play that mode with friends for hours trying to get more stars, never getting tired of it. Wish it would return as well!

          • blbsnipe

            It gets boring when you get all the stars… twice

          • destrooyer

            Zombies is better

          • MLGgamers

            i hope they do robots or zombies!!! but to tell you the truth i dont think that they will 🙁

          • zombie

            Rather zombies is boring. ..

          • AyoKhaenin


          • zombies

            No zombies thats the second best game mode

    • NiftyGam3r

      Those 2 modes have a limited replay ability, they need something that could be played over a long period of time and not grow dull, zombies and extinction are good examples.

      • Shardlotte

        I agree. People will usually only play a Co op campaign once, same with most spec Ops missions. I never understood the big deal about them.

      • CoDforever

        should have both, zombies like game mode and spec ops.

        • MLGgamers

          fuck yeah

      • Fading Lee

        Aliens and zombies have been taken….so… ninjas maybe? Lol

        • NiftyGam3r

          Or some type of exo skeleton proto types gone bad and you have to stop them, similar to irobot with Will Smith

          • MotherRussian

            Aww yeah that sound good.

          • Fading Lee

            Could be interesting, plus robots allow alot of variety

        • KevinWoof

          Or… GHOSTS

      • OpTic_Fanboy

        OGM ROBOTS.

      • John Blue

        I don’t care if they have BOTH zombies and extinction, as long as we FINALLY get a co-op campaign, or at least some real missions for Spec Ops -style mode.

        The problem with the current style CoD campaign is that it has little to no replayability and the situation would be at least a little bit better if it had a co-op

      • MLGgamers

        they should make something to do with robots or dinosaurs beacuse with robots you would have a challenge with how big dinosaurs are, and with robots u wont be able to kill them they just keep coming and make a story out of that not normal zombies make a story line for it so u can escape it would be good if they made one of these modes also because as u said it will keep the game going!!

      • World-cup

        Extinction was a joke but then again that whole game was a joke.

    • Rorke File

      Like that from mw2 spec ops

  • Lord Travi$

    dinosaurs, or terminators

    • jooker-jr

      Cats ??

      Or Rileys ??

      • Lord Travi$

        lol animal abuse

      • Josh

        Robotic animal pets? All little kids nowadays have them so why not some “advanced” robotic animals, replacing mans best friend.

  • jooker-jr

    Forever alone

  • LongSensation

    Couldn’t they just effectively “import” their 3rd person game they was working on before MW3 for a co-op gamemode?

    • Mitch

      That could be cool.

      • Lord Travi$

        Don’t think 3rd person goes well with cod they tried it in mw2

        • Mitch

          Yeah but that’s a studio that’s used to First Person trying it, Sledgehammer is experienced with it.

          • Lord Travi$

            Oh yeah they did make DEAD SPACE LOOL my bad i completely forgot yeah these guys can pull it off

        • jooker-jr

          I liked it in MW2

        • Abluablumgata

          You obviously didn’t play more than 2 rounds of 3rd person

    • SiggieSwaggie

      god no… plus they scraped that

    • They weren’t working on it, the idea was rejected.

      • HotHam

        actually they got a lot done but it got scrapped so they could help finish MW3

  • Dave

    I Don’t care what happens.
    But It must have kitties!

    • jooker-jr

      U made my day !


    i would like to see co-op campaign like they did in WaW but, online

  • The Untoten

    make the technology turn against the players.

    • Grigori


  • Renaldo Walkins

    EPIC, I love, and I hope this new co-op mode isn’t aliens or whatever Spec Ops is, I want it to be something new like how Ghosts did it, but this time not aliens.

  • Michael

    Dinosaur mode!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!

    • Mitch

      What about Dinosaurs, with exoskeletons? 😮

      • Lightning1432

        I think you are onto something…

      • Michael

        ?? imagine!

        • cpthegreat

          dinosaurs would be a great mix with the exo suits. Story could be something like frozen eggs hatched bc of global warming idk just stabbing in the dark

      • smayo

        A bit like that 80’s cartoon dino riders

    • 111AlaN111

      Robot mode?

      • Michael

        Thats chinas COD. I didnt want to say that at first because of that. If China never made a robot zombie game, then i would have said that.


    jeez, calm down with the information. its like every time i refresh my browser i get a new article! i aint mad at all

    • Josh

      It just shows how much work they put into getting the latest news to us (before anyone else I might add) – you should praise them for their work. I don’t think they get enough recognition either.

  • Rob Schneider

    Hunger Games or Battle Royale
    Like mentioned in the podcasts
    Would be so good.

  • jooker-jr

    MMO ??

  • jooker-jr

    I have to sleep. Bye

    • LikeaSomeboday

      Good night Abed.

  • FeboooH

    Ghostbusters mode!

    • Sgt. PooedHisPants


    • Mitch

      I see what you did there….

  • VVFZ

    No survival. Just come up with something better than that. And extinction is the worst thing I have ever seen nothing like that either.

    • AyoKhaenin

      wish they could just bring back zombies that’s the main reason i buy and play COD anyway

  • Ryumoau

    look at my post on the Trot Baker voice article for screenshots off these pages direct from gameinformer. I’m really excited for the co-op.

    • LikeaSomeboday

      Love you a lot.

      • Ryumoau

        lol thanks

      • I love him more than you.

        • No, he’s mine!

          • Josh

            You can share him maybe?

          • No -.-

          • LikeaSomeboday

            I’m planning on Marriage, so back off.

          • Ive got my kraber sniper scope right on your head right now!

        • LikeaSomeboday


        • Xecho

          Fuck all of yall I am going to have his babies. I already gave him a BJ.

    • Rorke File


  • Michael

    A co-op mode they could do is co-op campaign (which was fun as hell in waw) or they could do a survival mode with exosketons, exoskeleton robots, (from the trailer) with many upgrades.

  • Yeah I would love to see some sort of Co-op campaign in some Call of Duty.

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    I’d be happy just to have something close to what RSV2 had for Co-op, Terrorist Hunt anyone?

    • Egyptiano

      great idea dude that’s the brightest thing i’ve read today in middle of these ….. comments and i’m talking serious not making fun of u bec some ppl understand it wrong

  • Maybe some kind of cyborg apocalypse based in Chinese COD Online robot zombies.

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    how about The Terminador ? xD


    Please be spec ops survival! Safeguard in Ghosts is freaking gay and nowhere near as good as MW3 Survival mode 😀

    • Egyptiano

      If could did any of those things or added them i wont buy em

      1:3rd person
      2:aliens or robots or that stupid safeguard mode it sucks
      3:putting any over-advanced suits,equipment,weapons and all other stupid techs.

      if i want this crap i’ll buy Halo at least it’s cheap and contains co-op in all modes and have experience in alien game making

      COD me and most of ur players who download ur games and patches .

      We Warn you and my personal advice go back in time WWII and make a new story where we play as NAZIS and the JAPs and make a good mix between zombies and survival never add robots or stupid things

  • Batman

    Cyborg zombies survival. Please

  • Derrick Wingler

    Play it safe and do your own version of Zombies/Extinction (both of which i love). Given the Sci-Fi nature of this COD i think fighting something along the lines of T-100 endoskeletons would be fitting/awesome

  • TheLegacyofJeremy

    Probably robots

  • …..

    Well the game is futuristic so maybe, robots? hey you never know.

  • UBS

    The new mode is called compromised it will be based loosely off of spec ops it will feature campaign like elements as of now there is only 2 player support but we are thinking of expanding to at least 4. Every multiplayer map is available for use including two exclusive maps built specially for this mode the two maps will have campaign elements whole the rest is strictly gameplay only compromised will feature ai controlled enemies much like spec ops and also various drones,as you progressed each dlc will include 1 additional map there will be,kill streaks exclusive to this map they are based on past vehicles that players were able to use in older cods -UBS

  • COD A.W.


  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    It has to be robot zombies. It just has to… can definitely takeout a ton of robots especially with the added power of the exoskeleton suit.

  • YouMadBro

    There form of co-op should be a hord of crazy babies eating people 🙂

  • Lebron

    Lets seen when i get on the Hype train!

  • John Riley


  • Gamer4Life

    A monster hunter mode !! ghosts has aliens. black ops has zombies. advanced warfare can have werewolves and vampires!!! ZOMG

  • OpEazy

    Im thinking Robots is the future and they want something new

  • OpEazy

    If they put robots in co-op it will be like Binary Domain Which is a great game but not that many people know about search some gameplay n y’all see what I’m talking about but in my view i think is a great idea look at this…… What y’all think

  • RA3030

    I love the CoD spec ops in MW 2 and 3. I’m hoping they bring the spec ops to this title. My friends and I have spent days in the spec ops games.

  • bigdog

    I believe their co op should be zombies. Each time they’ve made a zombies, it was a hit. I also literally have friends that will only buy the game if it has zombies

  • jordy

    what do you guys think it will be, i hope its gonne be a sort of zombie survivel mode

  • jordy

    ore a sort of robot mode because in the campaigne your have a exoskeleton and it plays in 2054 so i think ore a zombie mode whit robots ore a robot suvivel cint stuff

  • Zombiekiller300

    It should be something like robots or zombie version of robots like in call of duty online.

  • CallOfDutyAW96

    Robot Zombies, Like A Glitch In The Exo
    Skeleten That Are Turning The Soliders To Cyborgs Or Something! !!!!!!!

  • greko89

    bring on the friggin zombies already you twits

  • Dinosaur Dan

    I hope there is a dinosaur mode, where you fight off hordes of dinosaurs and ride on the backs of Velociraptors and shit

  • Don

    Please please be a survival mode like on cod mw3, terminal map was my favourite, ideally I would like a 4players rather than the 2player mode it had

  • xXxTPAYNExXx

    Mitch (way down there) dinosaurs have been done aka turok but sledgehammer could make it work b/c other than graphics mw3 hands down outclasses bo2 and ghosts

  • Dylan

    Hey SH Games, if you want my pre-order, you may want to show it off soon, I’m only going to buy the game if it has some sort of co-op survival, but it has to be like zombies or extinction, I don’t care about spec ops or co-op campaign.

  • Samsepicgaming

    Spec ops might be brought back as sledge were the co producers of mw3

  • Archen

    Survival from MW3 was REALLY fun for me.

  • issa


  • issa

    zombies plz

  • issa

    zombies was the best

  • issa

    just make new guns and and new maps

  • Zombiesfan

    Ive heard rumors about cyborg zombies (as the theme being futuristic)
    But a dinosaure idea wouldnt b bad tho i liked extinction so call it ummm revival (they already used extinction for aliens)

  • dimento

    Dinosaur or cyBorg robot survival seems cool. But like time traveling to the past and fighting dinos or cyborgs coming to the year 2054 and invading earths pretty sweet too

  • World-cup

    Cod 4 and MW2 had good modes MW3 and Ghost probably the worst cod games ever made all round , hopefully this has either Spec ops or Zombies prefare zombies as zombies itself is probably bigger than the cod franchise.

  • james

    ZOMBIESS IT HASS TO BE ZOMBIES,i mean spec ops???? are you lot for real…..spec ops was boring and call of duty know that…

  • hi

    survival should return

  • Kerao TLStar

    Dinosaurs ?

  • MrDuck

    zombies is the shit!!!!!!!!!

  • Rossco

    I only buy COD to play zombies so it better be

  • Lord Malificent

    Prepare to rip me apart fanboys… I have never played a COD. I thought they were just generic fps games that could be found anywhere. Yeah I used to hate COD, but something about this game just makes me want to play it, and seeing as zombies mode is pretty damb famous I want something like that, not necessarily zombies. If I like what they reveal for the co-op, I will pre-order this game, but if not I will assume COD is overused and even the creators of dead space can’t fix it. Fingers crossed ?.


  • owens117

    what if they just continue extinction how they mention in the last map on ghosts they take back the earth

  • Brad Bean

    Just love how these companies keep all the details of their products hidden from public eye until after its released..why not just come out and say what modes it will have? Obviously its just some kind of generic co-op mission modes otherwise it would be highly talked about for marketing…I think its hush hush because its another boring cut and paste co-op campaign add on nobody will replay twice. Just sick of companies hiding the detailed information people want just because it would hurt sales..if the game is fun and replayable you shouldnt need to worry so much about hiding the details, am I right?

  • acedynamo

    Screw zombies, so bloody sick of zombies, please NO stupid zombies, mucus squirting aliens, emo vampires, fairies or werewolves. Just give me Mw3 style survival against human form enemies IMO, still the best survival mode to date.

  • Ben Saslow

    I really hope we get spec ops back and no robot fighting. Maybe well have to fight the Nazgul from lord of the rings o_O

  • World-cup

    Hopefully advanced warfare is good but I ain’t holding my breathe as Ghost was awful mw3 was awful and black ops 2 wasn’t all that great either.

    Ps take the scuffs and moderate pads out the game because they are ruining it only loser need help playing.

  • Classic Mike

    hope is zombies

  • ALG-PRO/QuiCK SCope

    Hopefully that there will be a NEW or ZOMBIES SURVIVAL MODE on this because,there is MILLIONS of people on this ladies and gentleman, BUT no extinction because Activision tried but failed EPIC FAIL!!!

  • zombiestoper458

    I think both because zombies is the classic and aliens are alot more intense so if they have both mods will appeal to all of the people who are arguing about it but I do think that a new game mod will be good but not like the major jump from zombies to alien which have very different senerios but ido agree to the co-op campaign and spec ops they both need to be done

  • Jamie Baldock


  • Stephen Brocklesby