Complexity Gaming has sold off their Call of Duty team to Evil Geniuses today. Complexity Gaming’s roster features  ACHES, Karma, Crimsix, and TeePee, and now all four of these players are playing under Evil Geniuses brand for future events. 

These four players have made a name for themselves within the eSports community. They have won Call of Duty: Championship 2014, and majority of all the events over the past several months.

“Both the players and the organization felt it was time for a fresh start,” said Jason Lake, Founder and CEO of Complexity Gaming.  “Everyone is happy with the transaction and we’d like to thank the squad for all their hard work and success during our time together.  As for the future, Complexity loves COD and intends on building a new #coLofDuty as soon as possible so that we can continue to build on our unparalleled resume in the space.”

“We’re very excited about this acquisition, and we appreciate the commitment Complexity showed throughout the process to putting the players in a new home they’d be happy with,” said Alexander Garfield, CEO of Evil Geniuses.  “This is a substantial investment for us (definitely the largest eSports contract buyout I’ve heard of), but we feel that both the accomplishments of the players and the growth of Call of Duty as an eSport warrant this kind of commitment.”

SOURCE: Complexity and Evil Geniuses

  • Mitch

    Rumor: XGN (they beat coL) are becoming the new coL roster. coL said they are looking for a new roster, and as soon as coL announced their roster being sold to EG, Stun from XGN tweeted they were leaving and moving to a new organization.
    EDIT: Nvm, they moved to Orbit (yeah, that organization that changes their whole roster after each tournament).

    • XGN beats coL,loses against optic,optic loses against col,what.

    • ElseAndrew

      XGN joined Orbit.

      • Mitch

        Yup, just saw it

  • LongSensation

    So now it’s getting to that point where teams will be buying/selling players to the highest bidder like football lol

    • ben wills

      Well all they care about is money. That’s why they advocate horrible games like BO2, because they’re “fast and exciting for the audience” instead of “skill based and fun to play”.

      • The_Vortex

        Lmao. Black Ops 2 wasnt even that bad because it had that fun factor that always kept me going. Ghosts on the other hand.. Well.. not gonna get into detail. 🙂 but blops 2 isnt horrible its an okay game

        • Truth

          neither is Ghosts, i enjoy ghosts.
          Never enjoyed Black Ops II and I though.
          The lag comp was too much for me.

      • uhuh

        except pros have said that BO2 has everything you just mentioned.. theres no instead. This sounds like your terrible opinion probably based around your online experience.

        • ben wills

          If you actually looked into things many of them have said, you wouldn’t of replied. You’re wrong.

  • OpTic_Fanboy

    This is bullshit.

  • Mitch

    Good, small joke from Reddit: Even Complexity is sick of Complexity winning.

  • Batman

    No one cares

    • Goten

      We don’t care that you don’t care!

      • jordanxbrookes

        I don’t care that you people don’t care that he doesn’t care 😛

        • ImReaperr

          And I don’t care that you don’t care about someone who doesn’t care about the person not caring about the article! Mindfucked! :/

  • Lumpsofagod2

    Complexity at UGC Niagara..

  • Brandon Cox

    You will see teams start to do this as time goes on, with the MLG and ESPN contract. XGAMES means New Brands.

  • Bob Mit

    Should I be sad, I don’t give a shit.

    • hatersgonnahate

      if you don’t give a shit, why did you click on this page anyway?

      • jordanxbrookes

        Because someone clicked on this article doesn’t mean they care about it. Maybe they’re around for the comment section, who knows, but if he doesn’t care about CompLexity, then he doesn’t care about them.

      • Bob Mit

        CompLexity is the best MLG team. I always click on articles.

  • Gambit11B

    They sold coL to eG for $70,000……

    • Gambit11B

      That means each player on the world’s best CoD team is only worth approx $17,500 a piece…. The so-called glamorous world of CoD eSports still has a long way to go.

      • AveX Replay

        Yeah But each of these players can make 20 K plus in less then 3 days so I’d say they are worth more than that overall.

        • Gambit11B

          I was referring to their contract worth…. not potential worth.

      • yeeeeeee

        That’s not a player contract lol Buying a team name for $70,000 is quite a lot. These aren’t like pro sports teams who sell tickets to events and make money through that….

  • John Shike

    Ok I’m confused how much did they get sold for??