Earlier this evening, Sledgehammer Games co-founder Glen Schofield and Advanced Warfare actor Kevin Spacey tweeted photos from the set where they are currently capturing footage for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. The Avatar poster in the background is a good indication that the mocap session is currently taking place at Giant Studios where Avatar (and Halo 4) mocap sessions were filmed. We’ll update this article if more photos are tweeted from the set.

SOURCE: @GlenSchofield and @KevinSpacey

  • The Future is Spacey

    • Crusf

      You’ve been saving that haven’t you XD

  • Michael

    Kevin Spacy is going to be a character that you can play in multiplayer. I CAN FEEL IT!!!

  • VVFZ

    About 178 days until Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare..

    • Josh

      No better time than now…

      • NextGenNose

        And during that week, get no sleep at all and grind your ass leveling on MP cause

      • And say its in the name of #Democracy

    • kyr95

      Well, at least you dont have exams the same day E3 starts 😛

      • MichiganerE

        My last day of school is the day E3 starts, so I do.

        • kyr95

          Co-worker! 😀

    • ObV Swift

      But who’s counting.

  • (I posted this also on the last post)I laugh so hard at the haters! I love esports, but I still play pubs. I like the balancing. Esports keeps Cod alive. Esports/ comp CoD has been around since Cod4, not Black Ops 2 and Black ops 2 did a good job with it. Pro Players are very good so yes they have sponsors. Now why do the haters care anyways, just don’t play League Play or whatever and play your TDM and you will be fine. It doesn’t mean the whole game is going to be competitive and they will still put in regular pubs so yeah.

  • List of what we need back or too stay or new: (in no particular order)
    1. Hardpoint
    2. rectangle mini map
    3. Party chat symbols when people talk.
    4. Theater mode.
    5. Cod Caster
    6. League Play with able to also unlock camos, etc.
    7. No Quickscoping.
    8. Dedicated esports rules.
    9. 3 burst assault rifle

    10. Bouncing betties
    11. NO IEDs
    12. care packages
    13. regular UAVs
    14. Face off
    15. WAR
    16. The squad point system from ghosts.
    17. A way for no campers
    18. A way to have to play the objectives more.
    19. A second FFA game mode with esports rules.
    20. In game livestream (I have an elgato though)
    21. No C4 and riot shields.
    22. Party modes.
    23. same gamemodes as ghosts with more
    24. scoreboard in corner again
    25. good graphics
    26. New engine
    27. good hit detection and lag comp
    28. spec ops survival
    29. audio options in game
    30. co-op campaign
    31. character customization
    32. Some kind of clan thing, maybe just update ghosts
    33. Ground war all systems
    34. Demolition
    35. CTF
    36. Small to medium maps with a few large ones
    37. Headquarters
    38. Cod 4 feel
    39. A just fun game.
    40. Good memorable guns
    41. Realistic DLC and Camos
    42. New audio engine
    43. Good bright lighting
    44. Pro perk extras
    45. To be able to also permanently unlock 1 thing every prestige
    46. I customizable soldier you prestige the old way, can unlock some special stuff every prestige
    47. Be able to make emblem like B02
    48. Bots in Private match
    49. Prestige guns
    50. add emblem too guns
    51. unlock camos by challenges like headshots
    52. Contextual lean
    53. Combat training
    That’s all I could think of right now. My opinions/ ideas.

    • lol

      This list seem mire like a list of what YOU wantthan what “we need”

      • Oh wow your smart. That’s what it is.

        • Juicyjuice

          Unfortunately a lot of those will be a problem because the rights to those modes are for Treyarch/Infinity Ward respectfully. Quickscoping will always be there, so unfortunately I don’t see them implementing those things. But some do those I would definately want to see.

    • Confirminator

      39. A just fun game.

      I’ll take number 39, and the developers can be creative and do whatever else they want. Just be creative.

    • Erik Salas

      1. Agree
      2. Like in ghosts
      3. Good for lobbies with randoms if you have a small party
      4. Needs more bandwidth (lag), but helpful with reporting cheaters or content creators.
      5. ehh
      6. Agree- camo unlocks (camo won’t matter since it’s competitive).
      7. At least a 1 second raise time to focus on actual sniping. “Quickscoping”
      is realistically possible, although not used.
      8. ehh
      9. Sure that will remain
      10. As long as activation radius is smaller, but need to be prone to dodge.
      11. Should return with: original, pre-patch blast radius and damage, longer fuse time, and only be able to set on ground like a claymore.
      12. should remain
      13. Satcom system but Satcoms should last until destroyed
      14. If face off maps can be used in regular multiplayer as well.
      15 + 16. Agree
      17. Counter intuitive really .
      18. Extra points for streaks if objective played.
      19. Makes sense
      20. Good
      21. C4: shorter throwing distance and has to stick to be able to detonate and riot shields able to be shot through with AP rounds.
      22 – 25 Agree
      26. Somewhat agree, because engine provides the majority of the CoD feel
      27. Get everyone a wired internet conection with 1 ping max
      28 – 32 Agree
      33. Increase max player count for all game modes.
      34 – 37 Agree
      38. No. Engine would have to be downgraded
      39. What is “Fun”?
      40. Hopefully well known real firearms
      41 – 45. Agree
      46. No.
      47 – 53 Agree

      The problem with adding all the things is that there are will be exploits, complains, you can’t put all of these things with hard/software limitations, and not everyone can be satisfied.

    • NextGenNose

      I’d honestly like to return to the old Prestige system like they did back in BO2 and MW3. In Ghosts, there’s really no incentive or motivation on why you should prestige; getting Squad points and unlocking all the guns is way too easy. Back in those BO2/MW3, players would be like “I needa get to [level here] so I can unlock [gun/perk here]

      Also, in BO2/MW3 they would give awards for prestiging such as an permanent unlock token or double XP, which pretty much gave me motivation to level up

      • Fighter

        Yeah I don’t really like the Ghosts prestige system and how it’s based on your squad members. Go back to the classic prestige system that everyone loves SG.

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        110% agree. The lack of an incentive for prestiging is why I stopped at 3 times in Ghosts. Plus it really amplifies all the crappy aspects of the game and it makes you say to yourself “why am i playing this #$%* game”. In past COD’s I would push past all the frustrating stuff just to prestige. Now there is nothing enticing me to play especially when you are getting frustrated. This is the first time I have read other people having the same view on prestiging. Also what would be totally awesome would be one of these developers incorporate a MP reward for playing the campaign through on all hardness levels. This could be a special camo or weapon. Just something that no one else will have unless you play through the campaign that these developers spend so much time creating. Just a thought. Hopefully Sledgehammer goes back to what worked(BO2)!

        • kia0525

          I agree, it’s an incentive for players to actually play the campaign which seems SHG has put a lot of thought into.

    • Rorke File

      They will see this if they interested

    • xiSpeedy

      Post this in the reddit subforum that Sledgehammer games posted

    • “Party chat symbols when people talk.” PS3/PS4 has that feature and never did not have it. So why mention it as if they would take that out?

      • Not in Ghosts on Xbox.

        • I would sell the game for Xbox and re-buy it then for another system, But thats just me

          • Yeah if I had another system. WTF. It’s not that important, but I can see if my mic is muted and who is talking. Like game chat symbols.

    • Justin MD

      I want every Advanced Warfare multiplayer map to be good and have some destruction. It be nice to stay on maps you want to play on rather than voting.

      • shanafan

        I think everyone would want every COD map to be good, but there always the ones no one votes for. Like Turbine in Blops 2, or Seige in Ghosts. Guess people just don’t want large maps!

        • Justin MD

          Seige and Stonehaven are bad. Stonehaven would be better if the castle was a lot larger covering that boring ship scrap area. MW3’s large Sanctuary map was one of my favorites for the game. The two large World at War maps that had two tanks were really fun. It would be cool if Advanced Warfare had a couple maps with vehicles like Halo. I know wishing for every COD map to be good is a dream, but with extensive testing and tweeking it is possible.

          • Darvald

            I really do like the larger maps, but I have to admit, Stonehaven has it’s flaws.
            When I play on Siege, it’s mostly Domination, I just make sure my team doesn’t cause spawnflips, and if the enemy team doesn’t leave, you can see a lot of action. 🙂

    • Psychomaggot105

      Care packages? Really? I think accomplishing field orders to recieve a cp is good.

    • Blumky

      #17 is easy to fix. Just highlight anyone that stays still or doesn’t move after 5 seconds on the mini map for 20 seconds. That will get people moving and eliminate corner campers. Sometimes you have to pause if you are reloading or being chased but NOBODY (including snipers) ever needs to be stationary for longer than 5 seconds. This seems so obvious Im not sure why it hasn’t been done. At least have a perk that you can put on that allows the individual to see these people if not the entire team.’
      Does anyone see how this would not be pretty effective?

      • What if the person is using a sniper and is sitting in a position like in the bushes on drone in bo2?

        • Darvald

          So what? You still check that. Campers will always be in the game, and camping is, if you like it or not, a playstyle that some people prefer over rushing.

          It’s a playlist that can be frustrating others, but rushing is also a playlist that can piss people off (causing spawnflips, playing way to risky etc.).

          I have never understood way people say: ‘make camping impossible.’, I don’t really think that would be fair.

          The fact (imo) is that you have to adapt to it, and deal with it. A lot of campers/spots can be countered or flanked of that’s more of your thing.

          • either you are responding to me with some slightly of topic stuff, or you responded to me by accident and meant to reply to someone like Blumky…

      • Catastrophe

        That’s pretty dumb actually. Defeats the whole idea of being a sniper. Snipers are not supposed to run around and fight head on. They obviously have to be stationary and pick off enemies, you know, like real life maybe?

    • jippy

      I thought sledgehammer was making this one not tryarch.


    I would love to see that they just bring back those weapon levels. You get gun to golden camo, just by using it… Not by completing some stupid challenges like Point Blank

    • Rorke File

      Like Mw3

      • MIKKEtheMIDGET

        Yes, just like mw3. IMO it was the best way for golden guns, but I think they shouldn’t reset every prestige

        • Derrick Wingler

          I feel it defeats the point of the golden guns if any noob can get them just by playing. Black Ops 2 did it perfect; the diamond camo was something really worth getting and worth showing off, unlike the MW3 golden guns which absolutely everybody had

          • Fighter

            Black Ops 2 done a lot of things right and I loved the way you had to gain camos.

  • RdJokr

    The article is about Spacey, yet half the comments are talking about multiplayer…
    Anyway, looking forward to see how Spacey performs in this game.

    • i♥COD

      COD is multiplayer!

      • RdJokr

        WRONG. COD is a combination of singleplayer, multiplayer and co-op. I don’t spend $60 on a COD game just to play multiplayer, I play all it has to offer.

  • Michael Moak

    The first cutscene in halo 4 I really had to look for a while to tell if it was real or not.

    • Kill Denied

      Game set in the far future, hard to tell if real or not. Seems legit.

  • Confirminator
    • Siftblade of Rivia

      No!!! (No offense Riley)

      • KevinWoof

        You dont like my son?

        • I just noticed you changed your name to “KevinWoof”

          • KevinWoof


  • Advanced people

    That’s the only place I see good comments u go youtube you’ll see all type of shit about the game I mean come on they did not give sledgehammer a chance they did not even see what they can do just because ghosts was bad doesn’t mean Aw will be bad maybe this can revive cod

    • kyr95

      Indeed, for the first time Cod seems to be finally changing for the better, and people on the one hand say ” Its the same old shit, same shitty graphics” while on the other hand they say ” Oh look its a copy of Crysis and Titanfall”
      Stupiditness at its highest

      • Fighter

        Lets be honest here, every game copies some aspects from others games, every game. It’s just the way games work these days but saying that AW is a copy of Titanfall, I don’t get where people are coming from when they say that because AW dosen’t look like TF at all. AW looks like it’s changing up CoD, well I hope anyways but we’ll have to wait and see. Can’t wait.

        • kyr95

          Exactly! Its natural for games to implement some elements from other games, but as you said telling that AW is Titanfall clone, is just…it just crosses the borders for logic! And yes, you can really tell that SHG is up to the task to change for the better, maybe even revolutionise the franchise, well just wait until E3 and the multi reveal. Even if the game doesnt complete its purpose, which i have a strong feeling it will, i just wanna applaude SHG for having such dedication to a game and its fans, its rare for developers these days.

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      There is a cool invention out there. Its called a period!

  • Luis

    He has played many memorable villains before. Can’t wait to see how he blows up CoD: Advanced Warfare.

  • ObV Swift

    Some info was released that in Advanced Warfare there would be a sort of strafe system as a special ability like what you could do in Titanfall with a titan (just a comparison), but i think that could replace the dolphin dove form BO2 and the Slide from Ghosts.

    • kyr95

      Can you give a link please? 😀

      • ObV Swift

        It was one of ali-a video’s, but Sorry if that’s not good info.

        • kyr95

          Its ok thanks for the info any way man 😀 all this micro-details keep making me more and more excited

          • ObV Swift

            I just can’t what for the big Multiplayer reveal, to be completely honest just the singlerplayer trailer and all the little screenshots make me want the game more that any other game on the market or coming out soon.

          • kyr95

            Indeed the direction that SHG has taken with this cod is pretty amazing, i havent been so excited since mw2 and that says something.

          • ObV Swift

            I’m just kinda depressed that I wont be able to to see the multiplayer reveal till later this year. But seeing on how Sledgehammer did for MW3 i have complete faith that this game is going to sell out Destiny, ESO, the new pokemon and any other game.

          • kyr95

            Well sales dont mean anything to me, but yeah the developers of SHG are some of the most dedicated on a game that ive seen

          • ObV Swift

            What do you think the ”horde” mode looks even if it’s not real.

          • kyr95

            To tell you the truth i have no idea, urgghh where is E3 and August???

          • Fighter

            MW3 was pretty shit, better than Ghosts though and that’s why I’m a little scared about AW because SHG helped create MW3 and I didn’t really like the MW3 MP. However i’m also excited because it’s their full blown out game they’re doing themselves.

          • kyr95

            Well exactly as you said this is their own game this time, on mw3 they were just assisting IW to create it, they were responsible for the campaign and maybe for a few parts of the multiplayer, they werent there to express themselves with creativity they were just “filling” the personell that IW had lost at that time. But now, ohhhh now its SHG time!

          • ObV Swift

            I still fell like i’m the only person who actually likes ghosts. I really liked extinction and multiplayer.

  • Ryumoau

    Very cool that Kevin Spacey was happy enough to tweet the photos on his twitter feed as well. That makes me think this wasn’t just a paycheck and that he cares about the game.

    Only worrying part is that it means they are still filming scenes for the game, even though i thought they were already done by now. I guess most of the previous 2 years were mostly spent on perfecting the new engine and getting it to work on the new hardware.

    Though the game doesn’t come out till another 6 months, so i’m sure this is more than enough time to still create a great story. 🙂

    • kyr95

      Yeah i dont think you should worry about such things maybe theyre doing re-shots,but even if thats not the case, im sure they had plenty of time- 3 years 😉
      Also it could be possible that theyre leaving the campaign for last.
      Lastly, i have a feeling that theyre filming something about the next single player trailer, remember the bo2 villain trailer? the scenes where admiral briggs was talking were nowere in the game 🙂

  • ShareYTV

    Advanced warfare is going to be a great game but when PlayStation Now comes out for ps4 back to MW2 no more hackers

  • Funter

    The game looks crap, same CoD different day. Looks too futuristic and different with all the suits and large jumping. I think it will be too different to other CoD games with the Crysis guns and the guy from horrible bosses in it. Hope they have zombies in it since that’s the best mode on the other CoD games and they need to have a good map like Kino or Transit. Hope the new BF game changes things up cause this look like every other CoD game. Make it like CoD4 and Black Ops 2 and you should be fine though.

    • Grenada!

      Change is good for CoD since it is starting to get a little stale. The actor is Kevin Spacey and he’s an amazing actor and I’m glad he’s in AW. The game looks nothing like Crysis and the suits will change up the gameplay in SP and MP which is good.