House of Cards is an extremely popular Netflix show starring Kevin Spacey. Kevin Spacey in the show plays as Frank Underwood. Underwood is actually a gamer in the TV show, and on the show, he has played PS3 games such as God of War and Killzone.

Sledgehammer Games wants to bring a full circle – they have Kevin Spacey in Advanced Warfare, now they’re trying to bring Advanced Warfare into House of Cards.

“I exchanged an email with his [producing partner Dana Brunetti] this week, saying, ‘Hey, what would it take to have Frank Underwood playing Advanced Warfare in season three of House of Cards?'”, Condrey says. “They’re like ‘Wow, that’s awesome.’ And we’re like, ‘That’s awesome!’ Because imagine bringing fans full circle there to see that. I mean how awesome would that be? Wouldn’t it just be the craziest thing ever just to go like, ‘Hollywood meets Silicon Valley meets Hollywood.’ If we can pull that off.”

This is not officially confirmed to be happening yet – but we’ll keep you updated.

SOURCE: GameInformer

  • TheShadowReaper

    ahah! that is definitely most interesting.

  • Guest

    I think I just jizzed in my pants

  • And they’re like “Wow it’s awesome!” And we’re like “Wow it’s awesome!” And they’re like “Wow it’s awesome!” And we’re like “Wow it’s awesome!”

    • kyr95

      And im like “Wow it’s awesome!”

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          Everything is like, “WOW ITS AWESOME!”

          • kyr95

            Even this guy is like “WOW ITS AWESOME!”

          • Luis

            Because Everything is awesome

    • Michael

      And Im like “shut the fuck up, that’s awesome” (jk) 😀

  • Sal

    The Year of Spacey

  • Jack Lame

    WOW. That is…………….Wait, what is House of Cards.

  • Rorke File

    Want people to see the new cod and let them all buy it

    • Jack Lame

      They will be adicted to it, and still sh*t on it online.

  • Ryumoau

    haven’t watched House of Cards yet (mainly because i hate politics), but this is pretty cool to have the game appear in a popular show.

    • Jack Lame

      Also, wouldn’t it mean we could see gameplay in it?

      • HenryDF

        Season 3 won’t debut until February 2015 – Advanced Warfare comes out in November.

        Seeing gameplay of a game that came out 3-4 months earlier in February 2015 will be nothing to get excited over. Think of it like that bit in G.I Joe with Channing Tatum and The Rock playing MW3 – a sweet reference, but not particularly impressive.

  • Miguel

    oh my god :)))))))))))

  • Michael

    Ps3 users will be showcased in house of cards! Lucky bastards! 😀

  • It’s official Kevin Spacey is a part of the Playstation Nation!

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    • Jim

      What’s that

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  • J4MES

    Poor old Kevin Spacey; for all his incredible films and theater productions, in a few years time; he’ll only be remembered for Call of Duty by the youth of today.

    What has he gotten himself into!