…The Titan fell is what happened.

The amount of buzz and hype behind Titanfall (dubbed “The COD Killer”) prior to launch was off the charts. Critics everywhere were saying it was a game changer and game of the year, and initially we agreed with them. We fell for the hype and were big fans of the game and even started TitanfallBlog.com. We were present for the reveal at the Microsoft press conference last year, saw a demo at E3 and even went hands on with it at Gamescom, Eurogamer and at community events. Titanfall made a GREAT first impression, and it still does.

It wasn’t until about a week after launch did we realize it might not have enough steam to keep the hypetrain going, and we’re starting to think we were right. It’s been nearly 2 months now since launch and judging by fan feedback on Twitter and through the web site, we’re hearing a lot of the same complaints which is what we think is the reason behind it’s downfall and coincidently, the reason behind Call of Duty’s success…

1) Guns and unlocks
This is by far the biggest complaint we have for Titanfall and the most common one we read about. 1 sniper rifle and 1 shotgun is unacceptable in this day and age when games like Call of Duty and Battlefield have 5+ to select from for each class. That feeling of “gotta reach level 40 to unlock that new sniper rifle” or “1 more kill for that new camo” are gone. Why should I keep grinding?

2) No Traditional Campaign
Titanfall’s MP campaign was a huge gamble that unfortunately didn’t pay off. Gone are the “Oh shit” moments, instead you can beat the campaign by camping and just waiting for the match to end. Respawn even admitted in “Final Hours of Titanfall” that the MP Campaign design was chosen so they wouldn’t delay the game.

3) AI Bots
We know they were added with inexperienced players in mind, in addition to the maps needing to be large enough for Titans so you would need more things to shoot at, but I think we can all agree that the AI minions in Titanfall might as well be paper targets. Im not even sure how anyone could market them as “AI” seeing as how stupid they are. Theres no fun (and honor) in shooting something that doesn’t know how to shoot back at you.

4) Auto-Titan enabled because Titans are no fun
The game, marketing, and story all revolve around Titans… yet no one wants to play as a Titan which is evident when every Titan in a match is set to auto-Titan. They looked cool and fun in the trailer but all they do is manage to prevent you from your next wall run (which is the coolest part of the game).

These are in no particular order either. All 4 points were major in our opinion that contributed to Titanfall’s fall from grace. Don’t get me wrong, we still play Titanfall from time to time but it clearly didn’t turn out to be the game we thought it would be… Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

  • Josh

    All those little kids…

  • CraziBoi94

    I still love it. Its more of a “I dont care what anyone else thinks, as long as I like it” kind of game. I didn’t fall for alot of the hype other people created for it, expected a simplistic & fun FPS, & got what I wanted.

    • Playmaker

      Agreed. And first in a series. Give is time folks.

    • Auptyk

      Yup, I really like the game. That having been said I haven’t played it in a while. The point I disagree with 100% from the article is that Titans aren’t fun.

      I can’t stand TDM in Call of Duty because it lacks any sort of strategy, teamwork or purpose, however the Titans make TDM in TF my preferred game mode. The strategy of when to call your titans in and then to move around with your titans as a team preventing rodeos on team mates titans and ganging up on enemy team titans is just great.

      I don’t get the people that say “the Titans ruin it” … that’s like saying “the addition of Zombies ruined the Left for Dead series.” If mech warfare isn’t your thing, that’s cool, we all have different preferences on what is fun in a video game… but to go into a game and complain about and/or want to remove the key feature of said game is ridiculous. Just go play something else.

      The lack of Single Player is irrelevant in my opinion. I wish more games (CoD, BF) would just ditch SP and focus more on the MP.

      • One point

        they took away sp but mp has so little substance imo,mostly because of the lack of guns and the lack of diversity in picking attachments. I hated playing as titans so that didnt do anything for me either

  • Guest

    Alex change your Mark Rubin Halo pic with Kevin Spacey instead


    no story
    choppy frame rate
    last gen looks
    limited game modes
    boring regen requirements
    no spec ops or co op mode
    limited custom

    yet all that and i still like playing it…

    • Playmaker

      Boring regen req? Made you use all weapons. First game for an IP. Stop expecting it to match a series how many yrs old.

    • TheShadowReaper

      the looks arent that much last gen. what i see is that Respawn didnt utilize the Source Engine correctly. i mean, CS:GO uses the Source engine too and the game looks great and has no screen tearing issues…


      • ben wills

        CS:GO looks horrendous.

        • TheShadowReaper

          get a new pair of eyes plz.

          • Guest

            He’s a Titanfall fanboy, ignore him, he has been trying to defend it all over this article and try and justify his purchase

          • TheShadowReaper

            really? lol. poor him…

      • And the game runs like poop, even more embarrassing considering IT’S FREAKING SOURCE ENGINE.


    I never saw it as a ‘COD killer’, the games really aren’t that similar. And to think a brand new IP was going to dethrone Call of Duty is ridiculous.

    • Ben

      Also, “CoD killer” – dafuq is this?

  • Guest

    IT was hyped by Microsoft, and they clearly paid major media outlets to advertise it and give high review scores, and say things like ‘believe the hype’ — they did it to try and sell Xbox one’s and even delayed the 360 version.
    For me, it was more of it never justified $60

    It lacked longevity, customisation, game modes, private matches at launch, side modes, offline local splitscreen, which is SHOCKING to say the least for a next gen game

    Even CoD or BF4 have offline modes like SP modes, and CoD has extinction or zombies, or squads or spec ops, and local multiplayer, and tonnes of depth and customisation. Hell, Halo had so much more in 2004!

    Titanfall failed to deliver IMHO and was a barebone games that never justified $60 – and it clearly didn’t look well or play well; it looked rubbish and even Ghost on next gen looked better, and never held a stable frame rate with a lot of screen tearing which is unacceptable in 2014. Funny how mo$t reviewer$ $eemed to bru$h over that, maybe Micro$oft had $omething in their pocket$?

    • Josh

      Yet the AI are all practically noobs in the game.

      • ben wills

        It’s for speed, not free kills you idiot. Attrition is about getting to 300 points first, which to need to kill pilots, titans and bots without getting yourself killed. The bots add a speed element, but you still need to be careful. Doesn’t take rocket science to see that. If anything, the bots add skill.

        • One point

          more skill than if the bots were replaced by 2/3 extra pilots?

          • ben wills

            You didn’t remotely get it. It’s not about replacement AT ALL. If there were 2/3 extra pilots, the bots should still be there. It’s like you don’t know how to read.

          • One point

            Somebody didnt change their diapers, do you think that their servers can handle 9v9 with the same amount of bots? It is kinda about replacement. Bots add no skill apart from in attrition. Admit it titanfall wss overhyped and a failure in msny ways. Also I find titanfall way easier to dominate in than any cod game, its far from skilled with that no – recoil assault rifle.

          • ben wills

            Attrition is the most played mode, and what I’m talking about. And yes, the bots are far better there than 3 more players. Sorry, you can’t camp anymore. Try staring at paint drying for 10 minutes at a time, and flash a pointer at the wall every 4 minutes. You get the same experience of your camping but don’t need to use 60 dollars every year.

            Servers could handle it fine. It’s your little XBone that can’t.

            And BO2 had zero recoil as well. Titanfall at least has some sightline variety.

          • One point

            Suggesting that I camp? Lol i find it easier to go around running and gunning in titanfall than it is in cod.Also camping is made worthwhile in titanfall because of the bots that aimlessly wander around and take 2 bullets to kill. This game aint worth 60 dollars,mostly due to mp being the only mode, apart from the titans(which gets boring after the the 5/6th time) lack of variation mostly due to the lack of guns and different attachments.Gives me no reason to put more than 2 days worth of playing time until the next one comes out,its more of a game which you play for an hour or so once a week.

        • ccrows

          ” the bots add skill.”

          Do you seriously believe that? Really?…

          • ben wills

            You are incredibly stupid to not see it. It’s TIME BASED. You need to do it FASTER THAN YOUR OPPONENT. SKILL FULLY traverse the map, racking up the bot kills while not getting sloppy and getting pilot and titan kills. I actually can’t believe this is so hard for you idiots to see.

            Go back to your casual f**kfest BO2, the most skilless game of all time.

          • ccrows

            OK…… So remove the bots all together, and make it who gets to 300 (or 200 if you need to) points first.

            ^ The playing field would be even, and it still would be whoever gets to a certain amount of points faster.

            I simply don’t get the point of why you need “bots” in the first place with the exception of keeping ADD kids attention span in the game, or for people of lower skill to feel better.

            I’m not trying to be a wise-ass or anything like that, but you’re defending “bots” and then calling COD (BO2) casual…

          • ben wills

            “and it still would be whoever gets to a certain amount of points faster.”

            No, it wouldn’t. In CoD (TDM) you can go 2-0 and you in theory helped your team (because you gave your team points 2 kills and their team 0), but you camped and made everyone else miserable, using a cheap “strategy”. In Titanfall, if you were to do that, the other team could simply get 9 bot kills to win against your 2-0 self which got 8 points.

            With the bots, you need to be constantly active while being careful. You can’t sit still. You need to tactically traverse the map and be active, or quite simply no matter how much you think you are, you’re deeply failing your team. You also can’t just get your 50 points and call it a day either, gotta make sure your deaths and titan deaths didn’t outweigh your usefulness.

            BO2 is casual because of a lack of recoil in guns, an awful netcode, and mostly small cqc maps. You run around a corner with an smg, and kill the person before they even see you, works every time. BO1 and WaW are where it’s at.

          • ccrows

            We’re gonna have to agree to disagree.

            I mean you “could camp”, but I RunNGun most of the time with a KD above 2.0 in the last 2 games, and a good WL as well.

            Not trying to stealth brag or anything like that, but my stats are from mostly running and gunning, and my “camper experience” is from flanking and killing campers.

            Anywhoo FTR, COD4 is still my all time fav in the series. BO2 and Ghosts are tied for second – I enjoy going for KEMS and nukes.

            Finally, IMO WAW blew for everyone using the MP40, and OG BO was meh to me for not having a 25/30 point gunstreak…

      • Confirminator

        The bots add a background element to the game, which makes the game to feel more like a battlefield, while players compete on a much higher plain (Pilots vs. Titans). The bots are not the higher plain of the gameplay.

        A noob might have fun killing bots, but he or she is no match when a strategic player, who knows the importance of protecting bot squads, is at the Front lines taking down the noob with ease. The game is creative and unique. I respect a developer that is more concerned with creativity than being controlled by the core gamers, who may never be content either way.

        Be that as it may, Titanfall appears to be a growing prince and Call of Duty an old King. I respect them both, and if one dies before the other, they both did well in their time.

        • NosAegis

          My only problem with the bots is that they feel like they only serve as cannon fodder… No actual meaning to the game other than to give players points. What do grunts do? Sit in packs of three and stand there…. Doing nothing.

          • Confirminator

            Consider bots as atmospheric ambience. Most games have ambient elements that are part of the gameplay. These elements add depth to the atmosphere and are not intended to make or break the primary gameplay.

          • gippers

            We get what you are saying but what you’re not realizing is that they are distracting. I am experienced in fps games so I want to go after pilots yet sometimes I find myself chasing down grunts that I thought were pilots. The majority dislikes this feature and even so before they played the game. It doesn’t matter to me since all the enjoyment I got from the game lasted 2 weeks due to the lack of content.

          • Confirminator

            Pilots are not intended to be easy targets for other Pilots. Pilots vs. Titans is where the higher plain of the gameplay is. If one plays Titanfall like CoD or BF it will become frustrating. You may find it easier to gain more Pilot kills while in a Titan and more Titan kills while fighting as a Pilot. Learn to balance your gameplay as Titan and as Pilot, and you might enjoy the game a lot more. It may not be your thing, and I respect that. Titanfall is a foreign style of gameplay when compared to CoD or BF.

          • NosAegis

            Unfortunately this element is broken as a game mode is dominated by how many of these you can kill. Absolutely asinine.

          • Confirminator

            In Attrition mode, one can gain a lot of points by killing a mass amount of bots, but that’s no match for a seasoned player who takes out a dozen Pilots. If a team loses by all their bots being killed, it’s their embarrassing defeat. It’s important to realize, this game has a lot of gameplay strategy that we may not be used to (coming from a CoD background). Consider the strategy of defending your grunts and specters with a Titan and taking out noob Pilots who are trying to gain points by killing your grunts.

          • NosAegis

            Not really. A lot of seasoned players aim just for bots. Not just a lot… Mor elile the majority. You underestimate how flawed the bots are

          • Confirminator

            It is fun actually to spam the bots and embarrass a team that has no defense, but that’s part of the game. It’s as easy as caping a flag with no defense.

            Players need to learn to defend their territory. In so doing, they can protect their bots and take out offensive Pilots as well.

          • NosAegis

            That’s the reason why it never posed any threats to CoD. The gameplay mechanics made it too easy to get wins by not killing actual players. If i wanted to kill bots all day long I’d playa single player game.

            It has no proper single player which ruins multiplayer. This is the major issue. In a multiplayer game there should be little single player influences. Bots is one of them. They were not fun in CoD with squad mode, nor in combat training. But the noobs had a chance to still level up and play with friends. Titanfall should have kept them seperate from the start.

            Dont get me wrong, last titan standing is fun because there’s always a player in your sight.

          • Confirminator

            I think AI can have a proper place in a multiplayer game. After all, even CoD’s kill streaks have a degree of AI (i.e. a pack of dogs attacking the other team).

            I do hope Respawn adds modes with advanced or increasingly difficult AI. It would be good to have a 3rd type of AI that is more advanced than specters, like a squad commander with advanced armor and skill.

            MW3s survival mode had excellent AI. They carefully hid behind walls and strategically attempted to surround the player. I’ve progressed past wave 50 in MW3’s survival mode with another player and it was fun.

            I agree that Titanfall needs a lot of improvement with replay ability. Capture the flag in Titanfall is a lot of fun as Pilots migrate to the flags; the rounds also last very long.

          • NosAegis

            Yes they have their place, but not in player vs player multiplayer. That’s where the divide is.

        • TerminatahX

          Your defense/justification of the bots in TitanFall is the best I’ve ever read. You actually make it sound like benefit to the game. Now time for a dose of reality: If you want TitanFall to feel more like a battlefield, try adding more human players. It raises the level of competitive play by a huge margin. TitanFall uses bots as fillers, to simulate a more active battlefiled to compensate for it’s weaknesses in the engine. TitanFall is the TacoBell of First Person Shooters.

          • bwat47

            It wasn’t just to ‘compensate for weaknesses in the engine’. Respawn said they tried higher player counts, and that it ended up negatively effecting the gameplay, especially when there were too many titans on the field at once.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Do you seriously have to post a picture with everything you say?

        • Josh

          Maybe…maybe not.

    • Playmaker

      It looks awesome and plays amazing. And most or all advertising is paid. Your most likely beloved $ony PAYS for ads also. Lol. Your rant is great though. MS take your lunch money?

      • Guest

        Oh sorry, I forgot I wasn’t allowed to have a different opinion to you if a game is on a Xbox platform since your head still up M$’s ass…

        Funny how insecure you are, you’re so desperate and pathetic to mention $ony thinking that I own like Sony or PS – funny thing is I’m a PC gamer, and the community is practically dead on it. I bought the game on PC, and I have the right to critique my purchase

        • Playmaker

          As do I. Enjoy your windows PC. Your rant on paid advertising was ridic stupid. Seeing as all directed advertising is paid. Its a whole industry. All the things you listed the game was lacking were known before release. Yet you still bought the game on PC. I play it on XB1 and it plays great. So that’s my opinion.

          • exeterman2

            The advertising he mentioned and was mostly complaining about was paying reviewers.

          • Guest

            You are so defensive and insecure aren’t you? Well of course that’s your opinion and that was my bloody opinion, not shit, no need to even mention it, but the fact is, my opinion is supported by many others on PC, the YouTube community for Titanfall is practically dead, a lot of big youtubers stop uploading after the first 2 days, it dropped to Twitch #20 within a week. Even major people if you saw the CI podcast are saying they hardly play it anymore.

            I bought the game on PC, because I thought it would be a change, and many media outlets were like believe the hype, and after the beta they said there will be a tonne more options, and that in the beta it was only a segment, when clearly, it failed to deliver even at the full game

            As I said before I hope this changes with Titanfall 2 as they will have more experience and money, but they could have at least not have the arrogance and spent $60

            And what I meant with advertising, of course it’s all paid, but it was overblown and more frequent and all over major media pages compared to other games, and in general trying to hype it up more than usual by saying it’s revolutionised FPS, believe the hype etc….

            You never saw that much ads for other games….

    • Guest


      hopefully with the sequel, they will have more experience and a bigger budget, so they will make much more use out of it. I know it was a first in the series, but tbh they could have at least not have the arrogance to market it at $60…could have at least been $40…must have been EA I guess

      • Celest1ne

        You guess? When has EA done anything not for money?

        • TheUnionJake

          When has Activision done anything not for money. They trim the franchise down more and more every year just to save a nickel. I don’t think you have a valid argument, sir.

          • Celest1ne

            COD Hasn’t trimmed fuck all down. It’s done nothing but put more into the games, good stuff or bad is opinion, but they are expanding every game.

      • fed up

        What is this repeated accusation of arrogance towards pricing? Is it because you are comparing them to games of old, when they were once coded in a week by nerds in their bedrooms? I think certain people vastly underestimate the costs and development of a modern AAA game. An example of increasing costs would of course be the $500 million for destiny. How many studios have gone under this past decade?

        People can have their $10 games, just don’t expect them to take several hundred people 2/3 years to make them. And all you numpties that keep comparing it to cod.. that sold how many copies? Made how much compared to titanfall? But you think they can spend as much making titanfall right? How many games have the budget of a cod title? keeping your Dicks stuck where they are is what created this mess and is what is making it worse. When cods budget is 50 times a normal games budget, nothings gonna come close to that experience for u brown tipped people, so I really hope you enjoy it – as it will be the only title that matches your expectations.


        • TheShadowReaper

          Titanfall is a game that has only a multiplayer mode and even that has very little content. i wont even mention the singleplayer since its the same thing as multiplayer but with no actual players and AI bots only. so…how does a game with only 1,5 modes cost 60 usd/euros? how is that acceptable? Ghosts has 4 modes and costs 60 usd/euros! i dont care what you think about Ghosts as a game and how much you like Titanfall or how much time is spend by who to make the game etc. thats opinionated bullshit. it just seems that you have shoved Titanfall so far up your ass that you cant see anything else but that. its sad to see gamers turn into mindless puppet of corporations like EA. such a pity…

        • Matthew Mitchell

          Has anyone even considered that they need the money from this game to have the budget to create a much better game? Maybe it isn’t worth $60, maybe it was a bit limited on content, but you know what? It was pretty innovative.
          When it comes to the campaign being on the MP, that’s been done before on games like Halo. It isn’t a new concept. All they did was make it more exciting by having other players on the OTHER team too. They turned the campaign into a multiplayer match instead of a coop.
          The bots also add an interesting element as well to the game. It forces players to switch up their tactics. Players cannot just camp, They actually have to protect their team and kill the enemies at the same time. Attrition is like a mobile constantly changing king of the hill mission where kills = points instead of seeing which team can camp the best..
          Also, if you get the game when it is brand new, you’re just an idiot. Games are ALWAYS over priced when they come out to take advantage of the gaming enthusiasts just like technology companies like Intel, Nvidia, Asus, etc do. If you wait a bit like a few months, you will always see a decent drop in price. For example, now Titanfall is like $20, it was $10 when Origin had it on sale.

      • kia0525

        They’re biggest problem is that it wasn’t multi-plat. And maybe it was a little too hyped for its own good.

      • TerminatahX

        they had a massive budget: pay attention to all the marketing.

    • TheShadowReaper

      well, about 4 months ago before Titanfall’s release when i was talking about these kind of stuff i was labelled as a “COD fanboy”, an “asshole”, a “have no idea what i’m saying” and many more names by a huge amount of gamers here at disqus and charlie intel. how much out of my mind i was!? o.O

    • Lack of an actual non multiplayer campaign really hurt it too.

      • Fighter

        They said it was going to be a MP only game and yet people all thought it would have a campaign.

        • gippers

          More like they thought it wouldn’t need a campaign. I don’t think anyone anticipated the shallowness of content in the mp considering it is all based on mp.

    • Carrisi

      To be fair I like the game. The Titans do however ruin it, at the start of the match before any titans are called in is really fun, the pilot only mode would be a good addition. The regen challenges are a great idea. Other than that it lacks that addictiveness that COD has.

    • Confirminator

      “Even CoD or BF4 have…”

      Cod and BF4 have larger development teams, and one should expect a lot of content from them. However, Titanfall was built from the ground up by a much smaller team, who were not cutting and pasting code from their previous game.

      Respawn had to do a lot more work, while starting from scratch to create something new and unique. For this reason alone, the game is worth more than CoD. I gladly purchased a creative game (Titanfall), though it is limited in content. I sadly purchased two games that are getting overly repetitive every year (Ghosts and BF4), though they are rich in content.

      Comparing Titanfall with Ghost and BF4 is like comparing a young adult with some grandparents. Sure, Grandma CoD and Grandpa BF are more experienced, but they lack the creativity of the young Titanfall.

      • RdJokr

        The statement was about COD and BF having singleplayer modes, even if the majority of the player base is on multiplayer. It’s a core feature of many AAA titles, and should’ve been included in Titanfall rather than a half-assed MP campaign.

      • Guest

        Well then don’t have the arrogance to charge $60 and claim it’s a Triple A title…..

      • If you know that your game don’t have much content to justify it’s $60 price tag, then don’t charge on it $60.

        • Confirminator

          Content is not the only thing worth money. Creativity and fresh concepts are aspects of the game that need to be considered.

          The game is still a free downloadable game when the Xbox One bundle is purchased (still available at Best Buy). True, not every one desires to or even can purchase an Xbox One bundle; nevertheless it’s a good deal for what it is.

          I do respect your view that it should be cheaper, as content is a huge part of the games’ replay ability. I would just note that we should not expect Respawn to pull off a BF3 or an MW2 from day one. Let them grow and blossom before comparing them with games that have large development teams, who are in their veteran installment of a game.

          I appreciate what Respawn has done so far (fresh creativity), though they need much growth and expansion. I look forward to their future efforts.

          • TerminatahX

            Hows that 3-map expansion pack working out for ya?

      • TheShadowReaper

        then why charge 60 usd/euros for a game that should cost 30 usd/euros? i can understand creativity, but if you cant pull it off you either do not try at all or do not release a product of 30 usd/euros pricetag for 60 usd/euros instead. its what they say, go big or go home. and Titanfall sure is walking its way home right now.

      • TerminatahX

        Dude, TitanFall feels like a COD from the moment you launch the game. it just has different models, textures, with less content. Stop making excuses for a half-baked game. TitanFall could have been lengendary, but the developers cut corners, chosing to spend more money on marketing than actual development. These are facts, resulting in a steady decline in titanfall within the first year of release. TitanFall comprimises at every possible turn. Even with it’s 3-map expansion packs….r u serious?!?!

  • It was just too overhyped

    • ben wills

      It lived up to all of it.

      • Guest

        nope it lived up to respawns reputation as sub par developers. they still are salty that halo 2 and 3 destroyed them in online population on xbox.

        • ben wills


        • TheMostManlyMan

          Please please please tell me that was a joke, I think you’re mistaking Titanfall with Destiny. Destiny is being made by Bungie (Halo devs) and if you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet you know that many people think that Halo 3 was the best (personally I think Reach is the best though I have not played all). Anywho, if you’ll remember, they still made a wildly popular (pre)sequel, Halo Reach before they sold it to 343. Also, even Bungie makes the occasional joke about Halo 2.

          The Titanfall devs are the original Call of Duty devs, they made 1,2, MW and MW2 before Activision got all stupid on us. They are the true CoD devs.

          • TheShadowReaper

            they are true my ass. MW2 is the biggest train wreck i’ve ever seen for a game. as for COD4, i see every single problem it has and while its a recipe for disaster (the multiplayer) it worked because its unbalacingly balanced. yeah i know it doesnt make sense but if you have played as much COD4 as i have you’ll agree on that one. so it was one step away from disaster and luckily it worked. and about COD2, yes its an amazing title i have nothing more to say about it. but they inability to make a game shows with Titanfall. i dont care how many members are on their team, the game lacks too much content to even be perceived as a game these days. true cod developers my ass. if there are true COD developers out there that Treyarch, who makes amazing games, respect us on PC and make a port that’s worth a damn and arent little divas that will run away to suck EA cock just because Activision didnt rubbed their pussy as hard as they wanted. enough with those 2 idiots, West and Zampella. they are a black page in history of gaming and they sure will remain there until the end of time.

        • Fighter

          Respawn is a new studio that’s not very large, yet they managed to make a funner and more balanced game than any recent CoD which I think Respawn should be proud of.

      • Guest

        Nope it didn’t. PC community, and the YouTube community for Titanfall is practically dead, a lot of big youtubers stop uploading after the first 2 days, it dropped to Twitch #20 within a week. Even major people if you saw the CI podcast are saying they hardly play it anymore.

        Including me and many other of my friends, it’s practically stale now, and you would have thought it would revolutionise FPS genre or continue to have a massive following after all the hype etc

      • TheShadowReaper
    • Fighter

      Yeah, same with every CoD game and BF game these days.

  • Apex

    It was overhyped to sell Xbox One’s

    Nuff said – most reviewers ignored the clear negatives, funny that

    Only honest reviewer was Angry Joe’s – spot on!

  • Mitch

    There’s only one CoD killer: CoD.

    • trey

      thats exactly right man cod is killin itsself.. it dont matter tho cod is always gonna be addicting and and fun no matter what. why? idk it brain washes pple

    • Carrisi

      Yep ghosts nearly killed it

    • Fighter

      Yeah, the way CoD is going at the moment, it’s going to kill itself pretty soon. Lets just hope Sledge Hammer can change that with Advanced Warfare.

  • SaviourProdigy

    yeah after a couple of weeks i got bored of it.

    • Psychomaggot105

      I don’t think I even made it that far. Maybe a few days for me. With only a handful of games a day.

  • Adam

    CoD is already dead. Look at the sales numbers, they are declining.

    • Mhm….

    • Josh

      It’s a game that came out last year – Why would it suddenly have a increase in sales?

    • Keshav Bhat

      “CoD is dead, CoD is dying, CoD sucks, CoD this, CoD that.”

      Yet all Activision and we see is this: http://www.charlieintel.com/2014/05/06/call-of-duty-ghosts-is-the-1-selling-title-for-both-ps4-and-xbox-one/

      • SeaSaltSora

        “Sales numbers are declining” = CoD is dead.
        K. xD

      • Guest

        People are so insecure and stupid and it’s now apparently the cool thing to ‘hate on CoD’
        Yet they still buy it every year…hell why are they even on this website then lol?

      • Adam

        No, CoD doesn’t suck…only IW’s CoDs suck.

        • TheShadowReaper

          all except COD4 that is.

        • Ben

          Agreed. I will never buy anything from them after Ghosts…

        • That guest who says the real s

          How long have you been playing CoD? I really wish you guys would stop saying that dumb shit. Seriously. It’s dumb.

          IW CoDs and Treyarch CoDs have the same fun value. Just cause you can’t spam chopper gunners in run around shooting smgs like a sniper in ghosts doesn’t make it bad. Stop. Stop telling us you opinions, they suck. IW made the entire MW series and old CoDs, and titanfail to an extent.

          Inb4CoD4WUZTEHBESSCOD HERRRRE DERR. Get an original opinion.

          My apologies for attacking you so viciously, but being spammed with the same played out thoughts since 2011 is fucking annoying. We need to take a stand and spam CoD malcontents back.

          • TheMostManlyMan

            Wrong!!!!!! IW made half of MW3 and Ghosties, Respawn (which is comprised of about half of original IW and a few others) made CoD, 1,2, MW and MW2, then Activision happened and everyone noticed the decline in quality.

          • Keshav Bhat

            IW made the entire MW3 and Ghosts WITH help from other Call of Duty studios. Plus half the the original IW is still at IW. And, Activision had to do what it had to do in 2010…it was way more complicated than what you may think or perceive.

      • K

        Don’t be blinkered dude. I love CoD as much as anyone on this website, it’s brilliant. But to claim it’s sales numbers aren’t past the prime is lying to yourself.

        They’re still mind boggling, and it will be on top for the next couple of years. But like all good things, as the sales trends are showing, it’s got to come down eventually.

        It won’t ‘die’ as such, but it won’t sell numbers higher than every other AAA release in a few years. And that’s fine. If they still make great games, I’ll still buy them.

        • Dat guest

          Hope you’re ready to eat your own words again. Like they always do. Maybe one day you’ll grow out of saying what some other kid around the internet convinced you was true.

          • K

            Eat my own words again? Errm, wut?

            I’ve already got Advanced Warfare pre-ordered dude. The game looks great, and it’ll be the best selling game of 2014 no doubt.
            But the series is on a downwards trend in terms of sales. (sales not being representative of quality at all), and you would be chatting shite in the face of the numbers to say otherwise.

            Over aggressive CoD Defence Force can stand down dude. Chill.

    • Oh no…the world has come to an end

    • Isoo93

      gtfo hater…

  • Pilot #171

    I’ve never seen it as a “COD Killer”, but I can admit that the game does lack the need to keep playing. Customization is the biggest reason, but I don’t think the Ai or Auto-Titan helped the game “fall”.

    Customization keeps players engaged, and without it, there’s no reason in a MP game to keep playing when there is nothing new to unlock.

    • PositronCannon

      I’ll never understand this reasoning. Whatever happened to playing a game just because it’s fun? I can’t see how a buttload of unlocks suddenly makes a mediocre game worth playing, and viceversa, a lack of unlocks doesn’t make a game with solid core gameplay any less fun.

      • Fighter

        Exactly. Ghosts has a boat load of guns and unlocks but the game lacks on gameplay and fun. I got bored of Ghosts after a few days because it’s lifeless and boring.

        • Jeffy

          The game play being boring or slow or what ever you want to call it comes down to the community, People camping is up to them. That is nothing we can control. Even if CoD had a map that was just a circle with nothing in it. people would still try and camp and ruin the gameplay.

  • MichiganerE

    I’ll most likely play it again when the DLC begins to drop.

  • Playmaker

    Some good points. I’ll play again when dlc drops. Def needs an outright all auto titan mode. The team that sticks together usually massacres by staying in one corner. Titan camping.

  • IamConnolly

    I think the game would be more suited to a standard 9 vs 9 pure pilot mode. No titans or AI.

    • ben wills

      No…. just no

    • MichiganerE

      *Facepalm* It’s called TITANFALL for a reason. Therefore, there is going to be TITANS in the game.

      • jooker-jr

        How about 9vs9 with titans and without the AI bots ?

        • MichiganerE

          That COULD work.

      • IamConnolly

        Yes… So? I was simply saying that I think the strength of the game is in the movement of the pilots.

        • MichiganerE

          That doesn’t matter, the game revolves around Titans.



    • TheShadowReaper

      lel…what an epic fail MOH was. that was a game that COD killed…twice!

      • PHAT PETE

        did they axe the season pass half way through? moh:wf? and stop supporting it after 6months…

        i remember the lads who run this site got invited to play it, they gave it a boss review (bummed it) and it was dog shit.

      • That guest who says the cool s

        CoD kills most games. It’d be funny if they just decided to drop the “Call of duty” moniker and have each studio release a different game under a different one, but still be a CoD… kinda like Medal of honor and battlefield… Gamers are fucking idiots I swear. If I had a dime for everybody who hates ghosts for the same reason, but is still somehow a mlg pro gamer (who hates quick scoping, which is contradictory in itself). Seriously.

        Gamers give me gastrointestinal troubles

      • Carter “Uathuil” Reed

        Actually, COD killed MOH once. When MOH was resurrected, it killed itself that time.

        • TheShadowReaper

          not far from the truth.

      • Fighter

        Yeah, even though the new MOH SPs were rather fun and interesting.

        • TheShadowReaper

          nah, not really. it felt like BF but without destruction and way less polish. stupid gimmicks like streaks when you do something on map, i dont even remember. i have the first game and i have to say it was such a piece of shit unfortunately. i was ready for a MOH revival, they just never made good enough for the young audience and not good enough for the MOH veterans either. the game has serious identity crisis problems, which imo was its downfall.

  • George Claude

    now i can i can say it: “see i told you so” to every person that said i was full of crap when i told them titanfail wouldn’t satisfy people

  • Ben

    But still, I’m still enjoying more that Ghosts… ‘guess all of this matters mostly.

  • Jamie

    To me, every part of Titanfall felt like Respawn testing the waters for Titanfall 2. I think after the feedback and experience they’ve gained from this, Titanfall 2 is going to be something of epic proportions, being more refined and fully featured. Plus the sequel is likely to be on PS4 as well and probably won’t be on last gen anymore, so we could be seeing quite a jump in visual quality. Let’s just say that you guys shouldn’t give up on titanfallblog.com any time soon…

    • That fucking guest again

      Why would they need to test anything? They’re already experienced. They released a shit game, that’s all there is to it. They released a shit game after being uber hyped and now everyone’s looking for ways to save face after being a dumb ass.

    • MichiganerE

      You do realize that Respawn Entertainment is the original Infinity Ward, right? You know, the Infinity Ward that was actually talented and created CoD 1, 2, 4, and MW2? If it wasn’t for them, Call of Duty wouldn’t have existed in the first place.

      • Dat guest

        It’s not as black and white as the original infinity ward. Stop. Spamming. That.

        Even if it was, they’d be responsible for that train wreck of broken-ness called Mw2 and Mw1, which, if you play any newer CoD without your head in your ass, gets blown out by any newer CoD. I’d argue that Mw2 was better than Mw1 if I didn’t get nuked in less than a minute because of some kid noob tubing from across the map.

        • MichiganerE

          The reasons CoD 4 and MW2 are ruined is becuase the real Infinity Ward was fired, and went on to develop Titanfall. If they were still working on CoD, CoD 4 and MW2 wouldn’t be broken.

          • Dat guests

            Nope, they just fucking sucked. CoD 4 was out for 3 years before they got fired, and Mw2 was out for a while too. The current CoDs are LEAGUES more balanced than those piles of shit from launch and don’t need near as many helps. They released shit. Accept it.

          • MichiganerE

            CoD 4 was a very balanced game. Other than the hackers, it had excellent multiplayer and an amazing campaign; overall, CoD 4 was an amazing game and the best in the franchise. MW2 on the other hand is a good game with an excellent campaign, good multiplayer and a good Spec Ops mode. WaW an excellent game as well, Black Ops 1 was great, MW3 was just average, Black Ops 2 was good, and Ghosts is just mediocre. Also CoD 1 was good, CoD 2 was great, and CoD 3 was okay.

          • Dat guest

            Call of Duty 4 is not balanced man. Not in any stretch. The juggernaut perks, hover over map insta kill streaks, failed lobby support, and easy ways to take advantage makes CoD 4 just another CoD. I know that you really like CoD 4, and you miss the days of CoD’s breakthrough, but think clearly. Nostalgia has no room to share with logic. Mw2 had better guns, better gun play, stronger visual and audio appeal, and an overall better game play system of unlocks lvling etc, as well as flat out just better game play. The story was better. Spec ops and multiplayer were better. Much more content. Too bad that that game was so fucking wrecked that no one could enjoy it. CoD 4 is too bare bones to be better than any new CoD, and ghosts is actually balanced, and tries to innovate. People just don’t want to admit it, nor do the want to give credit where it’s due. They’re too busy being debbie-downers and following what some other kids say. Maybe you just can’t get into anymore because, as a person, you’ve changed. You should move on, then.

          • MichiganerE

            CoD 4 was balanced, everything had a counter to it, and I’m always to prefer CoD 4 over every other CoD, and you’re never my opinion. Also, Ghosts was innovate?! Clearly you don’t know what innovation is, because everything in Ghosts has already been done before in plenty of games. Also, Ghosts is not balanced at all. The spawning is god awful, and the snipers are easier to use than ever and is better than other weapon in the game.

          • Dat guest

            Of course the snipers are better, they have way more damage than any other gun. It’s a sniper… kinda why it one-shots. I feel like you just get killed by snipers a lot by them, so you think they’re way easier to use. They aren’t. They don’t even have cross hairs and the physics of them are trash. Bottom line: if you get sniped, that’s your fault. It’s way easier to spray and kill them with 2-5 shots vs. One well timed shot. If you get QS’d in any CoD other than mw2 then you suck. Spawning is shit so, no arguments there.

            Ghosts innovated CoD. It doesn’t need to save the FPS genre if other games are apparently “copying CoD.” What other games out of CoD use the CoD system? Did CoD copy from itself, right? How can it copy from itself.

            And apparently my opinions aren’t yours, because I acknowledge that CoD 4 isn’t the greatest shit ever.

          • MichiganerE

            Quickscoping is easier than ever to do, and Ghosts didn’t innovate CoD at all, A.I. fish aren’t innovative.

          • Dat Guest

            Good to know you ignored all the other crap they did. I can safely disregard anything else you post. Thst fish A.I argument is soooo 8 months ago. Ignore the change in perks. Ignore the strange DLC. Ignore the mantling, cover, and sliding introduced to CoDs on all systems. Ignore the customization and squads, and soldiers, and such.

          • MichiganerE

            Wait, you think what you mentioned was innovate? Okay, I’m going to explain why they’re not. The perk system was an evolved version of the Black Ops 2 pick 10 system. The DLC was just stupid, and wasn’t innovate at all. Mantling, cover, and sliding are not innovate, and are not game changing at all, hell, CoD 4 and World at War on PC have leaning and BF3 has mantling and Crysis has sliding. There is bit of customization in Black Ops 1 with face paint and and the perks that you choose change your appearance, and CoD online had far more customization so it’s been in CoD before. Squads isn’t innovate either, it’s just multiplayer with A.I’s, something already done in Black Ops 1 & 2. Soldiers? Soldiers are in all the CoD games, so I don’t know where you got that excuse from. Anyways, this shows that you don’t know what innovation is. Just because something is new doesn’t mean it’s innovate, it’s sad to see fanboys like you will do anything to defend a game.

          • Dat Guest

            See where you fail? I said ALL systems. Not just PC. That means consoles too. CoD online is in china only, you turd. You’ve never played it, and probably never will. Leaning and mantling and such is a PC only function.

            Lol @face paint being anything close to customization in ghosts. That’s a far cry. Nice try, but that’s 0 for 2.

            3. Soldiers as in each individual member of your squad. And EL-OH-FUCKING-EL @Combat training being anything like squad v squad.

            0 for 3.

            I like how you’re insecure enough to label me as a fanboy, then proceed to ride CoD 4 and “original IW’s” dick all day long.

            Don’t hurt yourself with that fail.

          • MichiganerE

            It doesn’t matter if leaning was only on PC for CoD 4 and WaW, that still proves that leaning has already been in CoD before; besides, leaning was on the Wii version of CoD 3, so leaning was on concoles before as well. It doesn’t matter if CoD Online is China only, it’s still apart of the CoD series no matter what, and I don’t need to play it to know what’s in the game, and you’ve probably never played it, and probably never will either. Also, turd? Wow, that’s the best you can come up with?

            While face paint wasn’t in Ghosts, it was Black Ops 1; therefore, a main CoD title has had customization before, and yes, Squads is just Combat Training.

            Also, I never rid the “original IW’s” dick because I did clearly state “other than the hackers”, meaning I did in a way say CoD 4 had flaws. and I’ll also admit that MW2 multiplayer was fucked up, but it functioned well and was very fun.

            Also, why would I hurt myself over anything? We’re just having an argument. and you did say, “I can safely disregard anything else you post”, so why not go ahead and do it?

  • MuscledRMH

    They are working on new things like leaderboards, gamemodes, titan customization and more. The only problem is is that it takes them a bit too long and they don’t post a lot of news regarding the new modes or ask us what modes we want to see. They should make polls with gamemode ideas and then choose which one to add.

    The private match options also take too long. I really enjoy the game but it misses content and features and while I know they are working on them it just feels it takes them too long to bring the features and modes we are waiting for. The game needs them to bring player back! They have such great potential and it feels like they are taking too long and working a bit too slow to add these new things.

    Let’s hope they will implement some new stuff this month when the new DLC update arrives. I’m hapoy they said all content will be free except maps but they should have implemented 4 maps instead of 3…

  • Tony Rambo

    Could not agree more with this article!

  • bob

    Destiny is going to be successful especially because it’s multiplat. Though, it is made by Activision, so it won’t exactly be a cod killer.

    • MichiganerE

      1. Activision publish’s it, Bungie develops it.
      2. CoD and Destiny are on the same team, so don’t compare them

      • jooker-jr

        My brother from another mother 🙂

        • MichiganerE

          Hey. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/

      • Fighter

        Why not, they are both FPS games with competitive MP in both of them.

        • MichiganerE

          They’re both on same team because they’re both published by Activision, and they don’t have anything in common other than shooting enemies. If anything, it should be CoD and Destiny vs. Battlefield and Titanfall.

          • bob

            That is what I meant to say. As they are both published by Activision, they will likely be set to ensure they don’t affect each others’ sales.

          • MichiganerE

            Agreed. Also, I don’t mean to sound like a fanboy, but with the power of Call of Duty, a very strong franchise, and Destiny, a franchise looking to be very strong as well, EA is pretty fucked.

  • Titanfall is still way better than COD in my opinion. Way, way better in pretty much every game. The only complain I have is that the matchmaking could be a bit better.

    • One point

      for me titanfall only barely surpasses ghosts,which was arguably the worst cod.

  • ben wills

    Titanfall is one of the best FPS’s of all time. You can stop bashing it any time CI. Every time it gets brought up, you guys seem to bash it for no reason. Horrible for a news outlet.

    1) This is your own problem. I like playing the game and getting better, not putting camos on my gun. What’s wrong with just playing the game and having fun. It’s better without a million bloody ways to die circumstantially.
    2) I agree, but not exactly a problem with the games design.
    3) This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. They add a SPEED element to the game. You need to worry about titans, pilots, and doing everything faster than your enemy and getting those bot kills. I facepalmed on you here. You just don’t get it. It’s one thing if you don’t personally like it, but your a news source forcing your opinion on others when you clearly do not understand the point.
    4) Again, that’s your own problem. Titans are incredibly fun to be in, and are very effective if you know what you’re doing. Don’t remotely know what you’re getting at here.

    Maybe you should post this on your Titanfall Blog website. Seriously, go do it.

    • MichiganerE

      Why are you liking your own comments?

      • Ryumoau

        lol i didn’t even know we could do that.

        • jooker-jr

          Surprise !

      • Confirminator

        It’s worth that extra like.

      • ben wills

        Because I do like my comment. I wrote it.

        • MichiganerE

          You like your own comments because you’re desperate for likes, obviously.

    • Guest

      Your so insecure about your beloved titanfall aren’t you? Get over it, many people stopped playing it post launch and thought it failed to deliver. Grow up, no need to justify your purchase and get insecure, you may have thought it was great, well then good for you, but many others didn’t and they are allowed to
      have an opinion.

      Many people had high expectations due to the big hype, and it failed to deliver, especially for a multiplayer only game

      • Fighter

        If you changed the words “titanfall” to call of duty, then this would fit very well since it’s the same exact shit with CoD.

      • ben wills

        No, I get annoyed when people discuss things and are completely stupid about it. CI doesn’t remoteley understand the actual point to the bots being in the game, and they advocate having an unbalanced game because they get to bored without unlocking camos. How about getting better? They are also a news site, and here they have a bash article on things they don’t understand. They also didn’t post this on their actual Titanfall website. It’s just horrific.

      • ben wills

        *Multiplayer in an FPS. But, tell me what’s better?

        • Quake, Battlefield, Red Orchestra, Team Fortress, Counter Strike and much more…

          • ben wills

            Counter Strike, the game from the 90s with horrible shooting mechanics, inaccurate aiming, awful design and hit stun.


          • Titanfall, with nothing in it actually except for maps.

    • Fighter

      They bash it because they know TF is better than CoD Ghosts and they’re stuck playing that shitty game Ghosts.

  • cwatz

    Titanfall is awesome and has essentially sapped my will to play any other “traditional shooter” with its fresh approach.

    The bots are also great for gameplay. Knowing people will hunt your bots, you can defend them, or you hunt the enemy bots, while having to be cautious of other players. It makes for excitement.

    Titans are also fun. I prefer being on the ground, but I also appreciate the varied gameplay.

    The game also isn’t a GRIND. Its meant to be FUN. If you play cod just to unlock guns or something, I dont even know what to say.

    • jooker-jr

      We all know Titanfall is fun but almost everyone was like : this is cod killer aaaaaaaaaand it isn’t

      • cwatz

        People always throw around “x killer” statements. The same has been going on with WoW for damn near a decade.

        Truth is CoD will still be a monster for years to come. Its undoubtedly a dying monster, but its still gonna be huge. Its too big in pop culture and casual gamers minds for it to just fade out of nowhere. Until some new hot fad shows up, it will be the best selling shooter for a few more years most likely.

        Keep in mind It took years of CoD 4 excitement and word of mouth to jack it up. Even as core audiences got bored or were displeased with things like MW3 or BO2, they were still like the best selling titles in the franchise just because of how widespread it is. That takes time.

        So in short, Titanfall never had a chance of “killing” cod. In the long run however, it still has the chance of being more relevant/bigger. Not to say it will, or even that its likely, but its still possible.

      • Fighter

        Maybe not, but it’s a hell of a lot more funner than CoD and that beats CoD in my books.

      • ben wills

        That has nothing to do with it, though. Games grow and games decline. It’s never an instant change. CI here is bashing a game with stupid reasoning.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Another poorly designed game. Everything by Respawn has been trash since Cod 2.

  • idc219

    This article made me laugh. Titanfall is a great game. I guess activision padded ole Charlie’s pocket to post this bullshit.

    • ben wills

      Which is funny because they own Titanfall Blog, a similar website to this just for Titanfall. They didn’t post this article there…

    • ……….

      It is a great game but was it a CoD killer? No, this article just tells the truth and the truth hurts.

      • idc219

        I never thought it was a cod killer. But it is a great game. I am a gamer I have non stake in any company so I don’t get on fourms and fanboy out. Cod killer will be cod itself

      • Fighter

        I love TF but your right, it was never a CoD killer because nothing is going to kill CoD in a long time. But was it better than CoD? Hell yes!

    • jooker-jr

      What they meant is that Titanfall is fun and great but it’s not a “cod killer”.

    • Epicsand

      They never said Titanfall is not a great game. They said it did not fulfill their expectations or peoples claims of it being a “CoD killer” being promoted by the game’s hype train. This is their opinion, and the reasons supporting it are real; not “bullshit”.

  • Zelos Wilder

    Titanfall killed ghosts

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      Ghosts killed Ghosts!

  • Not Vitaly :)

    Since the beta I’ve been saying and even made a forum post and everyone thought I was crazy, that it needs killstreaks. It doesn’t have anything to go for and I completely agree with all of your points. I’ll always love them for their work on classic call of dutys but Titanfall is a poor to average game. I hope for their next game, even though this will probably not happen, is they make an entire new fps idea entirely, more like a military shooter. Keep wall running and pilot movement from Titanfall, but get rid of titans and make killstreaks and more to go for, and way more content in the game. I still think they are very capable of delivering an amazing blockbuster. But they are probably working on. Titanfall 2, so there is not much hope. 🙁

    • Jasco

      what would they call “titanfall” w/o titans?

      • Not Vitaly :)

        Call it something else…

      • Pilotjump

    • ben wills

      you sound like a mw3 fan…. aka skilless and stupid

      • Not Vitaly :)

        You sound like a Titanfall fanboy aka a fucking retard. Are you mad I insulted your favorite game? Can’t take the truth? #Titanfail

        • Fighter

          MW3 was a fail, so…..

      • Not Vitaly :)

        And yes I do like mw3…second favorite cod behind mw2. Does that upset you?

      • Guest

        And you sound like a Titanfall fanboy…..insecure, in denial and stupid

  • TheMostManlyMan

    Let’s think of it this way in regards to lack of customization, imagine if Call of Duty started off with all of what it has today, people would hate it even more and it would receive more and more criticism for being just like the last. My hope is that they left all that out so that they can add more over the course of the series so that every new game from them adds something that the last lacked as opposed to throwing it in one game which is the most awesome game ever, then have the rest be just like it because they put all their eggs in one basket.

    • Ed

      if they didn’t do something in this game, just because they wanted to implement it in a future game, even though they had the means to do it in this game… ummm… then i’d legit lose respect for them.

      • TheMostManlyMan

        You should really stop playing video games if you feel that way, most game devs have most if not all of their DLC already made before the game is released, the only reason it isn’t implemented into it in the first place is so they can get more money for holding out on us. Not putting everything into one game ensures the franchise’s survival.

        • Guest

          you really need to do some research before you start typing. you seriously just come off as an idiot. no offense.

    • Fighter

      Look how CoD started and look at it now. TF will be the same no doubt, it will add more things in each game.

      • TheMostManlyMan

        This guy knows what’s what!

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    I bought into the hype against my better judgement and wasted $60 on the PC version. Atleast I saved some money and didn’t go the $500 xbone route.

  • ObV Swift

    The game legit still looks like it’s in beta.

  • Ryumoau

    I guess this was a benefit for me being a playstation gamer, since no matter how hyped i may have been i couldn’t play it. Now that its out and i’ve seen feedback on it, i really don’t have much desire to even play the sequel when it hits ps4.

    I’m glad Advanced Warfare is taking some similiar ideas with wall climbing, jump movements, and small mechs (probably just a killstreak). Its taking the few things i was interested in about Titanfall and adding a story mode, which i hear Titanfall lacked.

    • Ed

      agreed. sometimes it’s better to let microsoft do their thing… i also liken this to dlc first on xbox with cod. now i know whether or not i’m going to buy the dlc, since i have a month to decide whether or not those maps are worth my $15. which helped in black ops 2, because i didn’t buy any of that dlc because it just didn’t interest me. i’m an impulse buyer, so if i had the chance before i even knew anything about it, i would have bought it, no questions asked.

  • SoulTaker

    I hate the term “COD killer”. God I remember when people though Homefront was going to a COD killer.

    • Ryumoau

      lol. there were so many ‘CoD killers’: Medal of Honor, Battlefield 3, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Battlefield 4, Titanfall. They all failed to reach the same heights as Call of duty.

  • ObV Swift

    To be completely honest the only thing that will ever kill Call of Duty is Call of Duty.

  • Xecho

    VVoah just noticed the names novv are gold. Yea

  • Bob Mit

    Call of Duty is still better.

  • NosAegis

    So not to be an ass about this but I seen it coming from when the hype train started…. It just felt too good to be true. That’s one thing they forgot to address…. The lack of content on disk.

    And I’m going to be “that guy” and say that Destiny shows more promise being a CoD killer than titanfall ever did. The hype train on Destiny is definitely worth it.

    • Ed

      i think destiny is more of a long term game, so it may dampen cod sales in the first year, if at all, but i doubt it will for any prolonged period of time.
      i doubt activision will let that happen. they may be sinking 500 mill into destiny, but that’s only about half of cods yearly intake.

      • NosAegis

        True enough. My point is that titanfall didn’t and doesn’t pose a risk to CoD. It was more likely that another game, even under the same publisher would have an impact.

  • Guest

    Point 1) Better to have fewer guns which are well-balanced (like Titanfall does) than a massive variety, of which 80% are never used. I keep seeing the same guns used over and over in COD and Battlefield because every other weapon in its class sucks.
    Point 2) I’ll agree with this, though I am impressed with Titanfall’s attempt to break the norm and try something new.
    Point 3) Considering the large map size and limited no. of player, the bots are there to fill the space. It gives newer players a way to contribute to a match, resulting in less of a steep learning curve and an easier introduction to the game as a whole. Besides, Spectre and Grunt damage has resulted in the loss of my Stryder (stray archer rockets) several times, so they’re not completely incompetent.
    Point 4) Are you kidding? I call down my Titan, get in it and do not get out until I have to eject or get rid of a rodeo pilot. They are huge death machines and immensely fun to play, as you have a feeling of invulnerability when piloting them. You can walk over pilots and crush them. You can rip enemy pilots out of their own Titans or – in the case of the Ogre – use that Titan’s left arm to smash the cockpit in.

    • ben wills

      An addition to point 3 is the speed element the bots provide in Attrition. Brilliant mode.

    • More weapons in launch to be balanced later > A *very* few balanced weapons at launch.

  • Brandon

    Alright I am going to go ahead and sit this crap straight! If you don’t like feel free to go along and, kiss my rear end. Tiitanfall was never the “COD killer” yes it is a game in the FPS area, but Respawn never set out to kill COD. End of story shut up not happing. Now as for COD it has taken a couple of hits. Ghost in particular has not been kind to the COD fan’s. IW has really set the franchise back significantly. The xbox one, and Ps4 is very new. In all respect Activison should have taken this area and made a game to showcase what the next gen systems are capable of, and deliver a awesome game… Instead they decided to cater to both systems (I can’t fault them for that as they are a company and all companies want to make money.) So the game is barely different between systems. COD has been around for a very long time. If you will it’s kinda of like the Halo of FPS now. There is a strict limit of what the players expect from it. We expect balance game play, We expect that veterans of the series are usually the ones who have the upper hand in multiplayer. We expect that there are no handicaps given to new players… Lets be honest here. I have played every COD since MW2, am I a veteran? Maybe but not quite, but damint I earned my stripes playing MW2, and BOPS1 with a KD of .80, don’t make the game easy as shit so tracker site, and infra red noobs can kill the crap out of people who actually move in the game!!! Ghosts has went out of the way to make the game more noob friendly. COD needs to get back to basics! This game is friendly no doubt, but you have to learn how to play to be good. No one comes in and dominates first time they pick it up. You have to learn how the game flows, and operates. Activison please, please, please ignore the masses make a game for the fans not the people who play 2 hours a month….. If you don’t agree with me thats fine, as this board is all about opinions.

    • TheShadowReaper

      you fail to realize that when Ghosts starting being developed they tech for the new consoles wasnt out yet. so there’s no way they could have developed it on/for the new consoles. do some research.

      • Fighter

        I sort of agree here but the developer kits for the PS4 and X1 were handed out to publishers before the next-gen consoles were released.

    • Fighter

      Agreed but it’s all about money these days and Activision being greedy.

  • Rorke File

    Is it still fun never played it ..

  • Angelreborn96

    LOOOOOL “Xbox One Exclusive” all right. Hahaha. Exclusively shit. ;D

    • guest

      Haha true #PS4Nation

      • Angelreborn96

        Word ??. DriveClub gonna be exclusive for PS4 and just watch it be so much better than Forza ?. Can’t it be October already? Shit.

        • Driveclub is getting overhyped, just like Titanfall.

          • Angelreborn96

            Two totally different games. Doesn’t mean it’s gonna be bad. First virtual racing game on next gen, a lot of people will like it. Though, need for speed was pretty bad

          • I’m only saying it’s getting overhyped like Titanfall… I didn’t compare them in any other way…

          • KevJumbaify .

            its not even that overhype. i dont see 5 articles on IGN talking about driveclub like they did with titanfall

          • The fans are overhyping it.

  • K

    Number 1 is by way and far its biggest failing.

    Number 2 ‘could’ have worked if they did it properly. Instead, you get simply the same experience in Campaign as any other multiplayer round. No unique objectives, no cool set pieces, their was zip.

    Number 3, AI bots weren’t really made to kill you, and it would be frustrating if they did. They exist to make the map look busier, and to help knock the time down until Titanfall.

    And 4 is personal opinion, but I do prefer to be a Pilot over the Titan.

    The game’s biggest problem is easily that it’s almost anorexic in content. The weapon selection is bare, and plain, and unexciting. The perks likewise. Their is nothing their to keep you playing, as theirs no cool rewards for doing so.
    Oh, and no killstreaks. Easily one of Call of Duty’s best mechanics and my favourite. I will be devastated if they get removed.

    • Ed

      the ai bots are actually a bit insulting in all aspects of what they are actually there for.

    • ben wills

      So having a balanced game is its biggest failing? You need to unlock camos to have fun with the game instead of just getting better? Ridiculous.

  • Saint123q

    I honestly think that the reason Titanfall was soooo hyped in the first place was because Call of Duty Ghosts was such a huge disappoint for a large percentage of the COD Community, including myself. So people had to have something to look forward too and having a good track record with COD4, and MW2, Respawn was given the benefit of the doubt. I think although Respawn claims they weren’t trying to beat Call of Duty, I think in truth, they really were, I think Zampella wanted a bit of revenge because of what Activision did to him and West. So all in all, I feel Titanfall was rushed, it’s painfully obvious and it’s such a shame because TItanfall had the potential to be great, they shouldn’t of rushed it just to beat a game they should of known is so big BECAUSE of them.

  • RePz NoVA

    Need a clan? My Clan is recruiting, go ahead and give it a try!

    • Saint123q

      Come on man. The comments section is not the place to recuit for your clan or post videos. Have some consideration.

  • Call of Doody

    how long has CoD been around for and how long has titanfall been around for? dont forget it was modern warfare 2 which started to kill off halo not the first one.

  • Alex Davis

    #1 for me mostly. I like the inclusion of extra thing on the map to interact with, AKA Minions. Titans are still good and fun to me but I think things like rodeoing a titan should be taken out, it’s not a fun part of being a titan or a pilot imo and just makes a titan feel weaker than it should be.

  • CoD, and BF for that matter, is too big to get killed by anything or anyone but their creators.

  • Ed

    #1 is a prime example of why i keep playing COD long after i’ve max prestiged. unlockables. so many times i’ve felt a little bored with the game, only to be reinvigorated by forcing myself to run around and get prone kills for gun camos or other specific challenges that i’d normally never even try.
    like in this COD and the “i have no idea what i’m doing” challenge. that was a blast. forcing myself to run around and get that many kills with akimbo magnums with acog sight attached… it was a grind at first, but then it turned into a blast once i got the hang of it and learned the best ways to traverse a map and get close to the enemy.

  • Agree totally with this article! I have it for the 360 and ordered for the Xbox One / its a sweet game with so much potential but a COD killer it will never be…

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    Least titanfall there was an open beta to see if you like it, if IW had that with ghosts i never would of brought it. a better way to phrase it is respawn is an infinityward killer

    • GinsuVictim

      The grammar…..the spelling!!!

  • Poplur33

    Titanfail lasted me 3 hours until I got bored. In the beta. Bc I knew the real game was just as garbage

  • CODblows

    Titanfall may be weak but it’s far better than Ghosts as a game. The only reason COD is selling is down to fanboys and bit like Justin Bieber – his music sucks but it’s the mug fans that keep buying the same crap.

    • Fighter

      Agreed. A lot of people buy CoD because it’s “the new CoD”, then they hate the game and say they won’t buy the next one but what happens when the new one is released?

  • John Blue

    Nothing happened, it’s a great game, who said it was gonna be a CoD killer? People who hoped that CoD would be killed. I don’t, I hope CoD will be better. Titanfall has it’s place but that place is totally different from CoD’s place.

  • Overhyped.. This game is dying on PC, All went back to BF and CoD….
    I preordered this game because of youtuber hyping me. Not even 24hrs total time i went back to cod bo2.. Titanfall is fun but there’s something missing

  • jordanxbrookes

    I feel so sorry guys like Chris Spooner and XboxAhoy; Chris who was so pumped for what Respawn had to offer and Stu who made detailed weapon guides that get less views than Ghosts. It feels like 2013/2014 so far for FPS games have been disappointing, hopefully 2014/2015 will be better and more fun.

  • J4MES

    Titanfall is a good game but it’s lacking in a few respects and at times feels a bit bare. No matter how much hype it received; it was never going to topple Call of Duty because of the established fanbase that COD has grown over the years. Titanfall also being restricted to the Xbox and PC didn’t help its cause but I don’t think PS4 owners have missed much in all honesty. Respawn’s game is most certainly better than Ghosts but overall; despite its problems; BF4 for me is a solid package and the best multiplayer experience out there for scale, maps and depth.

    Advanced Warfare will once again dominate regardless of how good it is because of Activison’s marketing power, the brand and the substantial multi-format audience.

  • gippers

    The only time COD could have been killed was before MW2. Yes COD4 was better but with MW2 and all titles that followed, a lot of people went from being gamers to being COD players since there was a new title every year. I used to play a variety of titles but now I mainly focus on COD. Yes many fans have a million complaints as we transition to a new title but it always seems that fans get over the change or they play a different COD game til another release. COD is here to stay especially now that they are in a three year development cycle and have very deep pockets from previous success.

  • TheGoldfishGamer

    I think we need to respect the fact these people have turned their lives into making games for us.We should be greatful and consider the games and the companies who make them…

    • thebulky1cometh

      Grateful? That is a bit strong. Appreciative, maybe. But I like to keep grateful for things that I’m truly grateful for…think about it.

  • badlittlerobots

    The only problem I really have with all of this is that the developers nor EA ever said this was going to kill CoD. The game isn’t even on more than half of the platforms used by consumers so just from an available pool of consumers there was never going to be enough to outsell CoD. The only people making that claim were writers like the above putting it in their headlines and other pundits in the industry trying to use link bait to get more clicks. Then they get to write a second article full of link bait to tell you how right they were when attacking their own straw man argument. Yay.

    • dudebro

      nailed it. Gaming journalism is bottom of the barrel, right next to tabloids

  • some2example2

    the game sucks that’s why. and claiming you “fell” for the hype is lame.

    i played 10 mins of titanfall and found it extremely repetitive and boring. what game did you play?

    the game is broken, when you die you don’t even realize it for a few seconds.

    titans battles are just button mashing duels with lots of smoke and sparks where you don’t even know if you’re winning or losing until someone auto ejects.

    it’s not even a full game.

    titanfall was and is a hyped up money grab. like they do in hollywood, hype and market the crap out of movies to try to make up their cash.

    except that’s the job of impartial critics, to protect the public. not sell out for free swag or follow the “hype”.

    • dudebro

      you are a sad, sad man

  • Lol Bickering children. Learn to appreciate life and it’s many blessings. Titanfall is still full of potential and it was a nice refresher/ rejuvenation from COD ESP. Ghosts which in my opinion was a let down and over hyped game. Biggest of the year! In any case exercise some faith and a little patience.

  • Raymond Cuneo

    I honestly don’t know what to do with this article. I rarely see an auto-titan, and I love the addition of AI bots into multiplayer because it adds another layer to the game. To each his own.

  • KevJumbaify .

    This article was amazing

  • MattM1974

    This is such a fail story. It’s essentially implying that Titanfall somehow failed. It was really only the media and the people that are truly sick of COD that called Titanfall a “COD killer” and to be quite honest, it did kill COD for me. All I play is Titanfall and it’s an absolutely blast. I mean, the game has been the top selling UK game for like 2 months straight and EA and Respawn announced a continuing partnership that essentially confirms a sequel. How is that a failure? Obviously, the 12 year quickscopers, dude bros, killstreak campers, people that care more about weed camo, and COD “VIPs” will probably never stray from the flock of sheep.

    • amplif1er

      You sir hit the nail right on the head, the people who are complaining are expecting the easy effortless game that is CoD… Oh your rank 1 and have access to everything in the game without earning it, thats ok this is cod you don’t need to earn anything!

  • Blumky

    Easy fixes: No bots period. Slightly smaller maps. Make Titans things that you have to earn based on pilot kills and only allow one on the map at a time for each team. Add about 15 more weapons. Add customization. The next versions would be a very good game with these changes. Burn cards are awesome.

  • Here I thought I was the only one who didn’t care for the Titan’s in multiplayer. Yeah the game is based around Titans, but at least add a game mode without Titans.

    The AI’s running all over the place kind of take the fun out of everything as well. They’re either shooting you preventing you from killing the person your trying to kill or they’re your target giving away your location to the real players on the opposite team. I just don’t think that’s fun. Make them all real players or get rid of them.

  • TheUnionJake

    I can agree with all except # 3 – 4. The A.I. are incredibly stupid, and there may be “no honor”, but settle down there Takeo! At least there’s always something to shoot at! At least it’s fun! at lease you don’t run around the map three times and not see a single enemy, like some game (Not gonna say any names) *coughcallofdutyghostscough* And as for number four, you must be stupid or something, everyone I fight as a titan is always in theirs. I hardly ever get into any Auto-Titan fights and when I do, that’s because they left their titan to get to the dropship. That shit is still better than any CoD killstreak.

    • TheUnionJake

      *ALSO* Let’s try not to forget that this is the FIRST FLIPPIN’ GAME by this studio and for a debut game from a studio we did not know what to expect from, I personally feel like they knocked it out of the fuckin’ park. Wait for Titanfall 2. Then you can all quit pissing in your little CoD Panties

  • Sumire CorpseGrinder Muroto

    This makes me wonder, when Titanfall 2 comes out, how will they change it to win people back? what will they add to fix the problems with the first game? will it have an actual campaign?

  • The12lookout4

    Okay, if you pay attention to the loading of every map and notice the somewhat over description of the map as well as the training where it tells you can tell your titan to wait while you hack a console then tell it to follow you to the other side suggests that they had an Indept campaign in mind but somwhere down the line decide to scrap it. Worst mistake ever.

  • xSupahN8tivex

    Its alright to me just a lot more of (Titan Fall Fans don’t hate me) COD or BF3 /BF4 is a mess of bugs right now need to wait for BF5 or Battlefront to be consider a game…

  • guest

    this bullshit

  • NeonPhyzics

    It was unjustly called a cod killer – it is really just a glorified beta test to prove they could get the engine to work and the game to balance with pilots and titans (that part was successful). I expect the next release to look more like COD, BF, Halo – with a release on more platforms, more weapons and game modes, and tweaks to the core balance. I also believe the next release will have a proper campaign which explores the lore of the worlds they created (lot of rich territory there)

  • hiperd

    I have ps3 :3

  • BrilliantRage

    No, these are the smaller reasons why TitanFall failed. The main reason is that Titafall was financed by EA, known for their association with Battlefied. This game runs like Battlefield, with the clunky mechanics, the way your character moves, size of maps, etc. TitanFall is a futuristic Battlefield and that is why it will never succeed. This is nothing new. I said this back in August of 2013 and I still stand by it. The real game changer will come from Destiny, because this idea has never been attempted.

  • BrilliantRage

    Battlefield is a great game, but don’t say it’s the COD Killer with clunky character mechanics. People enjoy smooth, fast, and simple gameplay and that’s what COD brings. No one enjoys the character movements in BF because their entire character screen is shaking back and forth with zero smoothness.

  • Living

    “I stopped playing and I was just shaking, pure adrenaline”

    “It was almost too much for my eyeballs to process”

    “No game like this”

    “Believe the hype”

    “they will flock to Titanfall, and they will never go back. Not after this. Titanfall is the next great evolution of the twitch-action first-person shooter. Believe the hype”

    …Seriously, the f*** was this s***? The only thing more embarrassing than this were the people pretending that the hype for this game was not manufactured. The game had potential from announcement because of the team behind it however the media went insane sucking this game off.

    It was all unfortunately to this games detriment. Cue thousands of players thinking they’re buying into “the next great evolution” and instead all they get is just a fun, decent, well put together but not revolutionary game. Anger, disappointment and trolls saying “I told you so” followed.

  • Kevin Dorland

    Couldn’t agree more. The basis of Titanfall is solid, but they focussed on the wrong thing. They went with the Titans, probably to say ”look, this isn’t a just a better CoD!”, instead of focussing on what is best in this game: the level design (really nice maps so far imo) and the movement system combined with a faster-than-CoD-yet-familiar type of feel. Me and many other wanted a pilot only type of gamemode in the hectic maps where movement & aim can really shine.

  • Titan Fall

    1,000,000 sold within a month of release for a 3 console, multi-player-only game? A million sold is a benchmark for success, and Titanfall met it within about a month.
    1) Having 5 shotguns that all do the same damage is retarded, why should you keep grinding? Because that’s the difference with TF, it is NEVER a grind, like other MP shooters. It’s FUN instead.
    3) The Bots are AWESOME!! How does it detract from the game to have more things to SHOOT in a SHOOTER. Get it?? It’s a SHOOTER, so the game gives us more to SHOOT. It has no effect on shooting other players. You don’t like them, don’t shoot them.
    4) Titans are no fun – if this is your opinion, you are beyond help

    “It wasn’t until about a week after launch did we realize it might not have enough steam to keep the hypetrain going”

    BUT YET:
    ” we still play Titanfall from time to time”


  • King mecha mecha

    People gotta bitch. It’s a better version if call of duty. The bots can be used as shields or distractions. You get to fight in big robots and there’s tons of game modes. I’ve had more fun in this one titanfall game than I’ve ever had in any call of duty game. Call of duty will always be player hosted and that’s sad. The 4 points above mean nothing. It’s a fantastic game and I wouldn’t have dumped a ton of money into my first game either. This is a good game that they obviously were rushed on and are testing the waters. Respawn’s next game will step it up you can be sure if that. All you whiners and bitchers can go back to sitting in corners in call of duty while I run around smashing people in my titan.

  • Hado

    I know this was made well long ago but that is why i’m posting this now for all the issues that are posted here are COD veteran issue’s and I feel like because this game was made by people who worked on COD and the majority of the players who tried this game were COD fans and not game enthusiast who can bring neutrality to a new game and not be stuck in an old mindset when playing a new game

  • Hado

    sorry trailed off but because these players were stuck with COD in the head they couldn’t pull out what is and what was fun about Titanfall out and left the game wall running is overrated already and little use to any real player in this game or COD

  • Hado

    IDK is wall running is in any new COD game but it would be pointless and my only counter argument is that to grind in COD wasn’t fun to unlock items that you previously had before and all download ones only cost money not talent to use TItanfall has this issue as well but I see if they make a new one this could be rectified with the gen system in the game which would act like the unlocking system in COD but in a major different way