In the June issue of GameInformer, they confirmed that Harry Gregson-Williams is working on Advanced Warfare’s soundtrack. Harry Gregson-Williams is known for his work on the Metal Gear Solid franchises and some big Hollywood movies. 

Audio director Don Veca says, “I think Advanced Warfare is going to be the best-sounding and certainly the best-mixed game ever.”

Harry Gregson-Williams is a British composer who also did work on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s soundtrack.

SOURCE: GameInformer

  • SkylineDesigns

    yes! the man behind metal gear solid and many other games and movies

  • It was written on IMDB as well.

  • Hopefully the music is good hardcore rock war music (similar to MW2). Not that techno shit games are starting to use. Black Ops 2 fell victim to that at certain points in the game.

    • You mean like MW3? It was MW3 with all the distorted guitars 😛

      • jordanxbrookes

        I liked the MW3 OST, my second favourite Score after Modern Warfare 2.

        • Modern Warfare 3 theme makes me so emotional, yet MW2’s Rangers theme makes me nostalgic.

          • kyr95

            My favorite part of mw2 was the music in the intro of “The enemy of my enemy”. Loved it!

          • jordanxbrookes

            There was only one part of the MW3 Score that gets me crying and that’s the MW3 Credits part.

        • Darvald

          Agree with the MW2 part. I also really liked Ghosts’ OST, only bad thing about it was the short length of pretty much every track :/

      • CoD Bo1 OST – Pentagon is my fav so far

        • Nick

          Holy shit that was awesome. Black Ops 1’s music fit so well with the great campaign, great combo. CoD 4 had some good atmospheric music too.

      • That too, but BO2 tried to sound futuristic with their music and it was very cringe worthy

    • I just want to correct a lot of people are making this mistake, Hans Zimmer didn’t make the soundtrack for MW2, he only did the main theme. It was Lorne Balfe who composed the soundtrack.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Yeah a lot of people don’t seem to understand that for some reason.

      • I knew that already. It says in the credits. I also never said anywhere in that paragraph anything about Zimmer.

      • PandaMan

        I love both of them so much. That soundtrack IMO is where the good ones ended. That music was A+++.

    • Rorke File

      That from mw2 was really good with the hit detection and more they have to remake it ..

    • TheShadowReaper

      well, BO2 was supposed to be futuristic and techno/dubstep is the first thing that comes to mind when i think of the future so…yeah, BO2 isnt guilty of that imo. they even show you that people started disco again and listen to dubstep of that era (dat skillex tho).

      • tom coon

        although black ops did have those few avenged sevenfold songs in it which was cool

        • TheShadowReaper

          and thats why they are my favorite developers ever. they colaborate with A7X. you dont need any other reason to love Treyarch.

      • Mr Doge

        I thought that song playing when your fighting the Mercs in a Slow Motion Sequence in Club Solar (Can’t remember the mission) which made me feel pretty badass.

        • The Telephone Pole

          I remember; Imma try it out. That was epic.

    • Instakill115

      you have to understand, Black Ops 2 took place in 2025, and 3ARC was trying to simulate what would be popular then, And dubstep/EDM would be the most popular

    • George

      Still better than Ghosts’ boring menu music.

      • Which is different from the old menu music (multiplayer)

    • As a hardcore Electronic fan, I must say I preferred the BO2 music. Especially the Nightclub scene with Skrillex (Best moment iv’e had in CoD)

  • MichiganerE

    The composer of Metal Gear Solid franchises? Sold!

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    ooo CoD4’s soundtrack was pretty good I admit, though I’d rank it as 2nd best, with MW2’s by a mile being the best. That music on the snow mobiles and then the chase at the end with Shepherd, brilliant. Hopefully as good as that this time, just to make it memorable.

    • Mr Doge

      I still love the “For The Record” track at the start of the game as well as the song being played when that ass betrays Roach and Ghost.

      • k5berry

        That song is called Coup de Grâce. In my opinion the single best track of a Call of Duty game. Gives me shivers listening to it

    • TheShadowReaper

      i really like the main theme for both Black Ops 2 and Black Ops. but i digress, all COD games have superb soundtrack.

  • Jawn

    Nothing can compare to Black Cats in [email protected]

  • TheShadowReaper

    ok lets see…they have an amazing cast of actors for the game, a potentially new in-studio engine, good sound design, a really popular composer to compose their soundtrack, the two guys behind Dead Space developing the game…ok seriously now, wtf is up with Activision this year. did they bathe in money so much that they decided to give half their earnings to make AW? cause as of now the game seems to have a huge budget cause of the above points that i made and that even when compared to the rest of the COD games. lets hope this will be good. i really want it to be good. come on Sledgehammer, give us a diamond this year!

    • James K

      They pretty much gave Destiny a blank check. AW might be the same.

    • Grenada!

      How do you the sound design is good, no one has heard the new sound engine they are using? But yeah it seems like they are going all out for this CoD, true next-gen CoD.

    • Derrick Wingler

      Every year COD sells more copies than the last. At this point there is no amount of money they could dump into this that won’t make a significant return. Might as well go balls out.

    • We say that every year, and they seem to disappoint us…except hopefully for this year.

  • Batman

    I want Hans Zimmer back pls
    Best soundtracks:
    CoD 4
    Mw3 and BO2 had terrible soundtracks with exception of a few songs

    • jordanxbrookes

      Hans Zimmer only did the Main Theme to Modern Warfare 2. I mean unless you want him back because you love the Main Theme.

      • Mr Doge

        The For The Record once when all those green lights are flying everywhere? HELL YEAH I WOULD!

        • PandaMan

          AKA Opening Titles 😉

  • iiAspire

    Daaaaaaaaamn he worked on cod 4 soundtrack? This is gonna bring back memories.

  • Confirminator

    Have “Hammock” do the music and the soundtrack will be epic:

    • Show N Prove

      what the hell that was so depressing, if they used that for the soundtrack my tv volume would always be on mute sheesh

  • Kyle

    Im looking to join a clan that competes in diamond division. I win gold and platinum by myself almost everytime. Send a message to ohno itstheCoPz if you think ill fit in.

  • k5berry

    So completley unrelated, but MW2 has a patch update 1.17 on PS3. Just thought i might say that cause, well, idk tbh. Then again, this may not be new, i haven’t played MW2 in a few months

    • Juh Teh

      I looked that patch up… It came out July 6, 2012 lol

      • Juh Teh

        NVM thought it said mw3

      • k5berry

        But i played as of summer. I know without a doubt that i played since jan 2013, which is the most recent date i found when i looked up the MW2 patches. But im almost positive ive played waaayyyyy since then, like since the U.S school year began in 2013
        Edit: Im officially the biggest dumbass to ever walk the Earth. This patch im downloading is for Black Ops II…

  • Ryumoau

    Nice. i liked the Metal Gear soundtracks mostly.

  • George

    As long as it’s more exciting and encouraging than Ghosts’ soundtrack, I’m game.

  • joe

    I would love a soundtrack similar to that of farcry 3’s.

  • jooker-jr

    I think I’m the only one how liked bo2 soundtracks

  • Best sounding? Has the audio director played MW2? That game (IMO) had the best soundtrack in COD.