A new batch of micro items for Call of Duty: Ghosts is on it’s way! 6 new personalization packs, a new Spectrum pack, and an Astronaut character pack will be available for Xbox Live players starting May 20th.

Here are the new items available May 20thΒ on Xbox Live:

  • Koi Pack $1.99

Bring a Zen-like calm to any match with the Koi Personalization Pack. Deliver tranquility and peaceful fishies with a themed camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Extinction Pack – $1.99

Bring your battle against the Cryptids to Multiplayer with the Extinction Personalization Pack. This pack contains an alien themed weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Heavy Metal Pack – $1.99

Thrash any Multiplayer moshpit with the Metal Personalization Pack, complete with hardcore weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Unicorn Pack – $1.99

Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with the Unicorn Personalization Pack, featuring a weapon camo draped in rainbows and the mythical beast, a single-horned reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Fitness Pack – $1.99

Don’t sweat in your next firefight with the new moisture-wicking Fitness Personalization Pack. Complete with a bold, but breathable performance-themed weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Spectrum Pack

Leaving concealment to the campers, the Spectrum Warrior Pack deploys in an eye-catching uniform and headgear that promises to attract unceasing attention.

  • Bling Pack – $1.99

Your skills are cash money, the Bling Personalization Pack proves it. Stand out from the crowd with a gold and diamond laced camo, iced-out reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Character – Astronaut – $3.99

Take one small step for man, one giant leap for Multiplayer. Prove that you have the right stuff with the Astronaut Special Character.


  • Cody

    CoD Ghosts = Waste of time and money

    • pomistooloud

      Couldn’t agree more idk why even bother with little things anymore no way to revive the games image. It’s like paint a photo of a really good looking woman and face of a fucking horse who got gang fucked in a bokaki video.

    • HenryDF

      Well, you know there’s something wrong with IW’s design skills when the so-called “Extinction” Camo looks worryingly like the Bacon Camo from BO2…

      • Paul Thomas

        Actually it resembles the tendrils of a hive to me. The Bacon camo was much orange and wavier then this. Also it was a somewhat uniform pattern on the main body where as this seems to be more organic.

    • Crusf

      The Cod hate is getting a bit stale too buddy.

      • ccrows

        ^ There’s so much truth to that pic it’s not even funny!

        I wish I could give you a 100 rep points for that PIC!

        I lost track over the years of people bitching and moaning that the
        “Current COD” sucks, but they can’t give an answer why they still play

        Afterwards I check their time played, and they have even
        more time played then me (and I play a lot). That’s where I really rip
        them hard over the mic.

        Most of the time they don’t stay for the next match…

        • Angelreborn96

          Because we fucking paid for the shitty game for FUN. But it’s SHIT. NOT FUN. We can play it anytime we want. Wtf is the problem?? We do whatever the fuck we want. If it’s anyone who bitches around here; it’s the stupid fucks who bitch about the people bitching about the game. Are these people devs to like take a hateful remark about the game and comment why they bitch about the game and still play it? I play this game still, yes, but I only play for an hour to try to have fun on a game I spent my $60 on, that I can’t return, nor find anyone to buy without it being offered it under $20. And I still complain about how bad it is YES. So what???? There’s MY answer. Dew w.e dah fak I wan.

          • Angelreborn96

            My diapers are SOOOO full.

      • Sal

        Somebody give this man a medal.

      • Angelreborn96

        I hate on ghosts too. And I have 7 hours played. Rarely even touch it anymore. Went on today after 2 weeks and played for 1 hour and got tired of the way I kept dying already. Spawned- 5 steps later, killed from behind. Ran by their spawn, and died from some player spawning behind me. Fuck that game. Not like the other CODs. So much worse.

        • The Pope

          No, you don’t have the game, you’re a battlefield fanboy who hates cod- look at your other posts if you think this is not true.

          • Angelreborn96

            Yeah I do. are you gonna really continue being ignorant? Do u know what ignorant means? “Not knowing” how the fuck would u know if I have the game or not? Be a little more mature in your posts. I am done with kids like you. So go to hell, I’m done replying to ur stupid ass. Feel free to drop another reply if that makes your panties wet because I’m not reading or replying. You can talk to yourself πŸ™‚

          • The Pope

            Like i said, look at you’re other posts. And 1-Ignorance means a lack of knowledge so that clearly defines you.2- i don’t see why i need to be more mature when you’re the one who includes a swear in every other sentence. 3-Im not a little kid. 4- there is no such place as hell unless you can count imagination as being a place. 5- i’m not stupid. 6 i will reply because i don’t want you to carry on being ignorant. and for number 7- if i didn’t reply, wouldn’t that make it so you’re talking to yoursel… oh wait, you just replied to me so how could i be talking to myself… πŸ™‚

          • Haha

            ^this guy is the truth.

          • Angelreborn96

            You’re one of those people I really do wanna just punch in the face so hard for being so stupid. Yeah u had to look up that the word ignorance means and give me an exact definition?? Yet you don’t even know that in other words that also means “not knowing” lack of knowledge is not knowing. Knowing-knowledge. Are you really that stupid?! I obviously don’t give an exact definition, cuz I don’t wanna seem like someone dumb as hell like you who had to look a word they dont even know. You’re really something buddy. Learn a thing or two. I am not wasting my time with stupid ass people like you. This’ll be enough for other people to see and read of how stupid you really are dude. I’m sorry but that was way beyond stupidity, saying I’m ignorant when you didn’t even know the definition. And you don’t know what not knowing is either. You’re not the brightest human being. Don’t try to correct me next time, and yeah I am done with you, I ain’t trying to win this battle like thing u kind of take so personally, I don’t argue like a girl who never quits.. Sooo have fun on replying to me with those little emotions filled up in ya that I’m affecting so much πŸ˜‰ take care princess.

          • The Pope

            I’m loving this ahaha. i didn’t have to look it up because i’m not illiterate. i think every person who has some sort of further education in english language knows the definition of ignorance. Big woop you want to punch someone in the face- good luck with that because as you know, everyone who threatens people with violence over the internet is just being a big bitch who feels insecure about their lives. i know i’m not the brightest person, i doubt that the smartest person would be on a COD forum… Also, are you stuck on one thing because while i was reading through, you said the word/variations of ‘stupid’ around 7 times. WOW, you’re really something else buddy.

          • Angelreborn96

            Ok it’s been over a week now? I’m over this, I don’t dwell on this kinda shit, unlike some people here. Anyway I haven’t even read ur reply at all, and right now I’m saying I won’t. Ok goodbye.

          • The Pope

            Bye love, but i didn’t know that a week was 4 days long, strange- maybe that relates back to the stupidity in your earlier comments.

      • Drillz

        He said Ghosts not the whole Cod franchise. You fanboys kill me trying to defend this shitty game.

    • TheShadowReaper

      yes Ghosts is bad but a waste of time? get real son.


      • Angelreborn96

        It’s honestly a waste of time to me. Even if I do good in a game lol

    • Eli

      “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time” -Bertrand Russell

    • Batman

      Its my time and my money I can do whatever I want with it. Stop being a butthurt hater

  • James K

    Astronaut Pack sound cool.

    Too bad they didn’t release the Spectrum weapon camo for weapons too. The people who bought the camo on ebay for insane prices will drop their mouths to the floor.

    • GinsuVictim

      Only if we get a map on the moon (with appropriate gravity).

    • curious

      What do you mean by bought the camo on ebay for insane prices? Can someone tell me more about this?? Thanks!!!

      • marth380 .

        It’s some random exclusive camo you can only get with a code. There are very few of them which is why they are worth so much and you only see famous Youtubers use it.

        • Psychomaggot105

          I’m not famous and I use it.

          • GreenGhost21

            Same here, preordered from the Microsoft Store. Didn’t have to pay a cent. (For the camo, I mean)

      • jordanxbrookes

        People on eBay were selling the Spectrum Camo for a lot of money, and mindless idiots bought them.

        • curious

          Thanks jordan and marth. I can see, found one specturm camo on ebay for 56.70 € haha πŸ˜€

  • HenryDF

    Shame it isn’t the actual Spectrum Camo, just an outfit. Then again, I think the camo is overrated…

    And the Astronaut looks awesome. Ridiculous, but awesome.

    • Psychomaggot105

      The camo is only good looking on a few guns. It’s cool for the exclusivity and rarity.

  • …So they’re going to make a pre-order exclusive camo available for purchase….

    • HenryDF

      It’s not a camo, it’s a helmet design.

      • shanafan

        It says character skin.

      • If it is just a helmet design, that would be the biggest waste of 3 dollars.

    • JAKEY

      They are not making spectrum weapon camouflage available, just the outfit.

    • SilentNova

      Hmm, seems as though no price? Is it possible, naw probable it will be free?

      • rabjam

        mimimum 3 dollars.. nothing is free with IW..

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Lol free? That’s funny.

    • Haha

      They released free fall for free and it as a pre order MAP.

  • NiftyGam3r

    Focus on figuring how to bring the community together instead of this… Leave the camos and packs to treyarch they know what to do. Sledge take notes from treyarch on how to dish the packs out

  • Justin MD

    Can’t wait to see a panzerfaust in the hands of an astronaut.

  • SilentNova

    Quite frankly, I still want the 1987 camo. Astronaught looks cool, but meh. Prefer getting Soap when it comes out next week

    • Tommy Day

      Thing is, if u read through most of these comments like I just did. Every body on here has different likes. Some of u like something that others don’t. So bottom line, theres no reason for anyone to argue about it because Activision is still gonna make money.

  • Zoltan

    Astronaut suit? Smh

    • shanafan

      For being a dedicated COD player, imo this is a dumb suit. It’s taking the game to an unneeded, cartoonish level. Oh well, some people will pick it up and it will just make me want to kill them more in-game πŸ˜‰


  • Atomic Yoshi

    Infinity Ward really are getting desperate…

    • CoD logic: treyarch releases micro dlc: wow! they’re awesome! i’ll buy all of them!
      infinity ward releases micro dlc: wow! infinity ward needs money they sux LOLOLOLOL

      • Wiz

        They gave us an unfinished game with less content and are making us buy the game, buy the season pass, and buy some micro dlc just to get the same amount of content as bo2; this is what I call a money grab

        • GinsuVictim

          Yet they are still releasing camo for BO2, so what does that make Treyarch?

          • Dr. Salim

            A good game developer.

          • Sledgehead

            Doesn’t make sense according to the criteria set by Wiz.

          • Wiz

            treyarch already included alot of content in black ops 2 so you weren’t forced to buy stuff in order to get a game filled with content.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        But Ghosts already has more micro-DLC than BO2… And THAT’S the problem.
        While BO2 only has camos (and extra slots), Ghosts has characters, camos, voice packs and re-skins. Enough is enough.

        • fires

          Because enough is enough when at the end of the day, i still kill players with all those camos. No harm done, dont be mad that a business is doing business, ill pick some of them up because its awesome, but at the end of the day, you cant blame them for OPTIONAL items, they are probably cranking this outta their asses since they have 2 years until the next IW release.

        • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

          I know, I hate having customization options πŸ™

        • Keshav Bhat

          Yes, it is because of the new 3 year development cycle. They have more time to test out new DLC. You may say enough is enough, but when ATVI sees a good amount of revenue coming in, they will continue to release these types of items.

          It’s all optional. That’s the point behind it.

        • I could understand camos but VOICE PACKS? …

    • HotHam

      I hate it when companies make money. It really disgusts me

  • jordanxbrookes

    They are all ok but cmon Unicorns? Seriously IW I’m 17 not 7.

    • Crusf

      They are trying to capitalize on the bronies

    • TheShadowReaper

      actually the only camo i would buy from Ghosts would be the unicorn if i was still playing and i’m 22. how about that? how about NO!?


    • Michael

      For the ladies bro… for the ladies. πŸ˜€

    • NextGenNose

      It’s a must for the

      • Bob Mit

        I hate those people.

        • Potato Republic

          Several of my friends are Bronies. Kinda sad especially if it’s grown men or guys in general. But it is what it is I guess..

    • Angelreborn96

      For real bro. I feel you. We really need some insane, epic camos like in BO2. They had that dragon lookin one and the one with yellow lines that glow.. I forget the names, it’s been a while but they were awesome, still even coming out with more cool camos on that game. Not worthless pathetic junk camos such as the fucking duck and these unicorns now? Seriously I wanna kill whoever designs these for $$$$$. Asshole. Especially now that we’re on NEXT GEN. They don’t make some cool ass fuckin camo. And this is off topic, but really they’re so fucking lazy that they are just making these DLC guns 2 in 1 (ripper) cuz they can’t make another design for just one other gun to make 2 separate guns instead of 1! The maverick and the maverick A2 MINE AS WELL SHOULDVE BEEN A 2in1 as well! Fuck IW. Give more guns to actually choose from instead of 1 gun that’s a (2in1) fucking pure bs. I would’ve preferred a separate Assault rifle with a sweet design for it, and an SMG. Anyway. Fuck COD. Sorry guys

      • Potato Republic

        C.O.D: Children’s Online Daycare

        • Angelreborn96

          Lmfaoooo amazing. I’m defintely coppin that.

    • Ben

      The astronaut suit is way more ridiculous than this IMO.

    • FerretyFriend90

      they are making more non serious lol camos. like space cats.

  • TheGamerBeast

    u kidding me ?? that’s alot of micro DLC’s, my own opinion never waste more money on Ghosts

  • I’m all for new camos and personalization packs, but this is getting excessive. It won’t even be a month since the last micro DLC drop. Come on now…

    • Liam

      Ya, I agree. PS users still haven’t gotten the second personalization pack and IW’s already announcing the third one

      • Angelreborn96

        I feel like they should actually bring the micro DLC after every half a month later. It shouldn’t be every month later, like the map packs. It’s just not fair anymore. Total bs

    • Angelreborn96

      I’m waiting til the end of the season of Ghosts to see what camos I will buy. Cuz towards the end they may make better looking camos to catch your eyes with so you can still buy mw even tho the games almost done with. Just wait and see

  • StrayHeart93

    Out of curiosity ….. Did black ops 2 have this many camos ?

  • SoulTaker

    Well the Heavy Metal and Spectrum look interesting. The whole Astronaut thing is silly though. lol But anyways stop complaining about the micro DLC. I bet if you were the CEO of Activision you’d be loving the easy money coming your way.

  • Has the last micro DLC even come out for other platforms yet? Not that I have any interest in them on the PC but there have been so many friggen DLC drops I can’t even keep track at this point what ones have released for what platform. This is ridiculous.

    • fires

      ps3 still only has circuit and inferno, cats, and ducks :C

  • HitmanGamingHD


  • consumer abc

    Thank god I haven’t bought any. Too many coming in too little time.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    I see IW likes to cater to the children of the community.

  • Love-Hate relationship

    Sad thing is that none of these camos are gonna look good on guns. Just washed out like all the other camos.

  • NextGenNose

    I still think BO2 DLC camos are way better.

    • HenryDF

      They are, which worries me, since IW have made so much more and have the newer engine to work on and make better animated camos.

      • Angelreborn96

        They’re lazy assholes that only gave 1 free thing to the community. A fucking CHRISTMAS CAMO. They couldn’t give one for every holiday in this year?! New Years? Valentines day? Easter? Would be great to see them make an effort for us. But nope they’re piece of shits. This is why I stick to battlefield 4, even though there are plenty of bugs on the game, I never get tired of playing it. It’s too much fun and more competitive, harder FPS to play. But now since people who play cod suck at ghosts, they came to battlefield 4 and started to be new-comers noob try hards, and especially camp. Anyway point here really is that Battlefield 4 has an insane amount of camos you can choose from! Even if you have premium, you get NEW camos that come out eventually! And they look awesome! Much better than Ghosts shitty camos. I love how much DICE actually cares about the community, even though it was a rough start, they’re managing to keep the game to how it should be. Over 40 Camos on BF4 >>>> less than 20 on COD ghosts.

        • Juicyjuice

          Then why did you come to a cod forum then… -.-

          • Angelreborn96

            Who r u exactly? I’m sure I replied to this HenryDF guy. Did I reply to you somehow? Oh and to answer your question, well I can do whatever the hell I want. Is there a problem with me coming on to a cod forum?

          • no, Just Bitching on a COD forum when you obviously don’t play COD anymore

          • Angelreborn96

            Oh how I would love for you to actually try to say this kind of shit in my face. You gtfo of here and off my dick. Ur obviously pathetic if u have to reply when none of this has to do with you pussy, so stfu and eat shit. Go suck some ass lil virgin

          • The Pope

            “Oh how I would love for you to actually try to say this kind of shit in my face. You gtfo of here and off my dick. Ur obviously pathetic if u have to reply when none of this has to do with you pussy, so stfu and eat shit. Go suck some ass lil virgin” i think this applies a little bit more to you…

          • Rolemodel

            Angelreborn has won “Blackest faggot of the year, good job hating on someone you don’t know. I had to take the time to make a account to tell you how stupid you are, now stfu battelfeild fanboy

          • Omch

            They are both great games, its all based on opinion. You all look like dumbfucks for arguing about it.. T_T

          • Angelreborn96

            Exactly. I didn’t start arguing about it. People start shit with you if u even talk the simplest shit about the game. Such a pathetic community we have now a days, taking opinions offensive when they’re not developers to take it so seriously, just play ur game and mind ur business for real. Fucking dumbasses

          • FerretyFriend90

            yeah but you gotta admit you were pretty offensive and out of control sometimes :/

          • Angelreborn96


          • Hang Yourself Angelreborn

            you were saying BF was better you dumbfuck. go reread your comments. and also you get 5 maps for 50 when we 4 for 40… same price retard.

          • Angelreborn96

            And I can’t say bf4 is actually a better game than cod ghosts? Does that upset you little fanboy? Stfu and go to hell don’t run ur pussy mouth at me, why the fuck do I need to re read my comments if I typed them all myself dipshit? Are you that desperate to say some shit to me that u actually read everything I said? You’re defintely one fucking pathetic loser. I feel pity for you coming to say shit to me that I never involved you in, comes to show ur a true little whiny fanboy bitch who has nothing else better to do but stand up for his game and talk shit on the internet to someone else that didn’t say shit to him. Haha so sad. Again pitiful and wtf are u talking about exactly? Both games season passes are $50 u dumb ass. God I hate how fucking ignorant little shitheads like u come and talk to me. Gtfo cuz I’m not replying to u after this one. Shut ur bitch ass mouth up, because this should’ve sealed it, if it didn’t and you reply, then you obviously feel desperate to reply for nothing and keep shit going like a girl who has nothing better to do but run their mouth cuz they’re sensitive. Goodbye!

          • Haha

            Haha. your so illiterate that you have to cuss in every sentence. People like you should of been aborted. and what are you doing on a COD GHOSTS forum if you hate it so much. pathetic little shit.

          • Haha

            and youre also clearly uninformed about dlc prices.

          • Angelreborn96

            Haha I should give u the links too. But this is good enough. 5 maps for same price as ur 4 maps.. Hmm more guns, free camos, oh yeah we don’t actually pay $1.99 for the new camos we get them with the season pass. You’re just wasting my time. Goodbye

          • Angelreborn96


          • Angelreborn96

            Omg stfu your comment is very ignorant. Blackest faggot? I didn’t know u knew I was black and gay? And you even use the offensive term “faggot” how old are you? 13? Hormones still producing huh? Haha goodbye little bitch

          • Angelreborn96

            Lmfao stfu already. I’m done reading the dumb shit you say to me when you reply. Goodbye

          • I’d say it to your face, and as you stated to someone else – you don’t know me.. you can only use amazingly mature swear words and being on a COD forum and being a COD player – It does have EVERYTHING to do with me

          • Angelreborn96

            Goodbye loser. I ain’t wasting my time on pitiful kids like u. Time to grow up and stfu and let shit go. Stop taking it up the ass just because I’m talking about bf4 on a COD forum fucking dipshit ur immature. You have a problem with me saying that bf4 is better than cod ghosts? When I always loved playing fucking COD. COD OVER BF was ME 3-4 years ago! Now the games shit! And if ADVANCED WARFARE SUCKS like ghosts, I am not playing that series just the same as I’m never play the GHOSTS SERIES EITHER. And when Treyarch makes their cod game, and I think it sucks again, I’m done playing COD forever. And I’m sticking to BATTLEFIELD because it’s the same gameplay the way I and other people play, it never changed. But COD did, ghosts is so fucking different than THE MOdern warfare series, and black ops series. Should’ve just stayed the same to have less people complain about it. They’re fucking dumbasses at IW changing the game to more of a BF game, with bigger maps and shit. Ffs the minimap changed and it’s shit!!! So did the fucking UAV. There’s never any UAVS ANYMORE WITH IT SWEEPING! Wtf!!!! The fun is GONE. PERIOD.

          • FerretyFriend90

            just wait untill treyarch make a cod game.. and be happy! TREYARCH FTW!

          • Angelreborn96

            I am. Hopefully tho for now sledgehammer makes a good game too.

          • The Pope

            Don’t come to a COD forum if you’re a BF fanboy- How don’t you get it?

          • jooker-jr

            He’s a secret fan or bf doesn’t have forums

          • Omch

            BF has forums on battlelog…..ooohhh i see what you did there. :

          • Angelreborn96

            I’m not even a fanboy. How am I fanboy if I prefer battlefield 4 over COD Ghosts just because it’s better? When all I did was play COD, and not battlefield until battlefield 3 came out. Lol so ignorant.

          • FerretyFriend90

            your not a fanboy by saying or just preffering bf over cod, but you are a fanboy because if someone would say “cod is better bf is bad” you would just keep raging at the guy!

          • Angelreborn96

            Not really, just proving how bf4 is better than cod ghosts.

          • Angelreborn96

            Because I can do whatever the fuck I want. I’m not a fanboy for saying one games better than the other dipshit. People like you are very stupid and ignorant not knowing what’s right, I liked mw3 & bo2 over bf4 so I guess that will make me a COD fanboy now right? You’re fucking stupid kid. Goodbye

        • Mr Doge

          Um your an idiot for a number of reasons. 1) Chaos mode was released for free as well. Not just Christmas camo. 2) More camos on BF4? HAHAHA. That was the funniest fanboyish statement I have ever heard. How is 10 different types of Dessert camo more? Ha your an idiot!

          • DaViDgEE

            Yet you don’t know the difference between your and you’re. Think twice before you call other people an idiot Mr. 2013 Dead Doge meme.

          • Mr Doge

            1. This is the internet stop being a Grammar Nazi I actually know what the difference is. I was in a hurry because I was in the middle of something. 2.It’s called a joke something you clearly don’t know about and if the MEME is SOOOO dead as you say then why did Dogecoin sponsor a Nascar driver and he has Doge all over his car? Think before you talk. Also what does this have to do with you are you also a butthurt BF fanboy still praying for his AWFUL netcode to be fixed? Please stop.

          • jooker-jr

            In his FACE !

          • exeterman2

            Please don’t fight about bf4 vs cod. I love the older cods but bf4 is better than ghosts.

          • Angelreborn96

            Just stfu already. Thanks.

          • Angelreborn96

            Go get those spawn fixes a lot of COD fanboys beg for til this very day??. That’s why They just released the patch that fixes spawns in 2 or 3 game modes hahaha. And a previous patch that fixes spawns in domination. Hahah I played COD yesterday on domination and had a player spawn behind me in the kill cam and pick me off in 2 seconds. Then I saw players spawning in front of me and I killed 3 of them. Oh such a great spawn system. Logic. Good fight. Bye

          • Mr Doge 2

            You didn’t pick up on the obvious misspelling of DESERT.

          • Angelreborn96

            Lmfao for real dude?? don’t bother wasting your time.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Desert* I got your back bro πŸ™‚

          • Angelreborn96

            Oh really? Have I really lost track on the updates? Wow chaos mode?? No Way!! Because it wasn’t copy and pasted from mw3 or anything but just with different guns and ALIENS?. And lol? Yeah 10 different looking types of desert camo is more. Lol I don’t believe bf4 has one specific design of desert like COD does do they? They have nice lookin designs and I get to pick which I like best to look on my weapon πŸ™‚ looks way better than that desert on Ghosts just saying, don’t get mad at me cuz I said that ?? don’t wanna hear you reply anymore. And yet aside from those “10 different desert camos” there’s miscellaneous, that has a more depth design, and they’re special camos, ALL DIFFERENT. There’s about 16 of them or 18 already, and more to come with the Premium I paid for πŸ™‚ so I don’t have to pay $1.99 for a NEW CAMO that comes out lmfaoooooooo goodbye????

          • John Riley

            Except you have to unlock them from a “battlepack”. That’s why BF4 is horrendous, everything is unlocked via battlepacks and you can’t unlock anything yourself. Ghosts isn’t any better may I add, you can just buy whatever you want. Actually this is the real problem behind Ghosts. Not the whole spawn system or lag shit. Its because the game is boring because you cant unlock anything. Hence WHY CoD isn’t dying, it just had a bad game. They both suck though. Battlefield has no story but a more fun multiplayer, Ghosts story is better than any in the franchise, but has an OK multiplayer. Stop fighting because none of you are being very logical about anything.

          • Angelreborn96

            Yeah I mean.. There’s no fun or skill to just buy any gun in the game with these squad points, you can get any gun.. Which ruins it already.. The fun and skill has been taken out to unlock shit. Even the perks, you can get an earlier unlock just for a little bit more squad points.
            Pretty fucking stupid. But yeah ur right battlefield campaigns shit. But Ghosts wasn’t any better. It was by far the worst campaign than any other cod. Multi is also shit. Bf4 multi is way better, hence why I see so many cod fanboys moving from ghosts to battlefield 4. Now they brought their camping shit and quickscoping to it.’pretty sad. But whatever, poor games ruined by late coming cod ghosts players.

          • DaViDgEE

            Cry more little guy.

          • KeyboardWarriorsEverywhere

            It’s still more styles of camo. & even though they’re in the same category, they all have a different look to it. Want to be even dumber & counter or nah?

        • Thermedge

          if you don’t like it then don’t buy the game? is it that fucking hard? honestly.

          • Angelreborn96

            Are you fucking mental? Honestly. I bought COD Ghosts cuz I wanted to play a NEW COD GAME, like everyone else wants to do. Fucking dumb ass. How am I supposed to know it was gonna be so shitty until I actually played it? So stfu and mind your own business. Is it that fucking hard? Lmfao. Goodbye

        • AtomicPizza115

          Dice actualy cares about the community?! LOL!!!!

          • Angelreborn96

            I believe we get 5 map packs for the price of $50 when COD gets 4.. Soo.. There’s a shit load of more work that DICE puts in for these map packs, especially with bigger maps, more guns than just a (2 in 1- ripper) we get 5 guns πŸ™‚

        • IceKoldKilla

          Reminds me of how CoD got free stuff back on PC years ago. Maps to be precise. Does PC get all DLC free still?

          • Angelreborn96

            Nope they don’t give free shit to PC ANYMORE, they’re assholes.

          • IceKoldKilla

            Wow that sucks. Blame Activision.

        • …So you’re saying a game is better than another because of the amount of camos?

          • Angelreborn96

            Not at all. Go read some of the other comments I said about bf4 why i think it’s better. I was just explaining myself to this dude who replied to me. Saying that 10 different types of desert camo aren’t more. I like how they get an extra map pack for 50$ more camos, weapons, bigger maps, more vehicles, more 2xp events with premium. Not wasting my money on shit maps, and a 2 in 1 weapon. I would rather have 2 separate weapons, like this ripper? It should be a SMG on it’s own and a AR on it’s own. It’d be a hell a lot more fun

        • TheUnionJake

          Why are the Battlefield elitists here on this website for CoD Multiplayer? Like are you really here JUST to hate on this? I love Battlefield As much, no, MORE than the next guy, but you guys are just pathetic.

          • Angelreborn96

            Ur just as pathetic coming and replying to us. You seem like a dude who wouldn’t butt in and say a word cuz u don’t give a shit, but instead you do, so you’re pretty much equal with us.

          • TheUnionJake

            First off, YOU’RE*, BUT*, BECAUSE*, YOU* you inbred dyslexic fucking retard, second, You’re 100% Right! (For once in your shitty life) I DON’T give a shit, but I have enough sense to know that if you hate something don’t sit around on a fucking site exclusively for the thing which you hate and shit – post because you have nothing else to do and should probably drink bleach.

          • Angelreborn96

            Aw did I hurt those little sensitive emotions inside of you? Haha I’m glad I did. What are you gonna do about it? Oooooh tell me to drink bleach. Where’s that “internet badass” pic when I need it? Lmfao. You’re a little pathetic buddy. Have a nice life. You sure as hell ain’t bothering mine with what u say, cuz I don’t give a FUCK πŸ˜‰

          • TheUnionJake

            Sorry, but if you had enough brain cells to know how to tie your shoes without your mommy, you’d know that no one is butt hurt except you, and I will have a nice life, thank you very much, oh, by the way you should attend 2nd grade sometime, they can teach you grammar πŸ˜€

          • Angelreborn96


  • LowkeyBAMZ

    austronaut???? lmaoo im done

  • LowkeyBAMZ

    Can advanced warfare just come out already

  • KevJumbaify .

    really? ok

  • KevJumbaify .

    ghosts MP sucks tho

  • Jasco


    • Psychomaggot105

      It’s only the outfit.

  • k5berry

    It would be downright amazing if they released a meme collection. Who wouldn’t want to run around as Neil Degrasse Tyson or Bad Luck Brian?

  • Psychomaggot105

    The camos are a waste but the spectrum uniform I might get to complete my spectrum camo.

  • I can certanly confirm that Extinction Camo Pack ALREADY worked on Nightfall when I got weapons from the Lockers, but that time I thought it was INFERNO or SPECTRUM.

  • Hydrox

    I need that astronaut character.

  • ObV Swift

    Are they really not giving the players the Spectrum camo, seriously. I would legit pay good money for that.

    • Tommy Day

      I know right. Why would any one buy that damn gear when they know IW has a camo that goes with it. You would b dumb too. IMO

      • Psychomaggot105

        I got the camo so I’m going to get it.

        • Tommy Day

          Well no one on ps3 has because its unavailable to us. Not bitching just stating a fact. If it was available, I would have it too.

  • DroneDispatch

    So only the spectrum uniform is coming. For those of you who want actual spectrum camouflage on weapons, head on over to http://spectrumcamo.com and use discount code CHARLIE at checkout <3

    • Tommy Day

      Yeah thats nice and all, but thats only for xbox.

      • matousjasek

        If you play on pc you can download some camo hacks on mpgh.net

  • TheShadowReaper

    the Trolling Unicorn Army shall rise once again! #WickedShrapnel

    • Erik Salas

      This camo fucking sucks soon…

      • TheShadowReaper

        lel x)

  • I’m okay with all this money making bullshit, but at least make it appealing. None of this is as good as the other micro transactions.

    • Wiz

      These micro dlc shouldn’t be in full retail games. This tactic is going to ruin the gaming market

      • GinsuVictim

        You either buy the shit or you don’t. Simple as that.

      • Unless the micro transactions are giving you an advantage then you shouldn’t care what they do. Is someones camo that you don’t have really going to give them the advantage over you?Absolutely not. This won’t ruin the game or any game for that matter. Unless you have the ability (like in BF3) to buy your way to the top.

        • tom coon

          I agree, there is nothing wrong IW releasing these camo packs whether they look retarded or not. Remember not every one has the same opinion and as been said before these camos don’t provide any advantage to the game so you don’t have to buy them.

          • Wiz

            You guys don’t understand, companies will see that we will purchase minor DLC from them no questions asked. I have a feeling that companies will start taking advantage of this and begin to sell us parts of the game (Game modes = $3 each, Attachments = $2 each, better matchmaking = $10, etc) on launch day while still expecting us to pay full retail price. Eventually, we will be paying like $150 for a full game (DLC, Micro DLC, Better matchmaking) and that’s what I’m avoiding. I love gaming and I don’t want it to become corrupt. That is why I don’t think Micro DLC should be in fully retailed games. if it’s in F2P, then I could care less but keep it out of these $60 games.

  • SkylineDesigns

    Those look awful. Take some time and effort before releasing these please. The advanced warfare camo is horrible too

  • Unicorn…whats next, hello kitty?

  • Psychomaggot105

    If activision and IW want to sell this amount of camos throughout the games life, good for them but can give us cool camos for completing challenges also. Like kill 10 enemies with a juggernaut in one life, get 15 kems, get 50 kills in one match of tdm etc. it would give the camos some meaning not just a 2$ price tag.

  • Dr. Salim

    All of these are bad, really bad. Try making some animated ones and I might buy.

  • Kyle

    Im looking for a clan that has a record, good or bad, in diamond division. I regularly win platinum and gold division when im the only person in the clan to be playing. If you want to give me a tryout or think i would fi in hit me up on XBL @ ohno itstheCoPz

  • BSC

    I using it on PC… Its just hidden. πŸ™‚ Thanks IW

  • Penguin-Kun

    I only liked the Astronaut Suit and the Fitness Camo. I wanted the Biohazard suit, like the red suit the enemy wore in Ghosts Campaign, when Hesh and Logan were at their house a while later…

    • PrimeEchoes

      The Hazmat personalization pack is that suit, except it isn’t red.

  • justsomeguy678

    Maybe an atronaut CAMO would be cool as seen on the ARX and MTAR-X (Campaign)

  • derrick anderson

    I just found a background leak it was a black and white snake print with a snake on the right swear to god wish I could have took a picture but I was playing with bots reinforced and it was a kill cam

    • Spoderman

      That is not a leak, that is the Advanced Warfare Camo.

  • They’re making so much money from these mico packs like crazy.

  • HitmanGamingHD

    Greeeeeeaaaaat.”sighs” Playstation people like me have to wait for 1080p Unicorns.

    • I’m not being sarcastic, but it must suck having to wait a month.

      • HitmanGamingHD

        Yep it sure does. At least I have a ps4 so its worth the wait but it is annoying because you see all of the gameplay when it comes out on the xbox so when it gets to the Ps4 it feels like you have played it for a month.

        • Yeah, it ruins it. Oh well, I’m going to be joining the quad brotherhood soon so I’ll feel your “kinda” pain.

  • Hawks819

    Did anybody watch that Prestige Is Key Video about camo ideas and see his Extinction camo ideas? It looks a lot like the Extinction one.


    • matousjasek

      It was already in extinction before he released the video

  • Mr Doge

    Now their just trolling us with the Spectrum Uniform. GIVE US THE CAMO ALREADY SHEESH.

    • Tommy Day

      I know. Any playstation user that buys that particular pack is just saying, hey u don’t have to give that spectrum camo. I’m not buying that crap! People always say them loosing that little money won’t hurt em. Well good, me not having that personalization pack wont hurt me. I will live.

      • Mr Doge

        Yeah I know I want it but not to the point where I’ll buy it for an insane amount of money. I would pay a little amount but still it’s an awesome camo and you feel “special” if you have it because of it’s rarity. When people look back at Ghosts in 2 years time they are gonna remember that Camo. Probably the most well known/most wanted camo in CoD History!

  • Rileywoofimpostersimposter

    I’ll start playing ghost again when they release a space map, and the field order turns you into a Xenomorph.

  • K.E.M

    Spectrum pack will go great with my spectrum camo :p

  • ThatOneBlazian

    How bout a solid colors pack? Have your basic colors but like in 2 different styles: metallic and matte. Yay or nah?

  • Federalace

    Good old infinity ward

  • MeisseN

    Moneywhores and terrible camos… Infinity Ward sucks balls

  • Psycho_2194

    Who writes these descriptions? “Take one small step for man, one giant leap for multiplayer.” Really? Get outta here.

  • SkylineDesigns

    i could make better camos then this. man i have better skills than infinity ward workers

  • I have nothin’ against micro-DLC’s. If anythin’, they add in to fit the content of a game to more people if the base game is not enough. And the non-seriousness in this batch of m-DLC’s is just hilarious. I mean come on, an astronaut character? Unicorn camo? It just gets to show that Infinity Ward is makin’ some of this year’s m-DLC’s as wacky as possible, and I like that!

    And the unicorn camo… Holy sweet jesus’ shining bollocks I’ve seen people bustin’ their arses of on how the faggotery levels is off the charts because it resembles bronies. Really? Okay, so there’s one “girly” camo with unicorns, pinkness, throwing up rainbows and whatnot, it just screams “fabulous!” all over. However, a heavy metal camo, A.K.A, the “boy-ish” camo comes along, and no one lifts a finger.

    If complete seriousness is what you want in a game, then the multiplayer of CoD is not the place to look… Don’t know ’bout you, but I’m gettin’ the astronaut character and unicorn camo once it comes along, because why the bloody ‘ell not, aye? Question is when it arrives to PC… We ain’t even got the last m-DLC’s yet .-.

    Go wacky with nowacking mates!

    • thebulky1cometh

      If you spend money on stupid shit, you’re not allowed to complain about Activision’s overwhelming greed that has continually crept in and led to rushed/unfinished games all in the name of making as much money as possible.

  • Guest

    lmao people have been paying big money for the spectrum camo! I knew it would be released as it was a pre order bonus LOL to them people paying $50 dollars plus for spectrum

    • This pack does not come with the camo.

  • ParadoxLotto

    Can sombody please tell me how to get on to the bridge on collision? Iv seen ppl do it online and saw it in revile trailer but can’t find out how to do it ?

  • Dylan DuGirls

    I wonder why the fitness camo is green and black (looking at you, OpTic FlamesworD)

  • exeterman2

    Heavy metal pack looks sick! Won’t get it though because the core gameplay of ghosts is horrible.

  • idc219

    they are really trying to milk every penny out of this game.

  • Psychomaggot105

    I know this isn’t a character model in the game already but where’s my Sasquatch outfit?

  • VVFZ

    They’re trying to get $$ because Ghosts is a failure in terms of game play and sales

  • Guest

    Ghosts has to step up a bit because most of these camos don’t really won’t me to get them

  • we would all like a dlc 3 invasion trailer

    • k5berry

      If the rumors are true and Invasion drops June 3rd I believe the date was, then there’s a good chance they might reveal it tomorrow. They’ve been releasing trailers on Thursday recently

  • Rated-R619

    Astronaut… really ? I don’t want to imagine an astronaut running on the map -_-

  • kia0525

    IW can’t make good camos even if their lives depended on it. Astronaut is pretty cool but silly.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Anytime I see a new micro DLC item, I get angry.

  • Bass_Pro

    No spectrum camo included? = no buy xD the camo’s on ghosts are horrible… they only ones I like are the standard gold one and inferno. the other ones in my opinion are ugly as hell xD. creating a camo is not even difficult or doesn’t take that much time, still they come up with some standard shit

  • jooker-jr

    The micro DLCs thing is getting out of control !

  • IceKoldKilla

    I might buy the Heavy Metal pack and the space suit lol

  • Ghosts is dead, yet they’re still releasing micro-dlc?

  • Wish Chaos

    Of course, lets add more micro-transactions instead of those dedicated servers that they promised. Even so most of these camos look re-hashed from most of the DLC camos already.

  • Jippy

    I’m 100% done with this game http://goo.gl/zejZ7J (Please witness my pain)



  • Dalaga

    OK you have bigger maps oh boy that look like crap on the last gen consoles, a stupid health
    system were everyone you shoot and hit always has 1 or somehow 0 heath left, now let’s start on how you use a PC or next gen console and nobody talk about how titanfall has no camos, and how Halo doesn’t have a good camo selection, be quiet because I know half of you play and enjoy COD.

  • joe dirt

    It already gives the option to purchase these on Xbox One. I bought one of the packs and the installation failed. Did I get robbed? Or do I have to wait until tomorrow for it to install?

  • bryndler

    I downloaded the spectrum pack, the heavy metal pack, and the extinction pack today. Installed fine, but it’s not showing up when creating a character, nor when picking my weapon camo. help…