We’re getting reports that the Advanced Warfare Personalization Pack is starting to roll out to users across Ghosts and Black Ops 2.

You may not have it yet, but it’ll be rolling out soon.

If you preordered Advanced Warfare at a participating retailer, you can enter you code at callofduty.com/personalizationpack and it’ll take up to 24 hours for it to show up in game.


  • Isoo93

    Lol #1

  • Isoo93


    • Sup3r Solider

      I still love Call of Duty but I have to take breaks occasionally or else it starts to feel to repetitive. That is why I hope SledgeHammer did an amazing job on this one.

      • i♥COD

        ghosts forced a break on the whole community

        • Tony Rambo

          Could not agree more with you

        • alex

          great comment,loool

        • Clout Lord

          Yes, that’s where people go wrong. They think if you hate Ghosts they question how could you play COD. Of course everyone is gonna think Ghosts is good based off what they see. However, that wasnt the case when Ghosts came out. I can add that Heavy Duty did save Ghosts a bit. Dont get me wrong, but if it’ll take a few extra shots for me to kill someone and for them to kill me, I’d take that any day over the instant deaths Ghosts seems to have. Put that with the bad spawns and the ability to spawn trap in Ghosts, you’ll find yourself raging like you havent before. The only way to do good in Ghosts is if you camp or have a full team.

          • Ethan Aldaz

            I’m not trey arch fan I’m more more of an IW fan because they try new things I’m not saying trey arch doesn’t innovate it just isn’t fun when I play black ops 2 zombies was ok but multiplayer killed it for me.

          • Mr Doge

            The only reason you die so fast in CoD Ghosts was because of the hit detection. Almost ALL fully auto guns in Ghosts AND Bo2 were 3 shots. You learn something everyday…

          • Wish Chaos

            Say that about the PDW-57 now…

        • ObV Swift

          To be completely honest Ghosts wasn’t that bad of a game, I very much enjoy playing it.

    • Hell yea

  • Sup3r Solider

    Great now I can have a Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Weapon Camo while playing Black Ops II and Ghosts. What a time to be alive.

    • quietlylost


  • Josh Eavey

    I got a preorder code from Gamestop and it says its invalid.

    • Oleg Zakharskiy

      You have to enter the code on the Call of Duty website

      • Josh Eavey

        I did. On callofduty.com/personalizationpack. I keep entering it and it says its invalid. I preordered the game from Gamestop

        • unscene

          you have to enter it with the dashes and caps for example:

          • Josh Eavey

            I already tried that. I’m going to talk to Activision about it

          • Jay Gautreau

            don’t talk to activision call Gamestop back and tell them it’s invalid,

          • Jornielious

            Same for me bro

          • Ash

            Cancel the preorder and re-preorder it hopefully they give you another code.

      • bigdheavyb’s

        you have to go back to gamestop and they will print you out a new code to use… mine did the same thing, i called in and that is what they told me… i live 45 miles from nearest game stop so im screwed…

  • ObV Swift

    Well now I can enjoy a little bit of Advanced Warfare without playing Advanced Warfare.

    • Guest

      That’s a very good point

  • miguel

    i have a feeling advanced warfare is gonna be a great cod. it just feels different like bo2

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      It is kind of hard to do worse than Ghosts but I hope you are right!

      • SpicyBuffaloWing

        Ghost is so bad, it’ll make this game look fantastic.

  • Jay Gautreau

    here is a quick glimpse at the camo on a few guns.


  • Rorke File

    Hope for this cod

  • OpticFazeshot

    Look at that 3 kd peasant. (me 5 kd)

    • Justin

      I call bullshit on those stats. He has 466 games played with only about 1 and a half days played? Seems high.

      • Guest

        Here is your solution…

        • Justin

          I don’t understand how this applys? Are you saying he’s forever alone and just plays alot? Cuz it’s still high

  • Rob Schneider

    Typo: Final paragraph, says “you can enter you code”
    Should be “you can enter your code”
    Again, I know it’s a not a big deal but I’m always looking out for them 🙂

  • Antonio Biggams

    ghost is not a bad game the excessive camping in the big maps makes the game feel slow and pointless but the new maps are wicked i wish they could replace the stock maps with dlc maps so everyone can enjoy

  • Guest

    In advanced warfare I would like to see a game mode were it’s FFA, but you can use a certain such as a pistol

    • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

      Yeah, what you said.

  • Brandon Peters

    I just put a video about it on YouTube http://m.youtube.com/channel/UC8vueZV-q8lGqXvG9HK7yHA to see the camo video

  • FederalAce

    Its just WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Desiree

    I just got it and to many could only be 12 digit code it sucks

  • Glynner

    when does the offer end

  • damian

    what if i threw away the receipt where the code was can i still get it?

  • i got the camo on Thursday but i still haven’t got it in the game

  • Nikita Gostev

    Only for console or for pc too?

  • tovi leepa

    I pre ordered from gamestop but i got a code for the destiny game ? But nothing about personalization pack doed that mean i can’t have it ?

  • Ewan

    I have preordered advanced warfare (xbox one) and I haven’t got my code for the camo.. Why?

  • Beau

    I pre orderd it and didn’t even get the damn dlc wtf

  • PoppingCobble

    Was this offer cancelled?