A new patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts went live today on Xbox One, 360, PS4 and PS3. The update brought the Bizon change that was announced a while ago.

The new patch also brought 2 sided Domination to Clan v Clan mode, a highly requested addition to the game.

Here’s the full patch notes:

Title Update: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.


  • Improved FFA spawn logic.
  • Improved TDM/KC/Cranked spawning logic.
  • Updated Blitz spawn logic for online matches.

Weapon Balance

  • Bizon
    • Reduced headshot multiplier: No longer allow for 1 body, 1 head shot kills.
    • Max and Min damage range reduced.
    • Slight increase to kick.
  • Vepr
    • Aim down sight time faster. Now in line with other SMGs.
    • CBJMS
    • Max and Min damage range reduced.
  • IED
    • Damage reduction always applied when the player is jumping, crouched or prone. Removed IED position check relative to player.
  • Thermobaric Grenades
    • Now do 1/2 max health in hardcore modes.

Killstreak Balance

  • Squad Mate – Reduced Accuracy & Fire Rate. Swapped Weapon to mp443.


  • Update to DOM to allow 2, 5 minute rounds for eSports playlist, and with eSports mode in Private Match and System Link.


  • Overall anti-cheat improvements.
  • Fixed elite clan tag spoofing issue.

Additional Fixes
Fixed an issue where the Tracked Operations and Progressed Operations loadout builder would not properly select items.

  • Added popup message if a user tries to join on a blocked user from the recently met player list.
  • Fixed an issue where the New Icons for heads/uniforms/etc would appear in private match.
  • Fixed new icon to only appear on the “Heads” button when you have new heads of the gender you’re using.
  • Improvements to map voting.
  • Fix In Game Store Image Stuttering when moving between images.
  • Fixes hardcore audio alias for kill confirmed.
  • Adds proper friendly alias for blitz friendly scoring.

New Features

  • New Game Mode – Reinforce:
    • Reinforce is a competitive round based game mode. When a player is killed that player will stay out of the game until someone on his team captures a control point. There are multiple ways to win. Capture and hold 2 control points, wipe out the enemy team, or capture all 3 flags for an instant victory.
  • Gun Game
    • Final kill now requires a throwing knife kill.
    • Players can scavenge throwing knives.


    • Reduced the usability window of other items when deploying the Riot Shield.
    • Drill logic improvements.
    • Grenade Turret adjustments.

Xbox One Specific Update
In addition to the Title Update.

  • Fixed issue that allowed access to friends list in offline menus.

PlayStation 4 Specific Update
In addition to the Title Update.

  • Fixed the Out of Memory 12 issue.
  • Fixed issue with 2nd controller being unable to join a different Clan after accepting a Clan invitation.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • LowkeyBAMZ

    Reinforce huh

  • Mitch

    It seems like the new mode isn’t on PS4.

    • Keshav Bhat

      private match only

      • Josue Serna

        Lets have a conversation

  • Tony Rambo

    PC getting shit again..Hope SG will give us a good PC game :/

    • Zarky

      “PC is getting shit as always…Fuck you IW…SG will give us a good PC game” Going from “will” to “hope” gg.

      • amplif1er

        making a big deal over one word because you have nothing better to do… GG

        stupid kids.

        • Zarky

          Big deal? just pointing it out. And please don’t refer to me as a “kid” Im 19 years old.

          • KevJumbaify .

            hes right tho. IW makes such shitty pc ports

  • Joel Matthews

    why haven’t PS4 got reinforce yet? sounds fun!

  • Daniel Sims

    Reinforce over Face Off? Face Off would bring me back to Ghosts.

    • Triple


    • Only reason is most likely because Face off takes new maps… if they release it then expect it around June or July.


    Reinforce is only in private matches as far as my understanding go’s.

    • Mitch

      That’d be disappointing.

  • GinsuVictim

    “Gun Game
    Final kill now requires a throwing knife kill.”
    Dammit. I mean, I usually get it that way, but I hate HAVING to get it that way.

    • Triple

      Thats something that only noob knifers would say.. FCK ALL THE KNIFERS

  • alex

    xbox doesn’t have reinforced yet

  • Adam

    RIP Support Squad mate.

    • George Claude

      its about time, that and the guard dog are some of the worst killstreak ideas in any cod!

      • support’sforpussies

        Seriously… who ever decided that support killstreaks can earn kills is just an asshole

    • Angelreborn96

      Thank fucking god.


    Even though the grenade turret was OP before patch, now they have patched it too much. The range of grenade not detonating is too long, but maybe it’s now ment to use for long distance kills only. Could be good actually

  • SilentNova

    No YouTube vids about the game mode

    • Mitch

      Because nobody gives a flying fuck since it’s Private Match only.

  • clercq1983

    the spawn logic for BLITZ… Does this also counts in private matches or e-sports?

  • SoulTaker

    Umm…why did the CBJ get a nerf???

    • Dokaxi

      yeah, the worst smg in the game gets a nerf…good work infinity ward!!

    • Derrick Wingler

      When they buffed the smg’s the cbj received an almost identical buff to the bizon. I assume their logic was that if the buff overpowered the bizon it probably overpowered the cbj too. This is stupid, but its probably what they thought.

      • Potato Republic

        Not really, I found it still underpowered. Even with muzzle brake and rapid fire. But that’s just me.

        • Zyvir

          Maybe you’re shitty^^

          • Potato Republic

            Wow! I never knew a 2.0 K/D was shitty! I need to start going tryhard and get a 0.95!

  • Michael

    In my opinion, reinforce sounds like a stupid game mode. They should make a Michael Myers game mode or a hide-and-go-seek game mode. OR a sniper only playlist for dem quickscopers ??

    • GinsuVictim

      I’ve been wanting an official Michael Myers mode for a long time.

      • Michael

        Me too man, me too. I pray to god one day we do.

      • Grigori

        Or replace the infected people with micheal myers character skin 🙂

        • Michael Myers

          I’d rather not have a bunch of Michael Myers running around. One of me will do.

          • Michael

            No man not at all. They should set it up like this:
            They pick a ONE random person in the pre-game lobby to be Michael Myers. And the rest hide. Just like how every lobby you go in, your either on the ghost team or federation team. Michael Myers is on the federation team and hiders go on the ghost team. Myers only has a tac knife with speed perks and ghost could get speed and stealth perks. Ghost team has NO AMMO at all (because there would be assholes killing Myers.) The way the match would start off is by giving the hiders 30 to 60 seconds to find a place to hide. (During the time, Myers will not have spawned yet until time runs out.)

  • Dean

    The CBJ-MS nerf is fucking jarring, but the Vepr buff is appreciated so there’s that at least.

  • Dustin Maris

    Ps3 doesn’t have reinforce yet

  • janpan

    the new game mode is only available in private matches

  • lpexmlp

    I would like to see a drop zone leaderboard

  • Jasco

    Gun Game
    Final kill now requires a throwing knife kill.
    Players can scavenge throwing knives.

    About time man.

  • Jasco

    Honestly though. i had to wait 2-3 weeks due to the out of memory 12 bug to use my main account again. Thanks for finally fixing it

  • cara

    ever since I updated, I haven’t been able to play. Gets stuck on reading save device. total bullshit.

  • i can see reinforce as a competitive gamemode

  • Guest

    ied nerfed again wtf

    • GinsuVictim

      Crybabies getting their way.

      • Nope…making camping bitches move.

      • IEDs shouldnt replace gunskill

        The IED needed nerfing again! people shouldn’t get free kills for sticking a motion detected explosive to a wall, not to mention how difficult they are to see. IMO the bouncing betty was the perfect motion detected explosive, as it’d almost never kill you if you knew to crouch. Why would anyone want the IED to not receive a nerf? unless of course you suck…

  • xGlitch_Scoperx

    I’ve always wanted a sniper only game mode. I always wanted to quickscope and trickshot with no chance of rushers and campers coming my way.

    – xGlitch_Scoperx

    • GinsuVictim

      What about being rushed by quickscopers and camped by hardscopers?

      • Snipers… not campers

        • GinsuVictim

          Snipers can be campers.

          • Glitchscoper

            Theyre sniping like they should be

          • xGlitch_Scoperx

            SHUT up fraud.


          • How?

    • jordanxbrookes

      There is a difference between Sniping and Quickscoping my friend.

  • Ed

    i give up on this dev team. they are freakin clueless.

  • Infinity Ward: “We are adding a new game mode to Call of Duty: Ghosts!” *adds in private match*

    • mrpompom


    • jordanxbrookes

      Well if that was indeed a quote on quote, then what they said is still true. 🙂


    Still not sure why Grind and Reinforce are not in public matches

  • Dr. Salim

    Cool! The VEPR got a CBJMS buff!

  • Conor Plataniotis

    are they actually gunna fix the framerate issues on PS4??

  • Helo

    Need to fix spawns in drop zone

  • Cadence

    I’m upset they nerfed the Bizon and CBJ-MS (really though?! Who actually thought this was OP?). Even with the last patch, the MTAR-X was still the better overall weapon, and seen a lot more frequently than the other two. IW needs to stop listening to the MLG crybabies. First the MSBS (which needed A nerf, but not that strong of one), now the Bizon and CBJ

    When are they going to nerf the M27-IAR? That gun with thermal and suppressor is easy mode.

    • Edwin Cortez

      msbs is still a good gun you just need to be accurate, before the patch it was 2 hit kill everywhere now its just upper torso and head.

    • m27 requires 0 skill

      If you watched competitive you’d realize how OP the bizon actually was…. It essentially broke the game, as comp players have such unreasonably good accuracy! Although the gun didn’t really need a patch as it’s already banned on the MLG circuit and no one really abused its power in pubs. I totally agree that the m27 needs an accuracy nerf to prevent thermal camping pussboys. Everytime I see a 3+ K/D their preffered weapon is almost always an m27

  • Thanks Infinity Ward

  • JoeP

    So they reduce the effect of the Squad Mate…..what about reducing down the kill power of the stupid ass dog. a 5-kill streak for a 1-bite kill…..why not like mw2 where you could break the dogs neck to keep from dying. What am i doing….IW doesn’t listen to their community, they’d never entertain that suggestion haha

    • Mr Doge


  • AtomicPizza115

    Just when I actually started to like the cbj-ms 🙁

    • Josue Serna


  • k5berry

    “Gun Game final kills now require throwing knife kills” that makes this mode a whooole lot more interesting

  • Blake

    what tu is this?

  • Invincible dogs suck!!

    Maybe they could take away the mysterious juggernaut suit that the dog has, it takes 3 fucking sniper bullets to kill a dog and just 1 for a fucking person, the logic???

    • jooker-jr

      The dog is stronger than the player !

      Cod logic

    • Mitch

      And you can’t knife the dog unless it’s at very low health…

    • dogs arent OP quit bitchin

      Dogs are pretty easy to kill, if the health was lowered any further the dogs would die immediately… something that usually happens anyway

  • jordanxbrookes

    I’m glad they’re sorted out the spawns in most game modes.

  • ObV Swift

    Is it just me or is this a 75% garbage update.

    • blackgirls

      it’s just you…

  • This isn’t a big things, but it’s worth mentioning. The uniforms for players models in Create a Soldier are black now as opposed to digital blue.

  • k5berry

    I think that they should add wins and losses as a statistic for the Gun Game leaderboards

  • Shaun Sklarz

    So are they just going to keep reducing the damage to all the guns until they’re all basically pea shooters? Seems like when they nerf a set of guns, a new OP gun gets bitched about.

  • jippy

    Spawn fix? Well better late then never I suppose.

  • Sam

    did this patch finally fix the fps stutter issues on ps4?

  • bobby p

    Just played online tdm and screen still stuttering when moving around wtf you fix?

  • thearmusicgroup

    Is it true that this patch is 2.5 gb? I heard that from somewhere, and I would like to know before I download it.