In the official Call of Duty App, Beachhead Studio has revealed the dates for the next upcoming Clan Wars for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Bronze-Platinum Division will have their next Clan War starting May 14th and ending on May 19th. The location on the map will be New York.

The next Bronze-Platinum Division clash brings us Clan Wars: New York. In the Big Apple, your Clan’s mission is simple: crush your foes and see them driven before you as you claim your victory!

Diamond Division will have their next Clan War starting May 16th and ending May 18th. The location on the map is Bangkok.

Diamond Division is heading to Bangkok, Thailand for the next Clan Wars, bringing you your next change to unlock War Cry gear and earn Diamond Division Leaderboard points. Unleash your war dogs and don’t forget to check six!

SOURCE: Call of Duty App

  • Steve

    Can’t Wait this could be our golden ticket to diamond division.And it is our golden ticket.

    • James

      Howdy neighbor!

  • James

    Hi Steve aren’t you my neighbor? I thought you hated cod.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Can you stop spamming, thankyou 😉

      • Potato Republic

        Checked out your channel. Sure is better than Ali-a.
        You got yourself a new subscriber.

  • Auzi

    Wahat time does clan wars start EST

    • Mr. One-9 Hitman

      3 est

  • Auzi


  • This will be the first Clan War I’ve actually done this year. After a 1 1/2 year hiatus from my clan I’m really happy to get with a group of people and complete. Now only if the clan level was higher so we could earn more stuff….

  • thecat-ass-trophy

    They should have the clan wars with black ops 2 or some older cods (or possibly with advanced warfare), since i don’t like ghosts…

  • Confirminator
    • tim begin

      Thanks for sharing ?

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        He’s just trying to get upvotes. Just ignore it.

        • Rorke File

          I have just confirmed it

        • Confirminator

          You can have my up votes. Ghosts is still boring. Many of the old CoDs deserve more attention. Lets get more players excited about the old CoDs.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I meant how the picture and the comment is irrelevant to the article is just asking for attention, and I don’t want your upvotes. The old CoDs, though they’re fun, aren’t exciting, as we know everything about them already.

      • Confirminator

        Your welcome

        • Wish Chaos


  • Fading Lee

    So glad to be done with diamond division and all those armors


      add me LIGT SCOPER if u got xbox 360

      • Fading Lee

        I don’t play ghost since we have all the unlocks and no one in the clan really likes ghost so I probably wouldn’t play with you

  • anon

    Never been in a clan war want to but no.clan would take me

    • Whodaman 01

      Devious Ones is accpecting all people, dont have a smart phone to use the call of duty app, dont sweat it, u can download Bluestacks, whice will allow u to run almost any app from ur computer, just DL that with the callofdutyapp apk file

  • ObV Swift

    I do enjoy what Ghosts is doing with the whole clan wars idea, really innovative.

    • T2 is RIPPIN

      Not really league play was the way to go but all you noobs found it hard and complained. I swear IW lives or dies by the scrub sword.

      • jordanxbrookes

        No Public Match is the way to go, but all the competitive cry babies didn’t like it so Treyarch made League Play to shut you up.

        • i♥COD

          Are you joking!? League Play was an amazing addition. Owning public lobbies got so boring. League Play should now be standard in all cods

  • Viktor

    When does the clan wars start?


    Specopselite is always considering New applicants. Our minimum requirement is a KD of 1.0. Check us out at you can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook as well as watch some of our live feeds good luck to all the other clans on this upcoming clan wars

  • gemz

    Wot time does it start in the uk?

  • B_Clink

    3 P.M EST

  • The G

    add me on Xbox 360 Gamertag: LIGT SCOPER need a clan

    • KeepCalmChiveOn

      what are your stats?

    • Steve


  • Iiiiiii


  • Bob Mit

    The try hards will be on tonight.

  • Potato Republic

    I have a question for you all. Why do some of you guys hate Extinction? I don’t really see nothing wrong with it. Can someone please explain?

    • Ryumoau

      from what i can tell it doesn’t have all the story and easter eggs that Zombies mode has set the standard for.

      • jooker-jr

        But IMO Extiction is a great overall and I hope IW improve it in their next games

        • Potato Republic

          Yeah. I wish Sledgehammer would include Extinction in A.W and have IW do just that. But I still want to see what Sledgehammer will offer us for a co-op mode.

          • kyr95
          • Ryumoau

            nice, thanks.

          • kyr95

            No big 🙂

          • MichiganerE

            2.5 years?! Yep, this campaign is going to be amazing! But the question is, can it live up to the amazement of CoD 4’s campaign?

          • kyr95

            Well the ammount of years the story is written dont matter to me, what matters is that i finally see the developers to give emphasis on the campaign like never before. Could this mean extra hours of single player? And as of your question considering Cod 4, who knows, but i can definitely see it Almost as amazing as Cod 4.

      • Potato Republic

        The Extinction storyline is actually pretty decent (Assuming you’ve even bought the DLC or collected the intel if you have.) And don’t get me wrong, I loved the easter eggs in zombies, but I like the overall seriousness Extinction has.

  • Prodigyrubin

    why didnt clan wars start yet

  • bRyan

    *chance, not change. On the diamond description. 😉

  • This has nothing to do with this and is very early, but I want to say it. I believe the Treyarch game could be either “Black Ops 3” “WaW 2”, or “a steampunk themed game”. I would prefer and would like WaW 2. That would be so much fun. I don’t want Black Ops 3 and then we would have 2 futuristic games in a row. Or I would also like a steampunk game, kind of like the theme of Origins Zombies without the zombies. Anyone agree?

    • Jari

      Im allready happy when 3arc makes the game ;p. But SHG look good too..

    • Potato Republic

      Personally, I’d prefer a Vietnam COD. Black Ops was the closest we’ve ever been to one. and I don’t know about you, but getting to call in Huey Gunship strikes and other neat stuff really caught my attention.

      • Vietnam would be awesome. A totally different war than any other Cod.

        • Potato Republic

          *Sigh* I miss spamming Nuketown with Napalm and B-52 carpet bombings..good times..

        • Sal

          Or Korean War?

        • Jrzfine

          Osama Bin Laden character DLC inbound

    • Spoderman

      It is WaW 2, they continue to hint that.

  • kyr95
    • Ryumoau

      giving away stuff? like info or swag (t shirts or posters)?

      • kyr95

        T-shirts and posters

  • Rutger Poortman

    What the F is the reward for winning it?

    Or else it just would be a waste of time -_-”

  • MrsRicardo Graves

    what time does clan wars end