Well known pro player Nadeshot posted on the OpTicGaming SubReddit a lengthy post addresses a lot of the rude remarks and comments he’s been getting recently. Some people have been claiming that he hasn’t been dedicated to playing anymore, however he’s one of the people responsible for brining competitive CoD to where it is today. He’s one of the most dedicated and well known Call of Duty players, who has been streaming every day for hours.

In the reddit post he has stated that he plans to retire from competitive Call of Duty after the 2014 season.

Here’s his full statement:

Over the last couple days, I’ve been bewildered by the things I have read on this sub reddit. This used to be the most visited link on my google chrome, but that is quickly changing because it’s not even enjoyable to read anymore. It honestly seems like there are so many misguided views about our team, and I just couldn’t listen to it without making a post.
Just because Scump, Proof, and Clayster are on playing gamebattles matches at 3 in the afternoon doesn’t mean I can be on to scrim. They have their own workloads, schedules, and daily routines and I have mine. Our team has been getting on at 6 est ever since Clayster joined the team in January, but now that you see them streaming early, it’s a gigantic witch hunt that Nadeshot doesn’t wanna play anymore. Guys, I’m 21 years old. I have a full time job. I have been making improvements in all aspects of my life, not just Call of Duty.
I have not missed one league match, not one 2K/5K, and maybe only 1-2 days of practice. But for whatever reason, everyone forgets the fact that Clayster has missed 10 days of practice/matches in the last 3 weeks. That’s 21 days guys, almost 50%. But, you see him playing GBs for 2 days, and you hear him saying “We need to scrim more.” and start pointing fingers because I’m not on at the time. Now, my goal here is not to throw Clay under the bus, because I don’t have any issues with the days that he missed, but I needed to use it as an example so that the witch hunt on this sub reddit can stop.
The other day when we were getting hit offline in our league matches, I said that we should just get off and reschedule because I didn’t want my team to play after everyone was continually getting hit offline. As you know, a lot of time in between maps can make your shot cold and decision making slow. I didn’t want to jeopardize a match because we weren’t warm anymore. That obviously paid off because we won our re-scheduled matches last night.
Honestly, this list can go on and on. Usually small comments and threads don’t bother me but I’ve just seen too many not to say anything. As much as I love my fans, it’s very frustrating for me to know things that a lot of you don’t. You don’t see this team offline, off streams, and away from tournaments so please stop acting as you know everything that is necessary to “fix” this team.
I know this whole post is going to sound very blunt and straight forward, but that is just how it has to be. It just seems that this whole community has a mob mentality. Also, for everyone that says I need to give up my spot as captain…don’t worry. 2014 will probably be my last year competing. I’m tired of trying to please everyone, prove everyone wrong, and stress out 24/7.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • Blaine

    What a cry baby.

    • Joan

      Put yourself in his shoes you asshole

      • Super_Deluxe

        Actually I wouldn’t care what others think of me if I was a pro and making 6 figures. Imagine if all pro sports players cared too much about their haters. This guy needs to learn that when you’re on the spotlight, you will get tons of hate. If he’s gonna give up on what he likes to do and is fortunate enough to make a living off of it, just because of the haters then he’s a failure. Yes he is a cry baby too. Maybe he should get off the Internet if he can’t handle the hate and is easily hurt by negative criticism.

      • Blaine


        you’re just as pathetic, pitying him. If you’re going to be a public figure you *need* to have thick skin.

      • ben wills


        cool guy.

        • M4

          I agree with you here, I played against him three times, he made the entire team feel like shit and ruined the game for us all, he camped so very hardcore, now I really don’t care about camping, but still, Money Money Money, he ruined the game for us all and my friend who was a level 10 at the time gave up playing CoD because of it, and honestly I say good for him, though I still play CoD, it is a terrible series now and requires little to no skill, Sadly I feel like an two-faced bitch because I have been in the CoD pro circuit for about 11 years now, thats the very beginning of CoD, before “pro” became a thing -M4

  • ccrows

    He should probably retire from Reddit before hanging up the controller.

    Sounds like he’s too worried about what other people think.

    “Real Pros” have tunnel vision, and can tune the BS out…

    • Mitch

      Yeah, you really shouldn’t be active like him on the internet if you can’t take the hate.

      • mlgprogscopingswawqer

        Shut up

    • Super_Deluxe
      • ..i think i wont visit the internet for a year or so

        • RileyWoofimposter

          ..i think i won’t let you love for another day or so before I assassina… I mean uh nice weather huh?

    • Josh

      I guess he’s off to Minecraft then…

    • Djay

      How do you know? Are you a pro gamer? Shut the fuck up mate you have no idea what it’s like.

  • Shardlotte

    Oh no. Stop. Please. Come back.

  • Ryumoau

    Thats really sad. i really liked him, from the couple videos i saw of him. I think he should just stay away from reddit first, before he decides on any rash decisions.

    I also heard that he wasn’t a big fan of Ghosts and called it the worst CoD in years. It can’t be fun having to play a game everyday that you aren’t enjoying much. Hopefully, Advanced Warfare will be great enough to spark his and the rest of the competitive CoD scene’s enthusiasm again.

  • Tom

    The first time I ever posted something on Reddit was because of this… I hate that people are getting all over Nade and just saying shit that is painful or annoying to him. I followed him from the start and hope he doesn’t retire. Would be such a shame.

  • Brad Portzer

    he left out the words Call of Duty is starting to go downhill and Call of Duty: Ghosts is the worse game i have ever played professionally. If Sledgehammer makes a better Call of Duty maybe i will keep playing through 2014

    • Mitch

      He has already said that Ghosts is shit (for competitive play).

      • DJAE

        Ghost is like the most competitive call of duty. That’s one reason people don’t like it

        • Drillz

          Yes! It’s mainly because of the hit detection. Even core feels like Hardcore modes now. Heavy Duty felt just like the rest of the CODs for me. That’s why when that mode was in I had alot of Fun in Ghosts because I didnt have to play passive.

        • Hostslayer

          No No its not

      • ben wills

        Funny how the competitive players want the skilless game. More entertaining for viewers, more money for them.

        • Brady

          What are you talking about? All of them prefer BlOps2 over everything and that was the most skill based CoD to come out.

          • ben wills


            BO2 and MW3 are two most skilless CoD’s to come out by a long long long mile. BO1 and WaW are the most skill based –> slower TTK, large maps with variety of ranges, not a horrid netcode (though BO1 had a hiccup). BO2 you grab an smg, run around a corner, spray down the enemy and he never saw you. Didn’t even need to aim. Much skill.

          • chiefs dog thinks chiefs dumb

            Funny how you didn’t mention Ghosts (you indirectly said Ghosts took more skill in your initial statement.. LMAO), which is what Nadeshot’s statement was about. He never mentioned past games as being bad for competitive. Ghosts has fast TTK, small maps used for competitive, and a horrid netcode (you only feel the last 1-2 bullets, making it seem you die instantly).

            Anyways, I think you’re talking about online pubs and your experience with BO2. There was so much metagame, and you’re basically putting it down like it took no skill and talking out of your ass. Why didn’t you get involved with BO2 competitive then? You probably could have made a few hundred thousand dollars since it was so “skilles.”

          • fires

            horrid netcode is bf. Cod’s netcode isnt a problem to the point of even mentioning it, also, wouldnt faster ttk and instant kills give a better competitive experience? I wouldnt really know, the only meta’s i know are TF2 and pokemon’s metas.

          • yes

            my point was that faster ttk and instant kills give a worse competitive experience. He mentioned the netcode first to argue against BO2, to which I argued that Ghosts isnt good either (although clearly better, I’m not a fanboy of BO2 or anything).

          • ben wills

            I haven’t been involved with competitive since 2010 in CSS. I like my hobbies, I don’t want my hobbies to become a chore unless there is a massive opportunity directly in front of me.

            BO2 is filled with the most BS in the series. The entire game is circumstantial advantage. Rarely do you win becasue you were actually better than someone. You won because of a faulty netcode, The game is pretty much only small maps, cqc, no recoil.

            Ghosts isn’t the most skillbased CoD, but it’s miles ahead of BO2 and MW3. Ghosts, however, has larger maps, variety of sightlines, making tactical movement and and ability to actually aim an issue. Also, Ghosts has the best CoD netcode since MW2, so I’m not really sure what you’re complaining about. Yes, it’s a fast TTK, which I don’t care much for, but at least I see my enemy before I die unlike BO2.

            But it’s clear at this point you understand nothing about game design. You just like the one you do better at, which is BO2 because it’s pretty much impossible to do bad. It has pretty much the lowest skill gap of the series, bar maybe MW3.

          • yo

            Looks to me like you’re basing your experience off of pubs while Nadeshot was basing the game off of competitive. You do know they use mostly small maps in competitive Ghosts too right?

            Ghosts has good hit detection, but not great overall netcode. Why are there instant deaths? Because of the bad netcode.

            Sorry, fast TTK = lower skillgap. Also I dont know whats up with your boner about sightlines. I didnt know that holding a sightline with fast killing weapons was more skilled over having to actually aim and having gunfights. Also, guns in Ghosts have the same or even less recoil than those of BO2, so I dont know what youre on about either.

            And same can be said for you, you just like this game better because you do better at it. But all that can be refuted by saying that I am better at Ghosts than BO2, which is the truth, I can show you if you’d like.

            I dislike MW3 so I’ll go with whatever you say against it though.

          • ben wills

            Fast TTK does = lower skill gap. BO2, despite in theory taking more shots, you die faster most of the time due to the netcode, at least at cqc. Again, never seeing the enemy. There is also a bloody lot of BS in that game. Ghosts has some to, but BO2 is worse.

            I’m aware competitive likes small maps, and that’s another reason I’m not to big on competitive (more entertaining for viewers). This bridges with the sightlines — a longer engagement requires more aiming talent. Flying around a cqc corner where your enemy takes up the entire screen doesn’t exactly require much talent. Correct, Ghosts has little recoil in the guns as well, something I have against the game.

            I do fine in both, but my KD is slightly higher in BO2, but I don’t like that because when anything happens in BO2 I don’t think it was earned most of the time. It’s like revenge spawning in MW3, I feel bloody embarrassed if I did so bad that it needed to place me directly behind someone who was doing good.

            The thing that irks me most about competitve CoD is that a good portion of them voice their opinion based off the entertainment for viewers watching instead of how the game is to play.

          • Unreal

            still better netcode than bo2 bo2 was horrible with its lag compensation you can watch this video for reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rowbZzfPMKk

          • Tyler Perlenfein

            BlOps2 had no lag at all for me even when I had the worst connection. I don’t know where you were for BlOps2 because you have to actually play it to criticize the game.

          • Dylan

            True that!

        • mlgprogscopingswawqer

          Ghosts takes no skill at all.

        • Lightless Wizard

          Every cod game after MW2 has been dumb down, I wanted to do competitive playing, I was also pretty good. Cod 4 and MW2 were the best. Bo1, Mw3, BO2 were trash I haven’t played Ghost. I will take MW3 over the top bo1 and bo2

          • ben wills

            What? BO1 took out pretty much all of the BS that MW2 had. Not sure where your getting that everything after MW2 was dumbed down, when MW2 was one of the most infuriating games of the series when it came to a million ways to automatically die.

          • Lightless Wizard

            MW 2 will go as one of the greatest cod.B01 was ok, explosives were to weak, which made a camp fest for people. Is also not my fault people can’t learn game mechanics to counter other game mechanics. Your just mad you were getting killed in MW2. COD4, MW2, BO1, MW3, B02 I my average KD for all the games was 1.80. TDM,Domination, Demolition, Capture the flag. I also played Hardcore. I also had a 1.80 KD for BF3. I will say after MW2 cod went down hill. I mean seriously Treyarc introduce tanks in WAW. Treyarch doesn’t know how to make a fun cod, but I blame the cod community for the dumb down of Cod. People not knowing how counter game mechanics and just want to have one class set.

          • ben wills

            You shouldn’t have to counter stupid shit. I do perfectly fine in MW2, but the game is BS a lot of the time. It isn’t fun to die without earning it, and it isn’t fun to get a kill without earning it. What’s the point. MW2 is like playing basketball with 3 basketballs. There is no coherency, or order, or strategy. Things just happen. BO1 is the best CoD, CoD 4 will go down as the greatest one.

          • Lightless Wizard

            BO1 was not great a game, explosives and noobtubes were to weak, besides being laggy game, they took out a bunch of perks. When people had martyrdom on cod 4 I never complain, when people through the 3 grandees at the beginning I didn’t complain. Is not stupid shit to encounter something the game mechanical’s was like a chess game, I bet you were mad in COD 4 MW2 because you were one of those people complaining about stupid shit, trying to work on killstreaks in a game and then got killed by martyrdom or someone who through a grenade. It was people like you the reason why we COD serious sucks and is nothing but a camp fest promoting head glitching. Everything after MW2 sucks it will never be as great like COD or MW2. Fuck Cod for being a dumb down series.

          • ben wills

            The dumbness in the series comes from randomness. I don’t like martyrdom because you don’t earn that kill, and I don’t deserve that death. People like you are why we got MW3 and BO2, the skilless of the bunch where you die a million different ways. BO1 fixed what was so broken in MW2, which was pretty much everything.

            You have to be a troll.

          • Lightless Wizard

            I have maintain a average 1.80 kd for cod in solo career. Bo1 didn’t fix shit it just created other things that can be exploited, that’s why people stop using explosives and started camping. I don’t care if you don’t like martyrdom if you were wise enough, you will know from the first time you died from martyrdom that you will have to avoid walking over recent dead enemy death bodies. People like you is the reason why cod went to shit. Only broken thing in MW2 was one man army, and commando. They should of gotten rid of pro perks that is it. The best perk System was COD4 system, the best killstreak system was MW2 system. Everything after mw2 started going down hill. All the Modern warfare series have brought something new to the table Like MW3 had the support, assault, specialist. Treyarch had tanks in was like wtf and they had 3,5,7 perks in waw. Treyarch hasn’t done shit to OCD series just rip off MW series and and dumb down cod for people like you. Fuck treyarch and I will still stomp you in your BO1 game.

      • Brad Portzer

        oh i didnt know that i dont follow competitive gaming, but its good to know that a lot of people agree that Ghosts has bad multiplayer

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          I disagree. Ghosts had the best multiplayer since Black Ops 1. It just lacked in innovation.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      Black Ops 2 is the worst CoD by far BECAUSE of competitive. If Advanced Warfare’s public matches are e-Sports-based, then I definitely will retire from multiplayer CoD.

      • Brad Portzer

        i still play black ops 2 and i enjoy playing. Ghosts multiplayer is horrible imo. i have tried going back to ghosts multiple times but i always follow the same routine. i play 2-3 matches, get frustrated, switch over to black ops 2, and have fun

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          Black Ops 2 is far more rage inducing imo. The op snipers, LMGs, Remington 870, FAL, SMR, shock charges, shock charge/betty combos, pick 7 system (Only using LIghtweight, Toughness, and Dexterity on all of your classes), etc. Plus it’s the most like CoD 4 CoD’s ever been. Ghosts was a huge step up from Black Ops 2 imo. Sure the game is boring, but it’s far more balanced and less rage inducing.

  • yo


  • What am i supposed to feel

    • Rorke File

      Sad from the sad news

    • Plato/Tomato


      • yes

        the best dog emotion

      • IceKoldKilla


        • Plato/Tomato

          nyaa-nyaa ;p

    • fires

      indifference, because i dont care for competitive cod. im a fucking casual when it comes to cod, fuck tryharding, just have fun, and troll when you’re bored. But shame he leaves because of a bunch of hate and blame

    • IceKoldKilla

      Happy? Isn’t he the leader of clan that is said to be the best but clearly just gets paid by CoD to show up at their tournaments? CoD Elite a couple years ago too. From just a few videos of them playing in tournaments it seems clear (at only first glance) that they clearly are not the best yet are promoted as so. I dunno. I really don’t give a fuck and won’t reply. I never liked wasting time watching clans play. I can be playing myself or learning something. I already wasted time on this article. I hope at least this comment opens people’s eyes and see that we are wasting time we will never get back. Time is lost forever. It’s not like money. Peace out. I hope him the best in life. And yeah he needs those eyes checked. Get some rest buddy.

  • BooBee

    Most of those guys that play competitive are young and I can’t imagine the stress they go through to win. He’s probably got ambitions to do “real life” goals away from gaming so I respect that.

  • Viktor

    People have been so rude to Nade, just because he have been doing less good for a minor period. Many are also jaloux of all his succes and are really using this time to unleash all their hate. Really hope Nade doesn’t quit competetive. He is my idol. And He is the main reason why COD is where it is today! Thanks Nade.

  • Spoderman

    I have never watched a nadeshot video, so I couldn’t care less.

    • Tweener™

      No videos at all ??

      • ………..

        I’m with him I haven’t watched one video either the only thing I guess considered “competitive” that I watched was when that rich dude had that tournament for money and the competitors were Whiteboy7thst, Wingsofredemption, Onlyusemeblade and some more people but I can not remember his name.

  • SilentNova

    OMG, such a sad day, what will we ever do if poor *sniff Nadeshit retires! What has the world come too!

  • Uzair Chief

    This is not the kind of news I visit CharlieIntel for.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Actually it is. Any COD news, including Competitive, is right for this site.

    • I’ve got to agree, not mine kind of news, all these posts about Xbox awesomeness, cool sales and some people been retired out of the game makes not much sense.
      Also, that’s imo, but competitive COD is BS. It’s only “competitive” because “THEY” keep forcing it. Each year new game for some pro players which use to be nothing but pub’ers as well.

      • I don’t think you understand competitive CoD, but it’s ok.

      • Keshav Bhat

        We play both Xbox and PlayStation. We aren’t fanboys of either console. ATVI + MSFT have a partnership for CoD news; and CoD and Xbox have gone together for a while, regardless of what you may think about the platform itself.

        Competitive CoD is what drives the “free” promotion post launch for ATVI, even if you could care less about it. Yes, the general community is always gonna be there, and we do post news about that all the time – including DLC updates, patch information, upcoming fixes, all the news on upcoming games. As for sales, that’s always something we posted and will continue to post.

    • Keshav Bhat

      I think we should clarify: charlieINTEL is a site for ALL and ANY Call of Duty news, including CODeSports news. eSports is a big part of the franchise, @simplecat:disqus, whether you guys want it to be or not. It provides a big exposure and marketing for Activision when it comes time for post launch active promotion.

      This is news here cause Nadeshot is highly respected players within the community. He’s been a CoD pro gamer for quite a while, and has earned respect within the competitive community.

      If you don’t like us posting this, sorry, we’re posting news that is relating and pertains to Call of Duty.

      • Ryumoau

        i appreciate all of the news you guys post on call of duty. And i agree that Competitive Call of Duty and eSports helps to improve the exposure of the franchise, which is a great thing.

      • Uzair Chief

        I was not aware that some people were so interested in competitive cod players….

        This website is mainly popular/attractive, because of the just-released call of duty news that is posted here, ready to be read and almost always accurate with no spam or other crap.
        I bet 90% of the visitors don’t even know this player nadeshot, not even me and I play Call of Duty since MW2.

        Also your comment reminds me a lot of microsoft #dealwithit scandal. We visitors keep the website running. The call of duty community isn’t the only audience that visits this website. My comment should be taken as an feedback.

        • Keshav Bhat

          I did take your comment as feedback, but you just said “This is not the kind of news I visit CharlieIntel for.” I understand that. You don’t have to click on eSports related posts then.

          If you want the latest news on Advanced Warfare only, then click the stories that pertain to that only. We’re offering a wide variety of news and information pertaining to Call of Duty.

  • HenryDF

  • James K


  • GinsuVictim


  • I hate everyone in this forum right now. Nadeshot is a nice guy. He inspired me to play Competitive Call of Duty. The quotes though: “I could care less.” “Real pros filter out the BS”. Just shut the fuck up! He makes youtube videos for everyone to appreciate and doesn’t have too. And yes I know he gets paid from it, don’t tell me. Ask yourself this “Is the hate really needed?” Then the assholes will say yes, but hey. You must have fun trashing on other peoples lives. Can’t we all be nice and return the Cod community to a nice community? Lastly thanks charlieintel for this news, I actually appreciate the news you post, thanks. Nadeshot don’t worry about the hate do whatever you want to do, it’s your choice and I will appreciate your decision no matter what. Ok I can’t wait for the Fan Boy comments! Because that’s all they have too say.

    • GinsuVictim

      I think the main issue on this site is we check for news related to the games, then we get an update and it’s something we don’t care about. I think more of the hate is directed at the article than the person (not true for everyone, though).

      • Well actually it is technically related to the games. Also they mostly hate the person not the article.

    • KenethKaniff

      u riding his dick harder than abella anderson

    • IceKoldKilla

      You clearly do not know how humans are by nature. It’s impossible for us as the race we are, to all cooperate and be nice. Anger, hatred, violence all forms part of our nature. Asking for peace can only last for so long until someone comes along and ruins it.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      I’ve been watching him since MW2 and I’ve always liked his content and considered him to be a good guy and an all around good person. When I found out that his mother passed away, I was sad FOR him. He’s been through so much. From working at McDonald’s to making six figures on Call of Duty, I think he deserves it more than any “pro player” out there. He’s not your stereotypical “pro player”. He’s not this arrogant douche bag and the same with Seth (Scump). Nade and Scump are the best CoD competitive has ever had, and losing those two players would mean the end of CoD competitive.

    • Omch

      I agree. And no its not dick riding. Its called being supportive and nice. Nadeshot, its really sad to see you go. Wish you the best of luck.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I like Matt. He’s the only competitive player, apart from Scump, that I watch. If he retires it will be a sad day for me.

  • Blumky

    You think the guys on EG give two shits what Reddit says about them? Why do you think they don’t stream etc. Do you really think its a good idea to show your competition how you play everyday by streaming for hours on end. To be a champion you have to be able to handle the hate and the love. Clearly he cant do that and that is why he is always looking up at the end of every tournament.

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    tbh cant blame that hes kinda given up he makes more money not playing competitive. and he has a point and i reckon many of us here are in jobs were we feel like that too.

  • Ryan

    “Stress” Oh jesus haha, I can’t even. HAHAHAHAHA christ man, this dude is “stressed?” Y’all falling for this shit?

    • Brady

      Obviously you don’t understand how much work it is to be successful on YouTube and in comp. CoD. The guy works for 10+ hours a day creating videos and playing a game he hates. CoD might be fun but not when your life revolves around it completely. Plus, they sacrifice their life (social and going to college) to a career that might fail in a year.

      Think before posting ignorant things like this.


    he should never read up about yourself on the internet, as much as the internet is good there is a lot of haters, if Wayne Rooney did a image search of himself, he would top himself with looking at all the piss take photoshopped pictures. Take it with a pinch of salt. Then again we don’t know whats going on in his head he could just be depressed and going through a rough patch, if he is depressed heres the best quote that helped myself battle it is this…..

    ”The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty
    place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees
    and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is
    gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s
    about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can
    take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

    Thats from Rocky 6

  • Franco

    I’m going to write this down on my list of things that i dont give a shit

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      lol! Well said!

  • ben wills

    Care Cup |_|

  • IceKoldKilla

    He should stop drinking energy drinks and rest more. I’ve barely read anything on Nadeshot but I do have opinions on Optic that I think many of us share but then point is his eyes are fucked like if he were on drugs. He needs his daily rest.

  • Brandon

    Checking reddit daily would be the first of his problems. Honestly if you are no longer having fun doing what you love then you should retire. I mean this is a new thing going on with the competitive COD pushing for mainstream. No one said you couldn’t come back. This isn’t the NBA where once you retire your done. This is a game based on muscle memory, and quick decisions. You don’t loses that in your 20’s. In other sports you retire because your old, injured etc. Take a year off get your mind right come back. You might not be making any money during this, but heck it’s better than suffering daily through it. People who stream all day etc that’s there life. It’s cool to be able to do that when your 15-19 but after that you kinda probably want a little more from life. I’m 27 and I know for a fact I would never be satisfied with a competitive COD lifestyle. Sometimes you want more in life. I don’t know nade, nor do I even follow his YouTube etc. But if you want to be a pro at something you have to have thick skin. What the hell does it matter what some 16 year on reddit says. Damn it’s the internet everyone is a tough guy. Move the hell on and get over it! But to go back on reddit and pull a poor me post it shows how self consciousness you are, and your just inviting the haters in. That’s my rant hope you enjoyed it.

  • Well this sucks, Nade’s one of my favorite pro players.

  • gippers

    The real problem is there are tons of teenagers that are fans of Optic and they resort to their high school drama because Optic isn’t getting 1st place at every event. Nadeshot should just leave Optic and go to a different team where it might actually be appreciated.

  • Competitive COD, what a joke!

    He has a future outside of COD? Unlikely. His “workload” of being employed at under $15 a hour is gonna get him far for sure. His ego will kill him. Its not the fans. Its his self-worth. He wants to be known as THE Nadeshot, respect him or die. Not Nadeshot, the pro cod player. He wants to be the guy that never has anything wrong with him. He should quit now if hes that self-spent. Competitive cod is pathetic excuse anyways. Its a scapegoat for “Gamers” to think they have a career in playing videogames as “Athletes”, WHAT A JOKE!

    • Omch

      Nice opinion. But, your dumber than you claim nadeshot is. Nobody is an athlete. Its ESPORTs for a reason. He’s not self spent. If he was why the fuck would he care what other people think of him? NONE OF US know anything about him that we can throw dirt on for sure. Stop being a prick. Your ego seems to crush you.

  • Jimmy Dean

    Retiring? LMAO people are acting like its a sport

  • BMoe

    OpTic Needs a Counter Strike Team!

    • Kill Denied

      Optic doesn’t need to exist

  • Bob Mit

    I’m so sad… jk

  • Rob Schneider

    Typo: ‘responsible for brining competitive ‘
    Not sure if typo or not
    Always got your back

  • chris

    he has a full time job on top of being a pro?

  • Tommy McNulty

    Kudos, Nade. COD gamers mistakenly believe they know everything. You could spend your whole life playing “their way” and they’d never be happy. I retired after BO2, and I’ve never been happier. Clanless

  • M4

    Again I still feel like a two-faced ass for being in the pro circuit and saying this but Stop being such a baby, actually no go ahead “Retire” maybe CoD will finally be fun again for the newer crowd because people like you are gone then maybe people who are playing just for fun wont feel like shit for not getting a super positive score and bullshit like that…..Granted it is fun making the ten – twelve (or younger) year old kids who shouldn’t be playing rage but still that’s besides my point… -M4

    • warzy

      do you even know what you’re saying? pro players dont go into team deathmatch,hey team scrim or play in there league matches and practicce for tourneys, where they can make more money in two days than you do in a year. god people are stupid.

      • M4

        Do you even know what /you’re/ saying? pro players go into public Team Deathmatchs all the time to refine their skills or just for fun or as some of them love to do Troll, I play in the pro circuit, I have been in over 37 tourneys, I have made and continue to make well over $30,000 a year not including tournaments,yes that is not allot but still, my six man team and I train about 6-10 hours a day with Sundays off, we have partaken in tournaments paying $400,000 or more each, my team and I have played against the likes of Team 3D, and a bunch of teams hailing from Team Razer (non console) , ETK (clan has died as far as I know) and yes even OpTic, I have personally played against two guys known as Fatal1ty and LighTofHeaveN (non related to Xbox or Ps3 pros) god people think they know everything and run their mouths. -M4

  • NadeshotDarkCircles

    He looks pretty tired, we can see his dark circles

  • fishburn26

    If anything the little bitch needs to hang the controller up I never even heard of the muthavucka until now he shit I seen his bids only good thing about his vids is that he puts bright colors over them 😮

  • fishburn26

    If anything the little girl should hang up the controller only heard about him today only good thing about him and his videos is that he throws sad little bright coulours over them ..,., AIMING THIS AT RILEYWOOF AND HIS DAD!!

  • ColonelBoston

    What a fucking baby. Real life is gonna long dick him hard.

  • Atomic Yoshi

    He’s just on his period, he’ll stay.

  • Atomic Yoshi

    How can people seriously call THIS a sport?,it’s the exact opposite…

  • thebulky1cometh

    Hahaha people actually CARE about electronic “sports” enough to badger this guy on forums?! You’ve GOT to be kidding me

  • Wish Chaos

    I honestly don’t care if he leaves or not. I’m not saying he isn’t a really good player, but the competitive CoD scene is so ridiculous it’s not even funny. I am so sick of Call of Duty working for the 1-5% of people who play this game competitively as opposed to the other 95% of casual players. Either way, if Nadeshot wants to quit, that’s his decision. Honestly can’t say I blame him. His talent can be used elsewhere and become a entertaining streamer. I want to see him play casually and not care about money, but much rather have fun with the game.

  • TheUnionJake

    Thank God, that fucker was annoying as hell. All pro players are.

  • O.no.U.Dihint

    “Competitive Gaming” . . . Well now he can move onto “Professional Eating” or “Challenging Breathing” . . .

  • ManUp

    Awwww, gaming is so hard!!!

    I just need to quit cause it’s too much to handle …

    F%&king cry baby, MAN UP and grow a F%&king pair of BALLS!!!

  • general player

    I’ve been a fan of nade more than you can imagine since one of inspiration is shutting down after building this team strength there’s nothing left to do but bite the cold dust nade is great player and all and he’s leaving all the fans alone with nothing but the memories’ of his great plays at mlg if you’re a fan of nade post and tweet this everywhere cheers to one year nade cheers for one year posted by the General player………….

  • advista

    He is getting worse