A whole bunch of micro items are coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts. Six new personalization packs, a new Soap Legend Pack, and two Voice Overs packs – one that’s Snoop Dogg’s voice (ya ready?) and one that’s a Drill Instructor. The voice over packs will change the voice that narrates every firefight in Multiplayer, alerting you of killstreaks, enemy activity, etc.

These are the items that are available now on PlayStation Network for both PS4 and PS3 and PC on Steam:

Legend Packs: 

  • Legend Pack – Soap – $3.99

Play as the iconic field commander of Task Force 141, Captain John “Soap” MacTavish, in Call of Duty®: Ghosts Multiplayer. The Soap Legend Pack contains a Soap Multiplayer Character and unique Personalization Pack featuring a themed weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

Personalization Packs: 

  • Molten Pack – $1.99

Turn up the heat in every battle with the Molten Personalization Pack, containing a lava-hot camo and themed reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Eyeballs Pack – $1.99

Your enemies will stare into the eyes of destruction with the Eyeballs Personalization Pack, containing an unblinking camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Blunt Force Pack – $1.99

Deliver chronic lethality when you customize with the new Blunt Force Personalization Pack, complete with all-new themed camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • 1987 Pack – $1.99

Retrograde your customization options with the 1987 Personalization Pack. This radical makeover includes a righteous themed camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Heartlands Pack – $1.99

Protect your team with the help of the Heartlands Personalization Pack, providing customization in the form of a patterned camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Hex Pack – $1.99

Bring an authentic and high tech look to your customization options with the Hex Personalization Pack. Get a camo, as well as themed reticle, patch, playercard and background.

Voice Over Packs: 

  • Snoop Dogg VO – $2.99

Jump into Ghosts Multiplayer with none other than Snoop Dogg himself. The iconic rapper narrates every firefight in Multiplayer, alerting you of killstreaks, enemy activity, and generally giving your combat style some street cred. Ya dig?

  • Drill Instructor VO – $2.99

Multiplayer returns to boot camp with the all-new Drill Instructor Voice Pack voiced by the one and only R Lee Ermey, aka The Gunny. Swap out your in-game alerts with ones that will get you back into top combat shape. Now, drop down and give me twenty!


  • Squad Pack – Extinction – $2.99

Create your own alien-smashing soldiers in Multiplayer with the Extinction Squad Pack. The interchangeable heads and uniforms will have you looking ready to take down any Cryptid hive or Multiplayer opponent.

Also, the previously pre-order only “Classic Ghost” (Simon Riley Ghost character) Pack is available for $1.99.

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  • clickmo

    lets get some dlc leaks!

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      This already came out for Xbox.. lol.

    • ccrows

      Yup “Invasion” is right around the corner. Hope to get some info soon… 🙂

      • SilentNova

        “Invasion, for the first time ever, you can man the giant Terminator drone on the battlefield!” That would just be sick, sucks that IW did not include the “field order kill streaks” as permanent kill streaks, to be able to use in other maps as “kill streaks”. Aside from Michael Myers, and Predator of course, the A10 Strafe run would be amazing on some of the core maps of Ghosts. Way better than the Loki imo

  • CharlieIntel


    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Says it in the title. It’s already clear.

  • Michael

    I feel bad for the psn people because I feel like it takes forever for you guys to get these micro dlc’s and map packs. When your on xbox, it feels like the micro dlc’s and map packs have been out more than 2 months pn xbox when it didnt even release for the psn yet.

    • you’re right that’s how i feel 🙁 like if you cry everytime

      • Michael

        I don’t cry!!!!! It’s you who should be crying young sechwar!! (idk jk) 😀

        • Xb1sucksass

          I’d be crying if I’d chosen an XB1 over the PS4…

    • SilentNova

      Thank you for your sorrow, unfortunately, we have to suffer through this kind of treatment for a possible another 2 years, (whatever is left in this year, and Advanced Warfare)

      • Michael

        Well you don’t know that. I thik it could change at anytime. Maybe during the summer time it’ll change and pan gets dlc first. I don’t really know but it’s just a theory.

        • SilentNova

          Let’s hope so my niqqa

        • IceKoldKilla

          Nope. M$ and Craptivision have contracts to have timed-exclusive DLC. Before it was established for 3 years I think, then an extra year and now they’ve done it again meaning the contract is until November of this year, not summer. Having only 1 year deals COULD mean Craptivision wants to be safe in case they see Sony offers a good enough deal to change sides or make it equal. Having a long contract can be bad if shit goes down.

          • Michael

            True, I get what you mean

        • Baldmanz_RAGE

          As long as Microsoft has money they will never give up the exclusivity deal with Activision! I’m proud to own a PS4 and have learned to live with it. I only mind when to dlc/micro t’s come out for a game I care about. Which I may have to wait for Treyarch’s game for that to happen.

    • Jippy

      I don’t really mind it, by the time the micro dlc came out I was bored. And when new ones comes out im ready to give it another go.

    • IceKoldKilla

      Don’t feel bad. We’ve been the same since MW2 (am I correct?). It honestly doesn’t matter too much anymore. If you think about it, the first DLC arrives late BUT everything else takes the same time to arrive although it arrives late compared to Xbox. Basically I mean the wait between the 1st DLC and the 2nd DLC is the same so once we get the 1st DLC, we have equally the same time to enjoy it before the next DLC.

      • Michael

        Yeah I’m pretty sure your correct.

    • HitmanGamingHD

      Yeah, I and all of my fellow Playstation gamers have to deal with it. It sucks

      • Michael

        Well at least you guys get to see gameplay on xbox before you purchase it. For example, xbox players get dlc first meaning we play it before you guys. You guys get to see gameplay on the micro dlc’s and map packs BEFORE you purchase it. You can judge yourself by looking at xbox players playing the game with these dlc items. If your a person who visually judges stuff and makes up your mind before you buy the dlc items then its kind of a gamble for you then. That’s how I am at least.

        • True, but it ruins the surprise. You can be waiting for 3 months for a new DLC, and you’re excited to get your hands on it, and you have all these videos on youtube exploiting the excitement of PSN/PC users and it becomes stale more quickly. That’s why from now on I’m refusing to let myself to look at anything more on Advanced Warfare. I’m going to ignore all videos and articles, so I have no idea what will be in store, and the game will be more fresh for longer.

          • Michael

            True, but you gotta stick with AW info this game looks sick! but like you said, it’ll ruin the surprise if your that type of person but its completely up to you.

    • HitmanGamingHD

      For example, It is like you got to look at and hold your christmas present the month before christmas. By the time christmas come that present is no longer as fun as it would be.

      • Michael


  • Damien Anderson

    Must. Have. Extinction. Squad pack. Rrrrrrrgh.

    • SilentNova

      Quite frankly, the suits and uniforms do look awesome, but I prefer getting the legend pack Soap, purchased the Price one, which I regret since I could have saved that cash for something else lol, and the Makarov one which is great. Even if I cant see a huge difference in my character myself, I still want to be able to look as Soap lol. Its out money, we can spend it on useless crap if we want lol

    • Lost Nigga v2

      But you poor #OopsMyBad

      • Damien Anderson

        Dont make me shoot a flare gun at your dick.

  • k5berry

    FINALLY ps gets the awesome VO packs and 1987, the only good camo in the game. Is it supposed to represent how everyone was high as a kite in the 80s? Like looking very trippy? Or is just expressing how everything in the 80s was bright and colorful

    • SilentNova

      1980’s looks really cool. Maybe ill give it a buy, maybe, but before that, ill put 10 dollhairs down to buy the Soap pack and Snoop Dogg VP, I heard it gets super annoying to listen to after a while , but meh, tired of listening to the one in the game.

  • The Extinction Squad Pack has some unannounced and unprecedented features: Its FEMALE soldier models are really GIRLY, very distinct from male models. Look that shorter “Tank Girl” over there!


    • Damien Anderson

      It would be really cool if IW released a WWII squad pack.

      • Lost Nigga v2

        It would be cool if you quit asking for new shit instead of bring the old stuff back

        • IceKoldKilla

          It would be cool to let people ask for what they want. After all they are customers just like you and me. We bought this game and we are the ones they are targeting with these micro-transactions/DLC.

          • Hokdpls

            So like how treyarch did with voting for the camos that you wanted?

          • SilentNova

            That was nice what they did. And then include the Camos after Bops 2

        • jordanxbrookes

          New Shit? You mean Drop Zone 😉

          • Wish Chaos

            I want All or Nothing!!!

          • I believe you mean Feed Zone. That’s where all the QuickScopers are. No wait….they’re everywhere. :'(

          • jordanxbrookes

            If you remember April 1st Drop Zone had the name changed to New Shit that’s why I said it, but yh quickscopers are so annoying.

          • I know. Haha. I think Feed Zone would’ve been a better name on April 1st

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Wow, it makes the female actually look female.

  • SilentNova

    Finally, been waiting for a while for this drop, just a quite fyi to those people interested in the Soap Legends Pack, Soap’s hand models, his gloves, are the same as the ones from the Rorke player skin which is 2 bucks… Just something id like to address, still will be buying the Soap one, and maybe the Snoop Dogg VP. Overall, excited just to spice up multiplayer just a little.

  • Stealth_Valtsu

    I don’t care about Ghosts anymore. It sucks compared to Battlefield 4 and almost any other FPS game out there.

    • fires

      LOL ghosts may be kinda bad, but BF4 sucked ass, quit playing after the glitchy bullshit, i couldnt come back even when they fixed the glitches, and it pissed me off how they tried compensating with free china rising, and unlocking all pistols and grenades, (I think shotties and DMRs were unlocked too, but i dont remember). Not a fan of BF, but BF4 was plain disappointing compared to BF3.(Current gen more specifically)

      • Stealth_Valtsu

        BF4 is pretty stable and netcode been fixed.

  • Aaaaaaand what the bollocks ’bout PC? Oh well, I suppose some platform has to take the fall .-.

    • IceKoldKilla

      Doesn’t it release at the same time for PSN and PC?

      • They did on the last batch, but CharlieIntel didn’t mention the PC in this article, so I figured that all of us 4,000 PC gamers had to wait a bit longer. Who knows, I may be wrong.

        • Keshav Bhat

          We didn’t mention it cause I can’t 100% confirm the date. But it should be May 22nd for PC as well.

          • Aaaah, affirmative ^^ Can’t wait to get killin’ with Snoop X3

  • cesc-2007

    Took them long enough to release a date for PSN. A poor thing by IW.

  • Who of you is dying to kill with SOAP???

    • HitmanGamingHD

      Boy am I. I like alot of people have a ps4. I guess if there is one thing about getting DLC late it is that we PS people learn a hecka lot of patience.

      • HitmanGamingHD

        Anyone that has a PS4 my ID is HitmanGamingHD.

  • Viktor

    Soap and the announcer voices are there, but none of the camos?!

  • Penguin-Kun


  • Kobrah

    Can anyone else not purchase any of the new camos? I can get every thing else from the latest micro DLC drop though

    • midz

      Same i cannot
      Biggest shit show ever.

  • Bmeowmix

    Bought a voiceover pack. Most regrettable decision ever

  • Bakon

    Why is the extinction squad pack $3.99 for PSN and only $2.99 for Xbox Live?

    • Bakon

      Nvm, it’s also $3.99 on the Microsoft Store. Typo on Charlie Intel’s Fault.

  • Yeah, NOW available. Smh.