In the official Call of Duty App, Beachhead Studio has revealed the dates for the next upcoming Clan Wars for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Bronze-Platinum Division will have their next Clan War starting May 28th and ending on June 2nd. The location on the map will be Tokyo.

The battle moves east with this week’s Bronze-Platinum Clan War, beginning Wednesday, May 28th at 12pm PDT and continuing through Monday, June 2nd at 12pm PDT. 

Diamond Division will have their next Clan War starting May 30th and ending June 1st. The location on the map is Sydney, Australia.

Directly south, Diamond Division Clans will compete over a three-day period, beginning Friday, May 30th and continuing through Sunday, June 1st. 

Regional Times:

  • Pacific: Starts 7pm PDT, finishes 11pm PDT
  • Eastern: Starts 7pm EDT, finishes 11pm EDT
  • Europe: Starts 7pm CEST, finishes 11pm CEST

Diamond Division Rule Adjustment:

At the start of each day, the Federation will hold all of the nodes. Resetting the nodes levels the playing field, rewarding consistent activity at the beginning of each day’s engagement. 

To further reward Clans defending captured territories, we’re including a hold bonus for the third day in addition to the first and second day of the war.

Beginning with this bar, there will be a fixed degradation of Diamond Division Leaderboard points over time. 

Beachhead Studio is also introducing a new Party Emblem Pack for your Clan’s emblem. You can edit your Clan’s emblem through the emblem editor within the Call of Duty App:

Starting with Tokyo and Sydney, Clans can now unlock Emblem Packs containing 5 new emblems each with the in-app Emblem Editor, starting with the Party Pack. 

Bronze-Platinum Division Clans can unlock the pack by finishing top 3, while Diamond Division Clans will automatically unlock wit. All Clans must earn at least 1 CP during the war to qualify for Emblem Packs. 

SOURCE: Call of Duty App

  • First

    • Drillz

      Bro, dont nobody give a fuck nigga.

      • Thanks, that means a lot to me

      • jordanxbrookes

        Your comment is disgraceful. You missed the question mark: “don’t nobody give a f*** n****.” makes no sense. Who asks a question without a question mark? Terrible.

      • You fucking suck you prick

  • Tommy Day


  • SoSoon

    Clan wars again!! I thought we just had one, this sucks for people with a job and a life. ARRRGGG

    • MazeMatik

      Last Clan War was almost 2 weeks ago during the week from may 11 to 17!

      There’s never been 2 Clan Wars 2 weeks in a row as there’s only one Clan War every 2 weeks sometimes even every 3 weeks when Beachhead decides to report them for various reasons such as holidays.

      One Clan War every 2 weeks, whether it’s a 5 days Bronze/Platinum or 3 days Diamond during the week-end, is very reasonable and surely not too frequent in my opinion.

      Some people manage to find time between life and job to play Clan Wars with their friends and clan members once every 2 weeks so I don’t want to see Clan Wars change to a once every month cycle just to please people who buy a game they can barely play.

      • yeah

        Clan wars killed my clan. The leader started kicking ppl that didn’t play every day. I left BC I don’t believe in kicking ppl BC they got to work. I work 70 hours in a week the last thing I want to do is spend 4 hours playing clan wars

      • SoSoon

        Exactly what you said “some people manage to find time” however those who work hard to pay the bills on time and pay for those who don’t, makes it kinda hard to play every two weeks. It’s just a game I understand but still it kind of sucks for people who serve their country and can’t chose their times. But that’s just me, cant wait for COD advanced warfare though lol


    They should add more “real” rewards to CW… Our clan already has more than enough victories in diamond division. Maybe something like titles and those costumes, necessarily not war cry type… But my biggest wish is to get more prestiges

  • jordanxbrookes

    I’m more excited for the E3 lineup than Clan Wars 😀

    • Watch_Dogs? Are they delaying it again although it’s released tomorrow?
      I really doubt this is real. Beyond Good & Evil 2 wasn’t even announced or confirmed. As I stated above, Watch_Dogs (Might be DLC, unlikely though). And Titanfall, although it is DLC but why would they take some of their time to showcase 3 maps?

      • jordanxbrookes

        It was apparently posted up on E3’s website 3 weeks ago so it’s a bit old.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Didn’t include Far Cry 4 either. They showed the poster for FC4 like a month ago, so I’d be surprised if we didn’t see anything from them. Also, no Assassin’s Creed, which is odd since they’re now doing yearly releases. I think this might be fake. Then again, nothing is confirmed yet. And like extreme said, Watchdogs already got released.

          • Grenada!

            Far Cry 4 and AC will be at the Ubisoft conference. Also I don’t think we’ll see a new BF this year, more like 2015.

          • They said a new Battlefield is coming this year, no?

          • PandaMan

            Ubisoft confirmed that fC4 will be at e3 😉

      • People already have the games,and some are already torrenting it.There wont be another delay

        • I know, that’s why I’m skeptical about this list.

    • HopefulWatcher

      I’m looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront 3, that was my favorite game back in the old Xbox days

    • Keshav Bhat

      I believe this was confirmed fake by Geoff Kiegley.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Ok cheers.

        • Keshav Bhat

          But either way, E3 will be exciting 🙂

          • jordanxbrookes

            Indeed it will 🙂

          • Ryumoau

            yes. i’m looking forward to Advanced Warfare gameplay reveal and whatever new game Naughty Dog is making for ps4. 🙂

        • Remove it maybe?

    • Angelreborn96

      Omg YAASSSSS!??. But I know I’m on a cod forum.. But there’s no next battlefield? IM JUST CURIOUS. No hate please.

      • Confirminator

        If so, it’s likely not going to be made by DICE. “Battlefield: SWAT” is the rumor for E3 2014.

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          If it’s CQC with some sort of killstreaks then I’ll buy it.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Battlefield: Hardline is the new rumour coming out this year. It also states that Visceral Games is making this game, which will be huge competition considering Condrey and Schofield were originally part of Visceral Games.

        • Angelreborn96

          Ty Ty Ty

    • Tayler Hammond

      Why is Watch Dogs listed. It will already be out.

    • Grenada!

      Why would the show gameplay of Titanfall, Second Son and Watch Dogs when they are all released? Also you won’t see gameplay footage of Gears of War 4, more a tech demo or teaser than anything. Halo 5 will have gameplay no doubt and I’m pretty sure we will see some gameplay of Uncharted 4. So I can see this being fake but we won’t know until E3.

  • Clan Wars died along time ago for me

  • Trizay

    So is there not gonna be a post about the possible Call of Duty: Zombie Collection leak from Gamestop? I know that it could likely be fake but usually Charlieintel still posts about possible leaks.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      The picture seems fake since the zombie in the background of the photo has already been used for a previous COD Zombies poster. Also, the link you used is weird, here’s the screenshot for everyone else. The words look photoshopped in. If this was real, people would have probably taken a more zoomed in screenshot.

      • Trizay

        Yeah, I don’t believe it’s real yet but man if it is words can’t describe my happiness.

      • Grenada!

        If dat is real, I will run out on the street naked because god, I miss zombies, that’s why I wish I never got a next-gen console because I’m stuck with Ghosts that I don’t even play anyway. Last time I played Ghosts was about 2 months ago, TF is where it’s at until AW comes out.

  • noah

    this game sucked the life out of cod for the year even big youtubers are struggling to get viewers it caters to crappy players with no gun skill they should scale it back to the basics way to many perks and nonsense like the oracle,tracker sight,motion sensors and reskinned old maps that should be free

    • crappy players with no gun skill? i think you mean Black ops 2

      • Bo2 takes considerably more skill to play than ghosts!

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          No, it doesn’t. BO2 doesn’t take any skill at all. You just run around and hipfire a sub and you’ll end up positive. Now Ghosts on the other hand takes a lot of skill and brain function to play. You can’t just run around like a fool and expect to be successful. BO2 tried hard to suppress my playstyle while Ghosts got it right. Camping should always trump mindless run and gunning and this is what made Ghosts the best COD, IMO.

          • The best CoD, eh? Well, I have now heard everything. Fair enough.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Ignore him, he’s a troll.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            So I’m a troll just because I camp, defend camping, and an advocate of the camping playstyle.

            You must be one of those people who run their mouths ingame whenever their enemies don’t play the way they want them to.

          • I find peoples definition of camping varies severely. I, with the rest of my clan focus on high traffic areas, in the open battlefield, work cooperatively when a team mate gets killed, are constantly moving playing the objective and listening for enemies and enemy call outs.

            Yet we still get called campers – most of the time by players that sit on red pallets or boxes in darkened corners the entire game and go 7 – 23.

            The average CoD player (in Ghosts anyway), sits rubbing themself in a corner, just about maintains a 0.9 K/D which seems to be the average, and trolls anyone that does well and earns the high kill streaks (Helo’s – Loki’s etc). Any so called “none camper” or run and gun player that it still frustrates needs to ask themselves why they’re still playing it.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Yes you are a troll.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            I disagree. If you are going to take your camper hate on the official forums then you will surely get trashed for it.

            I understand your hate for camping since you’re a wannabe Youtuber.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            Why should camping beat running, even if your running around mindlessly. Running around tactically, watching your back and corners, requires 10x more skill than camping so please shut up…

            The fact you die instantly in Ghosts renders it the worst and least skill driven COD to date. Hence why Nadeshot has retired and can’t wait for AW where hopefully the time to kill will be more perfect like BO2. Where campers can get turned on for their bs.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            The first to shoot should always get the kill. Ghosts got it right and when my enemies run past my camping corner, they should not be able to turn around and shoot back. Every COD should have Ghosts’ TTK. Ghosts brought tactics back into COD and punishes mindless run and gunning like it should be. Camping is more skillful than mindless run and gunning. I hate players who goes 3-20 running over over to their next death.

            I don’t care about Nadeshot and all I care about is to see the camping playstyle be viable in Advanced Warfare just like in Ghosts.

          • Ghosts and skill. I like you. You make me laugh.

          • CGkillZ

            No it should be about aim not who shoots first. Ghosts doesn’t take skill the only thing you can use and do amazingly is the m27 with thermal. Which is irritating to die from.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            Your talking as if it to say the camping play style wasn’t viable in BO2…. lol

            Furthermore I’d much rather have a run and gunner/objective player going 3 – 20 than a camper going 1 – 0 or 1 – 30 struggling to protect their precious little KD in a corner the entire match because they know if they move they’ll get wrecked because you don’t have the skills to move from A to B on a map. Lol fkin lames.

          • ImReaperr

            The time to kill in Black Ops 2 in comparison to Ghosts is just an illusion to A LOT of people. The hit-detection and lag compensation in Ghosts have never been better, whereas Black Ops 2 was the contrary. Therefore, there was a longer time to kill in Black Ops 2, which resulted in less skill. I could turn on any one who were literally shooting me in the back. In Ghosts, the bullets coming out of your gun actually register; an incentive to play strategically and tactically, for all play-styles.
            No, the health isn’t lower than it was in previous CoDs.
            No, the damage of the weapons aren’t higher than they were in previous CoDs.
            There is just simply better connection overall in terms of lag comp. and hit-detection.

          • You obviously forgot about target finder LSAT guy!

  • Thomas

    Sure it is at 7PM CEST? At my app it says 8PM CEST.

  • NextGenNose

    Oh goodie! Emblems that cant be used in-game multiplayer.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Yo NaDeSHoT tweeted this is out a few hours ago. I hope BigTymeR does get out of retirement and play for OG again. UPDATE: BigTymeR retweeted this out.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      Sorry but getting Big T back won’t make a big difference. If I am a betting man then my money is on Evil Geniuses.

    • i don’t care about the opinion of an mlg player about games they hate. hell, mlg players are a joke anyways

      • jordanxbrookes

        Neither do I because I’ll still buy it, but I do hope Advanced Warfare will be a good game, I’d like to see BigT back in the team rather than coaching it.

  • How can I join the E3

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      You can watch the streams live at gamespot, or highlights of them from various websites or youtube videos. Here’s the schedule and basically everything you need to know if you plan on watching it live:

  • Penguin-Kun

    Anyone knows how to fix Ghosts? I mean problems like the disc file errors… It’s bugging me out and I don’t know how to fix it. I already tried deleting its data and tried it again.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      Try and borrow a friends’ disk. If the problem goes away then you know what to blame.

    • thebulky1cometh

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I was unable to fix it. I tried:

      1. Wiping entire system
      2. Various similar reboot-type methods via a Sony rep
      3. Buying a new disc and reinstalling (after a full system wipe)
      4. Getting a new PS4 sent
      5. Wiping new PS4/reinstalling…

      Nothing worked. Eventually Sony said, “You have to contact Activision.”

      Here’s the real kicker- Activision doesn’t have a support phone number, and the “help” portion of their website was down for over a month (probably still not working).

      So, I was out of options, had to return the game and demand refund for PSN for DLC.

  • kyr95

    If any of you are interested:

    New 'Call of Duty' boasts 'game changer' features by @MikeSnider via @usatoday #AdvancedWarfare— Michael Condrey (@MichaelCondrey) May 27, 2014

    • Ryumoau

      sweet! wonder what he means.

  • Clan wars in Ghosts will never be better than MW3’s clan operations.

  • TheUnionJake

    Black Ops 2 League play was the best. You can’t beat it..