Infinity Ward has just announced that a Double XP Weekend for Ghosts will begin on May 30th and end on June 2nd. The Double XP will be live during this time across all platforms.


Be sure to get in on the action and rank up faster with Double XP!

  • Rorke File

    People still playing this COD ..

    • Potato Republic

      So? Go play some other COD and ignore this.

    • Yup, every weekend! 🙂
      If not Multiplayer, I am playing Extinction.

      • Mat Coffidis

        What platform? I love me some Extinction!

  • jordanxbrookes

    Definitely gonna be a trailer coming out this week, my guess is tomorrow. P.S. I believe the Pharoah map is a remake of Mission from MW3, could be Favela still, but I feel more towards Mission.

    • Potato Republic

      Can I ask what for?

      • jordanxbrookes


        • Potato Republic

          Oh, ok! In that case, I HOPE SO.

          Would love to see Favela return. Wasn’t a big fan of Mission, but that’s just me.

          • jordanxbrookes

            I didn’t mind Mission. Hope it still is Favela, but I feel this time it isn’t, I’ll have a video showing off the side-by-side for Pharoah & Mission soon, sorry to disappoint anyone.

        • Thomas

          You mean what exactly?

  • TZ Ghosts

    Map packs coming out June 3rd. That’s why they are having a double XP that ends June 2nd. They’ve done this with every map pack.

    • Potato Republic

      You have a point, but don’t you think info would’ve been released just a bit earlier? Not saying your statement is false. I’ll consider this.

      • TZ Ghosts

        I bet that we will get a trailer this Thursday.

  • Dr. Salim

    They’re only doing this cuz they want people to this other than watch dogs

  • k5berry

    Greaat, during the weekend before finals…

    • KD35


  • Guest

    when will the trailer come out ????

  • Guest

    jordanxbrookes. i think you are very interested in this map pack… lol

  • Mat Coffidis

    No new gun? I was hoping for a new LMG, maybe last map pack?

  • MisterMann

    double xp is not working for me. It did for a while, now its not. anyone know?

    • Ben Dover

      same problem for me, it stopped working after a few matches! Although i don’t know why this is…