UPDATE: We’re getting word that Pharaoh is NOT a remake of Favela. Sorry guys…

Original story: Details Invasion DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts have been leaked via the official Call of Duty website earlier today. We got the maps of the 3 new maps part of the DLC pack. One of them, Pharaoh, could possibly be a remake a MW2’s Favela map.

MW2’s Favela map has a similar point of entrance, pathway, and background to the image of Pharaoh. This is not confirmed yet and we’ll update when we get more information on this.

SOURCE: @jordanxbrookes and @BossCast1o1

  • Young and Dope

    Nice job giving the credit to the sources CharlieIntel:)

    • bsktballmsu1

      yes unlike ali a

  • cormactavish

    Quick tell Ali-A

    • Rorke File

      Don’t forget TmarTn they are coming hot ..

  • jordanxbrookes

    YES WE’RE SOURCED!! :D!! Btw now that I look at it more it also looks similar to Mission from Modern Warfare 3, but either way I’m excited.

    • UnderDeanAmbrose’sSpell

      I hope I get a shout-out for saying that :).

  • John o brian


  • jordanxbrookes

    I have a video on my channel about this Invasion info and me and BossCast101’s Favela remake theory, also sub to YT/BossCast101: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWN3CDIb8rQ

    • Potato Republic

      Good video. Subscribed.

      • jordanxbrookes


    • Psychomaggot105

      Not even close. There have been only three maps revealed. You’re forgetting about the fourth. I wonder why only three have been revealed? Maybe because the fourth is the remake? That’s my guess.

      • Michael

        Yeah that’s is what I was thinking. The 4th has to be a remake. It probably wasn’t revealed because it may be too obvious of what it is a remake of and they wanted the big reveal to be during the trailer. (Hoping for Shipment!)

      • Q.Q

        Nope, in the devastation DLC pack, they revealed all four, yet one was a remake.

        • Psychomaggot105

          Activision hasn’t revealed anything but db Xp weekend. These images were put early and took down.

    • Omch

      We dont care……view whoring…

      • jordanxbrookes

        Not view whoring, it’s called getting myself out there.

        • Mr Doge

          Lol nice one man you even got Charlieintel to do a whole article about your one comment if I’m not mistaken. Nice. Now everyone is making videos based on your theory if it is yours.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Me and my mate Dan, but yeah thx man.

        • Q.Q

          Well you’re not getting anywhere by only posting it to CharlieIntel, hey? Just a clue but you could be posting this on Ali-A’s and TmarTn’s videos. By the way, Favela and the Invasion map is not a remake. Lots of the things are different.

        • Justin

          Naw, It’s view whoring. You don’t need to throw your shit around to get yourself out there. You think the big boys of YouTube did this? They didn’t, they let their videos do the talking and let the viewers spread the word.

  • Matthew

    There aren’t enough buildings in the background to recreate Favela.

    • Rorke File

      We now not enough yet we will see

    • UnderDeanAmbrose’sSpell

      Fuck off.

      • Lol. first time i ever link my video anywhere. i guess it dose not work lol

        • Justin

          It doesn’t work anywhere, don’t spam your shit

  • jordanxbrookes

    I believe that Pharoah is a Mission remake from MW3, sorry for getting anyone’s hopes up.

    • jrnotaloka

      i was just thinking about that

    • UnderDeanAmbrose’sSpell

      Thanks for the credit lol.

    • k5berry

      I don’t see it, but if it is true, why the hell would they remake that map. I mean it was ok, but it wasn’t a huge fan favorite map, at least I don’t remember it being one

      • jordanxbrookes

        Didn’t IW do a 24/7 playlist in MW3 where Mission was played on with different game modes?

        • k5berry

          I have no idea, that could have very well happened. I got MW3 for my January 6th bday. I i might’ve played it a little earlier, but I mainly started playing anywhere from Jan-March

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          IIRC it was Dome, Hardhat, and Terminal that made it into the 24/7 playlist.

          If this map is really a remake of the map Mission then it will be great. I love that map and I can still clearly remember my camping spots on it.

    • Rager6amer

      Unfortunately i really don’t believe pharaoh is a remake at all, i believe that the 4th unleaked map will be the remake (most likely a cod 4 remake). Here’s why: http://youtu.be/aDLdv0tx5zs

    • You’re wrong! Loser! 😉

  • Seth

    3 maps better bring something new guns modes and/or killstreak

  • Michael

    They should make an overgrown remake but make it snow!!!

  • Psychomaggot105

    Not surprised at all.

  • Guest

    Backlot from MW? Possibilities……

  • Logan staley

    Yayyyyyy favela

  • dat guy

    The Carnival thing looks like or a remake of trailer park or carnival, DLC for MW2, great times 🙂

    • Rager6amer

      unfortunately it’s the día de los muertos festival on a mexican street 🙁

  • BossCast101

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    • LunatikToon

      stop spamming you don’t need to post twice

  • BossCast101
  • Run N Gunning Camper

    This is why I don’t believe the rumors until it is confirmed by the devs. Too many wanna be Youtubers spread false information hoping to get views on their fledgeling channel. It’s just like that fake DLC gun all over again.

    • jordanxbrookes

      And yet Favela is coming back lol.

      • Run N Gunning Camper

        And you completely missed the mark. It was just luck that Favela was the fourth map. You didn’t see that one coming.

  • Sal


  • NextGenNose

    Thank goodness its not Favela…that map was ‘Trickshot Galore’

  • Retro

    The map remake should be a COD4 Map, which then I’m thinking Bloc, Crash/Winter Crash or Overgrown. Maybe Showdown. Few top maps for Ghosts to bring back for us.

  • Gambit11B

    HA!!!! I said this yesterday….. Pharaoh looks nothing like Favela, and if 3 maps were to leak (and not all 4), then those would be the 3 new ones.

  • BossCast101
  • jordanxbrookes

    Exactly a year ago today. We were close: Favela was in the map pack, just not a remake.