Invasion DLC releases on Tuesday, June 3rd on Xbox LIVE. And, some YouTubers have early gameplay for each of the maps! Today’s videos are focused on Pharaoh MP map.




OpTic Midnite

We’ll add more as they go live..

  • Those are a lot of news in one hour…

  • Batman

    Alia and tmartn are stealing CI staff’s place with IW

  • Rorke File

    Slow down the news

  • Bob Mit

    Look at these money whores.

    • TruthfulCitizen

      Honestly I think that Alia’s voice is incredibly annoying and he looks like a creeper. Even my Girlfriend from Gloucester England thinks his voice is weird. No offense to British people it’s just he makes it sound bad.

  • Abd3l4l

    FYI Egypt is not all like this …. It’s a regular country just like any other country.

  • CoDforever

    Stop giving credit to Alia tmartn pls, they do nothing but take your info and make a vid about it and get subs

    • Josue Serna

      But TmarTn actually gives credit to Charlie Intel

  • Kill Denied

    The map looks boring and bland.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    optic midnight kinda sounds retarded. well tmartn does too. TBh i think that driftor is the only one that sounds normal and not annoying

  • FeboooH

    Why would you show the secrets in the map before the map is even out yet. doesnt make any sense to me..

  • Mario Rivera

    Both alia and tmartn have shouted out charlie intel plenty of times, u guys just look for a reason to hate on ppl more successful than u. It sounds really pathetic…