User Kameron has sent us over details regarding the upgrades new upgrades and relics that will be available for Awakening Extinction Episode. These were found within Ghosts’s PC files today after a new update went live.

Here are the new upgrades and relics:

And, the update also added three new theme songs to the files. A new MP theme song, a new Nightfall song, and Awakening theme song.

You can listen to the Awakening theme song here:

Thanks Kameron for the tip!

  • Dr. LilRobot

    no problemo. also, there’s two new guns available for prestige 5+ and 10+

    • Batman

      Atleast they tried to replaced the gun dlc, I need it

  • James K

    Besides the Magnum ACOG, all the upgrades are good. The keep valid attachment upgrade though is GOLD .

    • Ryan

      Yeah, if this info is legit I’m highly disappointed by that upgrade. Unless it’s five teeth it’s just a waste.

  • Shardlotte

    So, if we run all ten relics during double XP weekends, that’d be equal to x6 XP. Awesome.

  • ProHipStar

    I thought there are 5 CLASSIFIED Upgrades?

    • Legendhunter32

      Yeah, me and my friend were thinking the same thing.

      • Shardlotte

        Perhaps the last one is something big and saved for the last episode? You know, maybe like double damage or permanent health increase. Something totally amazing.

        • All 5 say in the next episode. That’s Awakening, not the last one.

          • Dr. LilRobot

            oh poop, i missed one. it’s an I.M.S. fire trap. when the I.M.S. goes off, it leaves behind a field of fire.

          • Ech!

            Here’s the picture 😀

          • Fight0rFall

            Right on man! Been looking for this specifically for weeks now. Any idea on what they will cost? Mainly the 1st and 3rd.

          • Ech!

            I’m guessing around 25-30 teeth for the first, maybe 5 for the 3rd…

          • I heard PC also has the new prestiges too. Is that true or no?

          • Dr. LilRobot

            yep. i’m prestige 16 now.

  • Bmeowmix

    Snare? Is that the same as flinch?

  • Bob Mit

    I still have to finish the last extinction map.

  • Emre

    PDW is automatic in campaign mode.

  • This whole thing turns me off. 5 relics that basically if you run all 10 you can only buy regular ammo, have a tiny ass wallet, can’t buy shields, vultures, sentries, riot shields, etc., no class, dealing less damage, taking more damage, and having slow health regen and more. That is just impossible. And the upgrades, there is supposed to be 5 upgrades not 4, and the Magnum one just seems too dumb for a upgrade… Then again, it was in the files for PC… If this is true, then the Extinction team fucked up…

    • Shardlotte

      You say that as if you’re absolutely required to use relics. They added them to make the mechanic a bit more fresh, especially considering that they increased the number of prestiges considerably. Also, it’s not completely impossible to use all ten as long as you’re in a competent team.

      • This isn’t a challenge bud. This is your team carrying you.

        • fires

          they sound like the skulls you can activate in halo

          • They pretty much are but running all 10 will require you to have teammates willing to carry you.

          • Quinn Hanley

            Unless you’re a solo god like Jon the Chief.

          • Ryan.

            Lol I’ve seen his vids. He isn’t anything special.

    • Dr. LilRobot

      not just the “files”. all of these relics are available in-game right now on PC.

    • aceman

      Hmmm…how can you buy regular ammo then? I’ve tried using 10 relics but i don’t see how i can get more ammo. D-pad functions are all gone (xbox360) and i don’t have anything around my money display — no ammo type (can’t buy), no team support items, no equalizer or strike package, can’t scavenge either. What am i missing?


      Found the answer to my own question. “Pistol Beast Ammo” as it’s called can be bought at all weapon locations for 1500.

  • Mario Bélanger

    Well it look like everyone is making an escape at each game . IW* -ok then lets put 10 relics , they will see its not too easy! I need to say : do i need all these upgrades & relics to enjoy it much ?
    Remember LiamFTWinter* did the upload of Mayday at cusual* difficulty was not normal* or hardcore* with how many relics? I guess he like all those relics by using: none . Yeah i need to do with your shit IW* everyday. Lets do it a little bit more harder this time. Lol

  • silentbob211

    what does the no snare do?