Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion DLC arrives on June 3rd on Xbox LIVE with 4 new MP maps and Extinction Ep. 3 Awakening. Watch the brand new trailer for Mutiny, a MP map set in the Caribbean. 

Avast! Gaze upon this port inhabited by the most bloodthirsty of pirates. A score of riches are yours to pillage, including a cannon-readied ship at your command. But beware of awakening a deadly evil…

Mutiny is included with the Invasion DLC Pack, which arrives first on Xbox LIVE on June 3rd. Release on other platforms to follow

  • No Kraken?

  • Dean

    Lel, the ghosts using player animations.

    • Sal

      They’re basically squadmates so they use the same animation.

  • FeboooH

    The ghosts are a bit childish…

    • They’re pirates! Of course they will be childish!

  • I just want to see a Extinction Ep.3 Preview

  • TheGamerBeast

    the shotgun looks awesome for this map, but ofcourse u will find the noobs camping with snipers

    • So you’re a noob if you Snipe?

      Really? I enjoy getting sniped. It means that (1) I’m probably gonna win the game because I play Kill Confirmed and they’re more than likely not collecting tags and (2) I go and find them, SitFlank them and stab them in their bushwookie back.. Justice.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Aargh Maty. Lets kick us some booty yaargh!

    • kyr95

      Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

      • jordanxbrookes

        I’ll drink to that, YAARGH!

        • kyr95


          • jordanxbrookes


          • kyr95


          • jordanxbrookes

            YAAAAAAAARGH!! Ye be indeed, AARGH!!

  • :D

    AHHH!!! They should have made a Captain Jack Sparrow field order lol and like Michael Myers you can have the song that plays when you first see Jack Sparrow in the first movie lol. Now that would be something I would buy, or better yet have him as a DLC multiplayer skin lol

    • YEAH!! JACK

      lol I agree!!

  • FATHEAD661

    I love how at the end the narrator says “Get new game content first on XBox”, but yet PC already had the golden PDW AND gold knife. And us XBox owners have to wait for Invasion to drop…

  • Ryumoau

    love the pirate theme for this map. 🙂

  • Bob Mit

    I love these commercials.

  • MichiganerE

    You know, Ghosts is pretty ironic when you think about it. The game is about “Ghosts” and this has actual Ghosts, beings that can’t die, yet in this game, they can be killed.

  • ajzombie10

    The game plays and looks like shit. Anyone that says otherwise are idiots.

  • The_Vortex

    Is this Call of Duty or Pirates of the Caribbean?

  • BSOG

    Alright Infinity Ward, you win.

    I am now hyped for this.