Users have sent us tips about a new survey that has been sent out from Activision. The survey asks about the “future” of Call of Duty and wants fan feedback about that. There’s one interesting question within the survey which fans have sent us details on. The survey asks users “How compelling are each of the following existing and potential preorder incentives for the preorder of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?”  This survey was only sent out to select users, and not all may have received it.

Here’s the options for that question:

  • Potential Incentive – Free Upgrade to Next-Gen console copy (i.e if you buy a copy of the game for PS3/Xbox360 you will be able to easily upgrade, for free, to the PS4/Xbox One version once you get the new console.
  • Potential Incentive – Beta Access (i.e. be able to play an exclusive beta version of the game for a limited time before release).
  • Potential Incentive – Nuketown Exo (i.e. play the classic Call of Duty map with new Exo suite abilities featured in Advanced Warfare.
  • Existing incentive – Advanced Warfare Personalization Pack for use in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
  • Potential incentive – All new, bonus multiplayer map designed for Advanced Warfare and Exo suite abilities.
  • Potential incentive – Early Access (i.e. be able to fully play multiplayer 48 hours before the game’s official release. All stats, unlock, etc. would transfer over once the game releases to the general market).

NOTE: The potential incentives listed in the survey are potential only. There’s no confirmation if these will actually happen, and there’s no guarantee that any of these will happen. The only preorder bonus listed that has been announced is the AW Personalization Pack for Black Ops II and Ghosts.

Thanks @mpitts12 for the tip!

  • Mitch

    Beta access and 48 hours early access sound awesome, I’d love to see those.

    • kyr95

      Has early beta access ever done before in cod?

      • Mitch

        I think CoD 4 or WaW may have had some sort of Beta
        EDIT: Just checked, WaW had an open beta.

        • kyr95

          Well then a beta is what we all need 😀

        • JohnClark_R6

          CoD 4 had a closed Beta. I remember most of my friends being jealous they couldn’t play too.

          • SupremeVishnu

            All the Cods from Cod4 to bo2 that I know of have had closed beta. I particpated in the Mw2 one.

      • I think Black Ops had a closed beta as well

        • Shardlotte

          It had a closed internal beta, meaning devs and friends of devs. However, hackers with JTAGs managed to get the files for it and were able to play as well. I remember watching all the videos back then.

          • Bullet Hughes

            i suggest all of you to not vote for 48 hour early access because as @Shardlotte said hackers with JTAGS can hack and destroy the game 2 days before the game comes out

          • moron

            how about the beta only drops for next gen? seems reasonable.

          • Bullet Hughes

            Beta is good because it can weive out the glitches and spawn systems

          • Qxla

            Thats retarded and unfair

    • SilentNova

      48 hours is meh.

      • Penguin-Kun

        That’s enough time. 10 minutes would be in every multiplayer match, so 48 hours is 2880 minutes, and 10 minutes in 2880 minutes divided would be 288 matches you’re playing. What I mean is playing for 2 days, so that is enough time if you are playing for like a 2 day marathon or something like that.

        • Grenada!

          I don’t think most of us have time to sit on our asses and play CoD for 48 hours straight. The beta should last for at least a week or two.

          • Penguin-Kun

            I was talking about being able to play before the final game is out, not the beta. You might think that I meant beta, but I actually was talking about being able to play the game before it’s out, and I’ve seen other people did that. With beta, of course it should be at least a week. In betas, you often don’t get your stats put on Multi-player, but in this, you will be which I was talking about on the actual game, not the beta of the game.

          • Mark

            I would LOVE to get my hands on AW 48 hours before release. The beta should last maybe 2 weeks, (I played the Battlefield 4 beta and LOVED it, and I was sold on it, but I ended up not getting it because I was low on money, so I think an open Beta would help sell more.) and 48 hours before release is a perfect amount of time IMO.

          • Unwise

            Don’t if u play bête u get the game fo free

          • Bullet Hughes


          • New york is shit

            if you dont have time dont play it then stupid

        • Justin

          I can’t even play for an hour straight you over here playing two days! The fuck?

          • Penguin-Kun

            I bet you have never played a Conquest match on a Battlefield game. The matches are longer than Call of Duty, depending on the map, points limit, and players.

        • Bullet Hughes


          • demonikoala1

            … press the caps lock button again please. And also, there is this thing called anti-cheat. Granted, it could be worked around, but it usally takes more than 48 hours.

          • Bullet Hughes

            dont care i just dont want people to be hacking the game

          • Penguin-Kun

            Why would I want hackers to hack the game? Besides, I hate hackers, and HOW do you even know if hackers would even hack the game if it’s an early access of 48 hours? Have you ever played any game that it released as in Alpha, or Beta, and have hackers? You sound like an idiot with caps. I don’t even want hackers, and a way to get them out is to report them. If that don’t work, then leave it to the devs, they’re gonna work their anti-cheat system. It worked for BO2, and Ghosts, and I’ll bet that it’ll also work for this game as well.

    • Mitch Barnett

      I don’t like the stats transferring after release date it’s a bit unfair. I’m fine with a beta test/ Early access as long as stats don’t transfer.

      • iSoLiDifY

        What if early access means when you pre-order you get a code to dl the multiplayer early? That isn’t unfair because it doesn’t cost you anything extra to pre-order.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          A beta means that you can play for may be a week, but you’re limited to one or two maps and only a couple preset classes. Everything you earn in beta won’t count. The 48 hour pre-release means you can play the full game 2 days before the actual release, which isn’t really a big deal at that point unless you really can’t wait two days. It’ll give people an advantage as they’ll know what they’re doing and have things unlocked when the general public gets the game.

          • iSoLiDifY

            Sorry if I wasn’t clear, but I don’t think that an early release would be unfair if the general public got it through a pre-order. If everyone gets it early then everyone gets the same advantage, so there is no advantage, and the only people that wouldn’t have that advantage would be the people who either choose not to pre-order (even though it is the same price) or don’t get the game on launch day, which they’ll have a disadvantage over everyone else anyways. If there is something I’m not thinking of please inform me as I’m very open to respectful criticism.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Lol no, that’s pretty much what I meant too. You’d be surprised how many people don’t preorder though. I think the 48 hour thing is dumb since you can easily wait 2 days, and you can’t really get that much of an advantage in 2 days unless you play non stop. The beta on the other hand will give players a feel for the game and help sort out bugs, and I like that.

          • iSoLiDifY

            Lol okay thanks for clarifying, I only like the idea of an early release because it will counter all the people who get the game early anyways. The beta would be a very good idea too though, and I would look forward to one.

    • Rorke File


      • Bullet Hughes

        what about MW3 They have a lot of hackers

    • Grenaider55

      I’d love to have a beta; it’ll help the team tweak any guns/perks and rid of any bugs, and get more community feedback. Ghosts was a total mess tbh. It had so many updates..

    • Off-topic but look at the Nuketown square, it confirms that Exo-Suits would be in the multiplayer!

      • Alan Harvey

        That’s what makes the game “advanced” so it was pretty obvious that they won’t leave it in a campaign only. I’m more interested in what they do with zombie/extinction side of the thing.

        • Rager6amer

          I am too, i have an interesting theory for all of this so if you wanna go an check it out feel free here:

      • jippy

        I really hope not.

    • Bullet Hughes

      Beta Access Yes but 48 Hour Early access NO NO NO YOU ARE JUST INVITING HACKERS TO HACK THE GAME

      • Hackers will hack the game if they want to, even if they haven’t even got the 48 hours early acces.

        • Bullet Hughes

          maybe if Cod Got off their lazy arses and stop hiding from the problem maybe they can install a firewall

          • Don’t think it is that easy. Anyways, Ghosts was the first CoD to be hacked even before launch, correct me if I’m wrong though.

            And btw, I don’t see any hackers on Ghosts nowadays, IW did some anti-cheating matters within a couple of patches.

          • Bullet Hughes

            its funny because Ghosts was hacked the first week it came out from what my friend told me

          • It was.

  • Guest

    Hmm I did the survey but do not remember this question wouldn’t mind a map from previous cods but what game would they be allowed to use from?

    • Mitch

      Probably MW3.

      • I personally would love to see either underground or arkaden come back!

  • Marshall Braaten

    If I could only pick two, I would pick beta and 48 hours early access. If I could only pick one, hmmm, I don’t know.

    • Ryumoau

      beta sounds like it would be more important than being able to play 2 days earlier. A beta would hopefully help them fix any launch issues.

  • zoid

    Potential incentive – No BS patches please

  • Mitch

    The only thing I’d be worried about is if there was too be a beta, no Dutch retailer would probably participate in the pre-order bonusses XD I’ve yet to find a Dutch store with the camo for Ghosts/BO2.

    • Mike, Bart Smit en Game Mania doen meestal actief mee met de pre-order bonussen van Call of Duty. Misschien even op de pre-order pagina kijken van AW op, daar staan door Activision geselecteerde retailers in Nederland.

      • Mitch

        Net gecheckt, ze hebben het nu wel 😀
        Just checked, they have it now 😀

        • Mike


  • Keshav Bhat

    A few comments got accidentally deleted on this post, sorry, wanted to address one of them: don’t get your hopes up about that rumored “Zombies Collection” image floating around. It’s not real, Treyarch’s next title is expected in 2015.

    • GinsuVictim

      Sounds like the fake MW collection image that was floating around.

  • Drillz


  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Wow, asking for feedback like this is amazing. This is giving me even more hope for SH and AW. Amazing.

    • kyr95

      Seriously this is like the first year after a long time, that ive seen the developers caring for the community so much!

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        I know, I never expected COD to do something like this. If there is any of these, I will preorder the game. Especially the Beta, though Nuketown is a close second for me.

        • kyr95

          Man i dont remember the last time cod offered a beta. Even it might not happen its still both optimistic and confident that theyre not afraid to show us what they’ve done earlier.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            They’re not afraid to ask what WE want, and that’s what’s most important. The problem with IW is that they listened to the community, but they listened too late. They’re getting better with the DLC, but they should’ve looked at what the community wanted from before, which is exactly what SH is doing. I was skeptical about SH as a new dev team, but this gives me high hopes. Especially since they’re not afraid to ask the other teams (Treyarch specifically) if they could use their map as a preorder bonus, which is crazy. We’ve never had a map transfer from Treyarch to IW or vice versa, not that I can remember anyway.

          • kyr95

            You’re right about the map transfer, no we havent i believe. And indeed SHG is so close with the community, you can see that from many angles, this potential pre-order bonuses survey, the podcast at gameinformer, the constant talk between developers and fans on both twitter and reddit. Its simply amazing.

          • MichiganerE

            After playing all of the main CoD games developed by IW and 3arc, I can confirm that neither development team has never used each other’s maps in any of the CoD games. So this would be a first.

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          Beta over Nuketown anyday, however, it’ll have Nuketown because of all the idiots who voted in the poll.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Not a vote mate.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            It’s a poll. If they’re listening to the community, then they’d choose the option with the most votes. I don’t think it excuses the ignoramuses that voted for Nuketown Exo over a damn beta that CoD hasn’t had since World at War. We’ve wanted a beta for SO long. I hope SH gets it right or I’ll be upset.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Yeah, it may have an influence, but in the end it’s their choice. Even if Beta had the most votes, if they didn’t feel comfortable releasing a beta to the public or if the game isn’t ready or as ready as they want it to be, they could just give one of the other bonuses. But I sure as hell would love a beta.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I would prefer a beta. It’s what we’ve been wanting for so long. Or early access to the multiplayer and have everything carry over to the full game.

    • One point

      sorry to get your hopes up but theyve done this type of survey before but i cant remember for what game

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Well I googled it and came up with nothing other than AW. Sure other games have done it, but I never remembered COD ever doing something like this.

        • One point

          yh my bad,i was thinking about bf4, We both now how that turned out lol

    • Jasy

      I agree. SH is doing the right thing by asking the community and actually giving feedback. All IW does is do things that won’t benefit the community, but will make them the most money possible.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      Well, your wishes are fucked because 9000 idiots voted for Nuketown Exo over a beta.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        It’s not a vote. The winner doesn’t mean they’ll do it. It’s just a survey to see what people would like, and they may incorporate whatever they choose.

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          The top vote definitely has a big outcome in the developers’ decisions. It’s a good way to listen to the community and I DO appreciate that, however, I can’t stand the 9000 people who voted for Nuketown over the 6000 that voted for a beta/early access. It’ll DEFINITELY make me want to pre-order the game though and it’s a very good thing don’t get me wrong, even if I have strong complaints about e-Sports.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Yeah, honestly I think Beta is the best way to go. Also, where did the 9000/6000 numbers come from?

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            The numbers came from the Google poll.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I’ll go with Beta Access, I’ve yet to pre-order, but if this happens, I’ll pre-order from the nearest GAME!

  • Mike

    Nuketown Exo 😀

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      That would be fucking awesome. I hear the multiplayer’s perks will be based on the Exosuit.

    • Grenada!

      No, just no. Enough with these remakes and bring us something fresh and new. I played Nuketown loads in BO1 and BO2, so I don’t want to have to play it a third time. Also AW is a new series, so let us get new maps and bonuses.

    • Nuketown sucksssssssssssssssssssssss

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      Fucking seriously? Over a BETA? A BETA? That hasn’t been in CoD since World at War? This community sickens me. I’m done.

  • Zarky

    A beta for cod is needed…. Instead of them releasing the game with a bunch of op stuff and then having to release a shitload of patches.Let the fans test it and change it in the beta instead

  • Jacky Liang

    Beta access would be great. I wonder if they will do it or not, since game companies these days don’t want you to see their game unless you’ve paid for it. If you played the beta, and you don’t like it, you’re not going to buy the game. I wonder how this will end up.

  • Jerry D’Erasmo

    Any smart fan would choose the “BETA” option…forget the 48 hours of MP before release. Give the fans a “BETA” to fix the problems that will surely exist when the game is released

    • Ryumoau

      yeah. The hope would be that a beta would fix issues, though both Battlefield 3 and 4 had betas and still launched with terrible online problems.

      • TheShadowReaper

        the terrible online problems can be summed up in 2 letter and 2 dots.


  • Batman

    NUKETOWN pleeeeeeeeaaaaassssee
    Btw a beta would be nice too
    Has anyone noticed that they confirmed exo abilities in MP?

    • jordanxbrookes

      Well it was blatantly obvious.

  • Josue Serna

    A beta would be nice so we can see what’s OP and what’s really weak so Sledgehammer could put out some buffs and nerfs

  • Aaron V

    Grrr, i wish i got this email…This game will be my 8th Call of Duty game and still nothing to show for it. Kinda bums me out sometimes.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Keshav it’s Exo-suit not suite 🙂

  • Technifyy

    These all look awesome. If I had to pick, I’d probably get Nuketown Exo and 48 hours early access

    • SilentNova

      No, lol, beta access needs to be put

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I’d rather play a beta and get a feel for the game than play the game 2 days early, tbh. Plus, beta helps the devs too, since we find bugs, etc.

  • SilentNova

    Beta access would be freaking amazing. The other incentives sounds fantastic, really convincing me that it will be a great cod but let’s not jump to conclusion. Beta access all the way, please vote for it


    This game really sounds promising i just hope they optimise the game for PC because i played ghosts on steam for free and all those FPS drops make the game unplayable

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      CoD is best played on console.

      • TheShadowReaper

        FPS games are best played on PC. dont try to find excuses about it just because IW is unable to make a good PC port. (or rather Raven Software i should say).

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          CoD has been best played on console since MW2. It’s a console-based game.

          • TheShadowReaper

            it is most populated on consoles, its best played on PC. consoles dont have ultra max settings and a mouse and a keyboard. get real.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            There are barely any differences between the two. Popularity is a major thing. PC isn’t populated whatsoever. The market behind CoD and the majority of the money that CoD makes comes from console.

          • TheShadowReaper

            that is completely irrelevant. COD is still a FPS game. and FPS games are best played on the PC along with strategy and RPG games.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Not now with the PS4 out. And no, it’s not the best played, since it’s full of modders compared to console.

          • TheShadowReaper

            consoles are full of modders not PC! lol, such an ignorant console peasant. btw how the fuck PS4 is comparable with the PC? its not even close.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I play both so how am I a console peasant? PCs are a more open platform so that’s a fact that there’s more modders you dumbfuck. PS4 has more features and the controller is extremely accurate.

          • TheShadowReaper

            modders you say? how come i havent run into these “modders” you’re talking about? also, is there any proof of modders being present on the PC? if you’re talking about Steam workshop you’re stupid.

            edit: PS4 has more features? elaborate on that one plz and also, there is no equivalent to a mouse and a keyboard. the controller is not extremely accurate. stop kidding yourself, you sound like a 10 year old PS4 fanboy.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            First you’re a Black Ops 2 fanboy and now you’re a PC fanboy? Please. You’re calling me a PS4 fanboy? Lmao what a joke. The only platform I don’t like is Xbox One.

            Go into Call of Duty 4 without Punkbuster enabled. Guaranteed there’s more modders than on console. Proof of modders? I’ve seen them all over the old and current CoDs. Ghosts is full of them. In fact, all sorts of games, like Battlefield 3, have modded against me in servers.

            I don’t remember PC having Play As You Download, directly streaming to Twitch (no software like Xplit required), better service (PS+, saving loads of money and more consistent than Steam and Humble Bundle), exclusives, Share button, etc. Do you even HAVE a PS4? The controller is great. VERY ideal for FPS.

          • TheShadowReaper

            what does anything have to do with me being a fan of BO series and Treyarch? get your facts straight cause you’re attacking me on fronts that doesnt even have to do with our topic of discussion.

            yes i’m a PC fan, fanboy, hail Gaben and all that sort of stuff. why arent you? why limit yourself to a small box that can hardly play games? which btw costs more than a PC in the long run.

            you cant go into COD4 without punkbuster enabled. all servers want or require punkbuster enabled either modded servers or normal servers, else you are getting kicked and in some cases banned from them. but if you were playing COD4 on the PC you would have known that, wouldnt you?

            also, the term “modder” isnt anything bad on the PC as it is on consoles. a mod is an extension of the game itself made by the community of the game. you dont have Freezetag and Deathrun mods on consoles now, do you? ofc you dont. mods are a plus + on the PC and a minus – on consoles since the only mods on consoles are 10th prestige no cliping noobtube maps that get you banned or shit on your acc and stats.

            play as you download? i guess thats the only thing that is good on the PS4. do you mind mentioning the games that use this feature? ^^

            yeah cause using software like Xplit to stream on PC is SO hard that its nearly impossible right!? xD

            no, just no. Steam, Origin, Humble Bundle, GOG and a lot more have sales that save you so much money the consoles cant keep up with it. i just bought a few hours Metro Last Light Complete Edition, all dlcs etc etc for 10 euros. try to beat that. and that happens every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and in Summer and Winter Steam sales are even better than that. PSN cant keep up no matter what you say.

            the controller is better than dualshock 3 but its still a controller. you cant compare that to a mouse and a keyboard. the winner is clear there.

            anything else you might wanna add so i can crush it? i’m not trying to be a douche and tell you that your console purchase wasnt good but thats what i’m saying, sorry. if you got it for the exclusives thats cool man, PS4 will feature a lot of good games but dont try to be cocky and tell me that its better than a PC cause its not.

          • Nytrofactor

            I’d have to go with sillikb on this one. While I agree the keyboard and Ultra Max 99x AA is nice too have, there are simply more people who play console that you could play with. Heck, at my school only about 2 people play PC. Not to mention you have to continually upgrade it and you get viruses and maintnence issue’s and whatnot.

          • TheShadowReaper

            you dont have to continually upgrade it! you build it once then you keep it as it is! if you want to do an upgrade be my guest, but you wont be doing any upgrades just because your machine cant run a game, you will be doing upgrades to your PC so that you can run games even better. not because you need to upgrade it. most builds even of 2 years old are capable of running games that the PS4 and XboxOne run at high settings. i know it, i own one!

            maintenance is a thing, i’ll agree. you need to get dust out of the case occasionally. its a bit of a drag but not that bad.

            instal AVG free and no viruses. its SO simple. i’m not even bullshitting you man.

          • Mr Doge

            Wow you think you’re better than everyone when you call people peasants? Wow just go away…

          • TheShadowReaper

            but thats the beauty of it. its not like i forced them to be peasants, they chose that themselves! why keep limiting your gaming experience every “generation”? get a PC and join us on mount Olympus! its not like i want to sound like i’m looking down on people even if it seems that way. i’m trying to show them to understand that there is a better experience out there for less money! its a win-win.

      • ben wills

        No. Just no.

  • NextGenNose

    I don’t like bonus multiplayer maps being offered up as pre-order incentives. In past CoDs, they would just release it to everyone for free just like Free Fall.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Free fall was a preorder bonus. So was Nuketown 2025. Both eventually were released to the public.

      • Grenaider55

        Wait, preorder bonuses and incentives are two different things or are the same?

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          It’s the same thing. Incentives mean they encourage you to preorder game, bonuses are the things that encourage you. Essentially the same thing.

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    This means they’re listening out to the community more than ever now, and hell, but in my opinion nuketown, beta and 48 hours early are 3 options CoD should never go down. Nuketown (if it’s like the classic Nuketown, or the identical 2025) is just a love or hate map, the beta imo can ruin the hype and will make people hate the game before it’s out guarenteed and the 48 hours just makes it seem unfair for those who are just as big fans but don’t preorder.
    This was done with ghosts and worked even better with mw3, but having hardened ed with season pass being discounted would totally be worth it for me.

  • thejamonsito

    Do not forget the sniper, you must have quick scope mw3 and mw2 style.

    The sniper has several players is the best weapon!.

    • Bruce Lacey

      The sorry hiding in a corner snipers, need not, be in next COD. Let COD go back to the run and gun style it got popular for. Not this crap they call Ghosts.

    • kplem

      shove your aim assist exploit up your ass no one cares about quick scoping anymore. HELL even esports is more relevant than quick scoping

  • Bob Mit

    Beta access, it will help the devs and make cod look good because people will try the game out before hand.

  • shanafan

    Nuketown Exo, since most of the others have a limited value.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      Doesn’t matter. Nuketown is unoriginal and it’ll be the THIRD time it’s been a map in CoD. No. Just no. The beta access is good enough.

  • Aparaon

    I did a similar survey on this page (survey remunerated)

    • ben wills


      OH, A VIRUS

      • kplem

        or a keylogger DO NOT CLICK IT ANYONE!

  • k5berry

    I’d go with Beta and then Nuketown, beta being first because Nuketown would hypothetically be released later. And a few interesting things about the possibility of this Nuketown map. For one, this means that they might have some interaction/connection to Treyarch games (i.e them remaking a Treyarch map as a part of DLC). Another thing is that it mentions the map being having “new exo suit abilities featured in AW”. This might indicate that the exo suit and it’s gameplay elements carry their way into MP, which would really bring the core innovation that people have been asking for

  • Bruce Lacey

    Beta is the best. They should do it, incentive, or not. So us as hard core, pre-order fans, dont have to get stressed and pissed off, over the bugs that a beta would have found and been corrected

  • wtflolsmh

    If Nuketown makes it to AW with a connection to 3arch wouldnt that mean Cyborg Zombies could be real? 0_0

  • Penguin-Kun

    I’d love Rust Exo! Though… the respawns aren’t great, it’s still fun that everyone needs, right?

  • chris

    How about all of the above?

  • Derrick Wingler

    nuketown (a multiplayer map) with “New exosuit abilities”. Exo suits confirmed for multiplayer

    • Plok

      Well yes, it was assumed that they would be in the multiplayer being that most soldiers have them. The question was whether or not they would yield new mechanics in terms of map navigation and travel. This is what caught my eye about this post and the biggest news I’ve heard from the game in a while. The fact that it would be “Nuketown Exo” and how they said “all new map designed for AW and exo suit abilities” means that traversing a map may be revolutionary in AW.

  • Batman

    The Beta should be an OPEN beta not a closed one, I want alot of noobs doing shitty stuff on the beta so they can patch it
    I need moar nuketown

  • lolololololololol

    nuketown exo :0, not the beta access , because it’d be worthwhile for only 2 days and then the game comes out. Nuketown would stay 4ever 🙂

  • Grenada!

    God please let their be a beta. CoD needs a beta so they can sort issues out before the full release and it will stop people complaining and they will enjoy the game more. The real reason there is never a beta is because Activision is scared that when people play it, they will soon realise it’s got loads of problems and it’s the damn game as before with a different setting to it and that would lead to less sales. Please bring a beta SG and Activision, you’ll get so much more respect and it will help your final product be more better.

  • Choppabro2psn

    Nuketown exo,… beta…..

  • Ryumoau

    i recieved this survey this morning, however i don’t remember seeing the Beta option in the list of what would make me preorder the game. Maybe i wasn’t looking as closely as i should have. I really hope others who saw it voted for it because that would be the best preorder incentive. 🙂

  • ghostsSUCKS

    I really hope the multiplayer maps are entirely separate from the campaign, I’m getting tired of playing on recycled maps.

  • Enzo Unversed

    Nuketown by far.

  • yardis

    Give me a beta or early access.

  • penistickler

    Already preordered so ill be fine with whatever is choses tbh

  • Xecho

    Nuketovvn beta access early access PLEASE

  • ben wills

    I think they just confirmed exos in the multi

  • Josh332


  • sonny

    beta access, new mp map & NUKETOWN EXO

  • Tibo Bergé

    Everything except the Nuketown remake would be awesome.

  • TheGamerBeast

    Nuketown thing Sounds Awesome i missed Nuketown BUT DAMN 48 Hours Early Access Sounds SO GOOD first time thing

  • Selfishman86

    I want to see free next gen upgrade not everybody has upgraded to next gen guys and since all of the good games are coming up next year I think me most other people are probably gonna upgrade next year the only good games this year is watch dogs and possibly call of duty advanced warfare

  • Daniel M

    Am I the only one who is fucking pissed off with nuketown being in like 3-4 CODS it that did happen >.< fkn die already pls.

    • Ryumoau

      lol Nuketown should be a tradition as far as i’m concerned. It should be ushered into every new title the same way Team Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed are. Its such a great map. 🙂

      • Mitch

        I hate it, guaranteed spawntrap.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        It’s good on BO1, but on BO2 it makes me want to throw my controller.


    I personally find this to be asked several times if you want to have like steam / vac or punkbuster. since the cod games are sold through steam first, it is no longer possible to re-sell the game and secondly piled up the cheats and hacks because VAC to 95% is powerless. I want to linking against Punkbuster back and no Steam.

  • Underdog BO1 FTW!

    If there’s beta that means this game will be great.

    • Mitch

      Depends on what type of beta, because you obviously need it well in advance of the release so Sledgehammer can take the feedback and use it to improve the game.
      You also have betas (like BF4) which are just old builds of the game to get people to buy your game. BF4 had a beta, look how long it took to fix that game…

  • Mario Rivera

    i want a beta but it wont do so good 2 days b4 release. if we had a beta for ghosts maybe 2 months early we might have been able to save the game from BS like ieds and at least a few of the shitty stock maps.

  • DopeAap

    Im in the need of a Beta! Who agrees? I think a beta has been a great idea for the last 4 years. Battlefield had it, Destiny will have it. So i personally think we need a beta instead of a shitty remake of a map where all you can do is spawntrap.

    EDIT: Feel free to disagree with me because im (Kinda) new, but have been on Charlieintel for 2 years now.

    • Xecho

      You’re not nevv mother fucker novv shut up.

      I totally agree vvith you!

      • DopeAap

        How am i not new?

  • Alan Harvey

    I don’t think FREE upgrade to new console would/should happen as people that don’t even have old consoles will buy the game and upgrade for free. Old console copy is £15 cheaper, surely £15 saving is good for a consumer but not developers. I rather have beta as it would give the developer to repair anything that doesn’t work properly. Nuketown shouldn’t even be an option, 3-4 year old map on “next gen first” game, if they do that with pre-order bonus how many recycled maps would we see when the dlc comes out?

  • RdJokr

    So… How the hell did Sledgehammer even get permission to remake Nuketown? Isn’t that Treyarch’s map?

    • Mitch

      I think they are just using Nuketown as an example.

  • Nova

    Beta, or nuke town; btw I’m not gonna pre order it cause there is a 50% chance that the game’s “next gen engine”(quote on quote?) will be amazing like ghost’s (sarcastically)

  • xavi

    i think that early beta is the best option

  • Zack

    Oh joy. Exo suits in MP. Might as well cancel my preorder and play BO2 for ANOTHER year.

    • Mitch

      Please, tell me: how do you know what Exo suits abilities are in MP?
      I remember the same thing with BO2: people were worried that things like Snipers with scopes that can see through walls and shoot through walls were gonna be in MP, look how that turned out…

  • BilboSwaggins27

    there is no point in early 48 hour because it will be the same as just releasing the game. everyone will play accept 2 days earlier .

  • BilboSwaggins27

    its would be fair 4 free next Jen change then people don’t need to spend stupid amounts of money on the same game

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    Look at all the morons voting for Nuketown Exo over a fucking BETA. Are you kidding me?

  • sourapple784

    I think that the 48 hours would be amazing because at the release of the game you will already be leveled up and have most of the good weapons and you would be able to know the maps and not be a nube so you will be able to destroy those who are barely starting the game

  • Spxts

    Do they mean you would have to download something like you did for BF3? And then the stats would carry over?


    Beta and sniping should be like in Black Ops

  • namearefornoobs

    I think the 48 hours early access would be cool but it will give hackers more time to hack the game before it come out.

  • Tanner


  • Rorke

    why would we want a beta it just spoils the game when we can just wait another month and be exited with everyone else and let them fix the issues in the next 2 days , and a 48 hour access just lets people hack and plus its only 2 days , in 5 months were gonna be looking back and regret it when we could have had nuketown. i Think nuketown would be the best thing because its a map we can enjoy for the rest of the year and have fun because of how small it is people should think about the fact that nuketown is a map for the rest of the year and the rest of the game and a beta and 48 wont do nothing to the game just spoil it

  • Jerry D’Erasmo Thanks to 402Thunder402 and myself…this is the result of the poll we have been taking from the community the last 2 days.

    • kplem

      respect !

  • Danny Mac

    NUKETOWN REMAKE MAP!!!!!!!!!!!! with DEMOLITION Game type, Come on!! =)