As part of the Deals with Gold for Xbox on Xbox LIVE this week, Call of Duty: Ghosts is on sale for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 till June 9th.


XBOX 360 

The Xbox One sale deal is for both Gold and Silver members, and the Xbox 360 deal is for Gold members only.

SOURCE: Major Nelson

  • I wonder when they’ll drop the digital price of their old games or the DLC on XBL or PSN. Those prices are insane!

    • Ryumoau

      yeah i hate how uneven digital prices are. They don’t drop the prices of games regularly like retail stores do. Black Ops 1 is still $50 on psn, while its only $12 at gamestop. its ridiculous. :/

  • exeterman2

    They dropped it because ghosts is shit.

    • Indeed Ghosts is shit, but they do this every year.

      • Bob Mit

        Bo2 was fun for me.

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        Not this early. Ghosts was discounted 3 months in. Lol!

        • Choppabro2psn

          That’s what I’ve been saying FOREVER! Mw2 was still 50$ when black ops came out and 30$ when mw3 came out. Least it was at my GameStop.

    • Same old Same old..

    • Sal

      A lot of games are on sale, not just those two.

      Chill out. People will still buy it and call it good, give it one week after AW is released. People will hate on AW saying “its too different, it looks like killzone/halo/titanfall/whatever lol”

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        The bar has been set so low that I don’t think it is possible for another COD to do worse. Activision got their money though. And they will continue to make money.

      • als

        The difference my friend is that COD prior to Ghosts was never on sale, until late after it was released (usually when the next COD came by).
        And this was because, prior to Ghosts, the games were decent.
        COD has been a declining trend since MW2 for me.
        Hopefully AW will get it back on the right tracks.

        • pulseimpact

          BS I got MW3 on sale before BO2 was out. Nearly all the CODs are on sale every year during Xbox’s New Years sale.

          • CoDutchHD

            trua dat, i got mw3 for €35 3 after 3 montths of it’s lifetime

          • Grenada!

            Yeah but they never go on sale a lot of the time. I think Ghosts has been on sale every month of this year so far. This is just what happens to games that aren’t selling that well, they go on sale a lot of the time.

        • Sal

          Lol BO2 got on sales like three times.

      • exeterman2

        But cods are never on sale like this. Cod ghosts is just terrible, I love COD but I hated ghosts after 2 weeks.

    • Rorke File

      The other cods where never like this in sale , only 10% ,

  • kplem

    i wonder why its cheap? i remember MW2 was $120 for 1 1/2 years at EB and JB it that good

    • Grenada!

      Because not that many people like Ghosts and it’s not selling all that well. They’re trying to get rid of as much copies until AW is released and then Ghosts will just be swept under the carpet and never talked about again.

      • kplem

        why do you think i said i wonder why? im saying wonder why its cheap because its fucking a pile of dog poop

      • kplem

        havnt you heard of sarcasm?

  • Super_Deluxe

    No thank you.

  • As a wise one once spoke, “Same s**t, different day”.

  • shanafan

    Sale comes at a good time. The Invasion DLC is fantastic. I love all 4 new maps. IW really did a good job with this DLC. I only cared for a couple maps in the last DLC, so this is a welcomed change!

  • Grenada!

    The struggle is real.