Alongside Invasion DLC’s release on Xbox LIVE, Infinity Ward has released two new micro items for Call of Duty: Ghosts as well.

Here’s the new items available now on Xbox Live:

  • Squad Pack – Resistance – $3.99

Create your own soldiers to fight the good fight in Multiplayer with the Resistance Squad Pack. Never surrender with three interchangeable heads and four uniforms.

  • Flags of the World Pack – $1.99

Show your national pride with individual patches, playercards, and backgrounds for England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan, UK, Russia, Netherlands, Portugal, Columbia, Argentina, Canada, Ireland, and Sweden. Plus, go international in any firefight with a unique reticle and flags of the world weapon camo.

The new items are available in the in-game store:

We’ll let you know when it’s available on other platforms.

  • jeez, another micro dlc? oh well

  • HasimoPro

    Ghosts has become a micro DLC whore :-O And you guys know i’m right!

    • Alexander Thomas

      yes, but who cares it’s not effecting you in anyway. So what they want the money, you aren’t forced to buy them

      • shanafan

        And there you go. Perfectly said.

    • Sal

      Meanwhile at Valve:

      “lol look at these morons crying about micro dlc while we make millions out of it and no one bats an eye”

      • Black

        Agreed. At least in CoD, camos mostly have the same price and you can use them on any gun (except knife and secondaries in other CoDs than BO2). The micro-DLC business of CSGO is so retarded with 300$ knives.

        • Sal

          I was more referencing TF2.

          • matousjasek

            In COD Activsion does the price but in valve games the community makes the price
            And in CS:GO creators of the skins get some money from it because it was made by the community
            And mostly its free games like DotA 2 and TF2

    • Cell

      For the ones that likes personalization, like me, it’s awesome!

  • I have the season pass and cant download the new DLC…

    • Edwin Cortez

      i just waited and navigated the menus and returned and was abled to download the DLC

  • jordanxbrookes

    I’m guessing the Flags of the World Pack is to pay honor to the FIFA World Cup. Also a squad pack called Resistance, hmm seems interesting.

  • Poor IW, Activision is giving them to much stuff to do 🙁

  • Big Deano

    No scottish flag? Seriously? Poor show IW. British is not a nationality, its a union; all countries within have their own flags too you know….

    • jordanxbrookes

      Well it might not be a union for long since Scotland want separation from the UK.

      • Big Deano

        Thats my point man, we already are a country, but because of the union we basically dont exist? Hopefully this mentality changes when we go independant, cause I want a Scottish flag dammit! Lol

        • imTojo

          lol have fun being a third world country being independent 🙂

          • Big Deano

            You do know we will be wealthier than the Uk whem we split, right? Good luck surviving without our oil and taxes 🙂

          • jordanxbrookes

            How would they’d be a third world country? They have the power of oil that we use, we rely on Scotland.

    • shanafan

      Not a World Cup team.

      • Big Deano

        Neither is the uk, but they got a flag.

        • Keshav Bhat

          England is in the World Cup

          • Big Deano

            There is a massive difference between England and the Uk man; uk isnt a country its a group of countries that happens to include England, no reason to make a flag for it and not make the flags of the other countries too. Not to mention that there is nowhere that they say this is even for the world cup, its just flags of the world.

          • Keshav Bhat

            It’s probably for the World Cup, and they can make whichever flags they wanted to. I’m guessing they went with the UK flag cause isn’t it the same as England’s flag.

  • Alex

    Fuck I HATE IW

  • Mike

    Wait wait… So UK gets it’s own flag and so does England which is in the UK. What about Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland which are also in the UK? That’s EXTREMELY disappointing IW.

    • shanafan

      They aren’t in the World Cup. That’s what the flags represent.

  • I remember in MW2 and BO1 flags were free…

  • Micros out the ass.

  • Lol.

  • sened11

    Where’s the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland flags?

    • drjakeyoung

      All (kinda) Part of the Union jack.

  • The_Vortex

    Black Ops 2 needs more DLC not this pile of shit and I get that ghosts is the new game so they are supposed to but come on Blops 2 DLC was much more exciting

  • drjakeyoung

    Why are they releasing all this stuff for xbox when Devestation has more or less jut been released? Considering we pay the same amount for what is basicaly second hand content, WTF?!

    • AflyingteddyBear

      Better get used to it. Its been like that for at least 3 years now. Xbox 1st then Pc and Ps

  • Technifyy

    Apparently there’s only 19 countries in the world.

    • Technifyy

      I meant 21! Sorry. Kind of half asleep

  • Bob Mit

    At least they had the Ireland flag. But I also want the Scottish flag because it’s cool too.

  • Hydrox

    Can someone tell me if you can equip DLC camos in offline local play (the option under “Play online”)? Thanks!

    • Damien Anderson

      You have to be logged online to view and equip the camos, reticles, uniforms, etc. But if you already have them equipped to a offline class while still logged in they should stick to that class even when you go offline completely. If you unequip them offline though, they disappear until you get back online.

      • shanafan

        Huh? Xbox doesn’t need to always be online. Same approach as the PS4.

        • Damien Anderson

          I believe it needs a one hour online check in, everyday.

          • shanafan

            No, that was scrapped last summer right after E3.

          • Damien Anderson

            Well then I am wrong…… but having to be always online just to access DLC that I paid money for and own, is sloppy horseshit.

      • Hydrox

        My problem is that my PS Plus (I play on PS4) subscription, which is just like Xbox Live Gold, expired and I’m not going to buy a new one for a while, so basically I can’t play online at all, like, I can’t even see how many players are online. So if I buy a DLC camo, is it going to be there in the local play classes, even though I didn’t equip it in the “play online” menu? Multiplayer classes and local play classes aren’t the same, it is not like private match. Thanks a lot for the help man, and sorry for my English.

        • Damien Anderson

          I’m on PS3. Can you go into the online multiplayer menu at least? The menu where you see the find match option. If not, then no they wont be there. The thing you do is hit play online, let it load and find your profile. Then when its done, dont log out, instead go straight to offline local. Then set everything you want to the classes, and when your done log off. As long as you dont remove the dlc while still offline, it will stay in that class. Only the stuff you havent got equipped will disappear from the menu when logged out. The reason this happens is because the game cant connect to your cod account when offline so it thinks you havent bought the dlc.

          • Hydrox

            I can’t, I need PS Plus to do it 🙁
            Are you sure they won’t be there? Because I just thought about the fact that the Festive camo is actually there…

          • Damien Anderson

            They patched that into the game files. Since it was free.

          • Hydrox

            Got it, that’s unfortunate. Thanks a lot mate.

          • Damien Anderson

            Yeah its bullcrap imo. They make it so dlc downloads to your cod account instead of your system (except the maps which is why they appear offline) thats why the file size is always 100KB.

  • Damien Anderson

    I want a micro dlc that turns my guard dog into a cryptid alien. Like the wolf pack. Also a multiplayer map on the odin spacestation would be interesting.

  • ConfuciusSayyy

    They spelled Colombia wrong xD

  • Jesus

    NO SCOTLAND FLAG?????????

  • ?????

    WHAT!!! The past COD’s had flags of the world as a default now we have to pay for them!!!

  • Justin MD

    Infinity Ward could have done this…

    (E3 2013) Infomercial Kings. Stan: “We’re here to talk DLC!” Harvey: “Ghosts Season Pass DLC!” Stan: “What should a Season Pass include?!” An innocent non-paid audience member – Dave: “Map packs?” Harvey: Heck yes, map packs!” Stan: “Four map packs to be exact!” Harvey: “Each map pack has 1 Extinction Map!…” Dave: “What’s Extiction?!” Stan: “It’s like Halo! Now shut up!” Harvey: “Each map pack has 1 Extinction Map, 4 new multiplayer maps, 1 new weapon, 1 weapon camo, 1 patch, 1 playercard/background, 1 uniform piece, and 1 headgear piece!” Stan: “But that’s not all!” Harvey: “There’s more?!” Stan: “Oh yeah! On Ghosts launch day, Season Pass holders get the Face Off game mode and all seven of it’s maps from Modern Warfare 3!” Harvey: “Wow!” Stan: “That’s still not all!” Harvey: “Are you yanking my chain?!” Stan: “I’m not that kind of man, Harvey! Season Pass holders get exclusive items!” Harvey: “No!” Stan: “Yes! Between each of the four map packs, a Season Pass Pack will be released. Each Season Pass Pack will include; 1 new face off map, 1 classic map, 1 classic weapon, 4 weapon camos, 4 reticles, 4 animated playercards/backgrounds, 1 dog skin, and 1 voice pack.” Harvey: “How much?!” Stan: “The Season Pass is $50 and the standard game is $60!” Harvey: “That’s too much!” Stan: “Sure is! The combo set is $100!” Harvey: “Now that’s not just a terrific bargain, that’s the greatest thing in the world! Stan: “You’d have to be an absolute moron to buy all of this separately!” Harvey: “Stupid, worthless, pea-brained, idiots! Wake up and smell the money you’d save!” Stan: “If you pre-order now, you get a Capt Price approved cigar and an Infinity Ward laser engraved 9mm bullet shell!” Harvey: “Perfect for every Call of Duty fan!” Stan: “I’m Stan!” Harvey: “And i’m Harvey!” Stan & Harvey: “We’re out!”

  • Cell

    I no longer play without Snoop Dog as narrator in the game… =)

  • Ech!

    Has anyone seen Mr super excited’s video about this? when he shows off the Resistance uniform, he then says he doesn’t like them so what does he do? he spins the character around extremely fast and speeds it up on his editing software as well just so we could see his crappy gameplay again!

    Can anyone show me some high quality pictures or maybe even a video of a 360 view of all the Resistance pack uniforms please, thank you 😀