For the first time in history of eSports, MLG is bringing Call of Duty eSports with Call of Duty: Ghosts to the X Games. X Games takes place this weekend, June 6th through the 8th in Austin, Texas. Back in April, MLG and ESPN announced a collaboration to bring CoD eSports to X Games. Now, it’s time. This weekend, 8 of the best Call of Duty teams will compete in Austin for a medal.

All games of the games will be viewable on ESPN and MLG have also stated that some of the highlights of the events will be on ESPN and ABC channels. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, @charlieINTEL, all weekend long for full event coverage!

8 Teams:

  • Evil Geniuses
  • OpTic Gaming
  • OpTic Nation
  • Team EnVyUs
  • Team Kaliber
  • FaZe Red
  • Curse Orange
  • Strictly Business

Event Format from MLG: 

Bracket Format, Match Format & Seeding

  • In Group Play, the Teams will be divided into 2 Groups of 4 Teams each.  Each Group will follow this schedule of Matches:
    • Match 1 = Highest Seeded Team vs. Lowest Seeded Team
    • Match 2 = 2nd Highest Seeded Team vs. 2nd Lowest Seeded Team
    • Match 3 = Match 1 Loser vs. Match 2 Loser
    • Match 4 = Match 1 Winner vs. Match 2 Winner
    • Match 5 = Match 3 Loser vs. Match 4 Winner
  • Teams that win two Matches in Group Play will advance to a Semifinal Match in the Single Elimination Bracket.  Teams that lose two Matches in Group Play will be eliminated from the Event.
  • In the Semifinal Round, one Match will include the Group A Match 3 winner and the Group B Match 5 winner.  The other Match will include the Group B Match 3 winner and the Group A Match 5 winner.
  • Teams that lose a Semifinal Match will play in the Bronze Medal Match.  Teams that win a Semifinal Match will play in the Gold Medal Match.  The Team that wins the Bronze Medal Match will win Bronze Medals.  The Team that loses the Gold Medal Match will win Silver Medals.  The Team that wins the Gold Medal Match will win Gold Medals.
  • All Matches will be Best of 5 Games.
  • All Matches will use the Domination Game Mode for Games 1 & 4, the Search & Destroy Game Mode for Games 2 & 5, and the Blitz Game Mode for Game 3.
  • In Group Play, Group A will consist of the Teams seeded #1, #4, #5, and #8.  Group B will consist of the Teams seeded #2, #3, #6, and #7.

Schedule for the Event: 









  • Psychomaggot105

    Not sure what to say. So I’ll say nothing. Oh wait….

  • drjakeyoung

    Before we start going into Esports and everything….. Can PS4 just get that bloody patch we have been waiting for! I mean seriously, why does every other console (bar wii-u) get it before us, when we haven’t even got a rough time for it yet??!!

    • Danny Martin

      I wouldn’t worry too much. Nothing was actually fixed in the patch. Hopefully it’ll release for you guys today at some point.

    • Keshav Bhat

      There’s simple reasons: every patch needs to be submitted by IW to Sony/MS. Once MS tests the Xbox One patch, and then tests the Xbox 360 patch, if both pass certification, the patch goes live. Same with Sony. IW submits the patch t Sony. Sony gets both the PS3 patch and PS4 patch, which are separate and different. Sony has to approve both of them. Approving patches takes time and has to be tested. So, the PS4 patch is either in testing with Sony or IW has yet to submit it because they found issues or need more time. “Why no ETA?” Because there’s no ETA to give out yet.

      • drjakeyoung

        Fair enough. Just extreamly anoying that every other console (except the obvious) has been given the patch and as usual PS4 is last. I just want to level up the next 5 prestieges!

    • Bob Mit

      I agree.

    • Oh you poor thing,must be starving already,be happy with what you have


    Wow this is so stupid since when is Cod a extreme sport what a joke

    • Josh

      It’s not! The worst thing that could possibly happen is getting a hand cramp LOL. Honestly I don’t see COD as a sport or an extreme sport for that matter – it’s not like they’re risking there lives or anything…oh I died just respawn back into the game.

    • Evin

      Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Simple. It only effects your life in any slight way if you let it. No one is tying you to a chair and making you watch or care.

  • ccrows

    Optic finally has 2 teams, yet Nadeshot & Scump are still together.

    BFFS-4-Life… 😉

    • #FON

      finally? optic had 2 teams in the past

      • ccrows

        Nah I meant it more as in the whole Nadeshot vs Scump incident where Scump wanted 2 teams and to be on the other team.

        I know they “kinda” patched things up since then, but I figured Scump would have gone for the other team while still playing under “Optic”…

  • CloutLord

    Dont get why people are getting so butthurt that COD is gonna be at the X Games. Nobody is being forced to watch them play.

    • Jeff

      You’re right, no one has to watch it. It’s just the fact that these players are arrogant enough to think they should be there. Next thing they’ll be trying to get a competition going during Superbowl Half time.

      • I have never seen a pro player say that they should be at the XGames unless that were talking in terms of over another player or team.

  • Larry

    Playing call of duty isn’t a sport. So if this is true, then all of us cod players are athletes. Look up the definition of what an athlete is. Then you will understand why people are upset. I’m not upset at all. But I can see why most would be.

    • ObV Swift

      Well it is an eSport. But to be honest I put alot of time and practice into playing Call of duty competitive, i put about as much time into COD as a professional Baseball player puts into Baseball . In my opinion I do honestly think that Call of Duty is a sport. A pro sport and COD are very similar in many ways.

      • Larry

        First I applaud you for putting your energy and resources into something you enjoy. I wish more people would do this instead of wasting their time. By definition it’s not a sport. I think MLG and Cod should distance themselves from E-sports and create a new brand specifically for Competitive gaming. I think the reasoning behind trying to link COD and E-sports with X games is basically they don’t want to invest more money in building a new venue for competitive gaming. its safer and more cost effective to link it with an established brand like the X games. I love gaming and always will. Again its just an opinion and I understand if some don’t agree. That’s what makes our country great. Keep trucking and kill those campers lol.

        • James
          • Larry

            I ask you the same question James? “Do you know anything” is a very generic question. Try being a little more specific next time. My world doesn’t revolve around Cod apparently like yours does. Congratulations you are knowledgeable of all things E-sports and COD. Your Google skills are impressive. I’m sure you are quite the lady killer. Your condescending tone isn’t appreciated you simpleton. But this is a cod forum so it was only a matter of time before someone climbed on board the negativity fan boy express. I await your simple minded rebuttal. Enjoy your day fan boy.

          • James

            I literally said 4 words to you and you write a scathing paragraph slating me for things you have completely wrongly assumed. This makes you sound like a complete arse.
            My life definitely does not ‘revolve around Cod’ as you incorrectly assumed,
            How can you tell whether a tone was condescending or sarcastic from a 4 word sentence? You can’t. You just assumed the worst of someone on the Internet. How ignorant.
            Calling me a ‘negative fan boy’ really surprises me, because I don’t see in any way how I am a) A ‘fan boy’, or b) ‘negative’ – All I did was point out that you were wrong (obviously something you’re not too pleased about)

            I was just conveying something I saw on reddit a few days ago, maybe you should calm down and not take everything on the Internet so seriously next time.

          • Larry

            You must be joking. Simply saying “Do you know anything” without being specific, implies you are assuming I don’t know anything. Haven’t you heard of “its not what you say, its how you say it”? The articles you found revolve around what I was thinking regarding building a venue for Cod and E-sports. You say you wanted to point out that I was wrong. Its not about being right or wrong its about pointing out information without implying that someone doesn’t “know anything” as you stated. Thank you for calling me an “arse” its much appreciated. Enjoy your day kind sir.

          • James

            Some people obviously cannot take sarcasm. Wow.

          • Nottdawg

            It’s an e-sport. And since snooker, darts, bowling are all considered as a sport I think ‘e-sport’ is being generous. Maybe it shouldn’t be in the X games, but i wouldn’t rule it out of major competitions such as the Olympics? When you have things such as table tennis and shuffle boarding, I really don’t see it as a problem. Having said that, I don’t care. Why do people have a problem? It’s dumb, they could show it every Saturday night like they do wrestling and people can watch it, or don’t. Wrestling is fake, scripted, and it is shown on sports channels. X games, Olympics or half time at the world cup. Don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s really that simple. Also, you mentioned “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” how can you say that when it’s over the Internet?

          • Larry

            Nottdawg…. read the above statements. I said “its not what you say, its how you say it” because of what was said above. Besides by definition a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” First thing, pay attention to “physical exertion”. Second what skill is involved when the majority of pro players and you tube commentators use scuff controllers which are basically modded controllers? But ok I will throw in the skill part to calm you a bit, but at what point does “physical exertion” happen when playing call of duty?

          • Cody

            Have you ever watched competitive Call of Duty? Be honest.

          • Larry

            Yes I have actually.

          • Pumps

            So just on the point of “scuf controller”, everyone competing is allowed to use them. So it’s still an even playing field. Also a scuf controller is not some magical aiming/reaction device. A basketball player wearing Reebok Pumps still has to possess the skills to play well lol

          • Larry

            I stand corrected Pumps.

      • yep

    • I highly disagree that we are now “athletes” but the definition of it is someone who competes (but then I think it says in a physical activity lol)

      • Holden

        I agree cod players aren’t athlete as they are not participating in a physical activity, however, rally driving and other such events at the x games where a machine is doing the work or a sport requiring little physical prowess but mental faculties are in the same boat or is in this case car.

  • Bob Mit

    I wish Mlg will use new maps for Ghosts, even if they have to learn something new.

    • ObV Swift

      It will make it interesting to see them out of there comfort zone.

    • Mitch

      Same here, but it’d be unfair since not all pro-players have access to the maps. I wish MLG and Activision could make a deal to give DLC free to all pro players.
      What they could do is try out Reinforce.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Reinforce was a great mode on the first 2 days, now it’s full of competitive players running around with MTAR X’s and Muzzle Brake 🙁

        • Mitch

          That’s why it be perfect for competitive play.
          I only play Public Matches (since MW2), and I’ve never seen a mode in CoD require so much strategy as Reinforce.

          • Colin MacKenzie

            I completely agree. If they had thought of the Reinforce gamemode before the game came out, it would be played on the pro circuit today. Hopefully Reinforce or Hardpoint will be in the next COD.

  • I’ll be pulling for the GreenWall as usual. Hopefully they win for once.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Same here.

    • I hope Nation takes #1 and Gaming takes #2

  • Stealth_Valtsu

    I want Infinity Ward to make COD 4 reimagined on Next-Gen power, reply so Infinity Ward sees that we want it.

    • jordanxbrookes

      No thankyou, whilst Call of Duty 4 is arguably “The Best CoD EVER!!” I don’t want to see Juggernaut, Martydom, Frag x3 and that crap.

      • GodLikeLeftNut

        One thing id love back from IW though would of be the classic maps such as crash, backlot and strike. suppose on the bright side theres no I.E.D’s or a nuke XD

        • jordanxbrookes

          The maps were good indeed. No IEDs I agree with, but I like the Nuke :/

      • CGkillZ

        Take out the bs things and create a cod 4 thats balanced.

    • Evin

      No. Not Infinity Ward. The development team that made CoD4 and MW2 is not the same team that has made MW3 and Ghosts. If Infinity Ward remade CoD4 now, they’d fuck it up.

  • Zelos Wilder

    they are letting netletes compete at the x games?

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    To make cod fit in with Xgames extreme sports style why not make then compete while all on a bus… with 800bhp… with no seats… on a rally track… naked… covered in baby oil…

  • Bmeowmix

    Call of Duty is as much of a sport as playing an instrument in the marching band or playing poker. Even if it is a “sport”, aren’t the X Games for extreme sports?

    • Evin

      If you have a problem, take it up with the X-Games organisers. MLG had an opportunity that they’d be stupid to turn down so they took it. So many people coming at MLG with a problem….like jesus take it up with the people who made the decision in the first place.

      • Bmeowmix

        I don’t really care with what happens at the XGames (not going to watch it anyways). It just annoys me that people eventually might start saying that they play sports because they play Call Of Duty

  • Muszic

    COD is not a sport, its an Esport. That doesnt mean it shouldnt be allowed in the X games. It applies the principals (except physicality) of a sport to gaming. Now shutup and lets watch some X games.

  • COD is NOT a sport, it’s an E-SPORT. Elpresador said this perfectly, they’re netletes, not athletes. Seriously, X-games? Why would any major sports organization add something like COD to their “lineup” if you will? Oh, right, I forgot…

  • John

    Lol at all these haters saying they aren’t athletes. Of course they aren’t but that doesn’t mean it isn’t competitive. If I’m not mistaken ESPN broadcasts poker, pool, bowling, the spelling bee etc. All you guys just keep hating because at the end of the day these CoD players and other esports guys are getting paid good money to do what they love.

  • Jason

    What channel?

  • Puma

    Where can I watch the x games cod?

    • Broy