Infinity Ward has announced that Extinction Double XP weekend will be across platforms this weekend, starting June 6th and ending June 9th for all platforms.


Xbox fans, it’s the perfect time to grab the newly released Invasion DLC pack and play Awakening, the new episode to Extinction.

SOURCE: @InfinityWard

  • Psychomaggot105

    First! Time to rank up!!

  • drjakeyoung

    To bad i am away for the weekend! Typicle!

  • arturoehr

    Why IW keeps adding prestiges… Oh wait they add more because they want you to buy their shitty map packs because 21th prestiges in Point of Contact are boring as hell.

    • Psychomaggot105

      They need to add more prestiges in mp instead. Extinction is boring. I still play it but it’s boring.

  • VVFZ

    If they want people to keep playing their game ADD A RESET STATS OPTION!

    • steelersdc26

      Nah, that’s for nerds that want a high K/D, which is an unimportant stat. Look at your SPM for the real stat.

  • Crusf

    I love that sick concept art! You can hate the game but you can’t hate the effort these artists at Infinity Ward have put into the game.

    • Meme

      just wish the game looked as good as the concept art lol

      • Psychomaggot105

        Or even the extinction cut scenes.

  • Flutter Filly Shy

    I’m gonna be studing finals all weekend so I can’t do this I guess :/

  • Ech!

    10 relics + Double Xp = Shit ton of XP!

  • I’m playing Awakening on Xbox One and it’s amazing.