The first ever eSports X Games tournament has come to an end. MLG X Games Invitational took place in Austin, Texas where the top 8 Call of Duty teams battled it out for the Gold in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

After an intense weekend of gaming, OpTic Gaming has taken home the Gold Medal!!

Medal Placements: 

  • GOLDOpTic Gaming
  • SILVERTeam KaLiBeR
  • BRONZEEvil Geniuses

If you missed any of the matches, there’s VODs available on YouTube on MLG’s COD channel.

The next Call of Duty eSports tournament will be MLG Anaheim, June 20-22nd. We’ll have coverage of that event as well. Stay tuned for the latest eSports news.

  • Bang Bang bitches! #GreenWall

  • GG optic, neslo was amazing though!


  • bsktballmsu1

    They got that bling now

  • jordanxbrookes


    • Ryumoau

      lol why aren’t there more Bad News Barret memes? This is literally the first one i’ve seen so far.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I’m British and also a fan of pro wrestling, so you might see and hear a lot more bad news on this website… 😉

        • Ryumoau

          lol cool

  • ObV Swift


    • CharlieIntel


      • Jaek

        How much money did they win

  • CoDforever

    155,000+ viewers ????? That’s more people than those who actually play ghosts!!!

    Now that IW knows CODeSports is pretty big, you think they may bring hardpoint or CTF anytime soon?

    • ObV Swift


      • CoDforever

        no what?

    • ObV Swift

      They don’t support there community.

    • CharlieIntel

      No point in Ghosts as the new Call of Duty is coming out within the next 5 months, Maybe next time.

    • Angelreborn96

      Hard point only. CTF would never work in Ghosts. The maps are way too fucking big. This isn’t Battlefield to at least take a quad.. You’d see everyone with marathon and lightweight because you just fucking run out of “sprint” way too fucking quick. Game needs some major modifications with that.. Increase the run distance? Make character slightly faster? I can’t even run long enough to get away from a fucking sniper in this game and take cover like I used to be able to in other COD games.. Bullshit!!!

      • Yaqoot Keyani

        The maps are too big? The only big competitive map in Ghosts in Octane, and that’s still an okay size for CTF

  • CoDforever

    I would’ve watched it if it were bo2, ghosts just doesnt look that great to watch especially with their bootleg codcaster mode.

    Gotta give it to Treyarch tho, all that esports initiative has led to it being featured on XGames.

  • Mitch

    Was anyone else fearing/thinking TK would clutch it and win SnD 6-5?

    • jordanxbrookes

      Kinda but I’m glad it’s all over, now we look at E3 and Advanced Warfare 🙂

  • Guest

    Figures Optic would win a tournament with no prize money and the eG curse (no team after joining eG has made the finals in their first event).

    • hi

      i don’t know if you were paying attention to the reward that they got made out of gold ..

  • Super_Deluxe

    But it’s too bad it’s Ghosts…

    • Ryumoau

      yeah….would have been awesome to see Black Ops 2. I wonder if people watching it for the first time on ESPN would find Ghosts too slow paced.

  • Ryumoau

    Congrats to Optic. Wish i could have seen the matches on ESPN, if they even aired on the channel. Kinda wish it was a better game though, since Ghosts isn’t the CoD game i would have picked to broadcast in front of millions on ESPN. 🙁

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    CoD at X-Games lmao what a joke.

  • Bob Mit

    Great job optic..

  • I can’t be the only one who found it funny that AMD sponsored the competition.

    • GodLikeLeftNut

      it would of made sense if they were using an xbox one xD

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    tbh the CSGO team NiP have they own chocolate bars and even a MCdonalds burger called the mc nip… i no joke you, so maybe gaming is getting a little mixed up here xD

  • bonno

    fwiz reaction: