Sony’s E3 2014 Press Conference is TODAY at 6pm PT (9pm ET).

How to watch:

You can watch the entire Sony E3 Press Conference LIVE on PlayStation Blog starting at 6pm PT. Or you can watch the UStream of the event right here:

  • NextGenNose


    • TheOnlyOneUndone

      We share excitement, friend.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)


  • WingNut125

    These sound levels are all over the place on the stream. My ears are not happy right now lol.

  • Disco Stu

    Sat up waiting for sonys part and the stream goes off as soon as it starts great

  • Ryumoau

    awesome, thanks. 🙂

  • Guest

    Xbox just flashed a bunch of game trailers for 90 minutes. Sony did it again.

  • Wraith

    Microsoft did good this year, better than the last 2 years at least. Sony, well, they brought it once again.

  • Ryumoau

    Sony conference was amazing. I’m excited for what they are planning with PS Now. They also announced GTA V for ps4, though i personally don’t care about that series. Uncharted 4 looked great though. 🙂

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    The sony conference blew me out of the water. I thought the Microsoft had me hyped. Far Cry 4, Uncharted, GTA, No Man’s Sky, Mortal Combat X, Dead Island 2, Batman: Arkham Knight, The Order 1886, Bloodborne, did I mention Batman? Oh yeah, and Batman. Gonna be hard to narrow down these games, otherwise my wallet will literally be empty.

    • kyr95

      And dont forget Batman!

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    So, uh, just going to go out and say it. Sony kicked Microsoft’s ass. Sorry Xbox fans but Sony had the better conference *again* this year imo.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Oh most definitely. Even though many of the games were not exclusive, most of them had features that were exclusive to PS4. And so many betas! Sony definitely won. This is where the current gen consoles become worth buying, not at launch, but now.

    • Poop

      Microsoft’s conference was amazing because it revealed so many great exclusives, and more xbox-only content that cross platform content. Sony’s was good but had several flaws, and they even made fun of microsoft- right before they announced a TV.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        They showed off one TV show that later digressed into a PS+ benefit. It wasn’t negative. Sony’s press conference showed more first party exclusives and third party timed exclusives/betas/alphas. I still think Sony won.

    • Xecho

      Im a PS Fanboy and I gotta say Sony focused more on media instead of games this time and I think Xbox did slightly better too. But it doesn’t mean they still are BETTER overall though.

  • Bob Mit

    So many great games too play. I don’t know which ones to buy.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      For my collection, I am personally choosing Far Cry 4 (November 2014), Uncharted 4 (2015), Batman Arkham Knight (2015), Advanced Warfare (November 2014), and Mortal Combat X (2015). Far Cry 4 and AW will keep me occupied until Uncharted, Batman, and Mortal Combat are released. Ohh, I can’t wait for this holiday season.

      • kyr95

        Right back at you man. Same games exactly! My wallet is scared now 😛

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    PS4 did it again. HULK SMASH!!!

  • Xecho

    I think this E3 Sony is more about the Media and Softvvare this time.

    • Dude get a new keyboard

      • Xecho

        It’s a laptop.

  • Muszic

    That awkward moment when there’s only 20 comments in the ps4 article .

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      It’s because AW was in Microsoft and we all commented there live when we watched. This is CharlieINTEL, therefore there’s not much to post.

  • Guest

    Any new gameplay for CoD:AW? I missed it.

    • ben wills

      … look like 2 posts below this

      • Guest

        I saw the stream. There was none, but there were some games that the posts did not mention, like Little Big Planet 3.

  • George Maalouf


    • ben wills

      2 last gen games?

      • George Maalouf

        Nah, they’re next gen now 🙂

  • Tb

    lol disney…

  • jooker-jr

    I’m a ps fan but I liked MS show a bit more because they showed more exclusives and they learned their lesson

    Sony showed us GTA v( I haven’t played on the ps3 so I will buty it ) , uncharted which looks promising , the order 1886 which I’m not sure about it , PS now ( I really don’t care about it now )

  • jordanxbrookes

    Sony’s was good indeed, this coming from an Xbox One owner, but I’m more excited about AW and the games, I mean come on, GTA 5 on 8th gen hardware = OMG! And The Master Chief Collection :O I’m gonna be in debt by the time Christmas comes around.

  • Michael Davis

    Sony won this year again I can’t wait for GTAV , Mortal Kombat X ,Destiny

  • ConorGamingzHD

    Why does it have to start at 1:00 AM

  • Br4dthebe4st

    I was really hoping that Sony would annouce a new Jak & Daxter! Not giving up though!

  • Aarad the Wonder Tote

    What is everyone saying. Sony barely showed any media. They showed ONE tv show, which became a PS+ benefit AND just talked about some new features on the PS4 such as youtube, PS NOW(Which is a gaming streaming service) and Project Morphius (Virtual reality GAMING headset) Other then that it was all exclusives, indies, and just amazing game plays. and before anyone says it. No, im not fanboying. I also loved the Microsoft conference but I think they completely milked halo this year. .

  • ashley russel

    can you my call of duty 1234 on xbox one 1