In a new blog post on Sledgehammer Games’s website, they discuss on the team developed the ExoSkeleton for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Exoskeletons are something some fans may see has a fiction, a piece of technology that wouldn’t exist. However, exoskeletons are real, and are starting to appear in military development facilities.

Through research, and early gameplay prototypes, we were excited and inspired by the innovations that an exoskeleton would offer for our fans. “The idea for the exoskeleton came out of our extensive research into various real-life super soldier programs,” said Bret Robbins, Creative Director at Sledgehammer Games. “A soldier’s strength and endurance are a constant limitation on the battlefield, and real advancements were being made in that area.” It became the heart of the Advance Soldier, our story, and the main driver of new gameplay mechanics and player experiences.

Whilst developing Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer Games has researched every aspect of the game, every piece of technology that is part of it to make sure it is possible and plausible in the future.

Striking the balance between science and fiction was only be achieved through extensive research. Using the design principle of “form follows function” our concept team met with a wide group of military operators, technologists, futurists, and industry leaders to compile a grounded understanding for the exoskeleton on the battlefield of the future. “It was extremely important that the exoskeleton did not read as overly complicated from a distance,” said Joseph Salud, Art Director at Sledgehammer Games. “We developed a design that the player would recognize and understand in a split second upon seeing the exoskeleton – what it was, how it works, and how it provides exciting new abilities for Call of Duty players.”

Here’s two images of the Exoskeleton close up in game:

SOURCE: Sledgehammer Games

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    i want an exo-skeleton suit in christmas

    • Carter “Uathuil” Reed

      What’s stopping you from getting an exo-skeleton suit for Christmas? Aside from the Obama supporters.

      • Evan

        Exo suits. The literal meaning of the right to bear “arms”.

  • ccrows

    Meh, all of this is just spin “fluff” to me until I see the MP reveal in Aug.

    ^ When that day comes I’m gonna either kick myself for overreacting, or be pissed that I was underreacting all along.

    I’m a long time veteran of this series, and I’ve been on pins and needles with all this futuristic stuff. Please don’t screw this series up SH… 🙁

    • Angelreborn96

      I hope the multiplayer will stay the same as it was in cod 4 mw2 and mw3 yknow? The fast action run and gun! That’s what I loved about COD. And it all changed In Fucking Ghosts. The shittiest COD yet to date. I will never buy a game from IW ever again and I hate that game so much that I haven’t gotten to 10th prestige yet, but every other COD I already am 10th! Hope AW is amazing.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        Ghosts is definitely not the shittiest CoD, that goes to BO2 and MW3.

        • Dr. Salim

          BO2 was the best man!

          • Batman

            Best of the worst, bro

          • Ben

            That title goes to MW3.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            It’s one of the most broken CoDs.

          • Derrick Wingler

            So the ones that promote fast paced rushing are “broken” but you love the one that is slow and heavily rewards campers. I think i know which type of player you are. lol

          • jordanxbrookes

            C4+EMP Spam, OP Rem.870, crap spawns, OP Hunter Killers, Unstoppable Sentry Gun, Target Finders, Easiest game to quickscope in, LMGs with low recoil and more… Black Ops 2 was an unfinished game. That doesn’t mean it was a bad game, but it needed to be polished.

          • Exactly

          • Martin Steele

            the m27 is the best of the lmgs,the amelie jumps all over the place no matter what attachments you put on it lol especially for long shots, and using an lmg automatically limits your perks as ready up and sleight of hand are essential.

          • Damien Anderson

            My main gripe with any LMG in COD is that they aren’t used correctly. An LMG is used to suppress an enemy position so the other team members can flank said position. But instead we get 12 year old fucks who think they are snipers by sitting in dark corners with a silenced LMG that has the accuracy of a damn sniper rifle. And you dont need alot of perks when camping

          • True that

          • Yup

          • Damien Anderson

            IMO the KSG with long barrel was more OP than the Remington. But of course the M27 in Ghosts with a silencer and an IR scope is the most fucked thing in any COD. That gun with those attatchments can kill you from any distance silently and way too quickly, and with no recoil to boot. IMO IW should compensate by removing the option to put IR scopes on LMG’s. As far as im concerned any LMG without a foregrip or somekind of mount should jump across the screen with recoil.

          • 111AlaN111

            You needed to learn to use the KSG before you could master it. If you failed one shot, you were killed.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Unfinished? That’s called balancing. They can chance that with a click of a button.

          • Penguin-Kun

            MW2 was completely broken, but people loved it.

          • ThatOneBlazian

            BO2 = Hitmarker King

        • Judens Claude


          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Ghosts > MW3 > BO2 but they’re all 3 pretty bad games.

          • Rorke File

            But much people loved b02 trough, and still playing it.

        • 111AlaN111

          BO2 is better in my opinion.

      • I Didn’t really like CoD 4 MP. The maps were a bit too big, and both factions would just snipe each other off at their sides of the map.
        Still quite fun though.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        MW3? MW3’s shit. I still don’t know how people say it was good. + That’s when CoD stopped being the amazing game it was.

        EDIT: For me, MW3 still is the worst CoD to date.

      • ……..

        Dude I agree I will only rent the next IW game more than likely Ghosts but for the story because I must see what happened to Logan and kick Rorke’s teeth in lol

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      I hate the multiplayer being revealed in August while these pros get to see it before everyone else, fuck special treatment lol.

      • Welcome to the world, where equality is something relative.

  • Moonshaft

    Hey, I watched Elysium once, can I get a job at SH games?

    • jordanxbrookes

      I’ve got it on DVD, can I be new the Studio Head? 😛

      • Never saw it… What can I do?

        • Damien Anderson

          You can be an unpaid intern.

          • Unpaid community manager?

          • Damien Anderson

            Sure. But for every troll that gets through you have to sleep with Rosie O Donell. And for every late night with her you get a reward muffin….except its a bran muffin thats been sitting in the pantry for a week.

          • What do you meen by “but for every troll that gets through”?

            And why not Garry glitter instead of Rosie?

          • Damien Anderson

            Community manager, like managing the COD community right? If thats what you mean then you would get rid of hackers and keep people from being ignorant and trolling other people (trolling=being a dick). Have Garry then, but in exchange you cant cum inside. Lol

          • I would do that but depends on the definition of troll you mean,

            troll being mean and telling people to go kill their self etc or troll, corner trapping, shooting aimlessly around team-mates to get them killed etc?

          • Damien Anderson


          • oh, ok… so I have to ban myself (I’m the second type of troll(sometimes))?

          • Damien Anderson

            If only sometimes, then no. But for past trolling transgressions you must get a job at EA Games.

      • Damien Anderson

        I own it on Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, that makes me Hugh fucking Hefner!!!

  • Ryumoau

    Great blog article post. 😀

  • Ryumoau
  • kyr95

    CTF is back on AW!!!!!

  • FeedMe

    This game sucks. They are just ripping off Titanfall.

  • Rawr & LittleSpoon

    Black ops 2 by far was the best, mw3 was the worst, ghosts is in the middle.

    • I’d say bo2 was 3rd best, mw3 somewhere in the middle thanks to the campaign, and ghosts in last place for boredom.