Beachhead Studio today revealed the Clan War: Summer Schedule – all of the Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Wars dates and locations planned for the Summer.

Bronze – Platinum Division Schedule:

  • Lima, Peru: July 16th – July 21st
  • Jakarta, Indonesia: July 30th – August 4th
  • Istanbul, Turkey: August 13th – August 18th
  • Sri Lanka: September 3rd – September 8th
  • Dakar, Senegal: September 17th – September 22nd

Diamond Division Schedule:

Future Diamond Division wars will take place on a two-day schedule during Saturdays and Sundays to further accommodate participation across the board.

  • Manila, Philippines: July 19th & July 20th
  • Helsinki, Finland: August 2nd & August 3rd
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: August 16th & August 17th
  • Budapest, Hungary: September 6th & September 7th
  • Mombasa, Kenya: September 20th & September 21st

Clan Wars Battle Royale Returns for the Final War

Battle Royale returns for the final Diamond Division engagement on September 20th in Mombasa, Kenya. Diamond Division Clans from all three regions – US West, US East, and Europe – will compete against each other to determine the strongest Clans across the globe.

SOURCE: Call of Duty

  • xLowkeyBAMZ

    I hope there are no clan wars in advanced warfare, if you play by yourself while clans wars is on u fucked

    • J.d. Snead

      Just do what I do. look up the playlist during the Clan War(Twitter/facebook) & play the other gamemodes not listed.

      • Dude, why have I never thought of that before! Thanks.

    • OGConservative

      Or…you could either join a clan or start one yourself. The game is squad based warfare, which is best played with 5 other teammates. When you function as a team, using squad tactics and sharing active Intel(fallouts), it takes everyone’s game to a higher level.
      Or…there is always free for all.

  • FuiEuFui

    we should have a playlist that counts exclusively to the clan wars. So other players can play by themselves. Clans should play against other clans, not against some random noobs.

  • Ed

    our clan won this last clan war by taking 1 node. without even knowing a clan war was going on.

  • Drillz

    Bleh, they should just go back to the simple things like “Most TDM wins” or “Most flags captured in Domination” this shit is really complicating. Too many people are riding the coattails trying to get Warcry camos and wont put in any work.

    • thomas

      Then ditch the freeloaders, only use people dedicated to the clanwar. It keeps you in a smaller bracket with only people that will play. My clan went from 43 to 17 and now we are down to 12 because we only want people who clan play for the whole 4 hrs all three days. Hope this hlps.

      • J.d. Snead

        Yep, did exactly this. We got our Warcry months ago. I had this 1 guy who said he would do Diamond but wasn’t on till Sunday for the last 2hrs, I decided to kick him(few other’s followed soon after.

        It all came down to just 8 in the clan playing 4hrs a day.

    • Doubledowndouche

      Totally agree with you!

  • Jasy

    going to go for my clan’s 5th diamond division win!!!

  • Tommy Day

    Clan wars is way better than what we had in mw3 and blops2. IMO

    • IKR?

    • I Do Work

      LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Clan ware better than what we had in MW3 & Black ops 2? Yea MW3 for sure, but clan wars better than league play? You have to be joking or meant to type in black ops 1 or sumthing

      • Exorcist

        WHAT????? I’m pretty sure he was talking about Elite Clan Operations not league play. Anyway, i think that the clan ops were better.

  • kpap

    the BROZ clan 8 members diamond divison 6Ws 1L lets get it bb!!

    • Doubledowndouche

      Broz clan sucks! Beat 6 of y’all the other day alone on S&R haha get it STEM!

  • 420elite_crooklynkiller

    fuck ya cant wait for more wars