UPDATE: The issue has now been fixed.

Earlier today, with the newest Call of Duty: Ghosts title update, the update caused a glitch in Clan v Clan SnD & Private Match SnD. The glitch resulted in players being unable to actually defuse/plant a bomb in the game.

Infinity Ward has stated that they have found a fix for the issue and it will be released sometime tomorrow.

SOURCE: @InfinityWard

  • CraziBoi94




  • jordanxbrookes

    Seriously you can’t plant or defuse the bomb? Bloody hell, that seems just as bad as the Maniac glitch, I still have recorded footage of the Maniac with the SC-2010, boy how that was fun to use for the first time. Glad they’ve been acknowledged of the issue and are going to correct this.

    • Damien Anderson

      How do you do the maniac glitch? Not that I want to try it or anything (rubs hands together manaically).

      • Vermell

        You can’t anymore. It used to be that when you got the Manic instead of just a knife you had a SC-2010 with you. No attachments or even Scavenger, but still it was OP as f**k. Maniac health with an AR.

      • jordanxbrookes

        It happened a while ago where if you got the Maniac, rather than having the combat knife, you’d have the SC-2010. It was patched a while ago so you can’t do it anymore, but good job I recorded it before it was patched.

    • jordanxbrookesisaqueer

      Jordan you fucking loser. Every time I check up on Cod Ghosts news, your always here commenting the most homo shit ever and promoting your gay as fuck YouTube channel. Just give it a rest kid.

      • Jordanxbrookesisavirgin

        It’s because he is a virgin!

  • Matthew

    Like the Maniac, it’s weird how they release an update and manage to screw something up.

    • You don’t have any idea how coding works, do you?

      • Macrox25

        I do and his point has a small truth to it. Obviously this slipped through QA. That isn’t a disaster and that stuff happens. The fact that their production pipeline allows them to patch this quickly is good. I’d say their whole patching system is sound. It’s just too bad the game, in my opinion, has so many glaring design and mechanical flaws that can not be patched. I guess that’s why i am waiting to see what AW will do for the series.

        • Kap

          the real downside is how much money IW has to pay for another patch to upload to the XBOX systems. I guess it’s only pocket change to them though.

  • Matthew

    The Maniac was actually a good mistake, but how does one thing get changed when addressing other issues.

    • pulseimpact

      Not a good mistake. The maniac was OP as fuck. I was getting multiple helos and even got a KEM with the thing. The helo and loki are fine good killstreaks. If they buff the loki alright, but buffing anything else just helps bad players. The maniac takes no effort to get it’s only 9 kills.

      • Tomas

        impossible to get a kem with the maniac because the only way to get a kem is to not use kill streaks…

        • FeboooH

          Not sure if obvious troll or retarded..

          • Tomas

            Seems like a kid trying to sound like he knows what he’s saying when he doesn’t know a thing lol

          • JackOrJohn

            There was a glitch where you when you entered the maniac you got an SC2010 and all kills would count towards your streak. So now, who is talking like they know what they’re saying?

  • VVFZ

    Thank God! I almost lost a GB because of this and CvC was a nightmare

  • Wish Chaos

    GG Infinity Ward on fixing a fuck up you were supposed to fix…

  • Grenada!

    Tomorrow? That’s not what I want to hear, I want to hear Today!

  • Simon

    Do they even know about the KEM glitch yet?

    • KEM glitch?

      • Simon

        If you have a class with hardline on, get a KEM with it (24 kills) in the 1st round of domination then switch to a class without hardline and wait for the 2nd round and you can get a 2nd KEM in 1 kill. The glitch has been present since MW3.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          There was no KEM in MW3..

          • Simon

            Really? There was something called a MOAB, smartass. Exactly the same thing.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Well then it was a MOAB glitch.

        • Oh, yeah, I heard of that before, but that would only be on Private Match, right? Since the Domination mode in MW3 Core and Ghosts Core don’t have rounds.

  • XboxOneFTW

    COD Ghosts is a mess with no players left. Why they bother fixing stuff now is beyond me. It’s a 2/10 game at best

    • jordanxbrookes

      That’s your opinion.

      • XboxOneFTW

        It’s FACT among the majority of the dwindling community.

        • Mario Rivera

          Nah i think generally ppl give it about a 6-7

        • jordanxbrookes

          No it’s not fact, it is your opinion, and if other people agree then it is their opinion as well. I agree with SiftBlade and give Ghosts a 6/10, and that is both our opinions. God such ignorance from people these days -_-

      • Vermell

        While you’re correct about that, it doesn’t alter the fact that Ghosts is the weakest CoD so far. I started playing it more on the PS4 and my God it sucks. I was getting crazy lag when playing Ground War. I checked the number of players and its less than 700. I wondered why it was so low and got my answer almost immediately; its nothing but campers or the typical go for kills fuck the objective guy.

      • K

        It is his opinion, but it’s definitely a view that’s widely held, and it’s not exactly an unjustifiable opinion.
        I also think Ghosts is garbage. The maps are an absolute mess, the spawn system is completely broken, you die in what looks like two bullets on your screen but looks like five in the killcam, and the killstreaks are boring as hell.

        My KD is 2.83 (to prove I’m not just terrible at it) and it’s definitely the weakest entry yet for me. After this and MW3, I just don’t think Infinity Ward knows what makes Call of Duty click anymore.

        • Angelreborn96

          Exactly.. Even my friends with a 3.5 and 2.9 played this with me today and said that the games shit.. They say it all the time. Yet all the other COD games we’ve played, I’ve never heard them say that as many times as they do on ghosts. And they’re really good at the game the one with 3.5 has 143 KEMS and the other has 105… I only have 7 or 8.. I gave up counting because the games shit. I always counted my Nukes, and MOABS on mw2 and mw3 and got a shit ton.. This game is bullshit. They should really fix the “revenge spawns” on the game. You may be on a 18 kill streak and players you kill will just be dying to rush at you to kill you right away before you move from your spot!

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I’d give it a 6. Don’t like the game, doesn’t mean I should put it on the same level as some of the 2/10 games.

  • Alex

    God I hate this game

    • George Claude

      then why are you on a website about cod ghosts, idiot

      • Baruck obuma

        Did you seriously like your own comment!?

        • George Claude

          yes i did, and your point is…

      • Vermell

        Hate to be pedantic but this website is about Call of Duty. Ghosts happens to be one of the games in the series and, as many a gamer will tell you, its a disaster. Infinity Ward really screwed the pooch on this one, this is the last CoD I buy from them. November can’t come soon enough, let us hope AW will make us forget the ridiculous atrocity that is Ghosts.

        • George Claude

          everyone said the same thing about bo2, ur just stuck in the cod cycle

          • Vermell

            Not quite, Ghosts is the first CoD I played online. I’ve owned previous CoDs and stuck with Campaign only. You know what made me try out multiplayer? The boring campaign, there was just nothing satisfactory about “completing” it. I never bothered playing online until now and holy hell even a noob like me can see just how fucked up this game is. I tried some BO2 not too long ago for comparison and yes the differences were noticeable. I’ll buy AW and see what happens, I’ve a sneaking suspicion however that’ll be my last CoD purchase ever. I’m thoroughly disappointed in how Ghosts has been handled (dedicated servers anyone) and don’t look forward to more of the same.

          • nugg

            LOL well play online after you beat the campaign… You’re not even playing the biggest part of the game. The campaign is basically a preface for multiplayer so you know what everything is and does. Don’t downplay a game when you don’t even know the capabilities. You’re probably a scrub anyway, rapid fire muzzle break MTAR spraying it around… Fuck you.

          • Angelreborn96

            Yet BO2 had the SECOND MOST sales from other COD games right? See?

          • Kap

            I’m not saying your facts are wrong but i doubt cod 1 2 and 3 sold 2 millions copies. The tech was too new and people weren’t very interested at the time. Also, MW3 was hated by a lot of people(that doesn’t mean it wasn’t still bought by a lot) and it was basically mw2 upgraded. I highly doubt that this game had the most copies sold, especially with world at war between the two.

    • Hello other Alex that hates Ghosts as well

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    pft and i was annoyed when activation banned my account for moaning at them for not being able to disable aim assist.. kinda glad in the end.. xD

  • That’s just retarded

  • Jack Meoff

    Its funny all the people saying they hate the game are still on here reading stuff about the game and the best is they still PLAY THE GAME and if i recall we hard it all before oh yes i can not wait for Nov this should be the best call of duty everrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Shane Cattell

    im having same problem as of last update

  • nugg

    This just happened to me yesterday in a S&D lobby… obviously it’s not fully resolved.