For over 3 years, has been serving you non-stop Call of Duty news. In light of the new gaming landscape with the next-gen transition we’re still in and also the “New Era for Call of Duty”, we thought we should take a step back and ask our fans on how they would like to see Charlie INTEL’s next 3 years pan out.

You only get one vote so make it count. Also, please leave a comment on this post with more feedback, we’ll be reading all comments and take it into serious consideration. Thanks in advance for helping our community grow!

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  • LongSensation

    I think as long as the dedication remains in providing Call of Duty information as fast as possible, I really don’t care. But I think expanding to other FPS games is the best idea for the future of the blog.

  • Blastors

    IMO is everything fine except more eSports news.

  • thomas gilje neset

    cover all FPS games, and do more podcast

  • Tim ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

    to be honest Charlie intel you guys are great and everything I think sense you have have been 3 years non stop Call of Duty news I think its time to expand to all present ans future FPS games

    • Kmillz0

      yeh because in the future it might be better for the site.

  • Matthew

    I love the way the site is, no complaints. The thought of expanding to other games on this site might crowd it with too many articles. I like the idea of having separate websites for each game, that makes more sense.

  • Mrpompom

    All games because call of duty isn’t the only game out to thr market that is good. You have your fps, rpg, mmo, also have good games like destiny which I personally would love to see have alot of shine too. I’m sure the bf guys would 2 ant thr CI report too. So open your market to doing it instead shutting yourself off to only cod.

  • PsychOutGaming

    I think this website should stay the same as it always has. But you could consider starting a new website(charlieintelfps, etc.) for all other games. I would definitely be on both on a regular basis.

  • Willekeurig persoon

    Stay the same, if you wish to expand further (which would be great) you should do so with a seperate website. In my opinion 🙂

  • wtflolsmh

    Stay the same, we dont need another blog for all games when there are plenty others!

  • Free

    You guys are so Great, Charlieintel. But i think you guys just report Call of Duty News at And make som websites for All FPS or All Games

  • Duffnez

    Only Call of Duty news, you guys make a great job on Charlieintel, its the only blog i know who makes info about COD and only THAT. Dont expand 🙂 Keep it up

    • Grenada!

      Why would you not want them to expand? If they do other major game news and info then it will only benefit them. Don’t be greedy just because you want CoD news.

      • OmchGaming

        Don’t be greedy cause you want more than just Cod News…

      • Ben

        Benefit? In which way? I don’t see a single reason why we need articles about other games… CharlieIntel’s staff is biased about CoD, and that’s the main reason why would we NOT need that.

  • Jari

    Everything is perfect, the only thing I want to change is the Charlie Intel app, it’s slow (not as slow as a half year ago, that was terrible!). And it’s just ugly. Also the images that you want to open via the app doesn’t expand to the full image and is low resolution.. there is a lot that has to change with the app. I’m talking about the Android version.. don’t know about the Fapple one. The information is perfect though! Without CI I would almost know nothing about COD.

  • Andreas S Hidle

    Every major game should have a “Charlie Intel” for their fans. Everyday news, big or small. Keeps the cod community together with info! A huge Thank You for the last 3 years

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    If COD wasn’t on a decline I would say stay the same but I think Activision is killing the cow just like they did with Guitar hero. These next two years will be huge to see if Activision can turn it around. Personally I hope they do but if history has taught us anything it’s that COD is dying. Sorry fanboys but nothing lasts forever. The community is partially to blame for the state of COD. If you don’t see that then you are in denial. Charlie INTEL will eventually die or will have to adapt to other games. Those are the only two choices if COD goes down.

    • Willekeurig persoon

      I am not trying to be a fanboy or anything but the sales keep on breaking records everytime so.. it’s not even near ‘dead’ yet

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        If you don’t remember. The record breaking sales numbers were inflated. The sales numbers included all physical media that were shipped to distribution stores(Best Buy, Gamestop, etc) but not necessarily sold to a person. Those unsold copies were sitting in the stores yet Activision claimed them as part of their sales. Shady!!! I would be very surprised if this years COD will sell half of what they said they sold last year. We’ll have to wait and see.

        • Willekeurig persoon

          Oh, I didn’t know that sorry
          Damned Activision..

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    You have other websites for other games, so I’d say keep the CoD news.


    partner with good youtubers, do a weekly videos (news / tips) and help drive traffic towards to the site

    • Stealth_Valtsu

      I think it would become a bit too complicated for them.

  • Jordan Rolf

    Keep doing all the news for cod and everyone will be happy

  • k5berry

    I think it’s best if Charlie Intel stick to CoD news (I personally am indifferent about eSports, so long as it doesn’t block other important news regarding the actuall game). I think if you were to expand (or keep expanding) to other games, than that would be great for a seperate site, but I think CI deserves to stick to Call of Duty

  • don1989123

    Stay the same your bout the only out there for news i like n someone already does esports so you guys are fine stay the same

  • jordanxbrookes

    You shouldn’t change anything. You are the best site that reports Call of Duty news. I only joined here in the comment section about a year ago and I can honestly say, apart from the trolls, this is one of the best sites and comment sections I’ve ever seen and used. To Keshav, Victor and Pete, you guys deserve a pat on the back for being the brains behind the best site for Call of Duty.

    • ccrows

      ^ EXACTLY!

      What JB said… 🙂

    • Keshav Bhat

      Thank you.

      • jordanxbrookes

        No, no. ThankYOU! 🙂

        • lol balls


    • Duke of hazard


  • BooBee

    A billion people hate Call of Duty, a billion people buy Call of Duty every year & a billion people bitch about the current version of Call Of Duty [Repeat].

    Call of Duty has such a massive following that despite those of us that grumble (myself included) we will keep buying the darn game so fan base for this site in my opinion in iron clad. I have plenty of “gaming” blogs to follow (e.g. Gamespot, IGN, etc.).

    • Grenada!

      I don’t think CoD sells a billion copies every year, not even close.

      • BooBee

        It was sarcasm but next time I’ll say a trillion.

  • CGkillZ

    I’ve used the site since mw3 was coming out. I would like to say thank you to everyone that makes this site run how it does.

  • Brian

    I think you should leave charlieintel the same and go back to your other blogs such as bravointel. GIVE MY SW BATTLEFRONT NEWS!!!

    • Keshav Bhat is live and active providing the latest BFHardline and Battlefront news!

  • I feel the reason why charlieINTEL has been a runaway success is that no one thought of making an aggregator for Call of Duty news before. Can any of us remember how we got CoD news before CI? You had to look through a dozen sites and it wasn’t helpful to the fans.

    This site should stay like it is.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I had to watch TmarTn or Ali A, sit through their intros or whatever update they have before they tell the info. They’re nice people, it’s just that they need to get to the point when presenting news. Idk how they’ve been in the last year or two, since I haven’t watched them since, but that’s how they used to be. I prefer getting straight to the point, which is how it is on CharlieINTEL.

      • I did the exact same thing till October, when I found this page.

        • OmchGaming

          Subliminal advertising much buddy?

      • BrotherhoodOfSteel

        Agreed. Ali-A and Tmartn have the IQ of a peeled carrot.
        Tmartn thought that in the BO2 MP trailer, when the guy had the Ballista on his back and the DSR as his primary, that CoD was turning sniper rifles into secondary weapons.
        In all honesty, they’re just in it for the money and publicity. Where on other hands Drift0r, who revealed Ghosts to us, has seen AW early, is brilliant, actually knows guns. *Funny story Tmartn thought a bullpup rifle was the ACR in one of his videos*.
        They need to bring Drift0r here!

        • jordanxbrookes

          My friend’s friend thought bullpup was a shotgun XD

      • I haven’t watched either one’s take on CoD news. I saw some of Trevor vlogs but that’s it. And, from what little I’ve heard of Ali-A on the CI Podcast, I don’t like him, if I’m honest.

  • Rafael

    It would be nice if all your blogs are together but that keeps the cod players together, destiny players, battlefield players , etc. all these players aren’t really to fond of each other. Get what I mean?

  • NiftyGam3r

    Cod only please thats the reason i come here, if you guys expand with more games, i might as well stick to mpfirst or gamerant.

  • Colin

    It’s hard to get reliable eSports info online. Your accuracy and expediency of the news is a big factor in this websites’ popularity. It would be a huge plus if eSports could be covered in some fashion. Thanks for asking for our input!

  • LovekillerX

    I want Charlieintel to stay exactly the same as it has been this far. When I want to hear Call of Duty news I come here first because this site informs only about Call of Duty – so it is easy to find the newest information.

  • Dylan

    I think more articles would be nice. As in in-depth news on certain CoD topics. I know there’s not much to talk about but just more to consume

    • Keshav Bhat

      I’ll see what I can do on that!

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Just keep it to COD news. Usually bigger sites tend to miss many things relating to specific things, since the games they have to cover are so broad. With you guys only covering COD, we don’t miss a thing, big or small, regarding COD, which is how it should be. Keep it up, you guys have been doing amazing! Truly the best source for COD news, and it should stay that way.

  • Josh

    Stay the same, don’t add other fps games. We come here for COD news not BF or Titanfall. I wouldn’t mind eSports news, but please don’t mix other games in with CoD news.

  • Holden ZA

    I think you guys should slowly bridge out the way you guys are going. FPS genre makes sense for you guys. Keep to it, Call of Duty will always be you heart but FPS makes sense.

  • Michael

    Now let me say this, and I think my input in this vote will help shape I’ve been coming back to this site since 2012. And all we ever got was cod news (patches updates, etc.) I would love to see CharlieIntel feature other FPS’s because for the viewer benefit, it saves us more time by not going to other sites to look for information on, and you would get more people to come to your site
    If you feature more info on other games. I’m going to vote the third one because I would love to see titanfall, destiny, halo, and most importantly advanced warfare news. The more the marrier is the way I see it at least.

  • TheShadowReaper

    CharlieIntel you’re great as you are now. this is an exceptionally good blogging website and me gusta that a lot. i would vote you to expand to other FPS games cause i’m a FPS guy and you know what they say, the more the merrier! ^^ but then again i remembered that BF is also a FPS game so…no. keep doing your COD thing, you’re the best at it! 🙂

  • Jake


  • I think the site is perfect atm, and the amount of eSports news is good. I would also not like ANY other games on it.

  • Nah, you don’t need to change. Your perfect just the way you are :3 I don’t think you should report on eSports, but if you decided to combine this and The Division blog, I wouldn’t be mad. But under no circumstances are you to add Battlefield to this website. Shit would go down faster than after eating Chipotle and Taco Bell!

  • exeterman2

    Get NextVG back up -.-

    • Keshav Bhat

      We’ll see what we can do on that front.

      • exeterman2

        Thanks for responding, what actually happened to it?

  • Grenada!

    You should do all FPS news to be fair. It will attract more people to your site because not everyone like CoD and it will be easier for people who like CoD, Destiny, Titanfall etc to stay on the same site rather to go from site to site.

  • Charlieintel should remain COD Only but i would like to see other sites like the BravoIntel to showcase more games!Like WWE I’m just saying ill be active on the WWE Site aswell!

    • jordanxbrookes

      Just because you and I are both WWE fanboys 😛

  • ddrhodes33

    Bring back the Charlie Intel Podcast! Something funny and enjoyable to listen to at the end of the week; a good weekly round up.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Glad you like our podcast! @thatpetey:disqus (@thatpetey on Twitter) is working on the podcast! Be sure to check in with him on updates for that!

      • jordanxbrookes

        Yes the podcasts! I love them, especially when Pete gets other YouTubers involved with ideas and topics. 🙂

        • ddrhodes33

          Its good listening honest opinions on both rubbish and good ideas from people that can have a laugh & joke about it.

  • Rorke File

    If AW saves cod keep doing cod with the release of B03 coming after AW .

  • Chris

    I think this site should stay exactly how it is today, I enjoy coming to this site because its strictly CoD & I don’t have scroll through 8 Battlefield posts & 3 Titanfall posts to find some news about CoD. I do however think that there should be a FPS blog that is run in the same manner as this site for the people who are interested in FPS as a genre and not just CoD. Also, I haven’t seen a site dedicated strictly to eSports yet & with CharlieINTEL on your resume I think you guys have major potential to start another blog/site that focuses strictly on eSports & get accepted as a trustworthy & informative place for eSports news from the beginning.

  • Batman

    Its perfect the way it is

  • Derrick Wingler

    I agree with Matthew. While i would love to see you cover other FPS games, i would rather they have their own site, or their own section of this site dedicated to them, instead of having everything clutter up the front page.

  • Stealth_Valtsu

    I love charlieintel! It’s easy and fast source. There is no better and that’s why I would want it to expand into FPS blog 😀

  • MichiganerE

    I’m looking at the votes and most people want it to stay exactly the same… wow, just… wow…

    • Ryumoau

      whats wrong with that?

      • MichiganerE

        Nothing. I’m just wondering why people don’t want the website to try something new.

  • I love exactly what you do. Best COD news site. Just make sure the podcasts are weekly as they are really entertaing and I always look forward to them

    • Keshav Bhat

      Thanks for the feedback! Peter (@thatpetey on Twitter) has been working on the podcast. He tweets any news on that!

  • cookie

    Maybe keep this site and then you can make a other site for all the other things 🙂

  • Would like to see the Forums return, along with the promised levelling/ranking system

  • Love it as it is, keep it up.

  • AWapperflap

    I’m a CharlieIntel visitor since 2011 (the beginning I guess) and this is my second comment in those 3 years. I never had something usefull to say, untill now; CharlieIntel should stay exactly the same.

    I’m only coming here for my Call of Duty news, because that’s what you guys are good at: you’re fast at reporting, you guys write good articles etc. For my other gaming news I’m using N4G.

    Thanks for reporting all these years and let’s hope you’ll keep doing this for many years to come!

  • Sinful Soulz

    I personally voted just to not change anything, but I wouldn’t mind if you put more eSports into the mix. I’m not saying you should do it, though. I wouldn’t like it if you made it an all videogame blog because then it will kind of resemble IGN, but I think it should be your guys’ choice. I really do like you guys are caring about the community of this website and asking for opinions and votes. 🙂 You guys give me way more knowledge about Call of Duty every day, and I tell all my friends about the website and Call of Duty news. But if you feel the need to kick back and relax one day that’s fine. You have 4 or 5 blogs to take care of. THAT’S a big responsibility.

  • Ryumoau

    Although i enjoy the blog as the best call of duty info site out there, i wouldn’t mind if you did articles about other FPS games as well. Though i’m fine either way. 🙂

  • Spectre01N7

    I would like you to cover other FPS and maybe even third person, like the division.

  • Victor/Petey/Keshav, I’ve known you all for years now and I know that Charlie INTEL has always been the go-to source for Call of Duty news. I met Victor on Twitter when the site had merely 300 followers (“”), and it only grew ever upward from there. I think you’ve earned a good reputation for giving the best to a specific community. I feel like eSports aren’t for everybody, and crowding the site’s newsfeed would be too much. I do think the Twitter feed might benefit from major eSports announcements; or, create a separate eSports Twitter account to focus on eSports. Additionally, it seems that the other sites are doing well despite their smaller fanbases. They’re associated w/ CI and the INTEL network, and so, I think they have good reputations by association. TheINTELBlog was a good idea, but it didn’t have enough of a following to beat out anything large like Kotaku or IGN.

    In summary: CI should stick to CoD.

  • Josh

    And I’ve been on this site ever since you leaked the mw3 dlc 1 ?

  • cesc-2007

    Just keep doing the great work your doing.
    if it aint broke dont fix it……

    • TheShadowReaper

      ^ truth

  • BrotherhoodOfSteel

    Don’t change a thing.
    Just don’t interview Ali-A anymore.
    Guy knows nothing about Call of Duty compared to Drift0r. He’s brilliant, and revealed Ghosts to us. He also saw this game early. So give him props instead of that British money whore with no knowledge of this game.
    Maybe add a branch for the Fallout 4 hype? That’s just me, though.

  • chris

    why not expand, how you do call of duty news is amazing, i think the skys the limit

  • Luis Someguy

    I(like tons of other people) made some contributions some years ago in some of your articles.I wanna THANK YOU GUYS for all the dedication and all the contributions in keeping us informed about all the the great stuff.
    I fell like this site should improve itself for a while and then,maybe one or two years from now,evolve towards more FPS games(the fact the Next Gen Consoles will bring a more variety of FPS´s is a validation of that in my opinion).Stay Hungry,stay foolish 🙂

  • jooker-jr

    I would love to see an app for iOS/Android ( windows phone if u can )

    but other than that nothing

  • Joey Woof

    Without CharlieINTEL I wouldn’t have been able to talk to my brother. Thank you for bringing the Woof family back together!

  • i would like to see yo stay the same great site i fell in love with

  • JDahn

    No! Please! Only CoD! You are the best site and that’s unique because there are so many other sites about games generally but you’re the only good site for news about CoD. Please don’t change this!

  • Bigi345

    This site is great the way it is. But, can you guys have an Assassin’s Creed blog? Just asking, huge fan of the AC series.

  • SwaggedOutBlade

    Been with you guys since black ops 2 was announced and for a little bit of mw3 don’t change anything you guys are doing a really great job and would love if you guys would start a blog site for the walking dead game by telltale games like the walking dead intel or something idk. But over all you guys are doing a really good job keep up the good work. ?

  • Star Wars Fiend

    i like it how it is how you have separate blogs, i just voted the third option cause i really need some good coverage on other games like AC Unity, the new Battlefront, maybe mortal combat 10 and stuff like that

    • Keshav Bhat

      Battlefront coverage is available on!

  • I love this site…would love to see a bit more on how many esports articles you guys do though. Another idea would be just to create another blog that follows MLG and Esports.

  • David

    Love Charlie Intel. I just think personally it would be a cool idea if users had their own accounts specifically for Intel sites created by the admins. We could then choose which posts we would like to see and which posts we wouldn’t. Personally, I’m not a big e-sports guy, so sometimes I just wish I could remove those from my feed. Love everything you guys do by the way. Been visiting this site for a very long time, and I’m proud to say that’s not going to change any time soon.

  • NextGenNose

    Call of Duty only. CoD E-sports is ok once in a while (like the announcing of winners of a tournament), but should not be something that’s looked into thoroughly.

    Discovered this site a few months ago, and I must say, its one of the best sites I’ve seen for my daily dose of CoD. Also, the community is great here :^)

  • Rob Schneider

    Big fan of the podcast I have to say. But if there was a way the community could communicate to you guys during the podcast or before to respond to what you guys say or suggest topics etc, that would be cool
    What would also be cool is maybe like handpicked videos on the side or something idk, stuff that you guys would recommend, or maybe a glimpse at some articles that are popular on the other sites, but I would only have this on the side and not as an article 😀

  • LouCooper

    Could you return to doing podcasts? I listen to them at work and it’s entertaining hearing what Call of Duty fans think along with the comedy 🙂

  • Henk

    I think you guys should cover other FPS game news on the site. Forget TitanFall blog and BravoIntel and cover all Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield and TitanFall news on this site.

  • xGSx

    I recently saw this site when I was looking for good information about Black Ops 2 a few months ago before Ghosts released. This was my top priority choice. I used to use N4G for some games but I mainly like this site because it is exclusively for Call of Duty. If you guys changed then I would probably have to go to N4G, I know you wouldn’t care because I’m one of the thousands of people that check out your blog but as long as this site stays like this, I’ll be happy about the site. It’s great that it’s the only site that I found exclusive to Call of Duty information.

  • Please keep this site how it is! Its great. I always come here first for COD News! 🙂

  • Jamie McDonald

    I like this site the way it is to be honest! Call of Duty is big enough to keep you busy, maybe add a bit more on the opinion side and immerse the site into the community . i.e forums and that.

  • Grubse

    I love the way the site reports news. I’ve always appreciated the seriousity in Charlie Intel as well in comparison to other medias out there who does the same thing. On Charlie Intel Specificly my opinion is that it remains Call Of Duty “exclusive”. Something I wish to see more of is possibly a some sort of community on Charlie Intel. With that said what I mean is maybe a “Art” section where people can post their fan art or even some sort of video sharing site thing. I don’t feel for a forum but something more unique. Anyways I hope my feedback helped and keep the great work going!

  • Whoa

    STAY THE SAME!!! Also you guys should upload random chill gameplay on your channel. or pehaps have some of the community on here play with you guys and have it recorded. You know some nice bonding and entertainment.

  • MSTAR020

    Keep it exactly the same, I wouldn’t come to the site nearly as often if I had to hunt for the Call of Duty content mixed in with a ton of other video games news. If you want to add more content, you could expand on the esports side of things, but otherwise you guys are doing great and I don’t want to see you guys change a thing!

  • MSTAR020

    I saw this comment below somewhere, but if you guys could have a dedicated iPhone/Android app created for the blog (or the collection of blogs) that would be amazing.

  • PunchFastMcChunky

    Personally I couldn’t give a sh** about eSports.