Infinity Ward has announced that Extinction Double XP weekend will be across platforms this weekend, starting July 4th and ending July 7th for all platforms.

This is to celebrate the release of Invasion DLC on PSN/PC on July 3rd.

  • I’m just here to see everyone mad at Infinity Ward.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I seriously don’t understand why there are prestiges in Extinction. What next, Ghosts 2 comes out and carries on the Extinction story, but now with an eSports side to it? I’m sure the horde mode is meant to be for fun. If you want ranks, play multiplayer. I don’t mean to sound rude to hardcore Extinction players btw.

    • It unlocks relic slots. When you are third prestige, you can only play with 3 relics at the same time. To have the maximum challenge, you have to be at least Prestige 10, to play with 10 relics simultaneously.

      Also, unlocking the next prestige awards you with a tooth.

  • swjfajf

    I finally beat charileintel to a blog post. Here it is if you are interested

    • jordanxbrookes

      Nice 🙂

  • Instakill115

    speaking of extinction

    • RockerxxRicardo .

      Lmao that art work for extinction though. Get outta here with this fake crap.

    • MichiganerE

      I can’t take this seriously with that Extinction photo.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Alien: What? What’s so funny? lol

    • Instakill115

      so let me get this straight. There is zero chance you guys think IW would do something different for the final DLC. Seriously??

    • Damien Anderson

      To bad this isnt real. That gun looks cool.

    • Bigi345

      Though it’s fake, it looks interesting

  • Vermell

    Extinction, the one good thing about Ghosts. I lambasted this mode BEFORE I played it and boy was I wrong. With the right crew, this is actually very fun!

    • Derrick Wingler

      Agreed. The campaign is mediocre at best, worse than BO2 by default just because it didn’t have customizable loadouts or a “divergent storyline” and everybody has the 101 different arguments about why the MP is bad, but Extinction, Extinction is honestly fun. Just wish it had more unlockable loadout stuff. Would love to see the golden PDW be available for purchase for like 100 teeth or something like that.

  • arturoehr

    Yeah lets add another 20 prestiges…