GameSpot, in association with Activision, today launched a brand new Call of Duty show called Aim Down Sights. This new show is dedicated to all things Call of Duty, and is set to become a regular show. The first episode went live today, with them talking about Advanced Warfare’s E3 showing.

Dan and Bricey break down the Advanced Warfare reveals from E3, and discuss your feedback and all the latest Call of Duty news. Aim Down Sights is sponsored by and produced in association with Activision.

SOURCE: GameSpot

  • Johanna

    I was expecting something new of AW but its just another breakdown video. >,<

    • Yeah.
      Can’t wait for MP reveal! Gaah!
      I Think my heart will stop when I see it.

    • Grenada!

      Yeah, hate these things because they just go on and on about things we’ve seen and know about.

  • Ramirez! You’ve gotta aim down your sights!

    • TheShadowReaper

      by aiming down your sights…

      • See? He sprayed bullets all over the damn place!

        • I remember that when I did that mission I didn’t miss a single bullet but he still said that and it offended me 🙁

          • See? He sprayed jizz all over the damn place!
            You gotta pick your targets from a stable stance!

    • Grenada!

      Ramirez! Do everything!

    • jordanxbrookes


  • GameSpot? Really?

    • Ryumoau

      lol i’d honestly rather have seen IGN do a show like this, because i feel like they have been alittle more fair to CoD franchise than Gamespot.

      • Why not CharlieINTEL? 😛

      • Grenada!

        IGN always give CoD a score that it doesn’t really deserve though. Like they gave CoD Ghosts a 8.8/10 when it really should of got a 6/10.

  • Anyone else remember those ELITE shows? I miss the MW3 days 🙁

    • jordanxbrookes

      Friday Night Fights was the best one. They really should bring that back. I miss Call of Duty Elite, it was so much better and more accessible than the Call of Duty App 🙁

      • Mitch

        The Call of Duty app is Elite’s retarded son.

      • The new app is so bad, and I need a PC version, it’s so much better then a little touch screen without content. Hope Elite 2.0 returns for Advanced Warfare

  • Sliding confirmed in AW? 9:45

    • When we haven’t seen an official confirmation, sliding will be back.
      So, yes.

  • DatGuestThatSpeaksDatTruth

    I’m gonna be real for a minute here.

    Don’t watch any of those videos. Gamespot has a notorious hateboner for any CoD that isn’t from 5-6 years old and older. Like most CoD “fans” they have some skewered perception of reality: That all old CoDs were better. Objectively, they aren’t. If you say they are, then it’s your opinion, but opinions are like butt holes. These shitty opinions keep CoD from progressing on any level. No matter what SHG, 3arc, or IW do, you chores are going to claw at them for it. You got hyped for Ghosts, and don’t lie, you did. But the minute you saw everyone else say it sucked, you caved and said it sucked too. Not only does it look a shit ton better than any previous CoD, it also TRIES to keep you entertained. Even that wasn’t good enough. You nitpicked intangibles like spawns and shit, and made the game suck to yourself. A game only sucks if YOU say so. How do you think so many people play Dark Souls 2? There’s only like three buttons you need to use and the graphics look like ass, plus there’s no story. But the fans appreciate the game (though Dark Souls fans are pretty goddamn insufferable). That’s all it boils down to.

    You ungrateful “fans” don’t appreciate the game.

    When Ghosts came out, I saw people saying Black ops 2 was better. Not just as a game, but graphics wise. Of course, I LOL’d and didn’t respond, but I learned something that everyone knows. No matter what CoD does, you guys won’t be happy. You’ll just run back to following others’ opinions and run back to the old CoDs. You probably don’t even have Mw2 or CoD4 anymore. Cause every time I’m online, it’s lucky for those games to even cap at 2500 players. Of the millions of CoD gamers. You’re just saying that to feel superior. You’re resisted to change. Having you scream about innovation, then cry when “innovative” things come is really goddamn annoying. “Innovation” lol? What even is that? Are you saying you’re tired of CoD being CoD? Then GO PLAY ANOTHER GAME. You continuously drag this franchise down. Comparing it constantly and not praising its strengths.

    Now, that that rant is over, I will further elaborate at the point at hand. You’re going to hype this game up, then hate it, then say some other shit is better. It’s not a CoD exclusive thing. It’s what gamers do. I don’t know why, maybe just FPS gamers in general. The thing is that CoD gets get way more flack. And it’s saddening that it’s just going to happen again. If it doesn’t, I will change my name to Geodorrian FartFace. Luckily I won’t have to.

    All that’s going to happen is the same CoD cycle that happens forever. Unfortunately for us, this isn’t going to last much longer. CoD is going to miserably fall under the cycle gamers have created for years.

    That’s why gamers stay ungrateful.

    They’re just games. Play them to enjoy your life.

    I’m probably just gonna repost this on a comment section with more comments so you guys can ponder over it. Charlie Intel is the only place I can. Out of all the places on the internet, even CoD forums, this is the only generally positive and intelligent one.

    • exeterman2

      Yes ghosts does look better than previous cods, but that isn’t important, the gameplay is different and very buggy + unbalanced. It is genuinely worse than the older cods because a lot of the innovations don’t work and make the game worse, through being broken and unbalanced typically. Of course I want innovation in some ways but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • Ryumoau

      yeah. i haven’t watched it yet, but i know for a fact that Gamespot has bashed Call of Duty at various points in the past. Hopefully this show will be somewhat respectful and honest, and not just something halfhearted that they are doing because Activision paid them.

      • Grenada!

        So why shouldn’t Gamespot be allowed to do this? Because they said some bad things about CoD at times? CoD fanboys can’t take any negative comments at all. I bash CoD time to time and I love the series apart from only 2 games, because it deserves to get bashed on especially with games like MW3 and Ghosts. It seems that if something bad is said about CoD these days, then the fanboys just go crazy or ignore everything. You want a respectful and honest view? This is mine. AW easily takes the cake for the best looking CoD game to date and the graphics are stunning. The game looks like it’s creating some innovated features which is what CoD needs. Will it change up the gameplay that much though? I think it will but at the end of the day, it’s just going to still be another CoD game I feel. Characters look good but the plot doesn’t seem the most interesting at the moment, we need more info on the main plot.

    • Carrisi

      I agree with a lot of what your saying except ghosts really does suck, mainly cos they dropped the ball on the most important thing, the gameplay. Instant deaths ruined it.

    • Grenada!

      Graphic wise, yes the newer CoD games look better graphic wise but as a whole, older ones are better quality. I’ll never forget that moment on CoD1 when I was playing as a single Russian soldier and I was handed nothing but a ammo clip for a rifle and sent straight into the battle. CoD4, CoD2, WaW and CoD1 are the best and there is no doubt about it. Can those games be beaten? Yeah and I hope SHG can beat them with AW but we won’t know until we get our hands on the game. I was hyped for MW2, I loved it. I was hyped for BO1, I loved it, I was hyped for MW3, I hated it, I was hyped for BO2, I didn’t mind it and then I was hyped for Ghosts and I hate it apart from Extinction is pretty fun. Now I don’t want CoD to just copy the older and better CoD games, I want them to create something fresh and innovated like what SHG is doing with AW and that’s why I’m interested in seeing what they do with it. To my point though, if you’re saying Ghosts, BO2 etc are better than the older games, then you clearly never played them.

      • Killguard

        Exactly. I’m pretty sure most people who go on this site started playing CoD in the MW2 days and they don’t know what the games before MW2 were like and of course the one and only classic, CoD1. I hope AW starts a new era of CoD and for the better, we need a change and that’s what SHG is trying to do but I guess we won’t know until November.

      • Angelreborn96

        And I’m pretty sure a lot of other players want the same older and better COD games.. Which is why they should make remakes out of them lol

      • Mr Doge

        Ha is this comment a joke? The older ones are better quality? Tell me what exactly CoD 1 has an advantage over Ghosts? Nothing. Literally nothing. ‘We want something new and fresh!” Those famous last words though. You asked for that for Ghosts but look how that turned out. Yeah just stop it will ye? You basically just took what the guy you replied to said and just took a shit on it.

        • MichiganerE

          I’m guessing you’ve never played CoD 1, right? I’m sure your first CoD game was MW2. CoD 1 is better in every way and here is why. CoD 1’s campaign – unlike Ghosts’ campaign, isn’t a generic unoriginal steaming pile of dog shit. CoD 1’s campaign was very memorable, nostalgic, very long, and something very new for it’s time. Ghosts’ campaign on the other hand is unoriginal, generic, cliche, 4 hours long, boring, unexciting, nothing stands out, non-stop explosions when the name is Ghosts (meaning stealth), not one decent set piece, it’s scripted as hell, and the ending is stupid as fuck. How the hell do you stand up perfectly when shot at point blank from a .44 Magnum? Next up, multiplayer. CoD 1’s multiplayer was gun-on-gun and took skill because of hit detection and map design. It also had great maps, it was fun, and overall a blast to play. Ghosts’ multiplayer on the other hand is bad and here is why. While is has less problems then MW3 and BO2, it’s fewer problems are worse than the issues of both games for the fact that: it’s based camping, it’s boring, it takes no skill because of how fast you die, awful spawns, awful map design, very casual, support, killstreaks suck ass, and it’s infuriating as all hell. I’m not going to bring Squads and Extinction into this because CoD 1 just had a campaign and multiplayer. That’s why CoD 1 is better then Ghosts.

        • Grenada!

          “what exactly CoD 1 has an advantage over Ghosts?”
          I hope you are trolling when you say that. Also we wanted something different with Ghosts but that never happened. AW is actually making strong changes to the series that will change how you play. When I play Ghosts, I play it like any other CoD game because they never changed anything up. CoD1 SP is 100x better than Ghosts and it’s a ten year old game which I find hilarious. You’re one of these CoD players that think they know everything thing when you really only started playing the series with MW2.

    • jordanxbrookes

      When everyone said that Ghosts is bad, Black Ops 2 was better, I was literally still sticking up for Ghosts, and many people who have seen the comments I made weeks and months ago would know this. I’m still not going to say Ghosts is a bad game, but I feel if Ghosts had a bit more work done to it before it was launched, it would be a pretty decent game. This is the thing I love about the 3 year dev cycle, now our games can be polished better and things can be tweaked and re-tuned for it to be a better experience.

    • Your wrong I hate Ghosts and BO2 equally haha. But for real, I don’t hate it because everyone else does. I hate it because they reward retards who don’t know how to play the game. It has evolved from who has the best gun on gun skill to who can sit in a corner with their Riley dog kills streak better. Also the older CODs are better in my opinion. I never said a negative thing about COD til half way through MW3s life. My hopes are high for the campaign. And that’s all I’m hyped for (for now). The just throw a bunch of random shit into multilayer now trying to attract more mindless gamers. Maybe people don’t want innovation. They think they do, but I’m reality all they want is a simple gun on gun skill based shooter like cod 2 or cod4, world at war. MW2s killstreaks went away from that but it was still a fun game because if you didn’t know how to play you were punished for it. Black Ops 1 went a little back to the gun on gun and was definitely a great game. MW3 was okay, but because of the lawsuit and lack of staff and it being rushed was a reason it was so bland and unappealing. As for BO2 and Ghosts that’s when shit got crazy. Target finders, mms sights, Outrageous camping spots for lmgs, insane quick scoping (so over powering) which definitely broke public match OBJ games. Ghosts was so slow paced. And the worst map design I’ve ever seen. Kill streaks, ieds, lack of weapon choices (as in guns that are good), spawns, removed and replaced game types and once again Support. Granted they’ve gotten better but after Treyarch and their terrific support with their games most recently BO2 you’d think they would try to keep up. Don’t get me wrong I love COD. I most likely always will, but COD can’t continue down this road. It’s like they’re trying to build a game that puts everyone on the same level. Why should I be punished by a certain “support streak” or ied for being better than someone? Obviously there’s more to delve into but i don’t want to bore you with my own rant haha. I would like to finish on this note that revolves around every new cod. Every time something little that benefits the game is added, a mass of bullshit is thrown in to cover that good thing. Michael, Glen and SH Games have acknowledged MLG (unlike IW) so hopefully COD returns to a competitive gun v gun game and not the brain mushy, who has the cooler camouflage and emblem Pile of crap it is.

    • Young and Dope

      Dude im not even going to lie, you put down everything I have to say in the way I coudn’t explain. I respect you for that, not riding your dick or anything but forreal RESPECT

    • Kyle JW

      Preach. Many gamers/CoD fans indeed have strange logic on the matter. It’s something that’s been bugging me for a while. Just look at the Ghosts article about the Invasion DLC for PSN/PC. Just blind hate, and ignorance. And this is happening on Charlie Intel! God forbid, something of this magnitude should even exist within our community!

      Ghosts is actually really fun if you think for yourself. I’m still playing Ghosts (although in moderation), after all this time. I’ve enjoyed the multiplayer so much, especially the competitive aspect of it. My clan buddies and I have experienced endless hours of fun and challenges, as we tried to progress through divisions. And we’ve finally made it to Diamond Division. I could connect with everything you were saying!

      Thanks for the comment! It was well written.

    • TheShadowReaper

      well i hate Ghosts but that’s to be expected cause i dont like the IW twist on the multiplayer side of COD. i’m a Treyarch warrior to the bone, that’s how it is. it was inevitable for me to hate on Ghosts. a game that bored me nearly to death and was developed by IW.

      as for the rest i mostly agree.

    • Guest

      I wasn’t hyped for Ghosts at all and had a feeling it was going to suck – it did. Also, I still own CoD 4 & MW2 and play them more than the newer CoD’s. Besides, I’m sure you’ve never even played CoD 1, 2, and 3.

    • Mr Doge

      Jeez this is what I’ve been trying to explain to people. This is exactly what I’ve been thinking. I’m excited for AW but I know its not going to succeed because of the majority of the community that hates on CoD.

    • zINz_FURY

      This is why I love coming here over youtube, where BF and CS fans search COD just to say “Fuck COD”, like really? Learn how to rub one out and talk to me when your rage boner is gone.

    • Tep Kok

      Waaaaaaaahh stop liking what I don’t like

    • Reading your comment with Ghosts’ OST on makes it so much more awesome. The only thing I can say to this comment is: AMEN!!

    • Jake Sanderman

      I cannot truthfully say I got hyped for Ghosts. The reveal fell miles short of impressive, and any gameplay that was shown looked ridiculously boring. I told people it would be terrible, and no one would listen. How anybody could have thought the presentation for the game looked good is beyond me. Regardless, I now own it, but it took a sale price of $20 to get me to do so.

      And now, Advanced Warfare looks slightly better, but still too extreme. I predict that one will receive hate, just as I did for Ghosts.

      It’s definitely not a matter of old vs new, I was more hyped than I’ve ever been for Black Ops 2, and I was not disappointed.

  • HolyHairGel

    Yo these guys put like 4 jars of gel in their hair my god! And that guy was a little deuschy.

  • jooker-jr

    GameSpot. the land of cod haters

  • jooker-jr

    why they didnt made the show in cod forums or Charlie intel / iplaycod

  • CinemaSins

    No game is without a sin!

    • Ech!

      We will have to see…