Call of Duty games got their start on PC over 11 years ago when Infinity Ward released Call of Duty 1. Ever since then, we’ve seen a new Call of Duty release every year, with each game always beating the last title in player count, number sales, and more. This year, that seems to have been reversed, especially for PC platform players.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Treyarch’s 2012 release, has twice as many players than Call of Duty: Ghosts, which released just 7 months ago. According to PCGamesN, Black Ops 2’s peak number is 9,040 players, while Call of Duty: Ghosts is at a mere 4,574 players today.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 both peaked higher than Call of Duty: Ghosts at many times. Modern Warfare 2 has 4,718 players and Modern Warfare 3 has 6,253 players at the last time of checking, according to PCGamesN.

Many fans have noted the performance issues within the PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, with many saying Black Ops 2’s optimization for PC was dramatically better. 



  • fsdgasdg

    well maybe because ghosts is shit and bo2 is good?

    • youlo

      They where both shit.
      But bo2 is playable shit and ghosts is unplayable shit.

      • kplem

        agreed 100% i love how everyone is dick riding BO2 suddenly when it was out it was So hated i dont see why its loved it was a god awful game TOO much esports trash

        • fsdgasdg

          esoprts support = balanced game

          aka a better game.

          • trex timmy

            esports support = mlg players bitching about nerfs for a weapon = no catering to casuals.(the majority of the cod population fyi)

          • fsdgasdg

            so you like the game unbalanced with OP guns?

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            That’s what BO2 was. MLG does not magically mean a balanced game. It means a shitty game with headglitches.

          • jordanxbrookes

            No but we like the game to have nerfs where necessary, not nerf every weapon that competitive players use when they say it’s OP, the Bizon wasn’t OP, but because competitive players complained about it, it got nerfed and therefore it’s useless to use, yet they won’t nerf the MTAR’s recoil or damage or nerf the Remington.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            LOL e-Sports doesn’t magically mean balance. You are deluded. They couldn’t even make up their minds about the Bizon. e-Sports is a joke.

          • Batman

            E sports can be good and bad dude. E sports killed bo2

        • i♥COD

          BO2 was shit until about april when they eventually patched it enough to make it playable and enjoyable, league play saved it. Ghost still havent made their title playable.

        • Grenada!

          Loads of people enjoyed BO2 when that was out. There was always talk about BO2, while with Ghosts it just seems dead an forgotten, because it’s just a boring game.

          • kplem

            Ghosts is so bad it made BO2 looked good! th only people talking about it were esports nerds and quickscoping little shits. go back and see the talk when MW2 was out or COD 4 and BO1 even MW3

      • fsdgasdg

        bo2 was very good imo,

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          BO2 was ass. One of the worst CoDs for sure.

          • MichiganerE

            I think BO2 was a good game (I’m talking about campaign and zombies), multiplayer, was just okay. I give it a 7 out of 10, meaning good on my scale, but it’s still my fourth least-favorite CoD game right behind CoD 3, MW3, and Ghosts.

          • kplem

            agreed ! too much esports dick riding, lag, terrible guns, devs pretty much told the 99% of the community for fuck off and kept sucking nadeshots dick

  • Even if Ghosts was better optimized for PC I bet Black Ops 2 would still have more players on it.

  • kplem

    Ghosts the ultimate failure of all cods

    • I like “New Infinity Ward; The failure of COD development” slogan better. Haha

      • kplem


      • MichiganerE

        What a fitting slogan!

    • filthy console peasants

      How did it fail? I still don’t understand why people bash the game that much!

      • fsdgasdg

        cause it sucks?

      • kplem

        because it is even the cancer esports ( i say this because thats all devs care for) despise it. its a piss poor game very boring, lacks a fun factor, terrible lazy map designs, terrible game, DLC is a fucking joke with terrible ideas the camos are just pathetic wannabe treyarch camos with ultimate fail you can see the themes in them and the DLCs are directed to kids, i cant think of anymore now but there is a TON. lets not forget this game has 81,000 peak i remember back in MW2 it didnt go below 100,000 till BO1 came out, i remember MW2 days with like 1.5M online i click find game and i would get in with an instant, the amount of great fun and great memories of MW2 will never die by far the best cod for me even with the broken perks like it was BY far the most fun ive had in a game. same as BO1 i remember once there was 2.7 million like 900k were on zombies the peak of cod! and MW3 i remember the sale records it broke when microsoft said that there were like 3.3 million online JUST on xbox it was crazy. BO2 was a terrible game but was way better on PC because of the dedicated servers and no aim assist and overall more mature players on pc. ghosts sucks didnt even get over 500k died within not even the first month,the players count dropped within 2 weaks what a JOKE! BTW all the numbers of players are from XBOX 360 ONLY.

        • Abraham

          There are dozens of reasons why Ghosts failed; however, we should keep in mind that Ghosts was distributed among more platforms than any other previous CoD title. Mathematically, whether it is PC, Microsoft, Nintendo, or Playstation, each of the various platforms will have less gamers when there are 2 new consoles on the market, which a fraction of the CoD players have now migrated to. Just something to keep in mind as there are not a lot of people online as there once was.

          For me, Ghosts failed simply because the fun factor was stripped from the game.

          • Angelreborn96

            Shouldn’t forget, the revenge spawns, the bullshit deaths, the fucking grenade launchers, the spawns, the maps, the FUCKING VIGOROUS CLUSTER FUCK OF CAMPERS, the noobs who actually fucking rush only when they get killed and they rush to find their killer and kill them right away! I have never seen a COD with this bullshit. I try to go for a KEM, but every time that I do and I kill someone, I cannot help but worry that the player I killed will come back behind me and rush to kill me to fuck me over, or spawn next to me. Even the Kastet and grenade launchers are fucking annoying in this game, it’s like mw2! Doesn’t make sense when you even get the first 2-3 shots on someone first, before they shoot at you and kill you.. It’s fucking utter bullshit

          • kplem

            thats NO excuse i dont get it HOW hard can it be to just remake MW2 and get best pars from old cods like copy and paste it make killstreaks like it, if you have done it before you it again instead they decide to try innovate with such a minimal amount of time, leave that to slegdehammer since they have had a long time. ghosts was the biggest fail in cod history

          • Abraham

            They should just port Cod 4 and MW2. All the new innovation has crippled the game thus far.

          • kplem

            i know is it that hard? remake MW2 with good tweaks not MW3

      • RockerxxRicardo .

        Because it’s the current COD that’s out. It’s also the popular thing to do. Give it time and A.W will be called the worst COD while people praise Ghost.

        • i♥COD

          I see what your trying to say but i just cant see Ghosts ever being remembered in a positive light. So annoying that a threw my 360 out and theres nothing left to play on next gen!

        • kplem

          well BO2 is mostly praised from esports players and TBH BO2 is much better less player=less stress for the servers which=less lag, not as many annoying players as when it was out etc etc. BO2 at least was peaking 500k-1.1M and now 1 year ago BO2 still has like 400k+ at peak what does ghosts have? 9000 lowest and peak at 81,000 ghosts will NOT be praised i can see why people love BO2 because AT LEAST it was fast pasted, had a fun factor to it because you kept getting rewarded for playing, killstreaks were ULTRA FUN etc etc, what does ghosts have? abysmal pace, abysmal and BORING killstreaks that are just plain trash, the worst maps in video game history, boring guns, campers, slow paced, barely any reward for objective play, attachments being unlocked for stupid points that takes the fun out. there is a difference between boredom and bullshit BO2 was at least fun to play as i said it just had lag and bullshit, TBH id take bullshit over boredom like ghosts ANYDAY, at least there is a fun factor to it unlike the snooze fest known as ghosts. BO2=you play it and hope to get into those games where no one is spamming target finder LMGs, no campers, no Remington, no quickscopers etc you are thankful and have fun! GHOSTS=expect frequent boredom nothing in that game has fun to it

        • Stealth_Valtsu

          Ghosts is almost forgot already. AW will be a success for CoD.

          • Grenada!

            Yeah, I don’t even see many youtubers playing Ghosts that much and I hope AW is a success for CoD, I really can’t see it being worse than Ghosts.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          No, it never was that way.. I never saw people saying that MW2 was shit and that WaW was better. I did see people say that in Black Ops, because MW2 was the best CoD (in my opinion) and let’s not forget that Black Ops’ launch as horrendous.

        • Abraham

          After BO1, COD has gotten worse every year. Its only natural for so many gamers to call the most recent and tested title “the worst COD” while giving some deserved praise to the previous CoD for not currently being “the worst COD”. I hate to say it, but it is highly possible this cycle will continue if AW does not create something better than Ghosts; however, it is hard to imagine AW or even BO3 becoming worse than Ghosts.

        • Grenada!

          Still though, when people called BO2 shit and MW3 better, BO2 still had more players. Ghosts in general is just a boring game that doesn’t have a fun factor to it. It’s not the worst game out there, but it’s pretty bad.

      • Angelreborn96

        How the fuck can you not hate it?! I played COD since COD 4, I loved every single game ever since, I loved mw2, mw3, a little bit bo1, a lot bo2, and now this fucking ghosts game ruined all that for me. After playing years and years of COD, I have NEVER called a COD GAME “SHIT” until this fucking game came out! And I know a lot of veteran COD gamers would agree with me! Now, I know after buying ghosts and hating it so fucking much, I will never buy that game series ever again.. Hopefully sledgehammer can actually fucking step it up now and pick up the broken pieces of the people’s hearts who loved the game it used to be, and fix the shattered pieces together to have people like myself actually enjoy playing a fucking COD game like I USED TO BE ABLE TO. I would go on every fucking day just to own noobs, now I go on Ghosts and it’s the other way the fuck around… FOR FUCK SAKE EVEN NOOBS ARE USING THE KASTET MORE THAN FUCKING EVER! ITS MW2 WITH THE OP LAUNCHERS UP IN THIS BITCH AGAIN.

        • Grenada!

          I know loads of my friends that have loved every CoD since CoD1 to BO2. But when it comes to Ghosts, they just can’t stand the game. I only hated MW3 and Ghosts, every other CoD game I liked.

          • Angelreborn96

            Yeah exactly.. Veterans are so disappointed with this game. It sucks. I hate it too. It’s no fun!

      • Grenada!

        Because it’s just boring. It doesn’t have that addictive feeling to it that makes you want to play or come back and play. I’ve not played Ghosts in 3 months because I just don’t find any fun in it. While last year I played Black Ops 2 almost every day because it was fun, even though BO2 at a heap of problems, I still had fun playing the game.

    • I♥COD

      because it killed COD for a year! ive done over 20 days on all CODs since COD 4 and i just find Ghosts terrible, mainly due to the instant deaths, no skill involved.

      • kplem

        it just doesnt HAVE any fun to it as i said in my previous post the previous CODs had their bullshit but AT least had fun to it, IMO i loved MW3 it had its shit but when i got those badass killstreaks i had a BLAST and of course specialist

  • jordanxbrookes


    • Yeah, the only thing that surprises me is some people on PC are still actually playing Ghosts.

      • Sal

        Because there’s nothing else that plays like CoD?

  • Joshwoocool

    I can see all the hate flowing in now.

  • Nostalgia

    I would not be surprised if there are more players still playing CoD4 on PC, the problem is that those stats cannot be seen on Steam since all games before MW2 do not use Steamworks.

  • cookie

    Yesterday there were about 74.000 on Ghosts and 192.000 on Black Ops 2. Both on PS3

    • Sniper

      I saw 88K on ghosts and 96K on bo2 ps3 at 6pm. The only problem is that there’s hardly anyone playing hard point and ground war, and everyone that plays dom or demolition spawn traps

      • cookie

        Okay i just play TDM for the most part. Don’t know what that is where i live(pm/am), but right now it’s 9 o’clock in the evening and there is about 200k online BO2

        • Sniper

          Damn that’s a lot. Let me see what I have

          • cookie

            Yeah it changes alot, mine is 177.782 now

    • Yesterday there were about 80K-90K on Ghosts and there was 150K on BO2 both being on xbox. Thats a sign BO2 needs another DLC Pack

  • Ryumoau

    I think its more than obvious that Activision doesn’t care about PC, especially when consoles make up the majority of sales for the game.
    Btw, just looking around on that website that sourced this article reminded me why i generally can’t stand pc gamers. Just way too elitist and up their own butt.

    • Frankie Condell

      I am a reformed console gamer, who changed over to PC about the time that Titanfail released. I can explain why the community is like that. A) more games. Ever look at steam? Thousands just on there. Origin? probably at least 100. The internet? Millions. B) Graphics. Better graphics everywhere. We have the ability to customize our graphics to be better if we need to. C) Customization. Say my PC constantly gets blue screens. Re-install Windows, possibly a new hard drive, and bam, all is well. Those are just some of the reasons.(my pic is many years old, ignore that)

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Lol I like how this is an article.

  • Dave Johnson

    It seems I’m the only one who likes ghosts on PC; and I play it since launch.

    • That’s more rare than a Unicorn!

      • Sniper

        Hey. Question not the authenticity of our sacred horned beast. Shame on you.

        • Angelreborn96

          It’s just a gay horse lol

          • Sniper

            You, sir, are both a disbeliever and a killjoy.

          • Angelreborn96

            Hahaha sorry pal ?

        • isn’t the internet just great?

          • Angelreborn96

            Lol it is.. He made my day with what he said lmfao

          • Sniper

            Who, me?

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      You either never played a good port or you have serious problems… That game is BY FAR the worst port of a FPS game on PC. They thought that they could just slap Nvidia FUR and Turbulence, and that PC would be good, fucking motherfuckers… FUCK THE NEW INFINITY WARD.

      EDIT: But after all, it is your opinion.

      • kplem

        thats dynamic fur or whatever it was killed my R9280X it just KILLED the FPS ingame it was so useless

        • You can disable it, y’know?

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah he can, but what is the point of having it as an option in the game if it works like shit? but then again any option works like shit on the PC port of Ghosts so…uhm…yeah. i’ll leave it here.

          • Yeah… The port is crap lol.
            But it’s hard to blame IW on this, they had to develop the game for 5 different systems while being only ~100 people in the company.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah i know, i know. but still, is this an excuse for such a crappy port? i hope the 3 years of development give some fresh air to IW cause their name is tainted.

          • And now Neversoft joined them so they are about 200 workers now 😀
            EDIT: I just checked, it’s almost 300 now :O

          • Ben

            After all the hate they got, I would be suprised if they port their next CoD to PC…

          • TheShadowReaper

            the hate is justified. they know it, we know it. instead of giving up they should give a bigger effort next time if they want to call themselves “game developers”. although i believe their next game will mega flop on PC. i for one wont buy their next game on release and i think many will opt for that option too.

          • Ben

            That’s not an excuse. You know, some people payed for the game…

          • Tom

            Yes, it is an excuse! You just don’t get how much work it takes to build a game!

          • Ben

            Honestly, who the fuck cares? I’m the customer, I PAYED for their product, which is crap on PC.

            They didn’t even tried to fix it…

          • Well… The people who paid should have been smarter…

          • Ben

            Yeah, next time I don’t buy anything from IW.

          • kplem

            i know i can but when it was first on by default it killed it and i was wondering what i twas and since dynamic fur was at the bottom of the graphics list it took me a small time to find it and turn it off

      • Dave Johnson

        I play many FPS games, from bf and cod to titanfall and cs:go. But unlike everyone think, I dont see why ghosts should suck that much.
        I don’t have any problem, but i’m sure many of you hate it because you suck at playing it.

        • Ben

          Yeah, sure.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          There’s a difference between a bad game, and a bad port.

          When a game comes out on PC with Xbox interface/GUI, you know it is a really bad port. When a game like CoD (small-scaled maps) hits 30fps or lower on a beefy PC, when you’re in the menu and you get slutter that drops your frames to 8fps, causing misclicking on options, you know it is a bad port. When the mouse controls are HORRIFIC, you know it’s a bad port. (When a game has only a “master volume” slider, you know it’s a bad port.) WHEN A GAME DOESN’T HAVE A FOV SLIDER AND IT’S A FPS GAME ON PC, you know it’s a bad port!

          Ghosts has/had all those problems.

          • Dave Johnson

            Turning down the graphics helps, i get stable 60 fps; the menu bug has been fixed; the fov slider has been added.

            Most people need to look for the needle in the haystack just to find a reason not to play this game.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            No they don’t. As I said previously in some other comment, when the controls don’t work properly, there’s no reason to play the game. I still have to change the game’s priorities to normal in the task manager because god knows why.

            And it’s not about being fixed later on or not.
            We can’t forget the launch of Battlefield 4, eventhough the game is more than playable now. (I would say that Battlefield 4 on PC is in a way better state than Ghosts on PC (IN MY OPINION)).

            And I forgot to mention that the game is locked at 91fps, which also is a very stupid thing to do. Black Ops II locks at 200fps (I think) and I gotta say, Treyarch made a HUGE improvement from BO to BO2. Black Ops 2 is one of the best ports of CoD that PC has ever seen.

            And I HOPE that Sledgehammer does a good job with the PC port.

          • Dave Johnson

            Yes, they do. Many gamers suck at playing ghosts, and they don’t play it. Many gamers suck at playing bf4, and they don’t play it. This is why i’m proud to be a “versatile” gamer: i play many FPS games and in this way i don’t need to find useless excuses to prove people that this or that game suck and they should not play it.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            That’s a stupid reply…

            Just because someone sucks at a game doesn’t mean that the game game’s good and it’s just their fault. Ghosts SUCKS, specially on PC.

            I’m a good FPS player and I know when a game’s good or not. I suck at Natural Selection 2, but it is an amazing game.

          • Dave Johnson

            You suck at call of duty ghosts. This is why you don’t play it.

            You started this discussion with me because you think ghosts is a bad port which doesn’t deserve to be played. Actually It was a bad port in the time of release, but fortunately it got better, because all the technical bugs you talked about before have been fixed months ago.

            Now come along and try to say this is not the truth.

            And don’t even try to accuse me of fanboying because I’m doing a rational and impartial criticism. Actually the game i’m most enjoying right now is titanfall.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Rational? RATIONAL? That’s not racional…

            “You suck because you say the game sucks” That’s as irracional as saying that the world is flat because that’s how we see it. The last time I played Ghosts was probably last week. Most of the problems that I’ve sayed HAVE NOT BEEN FIXED.

            I still get 30fps or lower in the menu I still get slutter that drops your frames to 8fps. When the mouse controls are HORRIFIC.

            The game still has only the option the raise/lower the master volume. The FOV slider has a maximum value of 80.

            The game is still locked at 91fps.

          • Dave Johnson

            ahah I have a lot of friends who say the same. And guess what? They all suck at the game and they don’t play it anymore. When I ask them to play some games, they start listing me all the bugs you are complaining about just to find a reason not to play it! I personally use 70 fov with all graphics down except for image quality on ultra, and it’s more than playable 🙂

          • NuttyTheSquirrel


            “Reason not to play it…” I liked it not to long ago.

            EDIT: Another thing, Ghosts is THE ONLY GAME THAT I’VE PLAYED where you CAN’T use DxTory/FRAPS… And not even Shadowplay used to work…
            BTW I know a former Portuguese (CoD) youtuber that is the best CoD player that I’ve EVER SEEN/played with, and I also said that Ghosts sucks…


          • Dave Johnson

            I will just copy and paste what i just said in my previous comment, cuz its seems like you didn’t note it: ” I have a lot of friends who say the same. And guess what? They all suck at the game and they don’t play it anymore.”
            Even Formless who is 1st on bo2 says that ghosts sucks… because he can’t manage to find a way to play ghosts as well as he plays bo2.

            When i started playing ghosts i thought it was the worst cod ever just for the bugs you listed, but then i realised that sound was the key in this game and i started playing better. Since then all those bugs have been irrelevant to me as this cod is a lot of fun, even on PC.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            The game is still horrific and, if I could, I would take a screenshot of my K/D (which I think is around 2) since the game is SO FUCKING BAD that Steam Overlay doesn’t even work with the damn thing. IT IS THE ONLY GAME OUT OF LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF GAMES THAT I OWN THAT DOESN’T WORK WITH IT.
            There’s no use in denying, or is it an option based thing. The PC Version is horrific, has little to no support and there are facts backing this.

            Even with my K/D was above 1, that would mean I was better than the average player, which also means that I would suck.

            And I will just copy and paste what YOU said.
            “…you are complaining about just to find a reason not to play it!”
            Well, since I play it often, that is invalid. I played it today aswell. Most of the problems I listed still occur and I can say some more that I found today. In Dropzone, if 2 crated get stuck on each other (WHICH HAPPENED) you can’t pick them up. And when you ADS you sometime get crazy stutter from half a second, which throws your aim way off the target, giving the other player a free kill.

          • Dave Johnson

            Stop listing every single bug you find on this game just to prove your point, because it’s ineffective. Every game has his imperfections, but your hate is taking it too far. IMO this game isn’t horrific as you say, because at least I know how to play it.

            P.S. steam overlay has always worked for me

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Mine doesn’t work.

            I also know how to play it, the game isn’t like rocket science.

            Prove my point? I already did that. The fucking game is bad, and on PC it’s atrocious. Whether you like it or not, it’s your opinion, but that doesn’t change the FACT that the PC Version is horrendous.

            And you should grow the fuck up. Because you clearly don’t accept criticism when you like something.

          • Dave Johnson

            That’s wrong, I’m the first person to accept criticisms of others. But you are stating something personal, because the real thrut is that MOST people suck at the game; this is why nobody plays it (and YOU cant accept this).
            Only 1 or 2 kd? Ive got fucking 4 kd. Now this is how i mean to play this game.

            I dont even like the bugs you can find on this game, but GOD chill the fuck out and play it or just yellow at people how much this game sucks on the official bug threads.


          • NuttyTheSquirrel


            And I don’t give a fuck if you have a K/Dr of 4… If you have a higher K/D then 1, that means you are better than the average players, because you actuyally killed more guys than you died.

            I actually have 3 of K/D, but I still think the fucking game sucks…

            And no, people don’t play it because maybe they can’t even run the game properly… More than half of the steam users have lower-end PCs…

          • Dave Johnson

            This discussion has come to an end.


          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            You can’t even stick to the subject and yet you say you can have a discussion.

            You know that I could give 2 shits about your K/D right?

            I uploaded my K/D to show you that I don’t fit in your stupid theory that everyone that makes bad criticism about Ghosts is just a bad player looking for excluses not to play the game.

            Also, we were discussing how bad Ghosts actually is, and you giving excuses left and right.

            I don’t know how you end your discussions, but if you start at one point (Ghosts been a bad game, and an atrocious/horrendous pile of horse-manure fucking PORT) and going to “I’ll show him my K/D, I WIN THE DISCUSSION. #I’mTheRealMVP !” just shows me you don’t know how to hold a discussion…

            So to end this discussion that is as bad as Ghosts:

            1st – If someone is criticizing a game, that DOES NOT MEAN he is a bad player.

            2nd – If people play BO2 or EVEN MW2 (on PC) which is almost 6 years old and had more people playing it than Ghosts, 2-4 days ago, it means that the game isn’t that good.

            3rd – You can’t read minds so stop trying.

            (“and YOU cant accept this”) (“…you are complaining about just to find a reason not to play it!”) <— You said it.

            4th – The majority is usually right. (In terms of games.)

            And finally – The PC version of Ghosts was, is and will always be a really bad PC port. (the worst I've seen in a while, if not ever!)

            Now IT IS over.

          • Dave Johnson

            😉 you mad? Did this took you 2 days to write?

            YOU started posting these screenshots, this is why i did the same.

            I don’t want your stupid comments to spam my mail box anymore; this is why i tried to close this discussion by saying that.

            I’ll summarize what i said in all my previous comments: MOST people suck at this game, this is why they don’t play it.
            This is a truth i noticed with esl bo2 players i played with. They couldn’t understand this game, so they HATE it. But this is too difficult to understand for your superior mind. I reckon this game has PROBLEMS, but i enjoy it since i’m good at playing it.

            Now you can finally shut the fuck up 😉

          • Ethan

            No you just suck at Ghosts cos of the better hit detection and lower health. If you’re playing on a proper PC there won’t be half as many problems as you listed

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            You fucking idiot. Proper PC you say???

            Ghosts sucks. And as I said FIVE MONTHS AGO, my K/D was higher than 2, meaning that I was TWICE AS GOOD as the majority of the players on Ghosts.

          • Ben

            Useless excuses? Are you insane, or what?

          • Dale Tobias Bruce

            ..CoD doesn’t take much skill, and BF just takes patience since all you do is run across miles of maps. I have no idea why you think/thought what you are saying was wise..Ghosts is horrible on PC, that’s all there is too it. You think that a game that has over a million players all together..suddenly drops to 2000, because all of a sudden..EVERYONE started to suck? No, it’s because the game itself sucks. I bought MW3..and was terribly disappointed..I almost didn’t even bother with Ghosts..but did anyway..and was even more disappointed..I for one, went back to BO1 and 2

          • Dave Johnson

            Many people don’t even put the minimum effort to understand a decent multiplayer game like ghosts, and they stop playing it. Many people cry about every little or big problem that the game has. This has happened with every single game both from the cod and bf franchise. You can say this game sucks, i say this game is good.

            Ghosts is not accessible to everyone. You can’t just run in the game take a tank and shoot everything down in a cq server like you do in bf4. Two of the best and most skill based game modes in bf4 are dom and rush, just because they allude at the arcade style that cod has always had (and titanfall brought on a new level imo).

            Don’t get me wrong: i’m not favoring any game. I patiently take the time to understand every game and play it like it’s meant to be played.

          • George

            I’ve played Black Ops II on PC and couldn’t play Public Matches AT ALL. I changed graphics settings and optimized the game; it was running very smoothly once I got into like Local matches. But when I tried joining Public Matches online, the loading screens would take forever (well they did in any case) and I would just get disconnected because of it. When trying to do Private Matches with friends, they would get disconnected because of my loading screens. I enabled the game in firewall settings and everything, so that shouldn’t have been a problem.

            The only CoD in which everything worked for me flawlessly was MW3. Joining multiplayer matches was seamless and went on without me having to do anything at all.

          • Ben

            No, they’re not fixed these… but apparently you have one of those VGA’s that IW optimised for, which is great (for you, at least).

            I would gladly play this game on PC (despite the lack of features and level design), but it’s a bad console port and I don’t like to play games with stutter lag.

          • KoolAidMan

            Fixed? You have to turn down the graphics to get 60fps??? on a good gaming pc
            Menu bug fixed i still cant get in the game to play it just getting failed to connect all the time and still displays xbox controller buttons
            Haha and the fov slider only goes up to 80

          • Dave Johnson

            Have you ever tried to set 90 fov with external programs? It sucks. Personally i play on 70 fov. Never heard of the xbox bug either.

        • takesashit

          call of duty ghosts has got to be the worst COD i have played its boring and there’s no fun to it at all I’d rather go and buy an xbox 360 and play black ops 2. it doesn’t mean that everyone who say’s its shit can’t play the game or SUCK as you do sorry as you say.

          • Dave Johnson

            Who is good at the game is just going to play more of it. And all the losers are just gonna hate it.

          • LIKEABOSS Sir

            you sir are retarded here is an example of a good player who quit the game because it sucks tbnrfrags he did a kem strike with every gun on ghosts but quit the game and went back to bo2 because the game sucks.What you’re saying is that 1,890,000 people quit the game because they suck at it holy shit are you retarded *facepalm*

          • Dave Johnson

            Oh hey look, another moron who hasn’t even read all my comments before replying. I will say it again: most of the people from the bo2 esl community who i knew quitted ghosts because they fucking sucked at the game and they BLAMED the game itself. This is a fact. Losers are gonna hate.

          • Dale Tobias Bruce

            Fairly certain people quit the game because IW didn’t bother doing anything to the hackers. It’s been four months since I last replied, I tried the game again today..and its the same. First game I joined, a guy was 73-0, killing everyone because he was in the sky.

      • Sal

        Ravensoftware made the port.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel


          • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

            The internet

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I looked it up before, and no, there’s no proof that Raven Software made the port. Also why wasn’t there anything mentioned that Raven Software were making the port. IW even came out and said that they were gonna make a good PC.

    • xShadow215

      Yup, you have a CoD4 image but you liked Ghosts? People have more chances of dying from a vending machine than such a thing happening.

      • Dave Johnson

        I like both games. I have played bo2 and cod4 competitively for 6 months, but now i only do pubs for lack of time.

    • TheOxieEddie

      Well… I had ghosts, but my network was so bad so i get banned for that…

  • osaid_98

    I thought that was the case on every platform

  • Damien Anderson

    I have a serious question. What is the point behind squads mode? I mean you get almost no XP per game, barely any squad points, and you cant complete challenges. It would be a good distraction from multiplayer if you could actually unlock stuff.

    • jordanxbrookes

      It’s basically IW’s version of Combat Training, it even states when you’re about to head into multiplayer for the first time that they recommend you play Squads Mode first.

      • Damien Anderson

        Just wish you could unlock challenges. Im so sick and tired of being denied a DEVGRU Dominator, just because some squeaker thinks its fun to hack his game and make it so my knife doesnt effect him. Or because an enemy player leaves the match, which fucks up the challenge.

  • RdJokr

    Good. Hopefully this is IW’s wake-up call. They need to get their shit together, and try to win fans back. Probably a hard thing to do if what they’re putting out next is Ghosts 2 though.

    • If Ghosts 2 will come out (But of course it will!) it will simply stomp CoD even deeper into the ground then it already is. Hopefully Advanced Warfare though, will pull It out.

      • RdJokr

        Well, there’s still Treyarch’s 2015 title as well. Now that they’ve been given 3 years to do their game, hopefully Ghosts 2 will show some real improvements. IW has a lot to do to restore their reputation.

  • Wow, I knew Ghosts was bad…
    But not ” This ” bad!

  • Willekeurig persoon

    I’ve quit playing Ghosts after losing all of my stats (10th prestige & 2.11 kd) due to some fucked up duplication glitch on PS4

    Now I’ve got my friends’ stats (0th prestige & 0.90 kd)

  • y9ungc4p

    is probably because the Animation Camos, Trickshoting, and Zombies that make players play Back Ops 2

  • lol

    Slow news day huh

    • Keshav Bhat

      Not really. We had two AW articles to report; this information started appearing on PC sites so we decided to report it.

      • Yeah I don’t know how it’s slow news day. If it’s COD news it’s going to be reported on here

  • [R]

    Well, the Ghosts isn’t that bad game on consoles .. but on PC .. it’s really badly optimized or bad net code or something like that. There is something like “Mouse freezing” that’s something like V-SYNC .. but worse, it makes your mouse making some actions slower, they really screwed the game for PC 🙁 I thought that’s only some bug that they’ll fix, but no, they never fixed this, and that’s why people left the game on PC 🙂 I hope SHG will take care about the PC and PC players, because I think that’s the “motherplatform” (the pĺatform, where is every game made) and the best one (For me, everyone has their own opinion).

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    It seems like it’s true that a lot of people don’t like Ghosts. I like COD Ghosts. It’s the best COD for me and it’s like playing hide and seek. I hope Ghosts 2 will be like Ghosts 1.

    IW better not listen to the haters. Campers like me loves IW.

    • Vermell

      Exactly you would like it. Ghosts is a camper’s dream come true. For the rest of people, which is to say not the casual players who play “for fun”, but those who actually enjoy FPS games its utter shit.

      • Coffee Ray Gun

        He’s being sarcastic.

      • Sal

        It’s not like Counter-Strike isn’t a campfest, right? It’s not like people just hide on corners waiting for someone to pass and get a one-shot kill like every game on Assault, Dust or Dust 2.

        Running around like a moron should be just as punishable as sitting on the corner like a moron.

    • Abraham

      Camper duty like a Ghost 2

      • pulseimpact

        Here is a gameplay from me:

        I enjoy Ghosts. You don’t have to camp to do well. That’s a myth. The maps are complex, but if you know how to check lanes and use the mini map you will be fine.

        • Abraham

          Good game; however, you might have found a greater challenge playing against 6 recruit bots.

        • Sniper

          yo, whats up with the video- i put it up to 720p and it looks like it has more motion blur than BF4

          • pulseimpact

            Four-five year old capture card. I guess it’s getting some wear and tear. Oh, and this is the 360 version which looks a lot worse than X1 or PS4…

        • Angelreborn96

          You’re lucky you didn’t get spawn trapped on that map by a party of try hards, they capture A and C flags and they trap you hard at B. Also, you’re lucky there were barely any snipers if any at all, because they camp so hard and kill you easily if you’re running around like you were

  • xGolshixElitex

    It is just so weird why COD become the mainstream thing to hate, Ghosts is a far improvement from MW3 and believe it or not the game is still playable. Just Infinity Ward one day thought they should make people die from getting a pebble thrown at them.

    • Sniper

      Ghosts isn’t boring, just lack luster. The gameplay wasn’t much different from mw3. The perk system was a step up, however

      • Grenada!

        The perk system was awful. All those perks and only about 8 of them get used. BO2 had a good perk system how perks would only effect your character and not your weapons. BO1 perk system was good aswell, with the pro perk challenges etc.

      • xGolshixElitex

        True True, it didn’t feel to different but it is safe to say the game is balanced it just didn’t make a push to make the game more exciting besides a floating briefcase.

  • Xecho

    Too bad I sold Black Ops 2 already.

    • Aymen Skiken

      i just bought it like 4 days ago :p

      • Sniper

        someone joined the party late…
        welcome fellow n00bslayer

        • Aymen Skiken

          im actually pres.1 lvl 48 and i have one camo left to unlock gold for ballista :p

          • Sniper

            A sniper, huh? GG. Getting gold guns is the fastest way to
            master, because earning EXPERT with a gun nets you at least 30,000 XP. I
            reached master in 165 hours with 30 gold guns.

  • Seven

    ghosts had potential , but instead it sucked

    • I♥COD

      Yeah i love infinity ward CODS, ghosts just was the most disappointing in my opinion, again because of the camp friendly nature due to instant deaths.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      So did MoH: Warfighter, where is it now?

      • Grenada!

        Still better than Ghosts, that’s where. And WF sucked.

  • Last night on Xbox 360 there was 60,000+ on Ghosts and 130,000+ on Black Ops 2.

  • IamConnolly

    On PC ghosts is just completely broken. It’s performance is still atrocious and it is absolutely riddled with hackers.

  • BOOM Headshot

    Hey guys check out Sniper Elite 3, it’s a pretty awesome game, it really helps pass the time before the new games come out in September and November.

  • 1. It has hackers (just like other CODs has).
    2. It lacks of decent objective game modes and have too many casual TDM-like modes.
    3. It has bad optimization and required Win7 64 bit (49.41% of Steam Users have it), DX11 Video Card and lots of RAM, check
    to see that not even half of all Steam Users can afford them to run this game. Even if they’re above this specs they might not like and don’t want it to play because recent CODs on PC were same failures.
    Remember how it was with MW2? 140k+, that with each release numbers were less and less.
    4. Personal opinion: It getting silly with all these camos and 420 announcers.

  • Aymen Skiken

    ghosts got ownd by mw3 xD

  • Black Ops 2 needs more DLC Map Packs! Who else agrees with me?

    • Angelreborn96

      I think Treyarch will take over for the next couple years… I sure hope they make a black ops 3 for next gen.. Zombies will be fucking magnificent!!! And multiplayer will be muchh much better I guarantee it! I’m hoping for zombies the most though.

  • Someguy

    Black Ops II on PC was making for PC (Dedicated servers with public lobby, ping showed instead of connection bars, good optimisation and performance)

    Ghosts is just the opposite, so players went back to old Call of Duty games.

    Also notice that since MW2, Treyach > Infinity Ward.

    • Someguy

      * shown

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    CoD needs to get back into ranked Combat Training (and add prestiging) like on Black Ops 1. What if I get frustrated in the multiplayer? I’d just have to shut my console off, but instead, I could play against bots and actually have fun.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Black Ops FTW 😀

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        I wish I could prestige on combat training, AND reset my prestige. 😀

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          Black Ops 1 was the SHIT, the campers pissed me off, though. SUCH a difficult game online.

          • Batmzn

            It was very easy 4 me atleast. I can destroy those noobs anytime

    • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

      Both Black Ops 2 and Ghosts do include some level of Combat Training, being able to verse bots that is, but I get what you’re saying, having their own ranks and everything.

  • Michael


    • CinemaSins


  • Kyle JW

    And here comes more hate … honestly! Can’t believe this is happening on Charlie Intel … I’m so disappointed.

    • Angelreborn96

      Who cares?? Just because the cod fanboys NOW share their opinion on this fucking game? They never did because we all know there’s assholes out there who would bash on someone that talked shit about it, until this post was published! I have been bashing on COD Ghosts on here for a bit, and every time I do, fucking fanboys said I’m a battlefield fanboy, or said then don’t fucking play the game, or no one cares about my opinion.. UNTIL – OMG THAT ALL CHANGES IN THIS POST, I see more fucking hate than ever on this website about COD. LOL I cannot believe the kind of people that are out there in this stupid fucking society we live in today. Whatever, now I actually have people left to right agreeing with my hate for this game, and are now posting what they think about it on this site. Good good.. I mean IW only gave 1 piece of free DLC for fuck sake! For Christmas! What about the 4th of July?!! Why no free DLC??? Why would there be free DLC for Christmas but not Independence Day!?!! Fuck them for real. Go to hell, all of them. Assholes just greedy for the shitty micro DLC they’re putting out. There’s no camo for a gun that has interested me like no other but BO2 camos.. Cyborg, dragon, afterlife, weaponized 115! THOSE ARE SOME REAL BADASS CAMOS THAT ARE WORTH THE MONEY. Anyway I’m done bashing on this shit game myself. I’m just gonna read what other people write and like it because I couldn’t agree more with them. FUCK CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS!!!!!

      • JASy

        You need to calm the fuck down

        • Angelreborn96

          Suck my fucking dick or get off it, what is the problem with me saying this shit? Does it bother you? Don’t tell me what to do. Dumb ass

          • angelreborn96gaylover

            You need to calm down. You fat mess.

          • Angelreborn96

            Lmfao… Have you seem me before to call me fat? That sounds kind of ignorant since you never have. Haha are you proud of yourself looking like a fool and saying shit you don’t know at all to prove? Kinda sad isn’t it? Well I’m done wasting my breathe on someone pathetic, worthless and a waste of space see ya buddy. Pal.

          • Aymen Skiken


    • Ben

      Well, apparently this site isn’t that fanboyish… CoD Ghosts perfectly deserves all the hate on PC.

  • Abraham

    Not suprised

  • Felipe Rios

    I feel like I’m in the minority that actually really liked black ops 2. I liked both Blops, I think Blops 2 just catered to my run and gun style. I understand why people could dislike it though.

  • idc219

    I wish someone would walk ghosts to the firing line, give it a cigarette, and put it out if it’s misery already.

  • Ghosts is fucking GAY!!

    If you like or still play ghosts,, Your fucked in the head


    Aaaaaand 80,000 on BF4 usually, 90,000 on CS:GO and another 8,000,000 on the vast array of other amazing games on PC. Console peasants only have COD Ghosts, Knack and Ryse to play but the mighty master race aren’t interested in guff like Ghosts. Truly terrible game.

    • Grenada!

      I have BF4, I have CS:GO, I have Black Ops 2, I have Crysis, I have that GTA 5, I have that The Last of Us, I have that Uncharted, I have that Halo, I have that Gears of War and I’ll have that Halo Collection and I’ll have that Destiny. All on my 360, PS3, PS4 and X1. Can your so called PC master race play Destiny, Last of Us, Halo and GTA 5(I know PC is getting GTA 5 but a year after the consoles) No? Didn’t think so. PC master race isn’t real, it’s just what all the PC fanboys made when they bought their $2000 PC and then realised that they had no games or good exclusives to play on. Now get outta here.

      • kplem

        i have a 900 pc i have a 280X play everything on ultra, people like thinking you need a 2000 pc, a 2000 PC is for 4k gaming with 3 monitors and overkill gaming. people like you are just stupid you are the one that gets fooled by the PCs on the shelf that are 1500 that have a crappy GTX 660, build your own PC and you will save SO much money or buy a 600 PC off ebay with good specs the just get a graphics card wallah 900 for a monster PC you are just plain stupid. the amount of PC exclusives and such a cheap price with not an inferior experience is so damn high , imagine gaming now if your crappy consoles didnt exist? we would have the best games because devs would have to limit their graphics and resources for your crappy 2 year old trash so called *next gen* consoles, we are in 2014 and consoles JUST now reached 1080P ooops actually no half of the games on next gen arnt even 1080p and even if the are the textures and overall graphics settings are turned down low and you play with 30 FPS, MSAA is turned off so many resources wasted because of trashy outdated crappy consoles that cant even handle 1080P you play games on 900P bitch please we played half life 1 in 1998 in 900p and 1080p in 2005 lel. all those games you mentioned dont even compare to half life and other PC exclusives i cant think of atm, gears of war 1 was on PC halo 1,2 were on PC in 1080p with dedicated servers and a server browser way before you can imagine, 343 is thinking of putting the master chief collection on PC but IMO that wont change the games PC gamers have on PC. you are absolutely fucking deluded if you think consoles have more and better exclusives because they dont, type on google the amount of way better exclusives that PC has that buries consoles. along with the insane steam deals with far cry 3 at 3.75, i saw thief for like 20 bucks on steam and then i saw it 99 bucks at eb games for *next gen* and you are paying more for an inferior experience, PC is full free unlike consoles where you pay yearly for online, PC is way cheaper than consoles you consoles morons just dont see it, good EG if you only have one TV in the house which is for the family and you want your console in your room well you have to pay like 500 plus dollar but sadly the TVs for that prices to pretty trash, monitors are like 80 bucks that would look better than a 1000 TV when playing games, over the years you will save so much not having to pay for online like on consoles and the cheaper games you get on pc because every game is cheaper on PC than on console and dont forget the RIDICULOUS steam sales. stop thinking consoles are better than PCs because they are an ULTRA long way from that. when people say PC master race its quite fun because console people get so annoyed, but consoles uses aren’t any better they always bad PC gamers for shit ports, and GTA V not on PC etc etc, but PC gamers have way more comebacks that bury consoles easily. i agree that people shouldn’t keep saying “PC master race” but a few times its funny because consoles users get so annoyed, but hey consoles users say the same with “GTA V on PC oh wait” and all those bullshit comments. so consoles douche bags aren’t any better, alot of the time pc user stick it to the console users because their view on saying “PC you need 2000 dollars” blah blah blah is so wrong it deserves to get an answer SO many console dicks are so delusional and their so called *facts* about PC gaming are so terribly wrong. oh and btw dont forget emulators playing console exclusives and non on ultra settings with better FPS and directx 11 and we have mods.

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    Though this may be true on PC and all, the main games for the “master race” is things like LoL, Dota 2, Starcraft etcera. Goes to show they have some real bad taste for games, so much that I’d actually rather play Ghosts instead of even possibly watching one of them livestreams of those master PC games.

  • Spas Tik

    It’s not just pc. I looked the other day and there were 32,000 people on Ps3 playing Ghosts and 39,000 on Ps4. A total of 71,000. At the same time there were 172,000 people playing Black Ops 2 on Ps3. People just do not like Ghosts. If you look at Treyarc versus Infinity Ward over the past few releases…Treyarc games have been MUCH more popular. People hate Ghosts and MW3 was a widely hated game as well. Yet Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 have been huge successes. Let’s see where Sledgehammer falls into the mix…

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      100% agree with everything you said!!!

  • Munir Fernández

    BO2 is far better than Ghosts, by a LOT…

  • JDahn

    Because Ghosts sucks!

  • Sal

    Well what would you expect when the port is crap?

    That said BO2’s only good part was Zombies and the campaign somewhat. The Multiplayer is nothing but a casual-catering shitfest where the one with better connection and a shotgun/SMG wins.

    Hell on BO2 I don’t even need to try anything else, just pull out the MSMC and go 20-5 every time.

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      Sal to the rescue!! Lol!

      • Sal

        Are you denying that BO2’s connection problems even existed and that the SMGs were utterly easy mode?

        Ha, alright.

        • Baldmanz_RAGE

          Not at all. Connection at times were darn right horrible. The smg’s were easier but no different then the assault rifles in ghosts. Even with all the bullshit in bo2 it is still more fun to play than ghosts for me. But hey maybe sledgehammer will get it right for both of us.

          • Sal

            Probably. And with double the employees it’s pretty much impossible that they’ll screw Ghosts 2 up unless they want to go bankrupt

  • pulseimpact

    I like Ghosts, but I’ve seen and read about the PC version and it looks like a complete mess. Apparently, even high end PCs can’t run it that well and it’s still $60 on steam and amazon. WTF is that version $60 when it’s the most broken version and no one plays it. It should be the cheapest…maybe $10 considering all the problems it has. This is coming from someone who enjoys COD Ghosts on 360, and wanted to get it for PC.

  • Enzo Unversed

    Because Ghosts sucks.

  • NuttyTheSquirrel

    Am I the only one who finds this sad?

    The first value is “Current Players”, the green graph is “Last 30 days”. 3rd is “Peak Players” are 4th is “Hours Played”…

  • Jack Meoff

    Yea because anybody can be good in BO2 nobody wants to put in time to try and get better by playing ghosts. They get mad because you can not just rush around and kill people GHOSTS IS MORE REAL SO STRAP ON YOUR SACK AND COME PLAY A REAL GAME. And its so funny how people just hate the game BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT JUST RUN AROUND LIKE A ASSHOLE AND SHOOT PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO REALLY TAKE UR TIME AND PLAY IN GHOSTS

    • Aymen Skiken

      players can’t rush in ghosts cuz of campers and lmg bitches… -_-‘

    • The Decline

      I do just as well in ghosts as I do in black ops 2 (and previous cod’s) with a 1.9-2.1 kdr average, I dont play ghosts because there is peer to peer, no latency indicator, terrible lag and the ammount of campers make the larger maps extremely boring.

  • BHCMax

    its coz the game is utter merde. on PC, its a very poor xbox360 portover.. iw helped kill this franchise on PC..

  • Wolf

    I dont know about you guys, but I love CoD, I own every CoD and all the DLCs and Ghosts is not different for me, I play it since launch and still enjoy it 🙂

  • Cloud Flash

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds Ghosts fucking awful.

    Even MW3 was better, and that was one of the worst PC ports I’ve ever experienced before Ghosts hit.

  • impaler

    Thats pretty bad because no one is playing blops2 on PC

  • Kalen

    No one realizes that one of the reasons no one likes Ghosts is that Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty titles had those kids who were like “YOU MOTHERFUCKER YOU JUST GOT QUICKSKOPT,” and “YOU SUCK” at the end of the game, win or lose. All I’ve heard from Black Ops players is a simple “good game,” win or lose. Now performance-wise; Why does this game require a GTX 460 again? I’m not feeling it… Why does Battlefield look so much better, and has a more complex engine, yet, is tweaked for better performance?