Kryptek has posted a new image on their official website stating that their patterns will be featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

If you’re wondering what Kryptek is, here’s their mission statement from their website:

Kryptek provides combat proven features and designs in ultra high-performance technical and tactical outdoor adventure apparel. Kryptek products are continuously tested and proven in austere combat environments and extreme hunting conditions. Constant improvement and feedback is implemented into future designs with the end-goal of providing our products to outdoor adventurers who demand the utmost in quality and overall performance in their gear.

According to the banner image, their patterns will be featured in the game. It’s unclear exactly which patterns will be in the game as of now. But, Kryptek provides all sorts of Camo Patterns. You can see the full list of what the have here.

Here’s some of the patterns that they do offer; note, we’re unable to confirm which of these could be featured in the game.

SOURCE: Kryptek

  • Lalallalalalalalal

    Let’s hope Sledgehammer Games makes cool, serious camo’s for AW inlike IW with the Pod, Skulls and Animal shizzle.

    • :P

      Fuck you I was about to comment and be first XD

    • How can micro-transactions be serious?

      • Keshav Bhat

        Micro-transactions can be anything. People like different camos; it doesn’t have to absolutely real when Call of Duty isn’t absolutely real.

        • It’s not the camos that can’t be serious, it’s the micro-transactions themselves πŸ˜›

        • I will have to admit. As much as I want more authentic DLC camos, a Unicorn on the side of my gun is pretty hilarious

          • I honestly don’t want a unicorn. But maybe a Viper or some other snake of some sort. Or a void of space, not stupid space cats on the side.

          • Mr Doge

            Haha you really have no clue about what happens in CoD. There is actually a Snake camo in Bo2. And for void of space? Um Nebula for Ghosts? Lol.

        • Batman

          It takes way the autenticity of the game, and ruins it 4 me

    • Yeah. I would honestly like sick “realistic” camos instead of space cats. Haha

      • Mr Doge

        The thing is is that “realistic camos” get really boring. Take for instance classic camos such as woodland, dessert, snow or even Kryptek:Typhoon. No one used them. Why? Because they are too boring.

  • Bob Mit

    We need Unicorn outfits in the game. Then charge them for the real outfits.

    • advista

      YES Finally i would Love unicorns In game and the other not fun camos should be purchased

    • Just no.


    • I would like to go back to just war stuff the call of duty ghost dlc seemed childish

      • viz

        Most of the players on that game are children though…

        • MichiganerE


          • Angelreborn96

            So? They should go and do something instead of becoming little nerds in middle and high school. They’re all depressed when they don’t have any friends and don’t go to parties nor get laid, then these kids lie and say they get pussy. Go play a sport or something. Stop sitting in front of a TV all day after you do your homework, that’s just sad.

          • MichiganerE

            What does that have to do with my comment? Also, a nerd is now considered someone who’s smart.

          • Angelreborn96

            Idk it doesn’t really.. But sorry. I don’t mean to offend you, you’re cool. And yeah a nerd is considered a smart person, but I also call nerds at kids who play the game a lot and try hard like no other and play all the time,

          • MichiganerE

            You didn’t offend me, and yeah, there’s a lot of try-hards went it comes to gaming.

          • Angelreborn96

            Yes. There are. I hate the try hards on CoD Ghosts the most, more than any other CoD

          • MichiganerE

            While I haven’t played Ghosts since January, (I sold it back in January) I can see what you mean.

        • LORDFIST111

          Not just Ghosts.. Every CoD game. But your point is?

        • OldBrazy on PS4

          me gusta

      • pulseimpact

        I like Ghosts, but I agree. The dlc was all gimmicks.

      • Maxspawn

        So true. CoD is rated M, so children shouldn’t be playing CoD.

    • Run N Gunning Camper
      • Angelreborn96

        That’s one fat bitch in the body. See that gut??

    • SwaggedOutBlade

      And weed outfits

    • Drake Mathers

      I am going to try to talk without calling you guys “filthy Jews”. I HATE THE FUCKIN MILTARY camos, there are boring. I like the ones in ghost better, they were cretive. But noo, you stupid j**s want the same s**t over again. I like the space cats. It was funny. Sadly, you j**s can’t take a joke. So how about this, there are 70% MILTARY camos, and 30% funny camos in advanced warfare. Happy j**s. You’re cool Jordan. Your not a ****

      • dj


  • Guywithbrains

    I like all of them except that white one (4th from the left).

    • kyr95

      Not all of them will be in the game πŸ™

      • Guywithbrains

        True story. Still now we know that there is going to be some kind of create a soldier as Ghosts, because you can change your outfit’s color as above shows. Maybe…

    • Keshav Bhat

      We’re unable to confirm which of those, or if any of those, will be in the game. There may be patterns not shown publicly that Kryptek has that’s in the game.

      • Guywithbrains

        I am aware of that. Still like the idea of having possibility to change my outfit’s color/camo.

  • ccrows

    First COD that I’m not getting my hopes up too high, especially with all this hype, especially since I see a bunch of stuff that could go wrong.

    For me, a lot is riding (including console) on the Aug MP reveal…

  • The Yeti and Typhon looks awesome.

  • Freeze

    Hopefully there are a bunch of camos.

  • I love this camouflage so much more than the Digital Camo.

  • jordanxbrookes

    YES! Hopefully this means military camos and not silly Unicorn or Space Cats camos. I loved the military style camos in Black Ops.

    • Guywithbrains

      Desert, navy seal, snow and black ops (not that game) camos would be cool.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Yeah I loved the Ocean(Navy Digital) camo in Ghosts.

        • Sinful Soulz

          I personally liked Red, Scales, Ocean, Caustic, Snow, Ice, and Brush from Ghosts.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Same here, The Ghosts camos were actually quite nice, and although some will say they are bland, camos are supposed to blend you into the environments so yeah Ghosts camos, on-disc of course, get’s a thumbs up from me.

    • RdJokr

      Not all silly camos are bad (the Kawaii one from BO2 for example), but IW clearly went overboard with that.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I know they’re not all bad, but I much prefer the military style camos, and before you say go play Battlefield, CoD4, MW2, BO, MW3 and Ghosts(On-Disc) have the more military style camos in them games, so I’ll be happy to welcome it back.

        • Josh

          Yes, you like the military camos because they’re not childish and random BUT you probably also liked the BO2 animated camos which are completely unrealistic!

          • jordanxbrookes

            The only one that I actually liked was Cyborg.

          • Sinful Soulz

            I really like the military camos, but also I like cool looking camos. For example, Rogue, Aqua, Beast, Octane (BOII DLC), Red Tiger, Blue Tiger (MW1 and 2), Circuit, Abstract (Ghosts DLC), Art of War, Skulls (BOII), Tiger, Warsaw (BO). I really don’t like gold camos, but that’s just personal preference. Camos like Weaponized 115, Afterlife, Cyborg, and gold camos are nice but they make you stick out too much. In Search and Destroy on BOII, I see everyone hiding in dark places because of these camos. Hopefully Advanced Warfare features these camos on guns, but have some cool looking ones added into the mix like the BO series.

          • jordanxbrookes

            I agree with some of them you state.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Well, many of those camos are actually military camos. They’re just not used for military purposes… Tiger camos are used in a more “Woodland/Autumn” style.

            On a different note, did anyone actually one the ‘Fall’ camo on MW2? I didn’t use it that much, it looked like it was one of the early unlocked camos… I’d rather use Blue/Red Tiger. πŸ˜€

          • jordanxbrookes

            The Fall camo was the last camo you unlocked in MW2.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I know. What I said was that IT LOOKED like one of the first camos you should unlock…

          • Sinful Soulz

            The colors for those tiger camos are too bright and would easily give you away in some missions. They might use the patterns but not the color scheme. And who would use the Warsaw camo on some missions. I mean come on. It’s purple and teal. It’s not going to blend into anything. I agree with you on the Fall camo because it looked like it should’ve been unlocked where the Digital or Urban Camo is, 15 or 30 headshots. Oh, well. I’m not complaining. I get the awesome camos faster.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Yes, I was talking about the pattern. Tiger Camouflage is normally yellow and black… Red/Blue Tiger is just crazy, although it exists, I don’t think that anyone would use it IRL. +Painted guns aren’t really a thing IRL either…

          • Evan

            Tiger camo was developed during the Vietnam war and consisted of yellow hues, black, brown and green, and honestly its pretty effective.

      • True.

      • Greeryboy2410

        Its like Treyarch are the cool kids cracking the funny jokes and IW always take it too far

    • Military style camo’s in BO2, that would only be the ones that came with the game itself, right? Since the most of the DLC camo’s and special weapon challenge camo’s were some total BS. IW also knows how to make some retarded DLC camo’s.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      To add to that, I hope there will be no more silly field order rewards like Meyers, Predator, Mariachi, and whatever will come next. IW made Ghosts look silly with these non-military stuff.

      • This is the exact truth. They made Ghosts no competitor for Battlefield 4. I mean the only reason Ghosts is probably considered better because of the post-launch problems that gave Battlefield the name Brokenfield 4. I really don’t like Ghosts that much but at least I can play it rather than Battlefield 4.

      • jordanxbrookes

        As much as they were something different, I agree they were silly. But the field order idea was definitely something good that IW came up with.

    • I did too. But from Ghosts, I liked the Ghille suit, which was conveniently like the costume snipers wear in Black Ops 2.

    • What about the penis camp we have been waiting for, I mean, if you can get penis emblems then surely penis camp and Exo suit!

    • BLUE xPyro

      Finally someone understands that there shouldn’t be stupid gay camos in cod, but more ones that have to do with war like camouflage and other stuff. The gold is fine too. But all the dlc camos are just stupid and a waste of 2 dollars


    When will they do it where you can make your own camo, kinda like the color wheel on the computer where it shows your character and you put what color where you want it to go? I think that would be a great idea.

    • Penises. Penises everywhere.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Not really. If a Camo Editor was implemented, you could choose the pattern you want and you can choose from a colour wheel, the colours you want. Simple.

        • Penises will work their way in there somehow. They always do. Remember BOII?

        • Like a set of designs.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Yeah, such as star patterns, digital patterns, ERDL patterns, net patterns etc. but you can pick the colours for it.

          • Yeah, I get it.

          • jordanxbrookes

            I made a comment on someone’s YouTube video about the idea, and a lot of people gave it a +1.

          • I would too if I’ve seen it. It’s a brilliant idea.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Does that mean I’m hired? Lol. πŸ˜‰

          • If I worked for Treyarch. I love their games the best to be honest. IW gets a little old. This is Sledgehammer’s first individual project I believe so I want to see what they produce.The camos already seem to be a good part but I actually wanted a more western theme Call of Duty game rather than a futuristic one, enough of that with Blacklight Retribution, Warframe, Destiny, That other space game. I really had enough with all this futuristic savvy stuff.

          • Just as long as people don’t exploit it for bad things.

          • jordanxbrookes

            I can’t see how people can, it’s not like you can design it yourself, but it’s better than suffering from sexual content on a gun.

          • This is also true, but here is how people could exploit. Mod into the game, then change the pixel files for the colors and make the files, (most likely png or jpg) any file they want as long as it followed the (most likely png or jpg) code.

        • BrotherhoodOfSteel

          I wanted to go in depth though with it. Like have a opacity or effect option. Like if you want some parts of the gun to not have the camo at all. Or have just a 1 color camo, like Red from BO. Or you could make a camo and have it be opaque or really sharp. Or make it shiny like a gold camo, but instead of gold you could make it Ruby or Emerald or Sapphire. There are endless possibilities with the camo creator. So some people will put dicks on there guns, its not like we haven’t seen a dick before in a call of duty. Plus, if you wasted your time to earn the camo creator (Say 10000 kills on a weapon gets you the creator) just to put dicks on it, would be outrageous.

      • And swastikas…

      • Yeah, that would be a problem.

    • Yeah, it would be, especially for an innovative game like Advanced Warfare.

  • LovekillerX

    I love “Nomad” and “Typhon” but all of those camos are good. Just wondering which of those camos will appear in the actual game. I know that there isn’t yet any confirmed information but please let me know if there is going to be any information about this.

    • kyr95

      Man, Nomad is a beast! I dont think weve had many dark camos like this!

      • LovekillerX

        I fell in love with “Nomad” and of course that “Typhon.” Hopefully these camos make it into the game!

        • kyr95

          Even if they dont, generally, all of the camos look sweet :3

          • LovekillerX

            Yep you’re right!

        • jordanxbrookes

          Notice how Kryptek: Typhon was in Black Ops 2.

          • LovekillerX

            Didn’t notice that lol. How it looks like?

          • jordanxbrookes

            It looks just like the image you see on Kryptek’s website.

          • LovekillerX

            Oh okay. Did you like it? πŸ™‚

          • jordanxbrookes

            It was nice, it had like a shiny polish to it.

          • LovekillerX

            Hopefully it appears in Advanced Warfare! πŸ™‚

          • Xecho

            More like a dirt grime with burnt out coals to it. It looked like shit.

  • Louis

    Tmartn and Ali-a videos in 5…4…3…2…

    • Ech!

      Well at least they give credit now…

      • BrotherhoodOfSteel

        They most certainly do not give credit.

        • jordanxbrookes

          They do give credit, even Keshav said they do, so rather than bitching about the YouTubers you hate, do something productive.

          • BrotherhoodOfSteel

            Apparently in our society “They most certainly do not give credit” Is bitching.
            You misinterpret. I am a fan of Ali-A. Not once has he given credit to CharlieINTEL.

          • BrotherhoodOfSteel


  • Roxas3510

    Take a look at what counter strike is doing. They have user created camos that are picked and put into the game and they look amazing. If CoD did this we’d have a ton of great camos to choose from.

    • Grenada!

      Yeah but knowing the CoD community, people would create like Dick shaped camos and that.

      • Roxas3510

        Those camos wouldn’t be chosen then. The camos for counter strike are chosen by the devs to be put in the game, you have to submit your design and they choose the best ones (or the community votes for it, I’m not entirely sure how it works but I know that any camo made isn’t automatically put in).

        • Mr Doge

          Yeah but knowing the Devs they would chose the shit ones. And also CoD would never do this. Never in a million years. Because if they did this along side releasing Micro DLC camos, no one would buy the camos because you could just make them. So no and also just to clarify there are some people saying 3ARC should put a “Make-Your-Own” camo system like the emblems but that would suck because having the experience of seeing porn on everyones player card is annoying as hell and would just lead people to making camos with dicks and other wierd shit on it. So no, as much as I would love this being implemented i would rather not have it because having sex emblems was only JUST borderline but having dick camos? No, just no.

          • Roxas3510

            “Because if they did this along side releasing Micro DLC camos, no one would buy the camos because you could just make them.”

            You’re not understanding. You don’t just make your own camo and use it in the game, you make a camo and submit it to be chosen to be implemented into the game via micro-transactions. So basically the way they deliver the camos wouldn’t change at all, they would still release them as they normally do now, the only difference is instead of just packs made by the devs, there are “community” packs compiled of camos made from other players that were chosen (most likely by voting because, as you said, the devs would choose the shit ones).

            The reason I want this is because I think there are people out there who would make WAY better camos than the ones the devs make and my example to back this claim was counter strike.

          • Mr Doge

            You didnt read. YOU’RE not understanding. I said they would never do this because Activision are happy with the way things are. So they would never do this because it doesnt earn them money. Jeez.

          • Roxas3510

            They’ll earn money from the people buying the camos.

            No where in your comment did you mention anything about Activision being happy with the way things are, you said they wouldn’t do it because they wouldn’t make money from DLC camos anymore because people could just make their own, implying that making player created camos would be free (“no one would buy the camos because you could just make them”).

      • Or that, possibility.

    • Yeah, we used to be able to do this, but now modding your camo into the game as a selection is a ban. It would be great if Sledgehammer did this with AW, it would really be innovative for the franchise.

    • cRi7iCaL

      I guess that won’t since micro-transactions are a huge source of money. But I would like to see patterns with modifiable colors (as micro-transactions).
      Just imagine the green 115 camo in blue or red…

      • Roxas3510

        The camos aren’t free, they’re in cases that you win in game and you have to buy keys to unlock them. It’s random so I really don’t want to spend money on keys, but if I could just buy the camo I want then I’d be the same as buying the camos that IW already puts out.

    • Carter “Uathuil” Reed

      Haven’t gotten any camos, user-created or otherwise, at all lol.

      And to tell the truth, A good amount of Valve games since TF2 have had user-created items put in their games. And I agree, if CoD did do that, our options would have almost no limit.

      • Mr Doge

        Actually they still would because if they did this then they would do it like a competition like the Bo2 camo competition with Cyborg etc. They would only choose a handful of camos and obviously they wont be animated so it wont be cool but still Activision wouldnt do this.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      But, then they wouldn’t get as much money as they do…

      • Roxas3510

        Read the rest of my replies, no one said the camos would be free, all I’m saying is we should be able to design camos and have them put into the game. Obviously they’ll still sell the camos, but they’ll be awesome ones that players created, not the boring ones that they usually release. I don’t know how to explain it any further than that, if anyone else still doesn’t understand just read the other comments I left.

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    i hope they do the gold camo from cod4 the other gold camos have always looked wank

  • Grenada!

    …….as DLC.

    • advista

      NO IN GAME

      • Grenada!

        And more to come…….as DLC.

        • Zarky

          Again no one is forcing you to buy DLC. Quit bitching.

          • No one asked you to be a dick?

          • I used to watch your videos.

          • Why did you stop?Well i did stop uploading for a bit…

          • Because of that. Stopped uploading for a bit and your newer videos didn’t really suit my needs anymore because I saw CharlieIntel. But it doesn’t matter, I’m was only one of your hundred of subscribers.

          • ok

          • Killguard

            So you would buy the DLC camos that should have been in the game on day one? You sir are retarded.

        • Do we need to continue the conversation from yesterday about DLC? It’s optional, you don’ t want it as DLC, just don’t buy it. If you want it that badly and it comes for DLC, buy the DLC. K?

          • Grenada!

            It’s a joke but I guess most people here cant take a joke. Fucking idiots.

        • advista

          Fine they can take our money

  • Killguard

    Not bad but they all look exactly the same pattern with just a different colour. Hope there’s more camos than this, or otherwise it will suck.

  • The two I like:

    Yeti: I like this one because the clear one shows you stand strong with honor and dignity, plus it looks beast in the picture.

    Typhon: Could be implemented for stealth possibilities in dark corners or alleyways that may be in Advanced Warfare.

    Total: I like Typhon the best. What do you like?

    • Xecho



      • Now how did that even make sense in that scenario? lolno? You should of just ignored the comment in the first place.

        • Xecho

          What you just said sounded totally stupid in my opinion


          • Okay, yeah the one about Yeti just totally sounded stupid, I don’t know why I said it in the first place. My comment about Typhon was just tactical.

          • Xecho

            Yes and I agree with you with Typhon totally

          • Okay, I understand why you said lol no. Thank you for the feedback.

          • Xecho

            sure thing buddy

  • I wonder if they will put Marine and Winter Camo in AW back from MW3, I had Marine Camo and I always used that.

  • Comrade

    I hope the typhon camo isn’t in the final game so people can’t effectively camp in dark areas.

  • George

    They look cool.

  • Instead of having DLC camos we should have challenges we have to complete to receive them. For example, Reach 1000 kills with any assault rifle -unlock- camo

    • How would Activision and Sledgehammer games make money to pay their workers?

      EDIT: As a challenge for an in-game camo, then it would work.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Well they somehow managed to pay the developers before Black Ops 2 introduced micro-transactions.

        • True. I don’t know how, maybe separate jobs, I don’t know.

  • Sentinel

    Hmm cats and unicorns camos VS Kryptek camos…Yeah It’s about time we start seeing some real military camos! but It would be alright to have a few other cool looking camos.

  • Ryumoau

    Never heard of these guys before but i like the camo designs in that preview pic. Especially the Typhon and Raid ones. πŸ™‚

  • VVFZ

    I want some animated fish camos

    • LORDFIST111

      They could be swimming around the gun!!!!!!!

    • iTYPE_2_ANNOY_U

      i get it, since your picture is Kanye and he is a gay fish.

  • Aymen Skiken

    in bo2 there’s kryptek : typhon

  • jordanxbrookes

    I wonder where the inspiration for the Sentinel Faction’s Logo came from? πŸ˜‰

    • IKR

    • Xecho

      most likely

    • F**K you America

      I see a steam train ;p


  • Xecho

    Soldier standing looks like BF4 assault

  • That Guy

    I don’t mean to state the obvious, but Kryptek: Typhon was in Black Ops 2.

  • Rob Schneider

    I feel like the only person who likes the non-serious camos in ghosts lol
    Although, I have never purchased any personalisation packs, I do love working towards unlocking camos
    But the ones on disc for ghosts were mostly dull and replicas from previous games which ruined it for me
    I quite like the Ocean camo, can’t think of any other one on disc that brought my attention which is a shame as some of the ones on DLC were pretty cool, but I would never spend money on that sort of stuff though
    Would be cool if they allowed everyone to choose one or two personalisation packs to download for free or if players could work towards it whilst others can buy it
    Sorry for the essay, and I know I sound like a proper stingy person but hey you pay Β£40-45 for a game, you expect to not pay more post-release πŸ˜›

  • jasonxbrookes

    Call of Duty should just have a system to create your own camo via patterns and a color wheel, similar to how Rainbow Six Vegas 2 had custom camos.

    • jooker-jr

      Look at the emblems in Bo1 and bo2

      • LovekillerX

        I saw some terrible and “line-crossing” emblems in Black Ops 2. You know these inappropriate emblems which are made by little kids but also by some adults? Of course there were some good and nice looking emblems too!

        I haven’t thought this yet but will that “create your own emblem” system return or is there some kind of camo creator or what? Anyone have any thoughts?

        • jooker-jr

          If there’s a way to stop these terrible and ” line-crossing ” camos then it’s will be a good feature.

          Because I don’t want to pick a gun from the ground that have dicks in it

          • LovekillerX

            Yeah you just read my mind. I don’t want that either. Hopefully these emblems (if they appear in the actual game) doesn’t ruin the game. Just wondering that because you know so many little kids are playing this game…

  • TheShadowReaper

    more micro-transactions on a fully released game… *sign* what kind of contract ATVI has done with the devil , it certainly works. people are just stupid fucks that will buy anything on sight. what a contract that is…

    • Freeze

      These are for advanced warfare, what are you talking about?

      • TheShadowReaper

        so you believe AW wont have them? yeah…sure.

        • Freeze

          Not saying that in any way. Just don’t buy them. Its other people’s money, not yours.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i dont care about other people money, they can throw them off of a cliff if they want to. what i have a problem with is that gaming will become shit because these people are being idiots and buy these micro-transactions. my gaming life will become miserable (and everyone else’s ofc) because these people have no brain and throw their money off of a cliff aka buying micro-transactions. i see the bigger picture here, is it so difficult for any of you to see too?

          • Freeze

            If it pay to win the community will ill be pissed, so they wont do it.

  • SonicDash06

    I could see highlander and raid being removed

  • I understand why they have uniforms matching the map your playing on (MP), but it would be cool to choose the color camo you want all the time. I always catching myself in BO and up, playing with the uniform and color combos now that we can see them change

  • Does no one remember Typhon in Black Ops 2?

    • Aymen Skiken

      ikr…everyone is like : that typhon camo , i wana try it out. me : wut r ya talkin’ bout? u have alzaimer?

  • jooker-jr

    Looks good.

    Off-topic : for every Brazilian.

  • IamConnolly

    Does this mean we get camos that don’t look like they should be on a hot wheels car?

  • Psychomaggot105

    I hope for camos in AW that there will be a base pattern but like 10 color variations for that same camo. Similar to the picture above. Do that for all camos.( digital, devgru, urban, tiger etc)

  • Xecho

    Wwaitwaitwait Guys are you fucking kidding me? THEY WILL BE IN AW. “Featured in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare” that means they are in it.
    (To the guys that were saying / hoping they need to be in AW)

    • jordanxbrookes

      Yes but not all of them might be in the final game.

      • Xecho

        There are only 8 Kryptek camos. I am sure all of them will make it.

  • Sentrymann

    Let’s hope the Neptune camo makes it in.

    • Xecho

      oyes same with pontus

  • Xecho

    No wait Altitude is sooooo the best

    • Guzzo

      They all look the same anyway, just a different colour.

  • …….

    Actual camos instead of this un-realistic childish immature crap about time

  • :)

    Well their returning a camo from Bo2 look Kryptek: Typhon

    • classic

      hope it looks a bit better tho

  • classic

    i just hope they make the next cod in either the past or present, I’m sorry but there have been way to many futuristic games recently. don’t get me wrong, AW looks awesome, but i am just done with all of this futuristic shit

  • classic

    if you go to the website, the camos actually look pretty cool. this might be a little bit hopeful but they seem like they have that similar texture as the dlc green bo2 camo with a base print with a translucent layer no top or something. even if they don’t have that tho, they still look really cool

  • Concerned Soldier in US Army

    Could they Please add camo’s for the branches of the military. Like Army has “Army Strong” and of course the logo. Or have the Marines emblem with a red blue and white camo etc… Why not add something more practical rather than this garbage like space cats. This is a mature game for mature players, however it seems like that concept has fallen considerably. Now COD seems to cater children who play PokΓ©mon and Mario Cart on the side. Hopefully SledgeHammer caters to the older crowd rather than whining 12 year olds. Ghosts has its ups but more so in its downs. Can’t wait for COD AW.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    Those are some good lookin’ camos.

  • BrotherhoodOfSteel

    Why not just add a create-a-camo engine for reaching some milestone on your gun? Say you get 10000 kills on a gun you get the option to create a weapon camo? Like it’d be so awesome, I’ve been asking for one for sooooo long! Like, have 100 patters, a color wheel. You can change the size, direction or opacity of the pattern, make it bigger or smaller. Add decals off the internet! Have like a pen tool that you can draw on it with. I’ve always had that feeling of never seeing anything truly unique. Like if you have a gold Dragunov, somebody else does. Right? But if you have 10000 kills on your Dragunov and you have your custom design, pattern, color, shapes, material, etc. Then you can truly feel unique on the battlefield. It would definitely bring back the competition that BO2 had with diamond camo.

    • jooker-jr

      I don’t think we want a dick camo.

      But great idea

      • BrotherhoodOfSteel

        I just think it’d be great to get that milestone is all.

  • Black

    I hope that we can choose our outfits colour like BF3, I didn’t like what Ghosts did with colours imposed to players according to the map.
    But moreover, I hope there is a skin model dedicated to each primary weapon class. I liked it in BO2 and MW3 where the sniper had a skin, so did the AR soldier, SMG user, etc… Full customization makes it random.

    • LovekillerX

      I didn’t like Ghost’s system either. I didn’t like to buy new soldiers and get some camos for them. And also that “buy this with points” sucked in my opinion. I agree with you about that skin system in BO2 and MW3. Hopefully they make a little bit better skin system.

      I don’t know but just thought that we maybe could see some customization on August at Gamescom and of course that multiplayer reveal (please note that nothing is confirmed just speculation.)

    • Every Call of Duty (Since MW2?) gave you camo according to the map…

      • Black

        But Ghosts is the first one to let you preview the colours, and choose the rest of the outfit. I may have poorly expressed my opinion in my first post.

        • Xecho

          Everyone is forgetting BO1


    hope wee see classics like blue tiger

  • The only time we have seen KRYPTEK was in BOII, as a lone camo.
    I’m glad it’s coming back, with different colors and now armor.

  • EnderaceGaming

    Hello, CharlieIntel! I can’t wait for Advanced Warfare! I think it’s going to be a fun game and I’d like to know if any of you would like to check this video out. :]


    I could care less about the camos but is that a confirmed weapon for the game? It looks kinda in game rendered and Kinda not but if it is in game then the vertical foregrip bipod and scope would be confirmed and in game as well. I wonder what member of the M4/M16 family it’s part of And or the new style of ARs that are trying to replace them M4 both Aesthetically and tactically like the R5.

    • Xecho

      that’s not a ingame weapon

      • LORDFIST111

        Figured. Well it should be!

        • Xecho

          Doesn’t fit the genre

          • It should be looks a like a interchangeable barrel on it!

          • Xecho

            Just because the barrel looks interchanggeable doesn’t mean it fits the genre.

          • Ya it does?We’re not gonna sit here and shoot lasers all day long they will have some really weapons as well as super high tech ones!

          • Xecho

            But it doesn’t fit the look at all.

          • It does and it could if they did it right don’t be stupid and hold them back dude!!

          • Xecho


          • You must be new to COD?Are you one of those I’ve been playing since COD 4 lairs or the kinds that lies about playing since the first COD?They can add any gun they want and in ADVANCED WARFARE they can change it up to fit the game i don’t see why its so hard to see they can make up/change a gun not like they will get in trouble for doing it!!

          • Xecho

            I’ve been playing Call of Duty up to the first one the very first and I MEAN ALL OF THEM. But I don’t care if you have either because what point are you proving about playing since the first CoD? Don’t change the subject we’re talking about how this doesn’t fit AW. I know they can do whatever they want but the gun doesn’t fit the future genre and it won’t even be in the game because it’s a model for Kryptek’s camo.


            Also please stop posting back talking to you is very annoying and like arguing with a brick wall.

          • Your really stupid if you didn’t get any of that and your still talking about how it doesn’t fit the game?Man your either stupid or stupid…

          • Xecho

            Wow okay. You know what? I can’t take it any more. I’m done. I just answered you but you don’t listen. I’m just done with you whatever just whatever.

  • that camo looks sick i hope the is more camo dlc in advanced warfare

    • CinemaSins

      I dont think anyone likes to pay for camos

    • Oh yeah, more finished content that can be cut from the game and marketed as idiotic cosmetic DLC. More things Activision can nickel and dime people over.

      That is exactly what we need.

  • Maxspawn

    I wish that in some cod the camos will be like the camos in CoD2 where they were 3 dimensional and actually realistic, rather than weed or unicorns. Yea, unicorn camos definetly blend in with your enviornment in ghosts!

    • Xecho

      CoD2 Ddidn’t have camos.