MLG has just revealed on their eSports Report show that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer will be playable at Gamescom. Gamescom takes place in Germany on August 13th-17th this year.

MLG has also stated that from what they’ve seen, Advanced Warfare MP ‘Game play is faster and more fluid than any past CoD!’ Puckett also said that this is the first Call of Duty game that puts a lot of emphasizes on skill.

Watch the video starting at 0:40 mark to hear more:

  • Zarky

    So I’m guessing we’ll see a multiplayer trailer or something before then?

    • Macrox

      If the past years are anything to go by we will see one about a week or 2 before Gamescom.

    • xkingxnitemare

      maybe thats what thursdays surprise is?

      • Zarky

        Hope so 😀

  • Faster and more fluid? Rollerblades confirmed.


    • TheShadowReaper

      amen to that! 😀

    • Aymen Skiken

      u mean… tony hawks confirmed 😉

    • ccrows

      In a perfect world AW ends up being as “near perfect” as COD4 was.

      Heck I would love to to see everyone make the jump to XB1/PS4, but the “hype” around this game is really high. IMO it’s even higher than normal in the predictable COD cycle.

      I’m gonna be taking a deep breath before seeing the MP reveal, and the official MP confirmed list…

      • UpRiftCOD

        I really don’t care if this game’s a flop. I’ll always have destiny.

      • justchill

        don’t judge the game by the trailer and the gamescon, one time i got a chance to play ghosts early and i thought it was good and different from previous cod,but it turned out to be terrible after its release date.

      • justchill1234

        if the ‘hype” is higher than normal “COD cycle” than explain why its sales are lower than other cods

        • Kobrah

          Because it’s not released yet…

          • Grenda!

            I think he means pre-orders, since AW has not got as much pre-orders for it as previous CoD games had at this time.

        • K

          To be 100% honest, I think the sales of Call of Duty are going to go down year-on-year from now on. Everything has it’s time, and people move on from these things – look at Guitar Hero for example.
          With that being said, this new CoD looks like the best one in a long time, I can’t wait for them to show off the multiplayer.
          Don’t think for a second however that sales = quality. If the quality of something was only about the sales, then Justin Bieber is a mighty fine singer.

          • justchill

            I hadn’t said that AW is bad just because of its sales, I said that there is less “hype” for AW compared to other cods because of its less sales compared to other cods

          • K

            Haha, what isn’t wrong with Justin Bieber is a better question 😛

            To be honest though fella, there’s no saying either which way until the game actually comes out. Pre-orders will definitely pick up when they actually reveal the multiplayer, and build up until the launch trailer + release.
            I don’t think Advanced Warfare will sell higher than any other CoD game, but I do think it’s going to be a crapton of fun. The sales are completely irrelevant to me, you, and everybody else who isn’t Activision.

          • justchill

            Seriously what is wrong with Justin Bieber? he is a singer,he is rich…………..

          • K

            He is a singer, he is rich, his music is two dimensional and formulaic though..
            The kids love it and that’s fine by me – but let’s not pretend he’s creatively pushing anything. IMO, to complain about Justin Bieber’s music is like complaining about children’s cartoons – they’re both made for kids, (not adults), to enjoy.

          • justchill

            And what is wrong with Justin Bieber?

      • Guestt

        Lol, there’s barely any hype for this game. SHG have failed building any hype at the moment, and when they finally release some multiplayer footage people will have forgo

    • Gotham city impostors DLC confirmed 🙂

  • NextGenNose

    Faster than nose snot running down your noses.
    Cant wait!

  • Mark

    So Random-Based Gameplay!

  • Mitch

    I’m really hoping they’ll hide the new features in the trailer. Really liked that about the Black Ops 2 Multiplayer trailer.

    • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

      WHY? You’re essentially stating for them not show them at all, why not a tease, like what they did with the custom class on the screen (BO2), where they showed Wildcards?

  • jordanxbrookes

    If that’s the case, like I’ve said before, big maps shouldn’t be a problem. Sadly I can’t go to GamesCom since I’m not 18, *Sigh* 1 year off, at least I’ll get to go to EuroGamer next year for Treyarch’s title and play that multiplayer early instead.

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      • jordanxbrookes

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          • TheShadowReaper

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          • jordanxbrookes

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    • PsychOutGaming

      3ARC is and always will be the best

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        With their last game…They don’t seem so perfect after all.

        • I love BO2…infact its probably my second favorite MP wise

        • John Dorian

          BO2 outperformed Ghosts, you fucking idiot.

      • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

        LOL no

        • Celest1ne

          How can you tell someone what Cod they can like? That’s retarded. I’ve play CoD since WaW and BO2 was an alright multiplayer. It had this element called FUN that IW has been missing after MW2.

          • He states it as if it is fact, while it is his opinion. I don’t think Treyarch is the best, but that’s my opinion. Opinion =/= fact

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            It has the most bullshit out of any CoD…

          • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

            I just grab the BLOPs 2 disc and throw it in the floor.It got divided in 2 halfs. HATE BLOPS2.

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            KILL IT WITH FIRE

        • Bo2 is probably one of the funest cods since mw2

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            I laugh at the people who thought it was good.

          • It’s my 3rd favourite cod so laugh all you want

          • Grenada!

            Agreed. It had problems that really pissed me off at times, but god that game was fun. Can’t say that about Ghosts, get bored of the game after 2 minutes.

          • Amen

    • ramstein AFB for life

      I wish I could go too… I see that the trollers are going hard lol. I wish us military folk could play the game first, I mean we see real combat, or at least I have, and yet they let a bunch of wannabes play, I would go but I have a obligation to my country. Although I might take some leave to go lol.

      • KTOWN


  • IIPlayer99II

    GamesCom August 14th-17th. Previous COD mp reveals late july to early September. My prediction for Advanced Warfare reveal Friday August 8th or Thursday( June 24th)

  • Biff Ibkus

    I think Thursday may be a multiplayer teaser with an announcement for the full multiplayer reveal in early August, (like CoD Ghosts had).

    • Black

      So much hype for thursday right now. =D

  • Seven

    No rollerskates= no buy

    • Freeze


  • Ryumoau

    great, i can’t wait. 🙂

  • Mitch

    Emphasis will also be more on skill:

  • JackOrJohn

    I’m not buying unless the fish AI has improved.

    • Bruce Wayne

      Sadly there isn’t any fish confirmed yet

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    YAY Skill Gap Increase! Leggo.

    • Freeze

      When it comes down to skill I feel like I do way better. (Not trying to be elitist) but the fact that the guns were so easy in ghosts made it a matter of connection and that was very unfair IMO. I like ghosts for some things, IE infected, cant wait for an actually playable game. Cheers!

  • Aymen Skiken

    omg you shouldn’t have posted this… now a day will last a year… so ducking pumped

    • jordanxbrookes

      “Ducking pumped” XD

      • Aymen Skiken

        couldn’t say it in other words 😉

  • I don’t know ’bout you guys, but I’ve got a really possitive feelin’ ’bout this…

    • Aymen Skiken

      who doesn’t have it :3

    • ccrows

      I’m not getting any hopes up until I see the MP reveal first, and find out “exactly which gimmicks” are gonna be in, cuz they could be just as gamebreaking as OMA in MW2 or SRP/PP in MW3…

      • I feel ye mate. However, Sledgehammer is the new stand-alone creators of this game, and I believe they’ve learned what the community wants. Infinity Ward went kinda overboard with sayin’ “brand new engine”, but I believe Sledgehammer got this one locked down. The game needs to be balanced, fair, fun and have adaptive gaming-styles for everyone, and the second thin’ I want to see is an effort-filled PC port ^^

        • ccrows

          They were a part of MW3 too.

          IDK I’ve never been this concerned going into a COD, and I’m usually pumped every year.

          It’s not that I’m burned out, cuz I’m not and I play every day. It’s just that I see too many red flags that could be a giant buzzkill…

          • jordanxbrookes

            They only worked on the SP for MW3 though.

          • ccrows

            Depending on your sources, some say it was SP some say it was MP.

            I mean Bowling said in the past that IW needed help with the MP with MW3.

            But yeah who did what was kept under wraps… (pretty much to avoid public finger pointing)

          • jordanxbrookes

            I think Raven helped out IW with MP, but I’m more than sure SHG did the SP, which I thought was an amazing campaign.

          • ccrows

            Raven was more about making the DLC maps…

          • jordanxbrookes


          • Grenada!

            And MW3 was the worst SP out of the MW Series. Lets hope SHG can bring us a good SP which looks like they are and most important, a fun and balanced MP.

        • Yeah I loved that from IW –
          IW with GHOSTS brings you a brand new engine!*

          *note – engine may be sh!t and unplayable

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            The graphics engine IS, in fact, new. It’s the first game among Killzone Shadow Fall that used the Umbra 3 engine, which was officially released in mid-2013.

          • Grenada!

            It’s not new. IW even said it’s just an upgraded version of the same old engine. Go play Ghosts and then tell me it’s a new engine lol. Game feels like MW3.

          • never said it wasn’t, all I said was that the engine used in Ghosts was terrible

          • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

            Yep, because although the graphics are good, the mechanics aren’t, since they’re outdated.

        • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

          CoD has been a console game since CoD 4, I’m not hoping for a good PC port, because I honestly personally don’t care.

      • Grenada!

        The maps. I need to see what the maps are like, since the last 3 CoD games have had either crap or mediocre maps that I couldn’t give a shit about and could never get excited to play on them.

      • Skullking920

        They need to bring back stopping power i know people think it was op but it also made people who wanted to be off the radar sacrifice some damage for stealth i think it added more depth imo.

  • Sal

    Sounds cool, as long as both camping AND running like a god damn headless chicken with no regards for anything are punishable.

    BO2 was guilty of this, all you needed was to run arround hipfiring people with a MSMC.

  • Nick

    So does this mean the multiplayer trailer is this Thursday? I hope so.

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)


  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    Small theory:

    The game feels more “vanilla” than any other CoD. Imagine Call of Duty Battlefield, but without vehicles. Or, better yet, Titanfall, with as much verticality. They say that the HUD is on the gun/character, so that also could lead up to something like that perks are now the Exoskeleton, and Scorestreaks play a small part of the skill gap. THAT is the metagame of AW, I think.

  • jasonxbrookes

    Anyone else hoping this CoD has a better character customization than Ghosts?

  • Slothigans

    If not this Thursday, There’s obviously gonna be a multiplayer trailer between now and AUG 13. So we’ll get something sooner than later (:

  • Michael

    These advanced warfare news et better and better man. Please bring me back to the gold ol’ cod 4 days please!

  • Brady the Defiled (sillibk)

    BTW happy to see more news.

  • bob loblaw

    I found it rather funny that he was looking at the “NDA” when he said the game plays faster. What’s odd though is that the entire bit he did was scripted, what he was saying had already been roughed out. He might have ad libbed some of it but why did he have to refer to something else when discussing his opinion of Multiplayer. It looked more like he was reading lines rather than quickly finding a way to explain it within the NDA guidelines. The sheet he was looking at should have had the discussion points, dates, and things of that nature. You also see him refer to sheet a couple other times before his comment about Multiplayer.

    Something just seems off about the whole thing. Maybe it’s just me…

  • Mr Sir

    Aww yeah I can see it now, double jump, fwee 60, ladder double jump, wall climb, quick no scope across the map wallbang. At 2x speed.

  • NuttyTheSquirrel


    I wonder how… Will we be speed running and jumping around buildings????

    I don’t want a faster game. And I really, REALLY hope they get the jump height fucking right with this gmae, I’m tired of seeing guys with military gear on them jumping 2m into the air while shooting…

  • Celest1ne

    As long as it has a higher skill gap than Ghosts. Although that won’t take much. I can deal with maps and BS as long as good players are rewarded and weak players aren’t.

  • Derrick Wingler

    So the opposite of what they did to Ghosts? I’m down with this.

  • Volted

    Wait a minute… If you can start playing it early at Gamescom on August 13th; which you can record gameplay from any games you play there, since many Youtubers do this… That might mean that the MP reveal will be August 12th, 10th or 8th…? Maybe even earlier? Tomorrow might be a MP teaser too! 🙂

  • Guywithbrains

    It seems now even more possible that we have MP teaser trailer or something tomorrow. They do great job when they give normal players access to multiplayer, so they can think if they want to buy it or not.

    The most fast paced MP and more skill? Maybe I can finally get high streaks without camping noobs killing me from the corner. This might also mean small to medium maps. Now if they add scorestreaks, more color to the maps and more recoil to the guns (MW3 ACR anyone?) then this will be 1000 times better than Ghosts. Only thing that I don’t want to MP is snipers having bullet drop… damn I never hit anyone in Battlefield games… or then I get hitmarkers…

    But now we can tell that bad players “exploiting” noob tactics are not going to like this… Embrace yourself, bad players are coming to complain!

    BTW: I’m not so good player either, but I always play objective. My KD in MW3 domination is 1.15 (mainly because I’m not a kill wh*re), average kills 11, but my record is 70 kills with MP7 specialist.

  • IceKoldKilla

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    • Guywithbrains

      Usually those who complain about people like us playing games and commenting game related articles are some kind of sports freak (usually football). We don’t come to football related articles to hate and tell that football players have no life because they spend couple of hours a day playing football.

  • Why can’t “the dark zomielake” get some haters, or everyone on this site get their own personal pet hater 🙂

    (Yes Jordan, you called me the dark zomielake or some shit like that instead of the dark zombielake)

    Edit: it was zonbielake, not zomielake :/

    • jordanxbrookes

      I don’t hate you 🙂

  • LovekillerX

    Finally it has been confirmed that we will see multiplayer and we can even play it in Gamescom. I’m so excited to see some multiplayer footage. Hopefully multiplayer isn’t too fast though. Also I can’t wait to see that exosuit in action!

  • Grenada!

    “playable” Seems like we could get the MP reveal before then and maybe in the next few days.

    • PatPatPat

      August is right around the corner, bud. 1 week. And if it’s playable on 13th, i believe they will announce MP VERY early August.

  • Charlie

    I’m happy to hear this skill gap stuff.. I’m tired of IW catering to the poor players and making it annoying for better players.

    I hope we see something MP tomorrow, they have to do a reveal before gamescon, and they’ve been developing this for an extra year, so MP should be more than ready to be shown off, so why not now?

    I’m expecting a SP trailer though, with a tease of MP and a reveal date. And a MP trailer the week before Gamescon.

    • ben wills

      3arc did the whole catering to poor players thing as well with BO2. The entire game was based around it.

      • Charlie

        not really, that game had a much higher skill gap, only thing for poor players was the target finder. But you didn’t die as fast, which allowed gun fights to come down to skill, not just getting the first shot like it is in ghosts. Dying quickly also pushes more people to camp.

        Ghosts has crap like IED, ballistic vests, Riley(aka martydom), squad mate. plus it’s too damn easy to die, which gives people with poor accuracy who can’t stay on a moving target an easier time.

        • GodLikeLeftNut

          “poor accuracy who can’t stay on a moving target an easier time” if people are unable to do that with aim assist they might not have any thumbs xD

          • Charlie

            I dodged plenty of bullets in BO2, whereas in Ghosts it’s pretty damn difficult which rewards the noob sitting in a corner.

  • ben wills

    Slower generally means tight and close, meaning horribly random and less skill based.

  • Bleak5170

    Skill is pretty much irrelevant in these games. It’s all about ping.

    • GodLikeLeftNut

      any one who plays console has no idea what there ping is though, thus its never been a problem because they dont know about it.. really we need higher rate servers xD

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    i can imagine boost jump to be like the predators on avp2010 you jump to a high lighted area and unable to fight until a second after landing.