UPDATE: On the official Call of Duty Facebook page, Activision has confirmed that the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal will take place on August 11th at 10am PDT  / 1pm EDT / 7pm cEST / 5pm GMT LIVE on callofduty.com/advancedwarfare.

At the end of today’s story trailer, Sledgehammer has confirmed the MP reveal is coming August 11th. Advanced Warfare Multiplayer will also be playable at Gamescom later that week, from August 13th-17th in Germany.

Activision has issued a press release stating on August 11th, we’ll get new info on the maps, modes, weapons, and more.

Fans looking for more information can tune-in Aug. 11 for the worldwide reveal of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer. Catch the latest info from Sledgehammer Games on the advanced era that exoskeleton gameplay delivers along with a full debriefing on new maps, modes, weapons and more.

Stay tuned to charlieINTEL for the latest news on all things Advanced Warfare.

Watch the brand new story trailer right here.

  • This is what Thursday should’ve been! But it is a Tuesday and COD does everything on a Tuesday

  • DasNotMyName

    Was there a story trailer today?

  • GodzXPro

    Finally, can’t wait.

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      Itachi!? Is that you!?

  • drjakeyoung

    Don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but when i go to home it doesn’t show this and the story trailer? I had to go to the side of the page on the atlas pro edition page to get here.

    • Daniel

      Try clear cache of your browser maybe

  • Milo

    That’s my birthday. Yay.

  • LovekillerX

    Really excited to see that multiplayer reveal. It seems like there are scorestreaks! If there is I really hope I don’t have to get 500 points to get “rubbish scorestreak” like UAV in Black Ops 2.

    • GarethWasher

      Better than a sat-com

      • LovekillerX

        I think that UAV in MW3 was good because it wasn’t so hard to get that. In Black Ops 2 you got scorestreaks so slow. UAV took forever to get and that’s why I don’t like scorestreaks in Black Ops 2. If they put scorestreaks in Advanced Warfare (it seems like it this far) then they really should do it in a way that scorestreaks are balanced and easily achieved.

        • MrLynx

          ummm do you remember when Bo2 came out the game was spammed with UAVs that turned into VSats, thats why they made it harder to get

          • LovekillerX

            They made it too hard to get in my opinion. Hopefully it requires 300-400 points to get UAV IF there will be any UAV or scorestreak system.

          • Alex Lamb

            Then play objective modes. 4 capture kills and a capture and you’ve got a VSAT with Hardline.

          • LovekillerX

            Well in Black Ops 2 there isn’t many modes in generally which can be played without getting angry and frustated. Here is why: I’m always the one who takes a place on bad team full of guys who are trying too hard but fail or more worse, they don’t know what to do. For example in domination enemies captures flags without any problems like a teammate trying to protect it. But when it comes to me and my team, especially me, we don’t get flags at all or if we get then I’m killed right after that. Funny thing is that there are always enemies near the flag which you are trying to capture and they come with guns singing from behind the corner. And usually that one single enemy kills half of the team with the best gun in the game.

            Because a bad team anyone in the team can’t be that good player what enemies are IF they are good. So that’s why it is automatically lost match. It doesn’t happen a lot but sometimes my team gets a little bit better so it isn’t so shame to lose.

            Here is the deal: if scorestreak system, make sure that it seriously works so it doesn’t take FOREVER to get a simple UAV. I’m okay with that 300-400 points. In MW3 it takes 3 kills on assault to get UAV which isn’t very challenging and on support it takes 4 (atleast I think so?) and I was really happy with that. And there wasn’t so many UAV’s. That pointstreak system motivates everyone to play objective which isn’t so known in Call of Duty among those kill wh*res.

          • Alex Lamb

            I don’t know what to tell you man. I play 50% solo and 50% with 2 friends, 2+ KD and 3+ WL. Remember how bad the UAV spam was at the start of BO2? It made everybody run Ghost which made the game very frustrating for everyone. I wouldn’t mind the UAV spam though if there was no perk to take players off the radar.

            I prefer the current BO2 setup Bevause it does reward players who play objectively. The killwhores/campers really aren’t rewarded. I do think TDM kills should be 150 points each which would make streaks relevant. Remember Arms Race? That was actually fun TDM.

          • LovekillerX

            I can tell you that I don’t have these opportunities to create a party to play with. That’s why I get random team set ups before the match starts and guess what? I’m the one who “places” the bad team which can’t play the objective. When the team is bad, enemies have bigger chance to eliminate you. Why? Because there aren’t other teammates because they just died.

            Black Ops 2 is the only game in Call of Duty games where I just can’t succeed. In MW2 and MW3 I got easy nukes and moabs without a problem. In Black Ops 2 people just don’t know what to do. That’s why my playtime isn’t so big than in MW2 and MW3. Ghosts was better experience in multiplayer than Black Ops 2 for ME because there people also knew what to do.

          • MR_WATSiT2YA

            Okay dude you don’t have to write a whole essay on it

        • Derrick Wingler

          People underestimate how powerful the UAV is. For 30 seconds your entire team can see where the entire enemy team is. For something that only requires a few kills to get that is insanely powerful. A single UAV can result in your team as a whole getting a dozen more kills than they normally would have in that 30 seconds. Compare this to something like the hellstorm missile that will maybe net your team 1-3 kills when you use it. UAV’s should be hard to get.

  • TrueKingRivera

    on my birthday!!!! 😀

    • LovekillerX

      Lucky you! 😀

    • Grenada!

      Lol, would you rather not have something better for your birthday rather than a CoD trailer?

  • Grenada!

    So 2 weeks and we get the full reveal? Can not wait.

    • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

      3 days, baby!

  • MichiganerE

    Looks like Jordan was right, we’re getting a confirmed date for MP reveal after a single player trailer.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I was right? Holy ship :O

      • MichiganerE


  • moohuhahaaa .

    I like cheese.

    • GarethWasher

      It’s three months before release. What are you talking about?

    • Keshav Bhat

      The reveal for the MP is August 11th. Advanced Warfare releases November 4th. That’s a whole three months..

  • GodLikeLeftNut

    i was like wtf 8th november? oh yeah americans are weird xD

  • Yeti4911

    Forget the point system in Bo2. It’s all about how the kill streaks stack in Ghosts. WAY better!!!

    • Alex Lamb

      Said no one ever…

    • lstuart15

      lol wut

  • Unreal

    what time is that in gmt

    • Unreal

      nevermind its 5 pm was to lazy to finish reading the article

  • gaylo hater

    Great let’s turn COD into a gaylo rip-off why mess about with what should be a classic Fps. Leave boost jumps and the like for titanfall, destiny and gaylo.

  • Bigi345

    12 Midnight in my place, and there’s school. Well, i hate my life